New Best Girls Vines Compilation 2015 W/Titles (+70 Newest Vines)

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  • Ke Ndi
    Ke Ndi 25 minutes ago


  • Naomi WWE
    Naomi WWE 19 hours ago

    Omg those legs at 2:23 !!!<3

  • BeastMode 24
    BeastMode 24 1 day ago

    dat ass

  • JOKO 01
    JOKO 01 2 days ago

    What is the on 2:26

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 2 days ago

    You are my Ideal Girl, If I Got you I never Miss the chance to take HOT& LONG Kisses on EYES,Your Hand Your Face Your Hair Your whole Body.
    Two Hot CANS of CHILLED RED WINE, I want to LICKING this ( ● Y ● ) Have Perfect Figure I Say About These BOOBS The So Testy Drink on EARTH

  • Miguel Morris
    Miguel Morris 3 days ago

    like it

  • Miguel Morris
    Miguel Morris 3 days ago

    OK nick

  • hassan soomro
    hassan soomro 5 days ago

    which model is shown in thumbnail red dress

  • Savage John
    Savage John 5 days ago

    damm those girls sexy

  • CyBerLENNY
    CyBerLENNY 5 days ago


  • bob bob
    bob bob 5 days ago

    all of theses are old . fuck you . you got no new content here you lame ass

  • clow __
    clow __ 6 days ago

    music intro please

  • Loukas FCB
    Loukas FCB 7 days ago

    what is her name?? 0:22

  • Lana Minecraft
    Lana Minecraft 7 days ago

    oh he'll no

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 8 days ago


  • ShiftMaster 21
    ShiftMaster 21 8 days ago

    0:07 what is that song?

  • Jeff Melgar
    Jeff Melgar 11 days ago


  • Daniel Helm
    Daniel Helm 12 days ago

    How did all you come here?

  • AidenHilarious360 Jace

    31 million views,behold the power of thumbnails

  • TheReal BOSS
    TheReal BOSS 13 days ago

    I sweeaaar who the fuck is that at 2:18 slimmy got man hyped

  • Raze Shade
    Raze Shade 14 days ago

    I now why most people are here

  • The Legend Gamer
    The Legend Gamer 16 days ago

    OMG HOT GIRL'S 😂😀😍😍😍😘💜❤

  • tylerbrousil
    tylerbrousil 16 days ago

    Black Vine... I hadn't heard. At least they have nice ass scenes...otherwise Rest in piss Vine! Watch/listen to comedy if you're trying to be funny. None of the shit is funny. You should all be very embarrassed if you think you made comedy clips on Vine. Notice all these successful Vine videos are filled with tits and ass?

  • Fendora
    Fendora 17 days ago

    This was very entertaining. XD Where have I been?

  • Benjz coc
    Benjz coc 18 days ago


  • Benjz coc
    Benjz coc 18 days ago


  • Itamar Ben noon
    Itamar Ben noon 18 days ago

  • Thanh Hạ
    Thanh Hạ 18 days ago


  • Thomas Wirth
    Thomas Wirth 20 days ago

    whats this song on 6:50?

  • Mahesh M
    Mahesh M 20 days ago

    This is so fucked up. make money with stupid videos and its spoiling others too.

  • Ubeydillah Alas
    Ubeydillah Alas 21 day ago

    Girls vines is probably the saddest thing on the intrnet feminist should be pissed at this shit not all that nonsense safe space crap there on about

  • Roma B
    Roma B 21 day ago

    ugly fat black girls...damn cows.

  • Domi nik
    Domi nik 22 days ago

    Maaan. Amanda always usin' them pushup bras... So tired of this when you've seen her naked already ..

  • Derek Westbrook
    Derek Westbrook 22 days ago

    Just in case anybody is wondering the song at 2:10: It's "Adorn - Miguel"

    • Killer the Wolf
      Killer the Wolf 14 days ago

      Derek Westbrook the same time. I am a beautiful person. I am a beautiful person. I am a

  • Thomas Gilmore
    Thomas Gilmore 22 days ago

    ANOTHER stupid waste of time...

  • Annahi Lopez
    Annahi Lopez 24 days ago

    at 5:11 i would choose a.

  • Darius Teodor
    Darius Teodor 25 days ago

    Nice ass

  • Daan van Diest
    Daan van Diest 25 days ago

    clickbait xD

  • Perp Rero
    Perp Rero 25 days ago

    5.33 - What music???

  • Mehmet Dayı
    Mehmet Dayı 26 days ago

    0.32 😂

  • Jason Matthews
    Jason Matthews 26 days ago

    Team Amanda

  • Ella K.
    Ella K. 26 days ago

    why have they all a big Ass?! I haven't a big Ass and why look mens on the Ass?!

  • Miszczu Babka
    Miszczu Babka 26 days ago

    3:47 music pls <3

  • Gmode Gameing
    Gmode Gameing 26 days ago

    if your bored on snapchat or watching this in 2k17 then add gmodegameing on snapchat mainly girls (Grabs jug of water)

  • Sayeeda Ahmed
    Sayeeda Ahmed 27 days ago

    This is actually really degrading to watch. I mean all i see is men acting like gross douchebags and these girls twerking like its nothing.

  • Juuzou Sazuya팡
    Juuzou Sazuya팡 27 days ago

    4:17....whats the nameeeee?

  • Bdjsj Bsbenkd
    Bdjsj Bsbenkd 27 days ago

    anyone has instagram of this girl at 1:17 ?

  • Florian Schweig
    Florian Schweig 27 days ago

    what is the song in Minute 5:34

  • Thomas Kinlock
    Thomas Kinlock 27 days ago

    100% adolescent teens

  • Sydney Collins
    Sydney Collins 27 days ago

    Most Men are only capable of lust not love.. I feel bad for women who get together with these unfaithful men who can't keep their eyes and thoughts to themselves! Lol.

  • Chapgazh
    Chapgazh 27 days ago

    At 5:11 i would choose A

  • Naumi Lal
    Naumi Lal 27 days ago


  • Naumi Lal
    Naumi Lal 27 days ago


  • Xx SingingMenyHD xX
    Xx SingingMenyHD xX 27 days ago

    intro song?

  • Paul Schmidt01
    Paul Schmidt01 27 days ago

    Intro song Name?

    MAULKENBOBBLE 29 days ago

    I'm on vinez so you can see my debbutts

  • Baseball & More
    Baseball & More 1 month ago

    Amanda cerny is so hot

  • Demi Badz
    Demi Badz 1 month ago


  • Edith Hernadez
    Edith Hernadez 1 month ago

    Get the twerk

  • Lameasa Collier
    Lameasa Collier 1 month ago

    30M views really

  • Queen And King
    Queen And King 1 month ago


  • Bhushan Kamti
    Bhushan Kamti 1 month ago

    OMG so stupid video

  • Rishab Bhardwaj
    Rishab Bhardwaj 1 month ago


  • 인생에카데고리는없다

    I have secret sexy girl video
    come on :-]

  • T RUSH
    T RUSH 2 months ago

    was that jason from METALLICA?

  • Ahmed Gomaa
    Ahmed Gomaa 2 months ago

    name of girls please ....

  • Banguts
    Banguts 2 months ago

    Simon Rex was the only funny one on here, the rest was just a bunch of the same ol dumbshits doin the same ol dumb shit over and over.

  • TheGabbit 909
    TheGabbit 909 2 months ago

    I saw Christian​ Delgrosso

  • Creepy Nemo
    Creepy Nemo 2 months ago

    anyone else click because of the thumbnail?

  • Brian Silva
    Brian Silva 2 months ago

    There were guys in half the vines I call click bait

  • Smikkel beertje
    Smikkel beertje 2 months ago

    3:20 lol Amanda Naked????

  • BabyGirl !!
    BabyGirl !! 2 months ago


  • Soheil Sepahyar
    Soheil Sepahyar 2 months ago

    best part : 03:08 :))))))))))))))))

    I-B-KILLEN -DEM 2 months ago

    on 5:11 the answer is d.try to get a threesome

  • Gamingwithkylie
    Gamingwithkylie 2 months ago

    Amanda is the best out of all them

  • HÒA Lethimyphuong
    HÒA Lethimyphuong 2 months ago

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍Hot Gi....

  • Roma B
    Roma B 2 months ago

    oh thouse ugly nigger fat ass ladies.

  • Wolf Fang
    Wolf Fang 2 months ago

    whos the girl at 1:45

  • Ray Miller
    Ray Miller 2 months ago

    im almost 18 n these bitches bad asf idc

  • motionfx
    motionfx 2 months ago

    your a fucking perv

  • cscs200
    cscs200 2 months ago

    love the thumbnail :)

  • Jarett Bill
    Jarett Bill 2 months ago

    4:25 the property brothers

  • Jay Hawk
    Jay Hawk 2 months ago

    Breathing intensifies

  • colin brown
    colin brown 2 months ago

    Emma Watson Laundre Laundre

  • Mihajlo Jeftić
    Mihajlo Jeftić 2 months ago


  • Esteban Chacon Ramirez

    3:03 Music ???

  • Tapere Kauvai
    Tapere Kauvai 2 months ago

    me to

  • Brian Tierney
    Brian Tierney 2 months ago

    Deeply saddened by the 30 million views. Couldn't even bare to watch a minute of it. I am embarrassed for the people who made this.

  • Dominick Mollano
    Dominick Mollano 2 months ago

    #Amanda is so hot

  • Leiland Campos
    Leiland Campos 2 months ago


  • Those Two Random Girls

    Sometimes I think Amanda is wayyyyyyyy too hot!

  • Dalia Paz
    Dalia Paz 2 months ago


  • Miguel Hill
    Miguel Hill 2 months ago

    Fuck and hat ass

  • KaiyaPlays Episode
    KaiyaPlays Episode 2 months ago

    Who watching in 2017

  • Lucas Åström
    Lucas Åström 2 months ago

    Who came here for the girls in the front 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bob James
    Bob James 2 months ago

    I am the only one that thinks Amanda is sooo sexy

  • MrE G
    MrE G 2 months ago

    Ha Ha hahaha !!!@

  • Mike Burkhart
    Mike Burkhart 2 months ago


  • adam34143
    adam34143 2 months ago


  • Ok. You can do a lot more than

    🦈she is the a 😠

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