Editing Sound - Sony Vegas Tutorial

I have had a lot of requests on how to edit sound and create effects such as echo etc In this tutorial we'll look at
Envelopes (panning)
Fx plug ins
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Author Rodrigo Ribeiro ( ago)
thank you so much :D

Author SokhaUtube ( ago)
Hi Bro you should use Sony Vegas 10 or better

Author PhysixProductions ( ago)
I needed this kind of video SO much! Thanks:)

Author Archangel_Omega ( ago)
much help

Author Cadence Cadence ( ago)
Hi, I'm trying to reduce background noise on my audio clip, so just
changing the whole volume of the track won't help for that, could you help
with this? Thanks, and a great tutorial! :)

Author Eli Elfassy ( ago)
Thank you! Will use it!

Author Atreyus Ninjaaa??? ( ago)

Author Poopement Vôtre ( ago)
Great thanks for your tips dude!

special mention to the " active take information " :D

Author Mr39foor ( ago)
the altering the volume part... it seems to me that it didn't change i've
tried to mute it like put the thing way down and there is no difference?!
is it something that you'll notice AFTER rendering ??

Author winterseoul ( ago)
I subscribed because it won't cost me a thing. :)

Author GethOverlord ( ago)
Thanks this is a lifesaving video :)

Author Dragnite ( ago)
y he is be attack by spooky clock?

Author jirayoot rk ( ago)
Thank a lot.
Have a nice day

Author Michael Crowe ( ago)
In my humble opinion Audacity (Free Audio Editor) is a much better option
and can be made as your default Editor in Sony Vegas by going to
Options,Preferences,Audio and choosing Audacity as your preferred audio

Author mainmansam ( ago)
Very helpful, thankyou :D

Author Medelo Ferrolino ( ago)
Tyrion Lannister! Is that you?

Author Daniella Balan ( ago)

Author nachosNapples ( ago)
He sounds like a voice actor speakin a' sound.

Author MPCre8tive Payton ( ago)
Great tutorial. Thank you!

Author EWAR Gaming ( ago)
Now, I have a question for everyone, not just the author of this video: I'm
trying to edit different aspects of a single audio track. Say, for
instance, in my videos I record gameplay. If I'd like to adjust the volume
for Person A's voice because his/her voice is louder than Person B's, and
all of that is within the same video/audio clip, how would I do that? I
realize I probably wouldn't be able to using Vegas, I'm more asking what
program/recording software would I pick up to do this?

Author iFootballHD ( ago)
You are a legend hahahah :D

Author Яков Гайфуллин ( ago)
Thanks, you very helped me

Author HelTra91 ( ago)
Super helpful, thanks so much!

Author megaspeed2v2 (1926 years ago)
ah pretty nice tutorial, coulda used some of these features in one of my
previous videos hehe

Author Jonathan Lee ( ago)
Very good tutorial, explained clearly about how to edit sounds in Sony
Vegas Pro.

Author Akashaheart ( ago)
thanks for this i am learning to use this program

Author FIFA World Cup 2014 ( ago)

Author GOA4Life86 ( ago)
Thank you very much! Great and useful tut)

Author Dankwood ( ago)
Thanks Man!! 1:23 to 1:47 Saved My Ass. Thank You Heaps!!!

Author Dead Pig Snortin' ( ago)
Exactly what I was looking for..great tut!

Author madinsomaniac ( ago)
Thank you bro!

Author Alaa Nouasri ( ago)
thank you so much!!!! 

Author Voidius Williams ( ago)
Thanks for the tutorial.

Author DKMedia ( ago)
Great tutorial!

Author The7thCobweb ( ago)
thank you, this was really helpful! ... now I can go crazy on Sony Vegas ^^

Author JuliusJueLi ( ago)
very useful tips, thanks 

Author cannyclass ( ago)
Hello, I'm editing some footage and, in some bits, my voiceover person has
a few low voice. How would I edit the audio to make him a little more
neural? his 'w's are very low e.g "aware, work etc..."

Author Trenton J Rawdon ( ago)
Outstanding tutorial, answered my question thanks brother.

Author juunas500 ( ago)
You can delete words from music... But you can't take music out of words?

Author LifeDrivesMe ( ago)
WOW! Awesome video, very well put together and helpful, thanks!

Author Dan Opris ( ago)
thanx man!

Author S ɹɐsǝɔ ɹɾ Zǝdol ( ago)
thanks men ..

Author Loneassassin333 ( ago)
What a beast! Exactly what i was looking for :)

Author starfox300 ( ago)
that's what I need too..

Author Jucaides ( ago)
Thanks! Helped me with my problem. :)

Author wangpapa3 ( ago)
AWESOME VIDEO!!! Love it. Very precise and coherent. Humorous at same time.
Really helped me out with my video sound editing. Thanx!!!

Author AfterEffectsZone ( ago)
Wasn't looking for anything specifically But this tutorial was very good

Author sbode66 ( ago)
This was very helpful! Though I've had Vegas for nearly 3 years and used it
sporadically, it drove me crazy that I couldn't adjust the clip sound
level. Thanks for clearing up about audio envelopes! One step away from
burying Final Cut Pro for good!

Author Behemoth-X Productions ( ago)
Thank you my friend

Author cwalkPiNoY4LiFe ( ago)
How do I get rid off background music on an audio clip that someone is
talking in? It's all 1 audio clip and I just wanna keep the talking

Author 13Week ( ago)
Thanks Bro! Your tip about adding sound fx's... just what i needed! Thanks!

Author STORMM23 ( ago)
Thanks heaps this helped alot :D

Author Animega OOD ( ago)
no.. Sony vegas isn't compatible with Mac... try Final cut :D

Author FckHpla ( ago)

Author BornePro ( ago)
I have made a sound effect that I want to save and re-use a lot. How do I
save it as a file or something and open it. thanks

Author Pangamma ( ago)
I am the 100,000th viewer! Woohoo!

Author MultiMeetube ( ago)
the plus and minus buttons dont wotk for me but in most of the keyboards on
pc One up with the button that says ?\ + Shift + that = 12 up right next to
dot is a line or minus one down shift + - = one down ctrl + plus or minus=
more specific change :)

Author MultiMeetube ( ago)

Author SLVRDLLR ( ago)
ahh audio envelope that's it! ty

Author luftisbollen ( ago)
you are cool man (y)

Author ChickenPika ( ago)
1/10, because you got me to respond.

Author AGTandZZ ( ago)
1:25 was EXACTLY what I've been looking for for the past hour! Thank you!

Author xFuuw ( ago)
no are you cuz ur kinda dickriding a fucking midget lol

Author Lyle B ( ago)
Hey, Thanks Rich for the great info. Exactly what I was looking for and
then some. It's great that you edited the audio in your video to match what
you were explaining at the time. Thank You . . . .

Author ChickenPika ( ago)
Are you really a fucking dick?

Author psisky ( ago)
This video is so helpful but when I do the pitch shift thing I can only do
+12 and +24, -12 and -24. How do I get all the other numbers in between?

Author psisky ( ago)
Been looking for this info. Thanks very much.

Author RedRoses Production ( ago)

Author qppralke ( ago)

Author Chaz C ( ago)
Just wanted to thank you for your time you invest on the tutorials. This
benefits many Vegas users...

Author KingsofSparta ( ago)
does it matter? Are you really Canadian? Who gives a fuck

Author muzzammil9 ( ago)
Hello good sir, I was wondering if you can make a tutorial specific for
music recording and things you should look out for. I use Sony Vegas
because I prefer that over other programs that claim they are specific for
recordings. I have a good mic, but I have no idea how to mix and such. It
would be greatly appreciated :)

Author xFuuw ( ago)
is this guy really a fucking midget XD

Author Thaqalayn ( ago)
Nice!! Thank you very much!

Author fikry sulaiman ( ago)
thank you so much mann!

Author Fabio Cortez ( ago)
lol, I didn't mean anything by it, I was just being a goof. If he called me
a tall ass bastard I would haved laughed..

Author SuperGalife ( ago)
wtf man short person are as helpful as normal sized persons, size doesn't
make your knowledge.

Author Fabio Cortez ( ago)
thanks for posting this, for a short person you were very helpful.

Author Brok3nProd1gy ( ago)
wow man quick and easy, awesome video oh and I thought I would sub cause
like you said......IT IS FREE :)

Author HeartToHeart70 ( ago)
Thanks a lot... just what I was looking for ! :)

Author anya korhazban ( ago)
How can I hear sound when I`m jogging left and right with keyboard
shortcuts in Vegas Pro 11?

Author naviproductions ( ago)
Thank you!! I've been wanting to learn how to make the audio echo! Thanks a
bunch!! :D

Author G6Kenny ( ago)
i really love how cheesy your effects are ;D

Author Erwin Usi ( ago)
I subscribed! You are awesome!

Author xIc0nZ ( ago)
Wtf , where is 480p ? ;P

Author JasonLiRealms ( ago)
What happen to your hands?!

Author Kourttneex3 ( ago)
my problem is that when i add a video, my audio is just one straight line.
:( so like theres no audio. please help!

Author Simon Walshe ( ago)
Super Job ... Subscribed !!

Author TheXentola ( ago)
OMG, why could i not find this?! xD thank you <3

Author irfan djajasasmita ( ago)
Come on guys let's SUBSCRIBED!!!

Author MrBracey100 ( ago)
Nice tutorial, consider me a subscriber!

Author Pankaj8932 ( ago)
Plz tell me how can i insert or add my own sound in video. Mean how can i
replace the words with my own words spoken in movies without alter the
background music.?

Author UPHIGH Productions ( ago)
Thanks dude, i was pulling my hair out trying to find how to the edit the
audio (and im a sound engineer lol)

Author MrMaid14 ( ago)
It doesent cost me anything :D Nice tutorial (Y) , I ask if you can add
some tutorial for how to turn off other sound's like are some voice for
other room and stuf like that tnx

Author Chris Fernandez ( ago)
Your awesome dude! Thanks!

Author Adam Jasiński ( ago)
Thanks man! You saved my day. I was lookin for that option to customize
gain at certain points at 1:33. Thanks again.

Author ThePredator5070 ( ago)
You scared the shit out of me Tyrion Lannister

Author Summer Ky ( ago)
thanks a ton for this, really helped

Author Joseph Winchester ( ago)
I have a problem. I want to keep the characters voice in, but take the
background music out which comes with the characters voice. How do I do
this? Thank you.

Author Joseph Winchester ( ago)
You are great! Thank you! : )

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