Bmw E30 M5 engine(BH 04 ARO) History

history of BH 04 ARO

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Author PC Gamer ( ago)
Masina esti si astazi 6.04.2014 cu 808 Cp sau mai mult.bafta!!!

Author TheVideoZombie ( ago)
Posting pictures on youtube is like .. not ok ..

Author Bogdan Pop ( ago)
nu vreau sa ma gandesc cat o costat tot..

Author Bandido6oo ( ago)
Oh, and check some other videos of this car, too! You might be surprised!!!

Author Bandido6oo ( ago)
That thing has an engine from an M5!!! Just the engine alone puts out about
400 and so horse power, on a much lighter car!!! Now add the exhaust
system, Air intake system, change the mapping and the chip of the ECU
(electrinic control unit) on the engine, forged pistons and piston rods,
add NOS, what do you get?? Know your business and do some research before
you post shit!!

Author Marius Fauru ( ago)
NICE JOBB frate ;) 

Author SkoczekNerwus ( ago)
you need m-tech spoiler on trunk 

Author Florin FL ( ago)
respect pentru omU!!! 

Author jean-michel HERBERT ( ago)
up to where the"pole position"appears the car was ok....

Author mariscosrecio3 ( ago)
Vaya manera de estropear un e30 , con lo bonito que es de serie.

Author thepricylon ( ago)
4:06 a Lamborgini vs THIS? way that BMW wins.!

Author And4ea8 ( ago)
@uberBMWmotorist You`re a motherfucker idiot!

Author KzeDesign ( ago)
foarte tare masinutza. A facut oare Gallardo`u la liniuta?

Author Dean Leong ( ago)
2:34 Robotic horse 

Author Bill Richardson ( ago)
Who makes this bumper???

Author Bill Richardson ( ago)
Who makes this bumper?

Author Ghete Mihai (637 years ago)
Frate... Nu cumva tu esti "nebunul" acela de pe Iuliu Maniu care detine
vreo 2-3 BMW galben, albastru si nu mai stiu si un Ford Puma, parca, tunat?
Frate, te respect!

Author Tomi Kabal ( ago)
minden tiszteletem a tied ;) 

Author skoda1982 ( ago)
pleas save this car for EVER!!!!! 

Author Prashant Raj ( ago)
nice but it would be better in video .........u think

Author mcdemba ( ago)
nice job really impressive

Author Madalin1796 ( ago)
rabla aia de la inceput e bh 04 aro? omule esti incredibil. ce ai facut din
ea ....

Author Vegarmelk ( ago)
Plastif fantastic..... not the look for å beemer....

Author Racz Attila ( ago)
mondd meg oszinten.mennyit koltottel ra a nullarol?

Author florin blaguta ( ago)

Author boom8607 ( ago)
Din cate stiu eu si sunt proprietar de bmw si fost proprietar de
opel,calibra are motor in V doar la cilindreee de 3.0!!oricum opel nu o sa
fie niciodata la feld e fiabil ca bmw-ul!!azi te dai cu ea si maine e
moarta in garaj,bmw-ul pleca si in 5 pistoane si tot mai dau un born!!hai
respect si nu va mai certati!!

Author zepyoor1234 ( ago)
man i want an engine man like with transmition.

Author Martyna Kot ( ago)
OMG... Shitt, You car looks better before you modification :P

Author ElTyranto ( ago)
how do i get these angel eyes???

Author 1989alie30 ( ago)
kill it with fire

Author Przemyslaw Tomera ( ago)

Author Przemyslaw Tomera ( ago)
You fail so hard...

Author jesse barclay ( ago)
man u need a real car lol

Author Gamefreak198 ( ago)
Well done.

Author Dave Smith ( ago)

Author Andy Griff ( ago)
How would you know that mr crystal balls ? Just cos I play guitar doesn't
mean I can't own an ITR.. Will you pay me £1000 by paypal if I show you
copy of my reg doc ? I don't think so looser.

Author Takumi Fujiwara (1196 years ago)
nice nice nice nice :-)))

Author Gerlof Smits ( ago)
you dont even have an integra type R.. go suck ur guitar

Author Andy Griff ( ago)
Probably handles like a WW2 DKW sidecar outfit !

Author E30m3EvoVIIIMR (774 years ago)
At 3.17 is that an electric fan or a clutch fan and what size radiator are
u using? My clutch fan keeps hitting my radiator, i live in the middle east
so i need a larger radiator because of the heat and cant get one like the
alpine that fits nice an snug in that hole.

Author E30m3EvoVIIIMR (1041 year ago)
LOL ur integrity will be diminished with ur integra

Author Andy Griff ( ago)
My Integra Type R would leave you for dust on a track ! Nice E30 though.

Author Nagy Race ( ago)
nice work Man and that is my same dream.

Author kinderutz (1413 years ago)
E30, Bilsteins, M5 engine belong in a BMW not in a Honda....might as well
put a "H" badge on it. You couldn't pay me enough to drive that thing.

Author cheluakame ( ago)
long life e30

Author themisiek2 ( ago)
Very nicely done. That is incredible. Best of luck man. Peace Out!

Author cataaa1990 ( ago)
i love your car:X

Author catalovebmw ( ago)

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