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Author Vasilka Vasileva (1 year)

Author badboyblue99 (1 year)
Few sing live like her. A true diva. God called His angel back to His
side all too soon.

Author nguyen ton tuong (1 year)
so sad for her.The mirth of the world lasts but a while :(

Author Ivan2052 (1 year)
Прекрасная песня!!! Замечательные вокальные данные!!! Прекрасно!!!
素晴らしい曲 !偉大なボーカル !素晴らしい !
Wonderful song!!! Remarkable vocal data!!! Perfectly!!!

Author 円山登 (1 year)

Author 鈴木均 (1 year)

Author Tomey777 (3 years)
初めまして! きぁぁ~”テレサ・テンさん”大好きな歌手ですょ~沢山のupとっても嬉しです。 有難うございます。m(__)m・・・

Author 櫻櫻 美代子 (2 years)

Author screwccp123 (2 years)
O,MGD! 这首歌简直太棒了,真是无法超越了!

Author Asiane Yang (3 years)
Up to this day....still, there is NO another Theresa Teng. No one can beat
her just like No one can take Elvis place. Theresa is still the BEST and
will be the BEST. I've heard so many different people tried to sing this
song, but NOBODY can be like her, Theresa. RIP Theresa :)

Author rgn chan (5 years)

Author tarakocafe (2 years)
i love this song the best!

Author Masami43 (征美) (4 years)
@belemnense Obrigado, doumo arigato.

Author gonenow2007 (6 years)
Nice wide screen! Thanks

Author Cao xinwei (2 years)
Nice song with matching video. Great Job!

Author Euguene Tan (2 years)
I loved her songs of any languages she sung forever and ever. the days I
hear to her songs she the best in my life, listen it every time with my
whole heart, cheer me up when I'm down, let keep her spirit in my heart.

Author edrianne reyes (2 years)
A WONDERFUL SONG "S thats my dreams real come truu that i travel a lot
around the worl in all of my life ;; we love you '' youre songs '' will
never vanished'''

Author akimotoshow (6 years)
フルスクリーンですね、、、 すごい。

Author az12281 (4 years)

Author asdjfh55 (3 years)

Author Teisuka's Station (5 years)
One of the most beautiful songs of Teresa Teng. So sensitive and
sentimental. Video is wonderful. Thank you for sharing this, hontou ni

Author Masami43 (征美) (4 years)
@cidaskyblue Hiroko-san, Ohisashi-buri no komento arigatou gozai masu.
Natsukashiku, kanashii ohanashi desu ne. Anchan (onii-san) wa, Shizuoka-ken
(静岡) no Hamamatsu (浜松) atari de hatarai te irasshatta kamo shiremasen ne.
Ogenki de.

Author maicats (2 years)
i knew her since the 80s... i have to admit that most of her song mean a
lot to me.... we all missed her and her great song and may she rest in

Author Hiroko Uemura (4 years)
haai masami-san nagai aida ne....kono utta daisuki desu...watasi no antyan
no omoide...antyan ga nihon he hataraki ni itta toki watasi ni okutte
kureta no ,...antyam wa 10 nem nihon shizuoka de hataraite imasita ....2000
brasil ni asobi kita mol biyoki datta sositte natukasiii antyam wa nakunari
masita. masami san aligatol hiroko-yori

Author Sallyang77 (2 years)

Author Nikkie Music Pro (2 years)
Meet her in heaven. RIP

Author Rena Cvetkova (3 years)
Cпасибо. Люблю. Слушаю.

Author Teisuka's Station (4 years)
@masami43 Thank you very much for an excellent translation, Masami san! m(_
_)m Perhaps I dare to use it in my video too, if I will mention the source
and the name of translator... I suppose so. ^_^ Hontou ni arigatou! Have a
wonderful summer days!

Author Lilia Nela Contreras L. (2 years)
Preciosa voz, talento y sencillez tuvo esta linda cantante. Que penita que
murió tan jóven. La primera vez que la escuché hace 24 años aprox. fue
cuando entré a trabajar en un karaoke A-1 de Perú. Me fascinó tanto esa
hermosa voz tan femenina y angelical que quería imitarla. Mis amigos
japoneses me decían: Ganbatte (Tú puedes) Me quedé con las ganas...Plop.
Talentosísima Teresa Teng:)

Author Ivan2052 (1 year)
Чудесный голос!!! Замечательно!!! The miraculous voice!!! Wonderful!!!
奇跡的な声 !素晴らしい !

Author Tessie Barcelon (2 years)
i love you ms. teresa teng so much i would like to see you in person

Author thaitel (6 years)

Author David Goldstein (5 years)
As an international businessman I always feel guilty when I hear Teresa
sing this song. How many of us had left girls in Osaka, Seoul, Taipei, Hong
Kong, Manila etc. at airports ... never to see u again? Love to all the
girls left behind. Love to Teresa's memory. TT Forever

Author million zillion (2 years)
very good and sad lyrics.Brillant.

Author 吳 進財 (2 years)

Author Masami43 (征美) (3 years)
I am pleased that you like this beautiful song.

Author 3749oka69 (2 years)

Author weksz1 (3 years)
epic!!! i love her right now than ADELE

Author Ana Maki (1 year)
mui linda cancione Teresa Ten arigato por publicar amo muito esta cantora,

Author Hiroko Uemura (4 years)
@masami43 Hummmmm soldesu anchan waMotimune-Shizuoka de hataraite imasita.
Imademo anchan 56 sai) natsukasiiii anchan... dewa ogenki de karadni kio
tukete ne. hiroko

Author リチャード 大澤 (3 years)

Author The4zaya (3 years)
dai suki desu

Author Masami43 (征美) (4 years)
@teiska123 Dear Teisuka, An excellent English transalation, done by
eric34yt, is available in my above description box.

Author luis augusto (2 years)
muito linda.

Author megumi takase (3 years)
なんでそんなに早く死んでしまたの。 一緒に寄り添ってしんでもいい!

Author alice chan (2 years)
so nice melody especially sang in nihogo

Author bear dream (2 years)
歌詞 ありがとうございます!

Author swim2003summer (5 years)
she is such a sweet lady. although she is so tiny, but her songs, and her
personalities attractive so many people. Her sweet power is much greater
than those "military march" :-) if you guys know what I am talking about...

Author Macguy (5 years)
Teresa at her best! Great song, one of my top 3 Japanese favorites by her.
Thanks Masami.

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