Miracle of Imam Hussain A.S

Muslim cooks from the Shia sect were cooking food in a land called al-rumaytha for the visitors of Imam Hussain A.S that will be heading to karbala for the fourtieth day after his great Martyrdom. As they were cooking the gas tanks got empty, and the fire was turned off due to the empty tanks, so one of the cooks faces his head towards karbala (the location of Imam Hussain's shrine) and asks help from the Imam (he asks the Imam to help him, by the power given to the Imam from Allah, so the Imam depends on Allah). Suddenly the fire starts again with no gas, (you can see that clearly as the hose isn't plugged into any tank!) Peace be upon you oh successor of the Prophet (A.S) Peace be upon you oh Hussain (A.S)
Peace be upon the Imam that loves his shias and helps them during their hardest situations

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