diy home made cnc lathe

turn square stock

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Author jammapcb (3 years)
whos the giggling blond and the annoying 1 finger piano player

Author fizzguts (3 years)
Wow! awesome!

Author benargee (3 years)
did you build the lathe or convert a manual one to a cnc?

Author S Games (4 years)
Haha, you can see how makeshift it is when you see the keyboard hanging
above the machine! But it all looks very good.

Author douro20 (4 years)
It's a clone of a Hardinge lathe... he mounted his own XY table to it.

Author h3nkk4p (5 years)
ALTER SCHWEDE!!!!! COOL! ey echt jetz saugeil ^^

Author SteveCiciora (3 years)
Love the sounds it makes at the beginning! Sort of a "I'm a machine you
don't want to mess with" alert. Some of my coolest nightmares have sounds
like that :-)

Author alehax27 (2 years)
that thing must be making a mess if you have coolant running and nothing to
stop it from getting flung everywhere.

Author Jagethemage (2 years)
i like how you ripped the axis table off of an old Comparitor, still has
the adjustment wheels and everything :D

Author ballscrewpro (4 years)
The XY using precision ground ballscrew, i can maintain diameter within

Author abarabaa (3 years)
wow o.O nod bad ^^

Author Kenny Chin (3 years)
@freakboynv2000 just so you can see that your comments received 16 thumbs
up after a year :)

Author tubosolinas (3 years)
Every ground ballscrew deserves a servo! ; )

Author JamesThWilliams (4 years)
Precision to 1/100 of a millimeter is very impressive. Nice job, where did
you get the cutting tools, where you able to make them or did you have to
buy them.

Author ballscrewpro (4 years)
using turbo cnc

Author freakboynv2000 (4 years)
stfu shit bird. he built it and it works. nobody gives a fuck if you like
it or not.

Author Dawda Green (3 years)
Sounds like music to my ears... really, it does.

Author TeeWeeQcKsteel (3 years)
you are cutting behind the rotation center? Are there two rotational
directions? Oh and also maintain a diameter within .01mm are quite okay! :-)

Author Daniel Astbury (3 years)
It's makes a funky noise :)

Author iBoyzification (3 years)
was some one hiccup-ing?

Author chipsmcgee (5 years)
clever little fucker!! lol..

Author voidmansions (3 years)
Very nice, but is someone twanging a Bass Cello in the background?

Author cosast54 (6 years)
Very good congratulations.

Author Danu Al (1 year)
Very loud! Something plans, dimensions of? I'm tempted to do something
similar! Sania port cross with knife, what length is? What size caving
trapezoid you use? Thank you!

Author steamsearcher (4 years)
now you need to cover everything up.

Author joecobra1234 (4 years)
xy? dont you mean xz?

Author BoSJo99 (4 years)
What a worthless comment.........

Author izaatmusic (2 years)
wow.. it looks professional.. how did you get all those parts?

Author Tersantoregino A Silva Silva (4 years)
vejam tambem meus videos....são muitos legais.......vejam

Author chich2 (5 years)
Great Vid! What do you use to program your lathe as a gang lathe? chich

Author JTMarlin8 (5 years)
LOL you used a plain old induction motor for the headstock. What a piece of
junk. 1 star!!!!!!

Author JTMarlin8 (4 years)
Apparently you give a fuck, otherwise you wouldn't have responded to my
comment. HAHA!!!!

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