Funeral Service - SNL

Dan and Didi (Kenan Thompson, Scarlett Johansson) perform a musical tribute to their late friend.

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Runtime: 4:6
Comments: 874

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Author ann hamilton ( ago)
this is hilarious

Author MrThorain ( ago)
I keep coming back to this- I dont know why. Its this and the pimple popping videos. Oddly amazing...

Author Eduardo Franco Batalha ( ago)
This is so so good.

Author Dovi Morgenstern ( ago)
As an orthodox Jew I'm not quite sure how I feel about that "Rabbi"

Author 장혜지 ( ago)
Who is the guy in the photo? I guess he must be one of the veteran writers on SNL.

Author Michael Eyob ( ago)
I love Scarlett's accent here. Real NY

Author Expressful Kitten ( ago)
at .75 speed they could pass for actual songs LOl

Author NeonPinkDiamond ( ago)
h e r e i s m y b u t t

Author sha11235 ( ago)
Keenan should've been wearing a yarmulke, like the other men in the scene. Also, Bobby.

Author sha11235 ( ago)
So the dead Jewish guy had a black friend. That's nice.

Author sha11235 ( ago)
So they've done a Penis song and a Butt song. What's next, a vagina song?

Author Audri Lilly ( ago)
david had a triple life didn't he lmao xD

Author C Clarke ( ago)
probably my favorite sketch this year

Author Ausitn Swaney ( ago)
omfg i love you Scarlet jo

Author randy Alexander ( ago)
when her cheeks blush is the best she is SO FUCKING HOT!!!!#

Author Jon Carr ( ago)
Tbh. If they did this at someone I knew's funeral, I wouldn't even be mad. In fact, it'd kinda cheer me up.

Author MadCowboysFan10 ( ago)
Did they just out david? Or was this his way of coming out after he was dead XD

Author Joseph Pollack ( ago)
Love me some SNL

Author luis heredia ( ago)
green bra and black dress?????

Author Jesse Colton ( ago)
I gotta say them songs WAS LIT!!!

Author Tripplebeem ( ago)

Author randy Alexander ( ago)
those songs are LIT! cant get enough.i need i need more more.....

Author Dawn masoetsa ( ago)
i enjoyed the songs

Author Joel Atkinson ( ago)
As soon as Leslie Jones spoke i thought they dubbed in a man's voice!!

Author Derek Seven ( ago)
Damn, Scar Jo is BUILT.

Author DiaryofA WimpyCollegeGirl ( ago)
I hate when SNL has a video with tons of views and I end up thinking its good but then I find out a celebrity was just in it. -.-

Author Jenny Cork ( ago)
i liked them songs

Author Asher Leveridge ( ago)
Rabbi leads service, but Dan and Didi did the Catholic Cross. Secretly Anti-Semitic

Author 스페너 ( ago)
스칼렛에 이런 모습 처음이야......

Author Jesse Colton ( ago)
I love how calmly and professionally she says "I didn't realize your husband wrote deep club tracks. these seem like really hardcore circuit tracks."

Author BossLadyMel ( ago)
Why is SNL reposting videos they already posted the day after it was aired live?

Author C Martinez ( ago)
This is a basically a Deep House Dish sketch and holy shit Keenan was in those sketches, ooooooweeeeeeee how long has he been on SNL??

Author Lynn Cai ( ago)
I admit it, I've watched this at least a couple of times. And I even sang the butt song today in class when nobody was watching.

Author MetalMichael1332 ( ago)
Dude I could only come up with this if I were high. They must have some stoner coming up with stuff like this every once in a while.

Author C B ( ago)
That ass is wound tight like a Duncan YOYO!!! 😂😂😂

Author lanceman24 ( ago)
Catchy song "This Is My Butt"

Author danielsan ( ago)
I love it when she corpses

Author Yer Goingtodie ( ago)
nobody likes you snl, go kill yourself

Author pierce Domea ( ago)
damn you david for not leaving an album

Author hazel goodshepherd ( ago)
Mmh... There is mower.

Author Julian Rios ( ago)
My favorite song was the first one

Author Big Jake ( ago)
There can be no greater tribute than that soulful performance of "here is my butt".  I want it as my ringtone.

Author theCuttlekid ( ago)
can i please get a sequel for this sketch? i need more jams because DEM SONGS WAS LIT!!!!!

Author a1seus ( ago)
geezus someone cancel this fuckin show

Author William Baldwin ( ago)
all the people he's touched.... he was a dentist... best joke of the skit!

Author bowls200 ( ago)
Scarlett performed a reverse sign of the cross. Just sayin.

Author Mark ( ago)

Author Avignon Stark ( ago)
who was the dude in the picture?

Author DrisMusic ( ago)

Author Sarah Benton ( ago)
LOL! OMG! The butt song! It's a song about a butt! That's the funniest thing ever!

Author 15gilove ( ago)
wtf why is Scarlett Johansson so funny HAHAAHH

Author Bwab Gaming 702 ( ago)
0:27 reform rabbis ( and I guess conservative rabbis too) be like
Nobody knows what I'm talking about.
I guess I'll just shut up now and continue to wait for פסח.

Author GenieLogic ( ago)
Make a CD of the full version of these songs. I would buy it 17 times.

Author Elvis Kotri ( ago)
cant stop laughing every time I see this parody. great songs :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

Author lord bawnchie ( ago)
Holy shit soooo funny it hurts

Author oscar lopez ( ago)
"Gotta bump ,Gotta bump"

Author Sebastian Spencer-Rollins ( ago)
3:24 I gotta say them songs were lit . That part was very funny . 😂😂😂

Author Eric Toth ( ago)

Author Maria Morveli ( ago)
"Misses Green, I hope that brought you some peace" made me choke on my cocktail. lmao

Author Herbert Lambert ( ago)
Yeah, Scarlett Johansson is pretty sexy. .

Author Eugene Krabs ( ago)
Scarlett looked hot in that dress🔥🔥🔥

Author JR Cano ( ago)
you need to makes those three songs real

Author Chris Max ( ago)

Author Yankee ( ago)
LOL Larchmont!
Now I'm going to look for that funeral home when I drive through!

Author Kasrose 8 ( ago)
I love the butt song!!! iTunes?

Author Paul Yetter ( ago)
I don't care what Charmin says, I'm still wadding

Author Justin Arndt ( ago)
I love leslie jones, but she looks like the real life version of the grinch (Jim Carrey) not that that is a bad thing!! I really do love her though!!

Author yvette johnson ( ago)
Can't...stop...watching....I love "the butt song"....can't get it out of my head 😂

Author Walt Disney ( ago)
I wish my funeral was this lit.

Author FireEnzygo ( ago)

Author Lucas Quinteros ( ago)
Omgg I love this so much! It must have been really really fun to make the lyrics to the songs though... lol

Author snappy6688 ( ago)
Why have they not made a full music video of "Here Is My Butt" yet?!

Author Shud the Blobfish ( ago)
(K = Kenan, S = Scarlett, B = Both)

1st song:
S: How do you like your sex?
K: Hot.
S: How do you like your sex?
K: Twice.
K: Serve it up, turn it out, work it up, shake it down.
K: Huntaaaaay!
S: Yeah!
K: Huntaaaaay!
S: Yeah!
K: Huntaaaaay!
S: Yeah!
B: Queens all around, looking for the sound,
shaking that ass, making it pound,

2nd song:
S: This bitch is too turnt,
her style is not currnt,
her handbag has a price tag
and her busted look is burnt!
S: Eyeh-yeh-yay!
S: Eyeh-yeh-yay!
S: Gotta bump! Gotta bump!
K: Bathroom bumps is happening tonight.

3rd song:
K: Here is my butt, as I lean against the wall,
I shake it up and down,
I pulse it all around, baby.
S: Here is my butt as I lean against the wall,
I drop it to the ground bay-baaaay.
K: Turn on the fan and watch her hair blow,
S: That ass is wound tight like a duncan yo-yo!
K: Here is my boa-a-oh-a-oh- my butt! Yes!

P.S: Good for duets like boyfriend and girlfriend.

Author Cristian Pool Linares ( ago)
Them songs was lit, made me question my whole path!

Author Stacy Rosen ( ago)
her busted look is burnt!!!

Author eqgmrdbz ( ago)
Dammit!.....okay one more time...I can't get enough.

Author Brooke Stop ( ago)
+2:31 "rest in peace"... that's where she breaks... & I Love it!!! 😂😂

Author alberto ruiz ( ago)
not funny

Author Grace Gipsy ( ago)
I love this skit, probably a 1/4 of the views are mine. I just keep re watching it again and again.

Author agron gaming ( ago)

Author metube ( ago)
bathroom bumps is happening tonight!

Author Josh Lee ( ago)
Someone: All the gay boys saying hey


Author Vault Boi ( ago)

Author Yiorgos Christoforos ( ago)
the audience laughter indicating when to laugh annoys me , them song was lit!

Author Daniel Chung ( ago)
the third track is SO FUKCING LIT

Author Rafiel Rosario ( ago)
The first song made my pussy pop so hard

Author Jim Rafferty ( ago)
Here's one great thing about this skit. It shows that those who are way too serious hate it. It shows that people still like to joke around and laugh, and many, don't like that. That is what SNL has been doing since its inception. So either cry, laugh, or just go to bed early.

Author Ma. ( ago)
it's like xanax

Author Takia Philadelphia PA ( ago)

Author kimara tucker ( ago)
yo these songs was lit😂😂😂😂

Author Sky Hi ( ago)
I can't stop watching this. Sooo funny!

Author Jerisha Glenn ( ago)
rest in peace and party

Author Tony H ( ago)
Keenan and Will Ferrell are my Top 2 favorite snl cast members.

Author Samir Hafiz ( ago)
why do i keep coming back to this skit lol that butt song is totally lit

Author Nicole ( ago)
I'd love to see the dress rehearsal version of this - they were probably losing it.

Author Abigail DeLong ( ago)
This was so funny!!

Author New Name ( ago)
Here is my butt as I lean against the wall
I shake it up and down.
I pulse it all around baby.

Here is my butt as I lean against the wall
I drop it the ground baby.

Turn on the fan and watch her hair blow.
That ass is wound tight like a Duncan yo-yo

Here is b-ohh oh what my butt

Author New Name ( ago)
Dum de dum de dum dayayayayeah
Dum de dum de dum dayayayayeah
How do you like your sex
How do your like your sex
Serve it up. Work it up. Shake it down.
Queens all around looking for the sound.
Shaking that ass, making it pound.
Sexual freedom forever.

Author DoGon Supreme ( ago)
Scarjo got some ass

Author Rob McQueen ( ago)
Scarlett Johansson is FUCKING 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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