diy home made cnc lathe

turn square stock

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Author Danu Al ( ago)
Very loud! Something plans, dimensions of? I'm tempted to do something
similar! Sania port cross with knife, what length is? What size caving
trapezoid you use? Thank you!

Author AleRicoSuave ( ago)
that thing must be making a mess if you have coolant running and nothing to
stop it from getting flung everywhere. 

Author izaatmusic ( ago)
wow.. it looks professional.. how did you get all those parts?

Author Jagethemage ( ago)
i like how you ripped the axis table off of an old Comparitor, still has
the adjustment wheels and everything :D

Author jammapcb ( ago)
whos the giggling blond and the annoying 1 finger piano player

Author Daniel Astbury ( ago)
It's makes a funky noise :)

Author iBoyzification ( ago)
was some one hiccup-ing?

Author Kenny Chin ( ago)
@freakboynv2000 just so you can see that your comments received 16 thumbs
up after a year :)

Author abarabaa ( ago)
wow o.O nod bad ^^

Author SteveCiciora ( ago)
Love the sounds it makes at the beginning! Sort of a "I'm a machine you
don't want to mess with" alert. Some of my coolest nightmares have sounds
like that :-)

Author fizzguts ( ago)
Wow! awesome!

Author Dawda Green ( ago)
Sounds like music to my ears... really, it does.

Author Benargee ( ago)
did you build the lathe or convert a manual one to a cnc?

Author voidmansions ( ago)
Very nice, but is someone twanging a Bass Cello in the background? 

Author Tersantoregino A Silva Silva ( ago)
vejam tambem meus videos....são muitos legais.......vejam

Author joecobra1234 ( ago)
xy? dont you mean xz?

Author ballscrewpro ( ago)
The XY using precision ground ballscrew, i can maintain diameter within

Author steamsearcher ( ago)
now you need to cover everything up.

Author S Games ( ago)
Haha, you can see how makeshift it is when you see the keyboard hanging
above the machine! But it all looks very good.

Author ballscrewpro ( ago)
using turbo cnc

Author douro20 ( ago)
It's a clone of a Hardinge lathe... he mounted his own XY table to it.

Author JTMarlin8 ( ago)
Apparently you give a fuck, otherwise you wouldn't have responded to my
comment. HAHA!!!!

Author freakboynv2000 ( ago)
stfu shit bird. he built it and it works. nobody gives a fuck if you like
it or not.

Author JTMarlin8 ( ago)
LOL you used a plain old induction motor for the headstock. What a piece of
junk. 1 star!!!!!!

Author chipsmcgee ( ago)
clever little fucker!! lol..

Author cosast54 ( ago)
Very good congratulations.

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