Tyga - Eyes Closed

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  • Tyga "Eyes Closed" is available now: http://smarturl.it/EyesClosedTyga

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    Music video by Tyga performing Eyes Closed. (C) 2017 Interscope Records (G.O.O.D. Music/Victor Victor Worldwide)

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  • Astronot Apollo
    Astronot Apollo 17 hours ago

    peopleoverplanetstv on YouTube 7 million views looking to sign to last kings

  • nhuf fgbh
    nhuf fgbh 23 hours ago

    dope 🔥🔥🔥

    THE PLUG 2 days ago

    Tyga 2017 this your year bruh

    THE PLUG 2 days ago

    tyga better than most these rappers my nigga do yaa thanggg bruhh

  • JakepaulVevo
    JakepaulVevo 2 days ago

    He just needs time wait one year he'll be blowing up

  • jack English
    jack English 3 days ago

    great beat

  • Rtm YG
    Rtm YG 3 days ago

    Only tyga takes 2 years to make album he said he was making bits ages ago blud

  • what is this shit
    what is this shit 4 days ago

    he should do a song with nicki minaj it will be lit af

  • Hiram Turner
    Hiram Turner 4 days ago

    almost 2 million

  • Pangu Untethered
    Pangu Untethered 5 days ago

    If Tyga was a pokemon, His one ☝️and only move would be Spit Fire 🔥.

  • Burak K
    Burak K 6 days ago

    ich hoffe du wirst dieses jahr noch sehr viele klicks bekomm

    thats german

  • Dave Whattt
    Dave Whattt 6 days ago

    this shit is good.. nice

  • Emmanue Kija Giale MMAKIJA

    tyga Nice

  • gaming bros
    gaming bros 6 days ago


  • Dezy Bro
    Dezy Bro 6 days ago

    Dis nigga gettin garage like dah fuck all dat pussy he FUCKIN making him PUSSY.

  • MAiNE THeGrEaT
    MAiNE THeGrEaT 6 days ago

    he back

  • Yeury Reyes
    Yeury Reyes 7 days ago

    subscribe to my channel 🙏

  • Frank Mc vargas
    Frank Mc vargas 8 days ago


  • Spuuky90
    Spuuky90 8 days ago

    Hello there, Tyga alot of your tracks is all bounce, girls, money.
    You do have tracks with good background, im not saying you dont !
    But i'd love to hear you do some real rap, cause you got such a GREAT voice n' flow, you're such a good artist
    and you can do so much better than this, cause you are so much better !

    Random guy from Denmark says hi and take care everyone

  • Dasha Bobrownikowa
    Dasha Bobrownikowa 8 days ago


  • Nick Gomez
    Nick Gomez 8 days ago

    tyga you have been my favorite rapper forever idk why but i only like you your the best rapper in (my opinion) ive been with you since like your first song idk why ppl dont like you everysong i listen with you in it its pure flames like fr i dont understand why your not one of the best rappers ?? your my idol man i wish i could meet you your awesome

  • Hangphan Thingnok
    Hangphan Thingnok 8 days ago

    you can count your views via eyes closed 😉😉

  • fast faster
    fast faster 8 days ago

    kill illuminatie

    TYGA TYGA 8 days ago

    Savage music 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • izzothaking
    izzothaking 8 days ago

    #Tyga underrated stg. love this beat.

  • Rafael Mana
    Rafael Mana 9 days ago

    je suis fan de Tyga wesh

  • Astronot Apollo
    Astronot Apollo 9 days ago

    this is the future that I knew this would reach

  • Astronot Apollo
    Astronot Apollo 9 days ago

    this the tyga I know

  • Astronot Apollo
    Astronot Apollo 9 days ago

    best song in a while

  • Jyoung Chan
    Jyoung Chan 10 days ago

    damn my idol is back.. huh...
    comment the real name of tyga if you are real tyga's fan.

  • Paul Christian Cristobal

    i can sleep with my eyes close

  • Lit vidz
    Lit vidz 10 days ago

    my nigga finna go platinum

  • Gevair Velioski
    Gevair Velioski 11 days ago

    better dayz 4 tyga

  • Dorra Rahali
    Dorra Rahali 11 days ago

    i love Tyga 's music before he were with kylie, (Dope, faded, molly...)
    i love kanyé s mucic before he were with kim (cant tell me nothing, cold, diamonds from sierra leone, monster; run this town, all of the lights, harder betterfaster stronger, say you wil, power............................)

  • bad panda
    bad panda 11 days ago

    see without Kylie yo a bomb

  • Charming Ultra Soft
    Charming Ultra Soft 11 days ago


  • sim shana
    sim shana 12 days ago

    Everybody reading this check me out..Iam an upcomig rapper from Africa Zambia

  • Beastkilla 1
    Beastkilla 1 12 days ago

    Ive just realized tyga was only trash when he was with kylie...the kardashian curse is real

  • Charlie Brown
    Charlie Brown 13 days ago

    fucking clown just stop trying you garbage

  • Piccolo Abdou
    Piccolo Abdou 13 days ago

    beautiful song

  • fadaela
    fadaela 14 days ago

    I waited so many years for this tyga to come back, the "Potential" "Black Thoughts" tyga who isn't poisoned by kardashian pussy. KILL IT, gold album i hated, but this is flame, FUCKIN FLAME, i put it on my "unforgettable music" playlist.

  • Trophies Shankle
    Trophies Shankle 14 days ago

    This good asf

  • madsky
    madsky 14 days ago

    Only classy people that would say this is lit. Keep it up homies.

  • christopher de jesus

    instagram: yosoychris__

  • Tshepo Martin
    Tshepo Martin 15 days ago

    tyga eyes closed its the bom

  • luis sanchez
    luis sanchez 15 days ago

    This is ass lol

  • AgentJohn
    AgentJohn 15 days ago


    LUXURY FIFA 16 days ago

    Dope vid new wave I fw it

  • Tyga Calderon
    Tyga Calderon 16 days ago

    Daamm tyga back at it again with them lit songs

  • Zombie Music
    Zombie Music 16 days ago

    Rspect Tyga !


  • Aguibu Barry
    Aguibu Barry 16 days ago

    this shit sould have way more views

  • best of football
    best of football 17 days ago

    it is lit 🔥🔥

  • RowdyBoss J. Mac
    RowdyBoss J. Mac 17 days ago


  • Rap Gamer11
    Rap Gamer11 17 days ago

    dis id dope!!!$

  • Moises Martinez
    Moises Martinez 17 days ago

    it's pretty ok not the worst song I've ever heard.

  • Dray Royal
    Dray Royal 18 days ago

    Lit beats on my Channel 🔥

    VICTOR EDUARDO 18 days ago

    Tyga- Eyes Closed Foda
    mds do ceu
    is goin to be pure flames

  • Aolex Konnedi
    Aolex Konnedi 18 days ago

    Best Song in a Long Time

  • 맥그리거
    맥그리거 18 days ago

    still king🕎🕎

  • Franklin Even
    Franklin Even 18 days ago

    Best song from T #stophating #teamtyga🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rrezik 412
    Rrezik 412 19 days ago

    dachte er wäre tot

  • yung aquaman55
    yung aquaman55 19 days ago

    Yo if yall need some fire beats like this to spin to, Check me out

  • Kate Chilia
    Kate Chilia 19 days ago

    kylie made 1k acc's just to dislike

  • Yousef Mph Halabisaz

    Love this guy sooo much RICHHHHH

  • Talhouk Saad
    Talhouk Saad 20 days ago


  • Trap.Spain
    Trap.Spain 20 days ago

    Vaya abuso...

  • javarius Beatty
    javarius Beatty 20 days ago

    Kylie can't be here because she's a 🚼

  • Jamal Jordan
    Jamal Jordan 20 days ago

    Tyga back 🔥🔥not that he was gone but he Finna spit some more real shit for us fans

  • Omar Shani
    Omar Shani 20 days ago

    tyga has loyal fans !!! who agree wid me

  • nozotv
    nozotv 20 days ago

    Dear Kylie, since you left Tyga he's back on the studio.

  • Kevin Reyes
    Kevin Reyes 20 days ago

    Like dope music?
    Checkout "Sleep Walking" by David $weet.

  • felipe muñoz
    felipe muñoz 20 days ago


  • T'A Bando
    T'A Bando 20 days ago

    Hopefully he can get the wave back

  • Joan Corn
    Joan Corn 21 day ago

    here before kylie

  • Enmanuel Benitez
    Enmanuel Benitez 21 day ago


  • Sahil Sharma
    Sahil Sharma 21 day ago

    He is better than your Drake!!

  • Andres Contreras
    Andres Contreras 21 day ago

    i love beat its dope👌 yall some haters !

  • Harry Official
    Harry Official 21 day ago

    i remember back in the day when u use to make superhits but now u hardly reach 1M

  • Luan Vinicius
    Luan Vinicius 21 day ago

    I love this song 🇧🇷

  • Freaky Donut
    Freaky Donut 22 days ago

    This song is trash like all of his songs

  • raja mani
    raja mani 22 days ago

    bruh tyga is the most underrated rapper.

  • Jondy Lema
    Jondy Lema 22 days ago

    Tyga exelent music👌😊

  • amarula
    amarula 22 days ago

    Yes I know how to count it
    I can count it with my eyes closed 🤑💵💵💰💰💰

  • DarkTeamSN
    DarkTeamSN 22 days ago

    4th comment and still lit

  • DarkTeamSN
    DarkTeamSN 22 days ago

    Lit again.

  • DarkTeamSN
    DarkTeamSN 22 days ago

    Still, lit.

  • Fan Weezy
    Fan Weezy 22 days ago

    tyga you need whatch yourself befor you put the video we need hard beats laik 40 mill

  • N-Hope NePhOp
    N-Hope NePhOp 22 days ago

    wow!now he is back!HAHHHH

  • Barbe Alex
    Barbe Alex 22 days ago

    Sacré son !!!

  • QueensRise
    QueensRise 22 days ago

    You're so cute!

  • DarkTeamSN
    DarkTeamSN 23 days ago

    Damn, lit lit lit lit lit.

  • Jake LK
    Jake LK 23 days ago

    T Raww Is Back

  • Breezy Dawgg
    Breezy Dawgg 23 days ago

    Most underrated artist in the game... when you see a "XXX Tentacion" or a "Famous Dex" having fame when all they do is pure garbage... SMH

  • Payaso CrimeFamilyEnt

    This song goes hard.

  • K UFC
    K UFC 23 days ago

    Tyga started this song over a year ago. Before he released RNA, listen to the snippets and this was on there. This song is good considering he write it while with Kylie. She set him back big time. Now T-Raww back!🔥🔥🔥

  • Black Latino
    Black Latino 23 days ago


  • Yo mammas assh hole Rabbi

    No I'm not paranooid😽

  • Expectro Patronum Gang


  • agata jolina
    agata jolina 24 days ago

    Do It alone! me against the world! Never give up only Tha Dead stop Ya!

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