Editing Sound - Sony Vegas Tutorial

I have had a lot of requests on how to edit sound and create effects such as echo etc In this tutorial we'll look at
Envelopes (panning)
Fx plug ins
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Author chris brown plays games (3 months)
i would like to know u can remove background noises any tips on that 

Author MrFriendVideos (7 months)
Great tutorial!

Author MirroRMimi (3 months)
Woooo, greaaaat tutorial! Super useful, thank you so much :D!

Author Belkis Alaa (5 months)
thank you so much!!!! 

Author Jonathan Lee (3 days)
Very good tutorial, explained clearly about how to edit sounds in Sony
Vegas Pro.

Author Dankwood (3 months)
Thanks Man!! 1:23 to 1:47 Saved My Ass. Thank You Heaps!!!

Author The7thCobweb (8 months)
thank you, this was really helpful! ... now I can go crazy on Sony Vegas ^^

Author Voidius Williams (6 months)
Thanks for the tutorial.

Author Lawrence Costales (8 months)
Appreciate the help - I will subscribe

Author GOA4Life86 (3 months)
Thank you very much! Great and useful tut)

Author Akashaheart (26 days)
thanks for this i am learning to use this program

Author JuliusJueLi (8 months)
very useful tips, thanks 

Author FIFA World Cup 2014 (1 month)

Author NahBuhYeah (4 months)
Exactly what I was looking for..great tut!

Author madinsomaniac (4 months)
Thank you bro!

Author 3y3x (3 years)

Author AfterEffectsZone (11 months)
Wasn't looking for anything specifically But this tutorial was very good

Author ashblazin06 (3 years)
how do i mute backin tracks need help ??

Author cannyclass (9 months)
Hello, I'm editing some footage and, in some bits, my voiceover person has
a few low voice. How would I edit the audio to make him a little more
neural? his 'w's are very low e.g "aware, work etc..."

Author muzzammil9 (1 year)
Hello good sir, I was wondering if you can make a tutorial specific for
music recording and things you should look out for. I use Sony Vegas
because I prefer that over other programs that claim they are specific for
recordings. I have a good mic, but I have no idea how to mix and such. It
would be greatly appreciated :)

Author irfan djajasasmita (2 years)
Come on guys let's SUBSCRIBED!!!

Author hamza (2 years)
This guy is actually really good ! he got the best sony vegas tutorials on
U-Tube !

Author naviproductions (2 years)
Thank you!! I've been wanting to learn how to make the audio echo! Thanks a
bunch!! :D

Author Robert Dimitrov (3 years)
Thanks, this is very helpful. You are awesome !!!

Author PeleGiannisGalpe (3 years)
hello when i put a song in the timeline i cant see its noise graph! what
should i do?i need to have this funtion

Author richw4 (3 years)
@Levianos It sounds like your video/audio codecs are not correctly it it for AVI type videos this is happening?

Author ranobobo .joe (2 years)
@Sillastrybarna Click on the Video and press 'U' on your keyboard. :)

Author Fabio Cortez (1 year)
thanks for posting this, for a short person you were very helpful.

Author TheXentola (2 years)
OMG, why could i not find this?! xD thank you <3

Author newking12498 (3 years)
thx dude this helped me alot

Author Chris Fernandez (2 years)
Your awesome dude! Thanks!

Author elpipite (3 years)
Rich, excelent tutorial. Keep going to help people like me allover the

Author xIc0nZ (2 years)
Wtf , where is 480p ? ;P

Author LOLOCAUSTish (2 years)
He's got a deep voice for a dwarf. Hmmmm........

Author G6Kenny (2 years)
i really love how cheesy your effects are ;D

Author Sumrack9 (1 year)
Nice!! Thank you very much!

Author flaamehead (3 years)
Thanks for the tutorial mate XD

Author KingsofSparta (1 year)
does it matter? Are you really Canadian? Who gives a fuck

Author Lezgothen (2 years)
Thanks a ton! I'll be practicing whenever i get the time to.

Author musvcHack4cent (2 years)
many thx from iraq <3

Author SuperGalife (1 year)
wtf man short person are as helpful as normal sized persons, size doesn't
make your knowledge.

Author Lyle B (1 year)
Hey, Thanks Rich for the great info. Exactly what I was looking for and
then some. It's great that you edited the audio in your video to match what
you were explaining at the time. Thank You . . . .

Author Xenilido (2 years)
Thanks for sharing!

Author Reaper KittyHD (2 years)
When i record video from my PVR to showbiz and go to import the video into
vegas pro 10 the audio of the video plays but not the video just a green
video picture what do i do??

Author wangpapa3 (11 months)
AWESOME VIDEO!!! Love it. Very precise and coherent. Humorous at same time.
Really helped me out with my video sound editing. Thanx!!!

Author LifeDrivesMe (9 months)
WOW! Awesome video, very well put together and helpful, thanks!

Author jmwFILMS (2 years)
There are 2 audio lines, and i want to remove one of them, but keeping the
other, (the top one) I tried using the envelopes but yet it didnt
work....Im a noob at Sony Vegas. :L

Author FlashMetallicDrive (3 years)
awesome tutorial dude thx alot :)

Author MrMaid14 (2 years)
It doesent cost me anything :D Nice tutorial (Y) , I ask if you can add
some tutorial for how to turn off other sound's like are some voice for
other room and stuf like that tnx

Author Amr Mohamed (3 years)
@techformula pressing the (+) key or the (-) key

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