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Author SirAsmyk (4 years)
please name music :)

Author Marvin Barrios (3 years)
I found where he downloaded it :D. Go to Mega upload and add this to the
end, smart people will understand what I mean. /?d=9MAOVBWD

Author Anthonny Villegas (4 years)

Author tyler garcia (4 years)
@ShiroKado lol jealous of public hacks.

Author icecaster69 (4 years)
can you send me the file pls?? im dieying to have one pls.

Author CFbaM (3 years)
Haha this video is funny!! :D

Author Reginald Rogers (4 years)
scheiss hacker loser Ausenseiter zu dumm um es normal zu zocken

Author Internet Friends (3 years)

Author EftihisKetsi (4 years)
guys what is referrer because i am greek and i dont know english very
much!!!!please answer!!!!!!!

Author icecaster69 (4 years)
can you send me the file pls?? im dieying to have one pls.

Author sasuke5ification (3 years)
/watch?v=sEbnGjOjJ2Q&feature=channel_video_title For latest hacks, always
works and always updated!!

Author Santiago Rojas (4 years)
hey the link what is this hack there

Author Deltakort97 (4 years)
Try to hack one day its fun

Author RedBlaster97 (4 years)
LoL nice music, nice Video :)

Author Vagner Machado (2 years)
gostei desse

Author orangepeel dolan (4 years)
how can u not get kicked???????

Author Kurimawzo99 (3 years)
F11 .... tawag na siya ni SATANAS!

Author Alban Miftari (3 years)
u have not a life noob ! CrossFire ist fur fun playing !

Author Toyotale (3 years)
Get a life and learn how to play for crying out loud

Author чувак симпсон (3 years)
Nice! It is a pity now does not work

Author comlol (4 years)
Wow its just a virus wow

Author alex yoo (4 years)
lol :) thats funny>>

Author MRtsstkiller (4 years)
he must of hosted the server retards

Author ThePCPoser (4 years)
Hackers are either noobs who don't know how to play, or pros who got bored
with the original game, I'm in the noob category :D

Author LOPEZ13able (4 years)
thats why u make new c and hack on it

Author T3KTONIT(cVec) (3 years)
free vip hack watch?v=5e6PB3DCoeg

Author elchuger99 (4 years)
joder lla me gustaria tener eso xD mi msm

Author bob bobsan (4 years)
nice hac.k

Author Livio Junior (4 years)
hackers are noobs !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author legendjohn10 (3 years)
i think i was in this game...i hate u <3

Author gansterking123 (4 years)
all u guys stfu? why are u even watching? to get hacks? and then callin
other ppl noobs? after u find a hack? so yeh kid? think before u do

Author Dino Pernar (4 years)

Author TheMagicClown1 (4 years)
is blood part of the hacks? o-0

Author Flylackto Thelackto (2 years)

Author fadedglory81 (4 years)
@diogo5480 drunken lullaby

Author Jair254 (4 years)
@3der3 then what are you doing in this video?

Author FLeX (4 years)
@3der3 You are the stupid one. Do you wan't me to correct all the fails in
your comment?

Author himuraccountseller (4 years)
check out my accounts for sale :D im himura from dxt could pm me to comfirm
it. many more to come

Author Oleksiy Morozyuk (4 years)

Author roniuxas (4 years)
owesome misuc :D

Author XShadowCaliberX (4 years)
@3der3 hackers are people who think its funny when people whine like you...

Author leonardo300895 (4 years)
tou are mother fuck is hack

Author Dracojanzero (3 years)
Try Cfph.rar for Crossfire Phil

Author boruteferra (4 years)
when i had a shovel, i played this map and it looked exactly like the
video, i was finishing the whole team by myself.and all i can see is my
name with a shovel sign and the other ppls name. it feels soo awsome. i
dont need a hack to be like that.

Author HDGamingCulture (2 years)

Author AuroraRipshreader (4 years)
i don't see the download

Author TheJFKStudios (4 years)
it doesn't work when i start the game with the hack program the Xtrap shuts
down the game and say:"Xtrap has detected an dangerus program"! What should
i do plz help me!

Author timtim885 (4 years)
@ShiroKado Honestly... You are not a "Hacker", you are some dip that
downloaded a program that changes bits of a game to give you an advantage.
You have no skill. You are nothing. Why am I watching this video? Because
after an afternoon of getting smashed by hackers on Crossfire, all I can
think of is what kind of idiots find this crap entertaining? I just have to
know... Be honest with yourself... After 10 minutes of playing, you feel
bored out of your mind.

Author florjan klancar (4 years)
lol nice hack and good music!

Author MICHAELBMW1 (4 years)
@diogo5480 yes i like it too lol

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