Joe Weller - Mission (Official Video)

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  • Joe Weller's brand new summer banger: 'Mission'.


    Produced by Joe Weller & MB13 Beatz

    MB13 Beatz:

    Gonna be working on some major things with MB13 over the summer, Mission being the beginning. We met through YouTube and the guy is seriously talented, not to mention only 15 years old! He's based in Newcastle, so we produced this track mostly through Skype calls and sending things back and forward over email. Unreal work ethic and a top geeza.

    Music video by Joe Weller, Luke Ripely & Emma-Louise Sampson

    Emma-Louise Sampson (Dancer & Creative Director):

    Luke Ripley (Director of Photography & Editor):

    Unreal team behind this one and in fact the first ever time I've reached out to new people to create a music video. We essentially turned this whole video round in a week - something that realistically shouldn't have been possible but with such a focused and hardworking team, we did it! Emma: Leader of the dance group and a creative director of the video, an absolute boss when it comes to getting shit done right and incredible to work with. Luke: Co-director and editor of the video. The guy is a magician with the camera and put in some serious graft to get this video to the level we wanted.

    Huge thank you to The Arch in Brighton! We shot all the club scenes in there, it's one of my favourite venues.

    The Arch:

    The two other lads in the video:

    Elliot Crawford:
    Snapchat: elliotcrawford

    Harry Lee-Preston:
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  • Joe Weller
    Joe Weller 2 months ago

    BANG BANGGGGGG 🔥 Boys & girls it's finally out! Honestly it would be absolutely unreal if you could purchase the track and then stream it on repeat to give it the best chance of charting high! Regardless of all that I hope you enjoy what we've made! It's been the best experience working on this project. Produced by myself & MB13 Beatz. Music video by myself, Luke Ripley & Emma Louise-Sampson 👊🏼

    • TheBaDDshit
      TheBaDDshit 1 month ago

      Joe Weller this is crap

    • Dara Henry
      Dara Henry 1 month ago

      Joe Weller It's amazing 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • Joe Winstanley
      Joe Winstanley 2 months ago

      Joe Weller this is amazing ✌️

    • Nick Wilde
      Nick Wilde 2 months ago

      Joe Weller its amazing👌👍

  • danny steele
    danny steele 5 hours ago


  • Warmachine
    Warmachine 1 day ago

    cant believe why there's girls dancing when there about to do the Ouija board

  • TheNightmare
    TheNightmare 1 day ago

    Great copy of gecko from oliver heldens

  • Ryan Coulahan
    Ryan Coulahan 2 days ago

    Absolute Banger of a song

  • Georgina Milton
    Georgina Milton 3 days ago

    congrats on 100,000 likes x

  • Nathan z GAMMER
    Nathan z GAMMER 3 days ago

    i liked it number100000

  • Ryan Sheridan
    Ryan Sheridan 4 days ago

    100,000 LIKE OMG !!!!! WOW

  • Aaron Kid
    Aaron Kid 4 days ago

    Joe Weller awesome song mad

  • Harrison Elles
    Harrison Elles 5 days ago


  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson 5 days ago

    When I liked I was expecting to be the 100000th

  • Buster Adams
    Buster Adams 5 days ago

    It's so funny how joe wellers informal music videos/ songs ( Ronaldo chop, World Cup, kitty etc.) are better than the ones where he tries to be serious like this shitty song! lol I couldn't do any better tho!

  • Kris Lopez
    Kris Lopez 5 days ago

    Joe Weller get me a fridge it spinner

  • Kris Lopez
    Kris Lopez 5 days ago

    Are you gay

  • Kris Lopez
    Kris Lopez 5 days ago

    Joe Weller mission

  • Holly Bartley
    Holly Bartley 5 days ago

    you the besd

  • Donna Keogh
    Donna Keogh 5 days ago


  • Thomas Wyatt
    Thomas Wyatt 6 days ago

    Joe needs to actually sing in it

  • RedIsDead
    RedIsDead 7 days ago

    If You Made an official music channel you would gain attention to record producers but they see your youtube channel and see your subs vs your view :p

  • Oliver Ratcliffe
    Oliver Ratcliffe 7 days ago

    Sory hard

  • Chris Hind
    Chris Hind 7 days ago

    where did he get these dancers from ........ let down XD

    F4T4LFUS1ON 8 days ago

    Came for the song, stayed for the story

  • Evalyn Her
    Evalyn Her 8 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought it was cringe when joe started running? 😂😂

  • Joanne Barrass
    Joanne Barrass 9 days ago

    go on to bbfilmactoin

  • lion
    lion 9 days ago

    wheres his body gone all i can see is a floating head

  • DJ Rattez
    DJ Rattez 9 days ago

    used the best vocalist in the industry right now, did a little sex-wee when i worked out who the vocalist was no wonder i enjoy this song so much :D

  • Mashnoon Mazumder
    Mashnoon Mazumder 10 days ago

    sounds like real life the song

  • Liz Gratton
    Liz Gratton 10 days ago

    best tune ever who agrees

  • Kenzie Shaw
    Kenzie Shaw 10 days ago


  • Archie Leaton
    Archie Leaton 11 days ago


  • Sam McAuley
    Sam McAuley 11 days ago

    is this the new mall grab album?

  • the real Anderson rai

    great song

  • Ross _72
    Ross _72 11 days ago

    Good song bro

  • O1 Hazard
    O1 Hazard 11 days ago

    what type of musci is this , its not edm idk what is iss

  • Gjq Oplay
    Gjq Oplay 12 days ago

    why are you walking through the woods with hammers and that

  • John Phoenix
    John Phoenix 12 days ago

    best song so far

  • Matthew Bruerton
    Matthew Bruerton 12 days ago

    This is amazing!

  • wahib uddin
    wahib uddin 13 days ago

    it ain't safe to run around with sharp objects safety first

  • Callum Skinner
    Callum Skinner 13 days ago

    this is one of a kiAssembled 3D Printer Me Creator A3 150*150*150mm LCD 12864 Offline Printing

  • Kayden Cameron
    Kayden Cameron 13 days ago

    great song Joe weller

    ABC XYZ 13 days ago

    high quality video!

  • joshua comer
    joshua comer 13 days ago

    Hats off to you Mate Great Track!!!!

  • Lutfi Hasan
    Lutfi Hasan 14 days ago

    honestly i miss kitty

  • Marceli Bossa
    Marceli Bossa 14 days ago


  • Caitlin Hall
    Caitlin Hall 14 days ago

    amazing and very good how you do it so good I have a crush on young x😘

  • Shadow Wolf
    Shadow Wolf 14 days ago

    little asshole

  • e1.qxeen
    e1.qxeen 14 days ago

    A lot like gecko overdrive

  • Prestonian The Gamer

    I don't like ur music

  • Let's have you Roberts and rees

    This is a banger

  • James N
    James N 15 days ago

    Who did you pay to make this?

  • Nelson Lobo
    Nelson Lobo 16 days ago

    Disclosure vibe.

  • Fatal Cavity
    Fatal Cavity 16 days ago

    Dahm joe this shit is lethal 🙌

  • Joe Morgan
    Joe Morgan 16 days ago

    Hello joe

  • Daniel Mooney
    Daniel Mooney 16 days ago

    Did Joe actually make a music video and not put himself in?

  • kam hall
    kam hall 17 days ago

    BANGER OF 2k17 !! Should be number 1

  • P1AY Ejection
    P1AY Ejection 17 days ago

    Hi king Weller i know you probably wont respond but i have been watching your channel for around 1,738 years and you are a beast by the way you are the funniest you tuber 👌😃😁😃

  • Adam Haider
    Adam Haider 17 days ago

    When a vid of him dabbing for 1 hour gets more views than a music video😅

  • Anna Powell
    Anna Powell 17 days ago

    who's singing this? any credit towards the singer?

  • Olivia 2002
    Olivia 2002 17 days ago

    When they were running through the woods I could see joe anywhere 😂

    • Eoin king
      Eoin king 12 days ago

      Olivia Dolan no.1 fan wow just wow

  • Nick Service
    Nick Service 17 days ago

    why the fuck is he carying a saw for the nobe😂😂

  • Also-r-101
    Also-r-101 17 days ago

    U say nothing but ok ?????

  • Levi Rocket league and more

    They've got to be hard using dat uija board

  • Jaime D
    Jaime D 17 days ago

    why aren't you singing any of the song . I only like it when you sing

  • True Mangoz
    True Mangoz 17 days ago

    I'm pretty sure joe didn't sing but he did help make the music

  • Jack Thatcher
    Jack Thatcher 17 days ago

    needs a better music drop but sounding good!

  • Erik Wallin
    Erik Wallin 17 days ago

    Gecko - Overdrive (remix ft. Not joe weller)

  • Tania Jones
    Tania Jones 17 days ago

    who wacthing this in 2018

  • Barrett_Gaming
    Barrett_Gaming 17 days ago

    Sexual music mate

  • Joe Pearson
    Joe Pearson 18 days ago

    Amazing song joe weller do more songs

  • Rach Campbell
    Rach Campbell 18 days ago

    Love it ❤️

  • Elton Playzz
    Elton Playzz 18 days ago

    This song is AMAZING!!!!😀😀😀😀

  • Sam Johnson
    Sam Johnson 18 days ago

    When's the haunted building video for this place out with all of the possessed women randomly dancing together in collaboration?

  • PSJ 13
    PSJ 13 18 days ago

    Anyone else wondering why one of them has a saw???

  • Vihan Aponsu
    Vihan Aponsu 18 days ago

    Joe faking on the buttons lol

  • Ellis vaughan
    Ellis vaughan 19 days ago

    Tune 🔥🔥🔥

  • Behzlnga
    Behzlnga 19 days ago

    Please bring back Malfoy... :'(

  • Adam Hussain
    Adam Hussain 19 days ago


  • It's Bubbles
    It's Bubbles 19 days ago


  • Jack Snuggs
    Jack Snuggs 19 days ago

    Elliot looks like a professional kiddy fiddler

  • Jack Snuggs
    Jack Snuggs 19 days ago


  • Jayden Vlogs
    Jayden Vlogs 20 days ago

    Hi joe nice video can you subscribe to bladez jay gaming and Jayden Vlogs

  • Erik Pődör
    Erik Pődör 20 days ago

    At 2:30 the lady with the white hair is a real beauty!

  • Takumi G
    Takumi G 20 days ago

    This song makes me wanna call 999 and ask whats the emergency

  • RWH Riley woo woo woo

    Banger 🔥

  • mylidlpony69
    mylidlpony69 21 day ago

    2:57 on 0.25 speed the pedophile look from Joe

  • dayyan moh
    dayyan moh 21 day ago

    I love it

  • Nathan Gamer Boi
    Nathan Gamer Boi 21 day ago

    Good vid really hard between far from you and this but 😊

  • Lads FC
    Lads FC 21 day ago

    What about the epileptic warning? But a great banger already got it of iTunes!

  • Ben Haywood
    Ben Haywood 21 day ago

    Isn't this the track from the song gecko overdrive

  • jack moss
    jack moss 22 days ago

    can you do more this was amazing!!!!!!!

  • KBFC
    KBFC 22 days ago

    This songs Lit 🔥 ignore anyone else who says its not

  • Dylan Collins
    Dylan Collins 22 days ago


  • Lilly Jardine
    Lilly Jardine 22 days ago

    I now listen to this in the car on blast when drinking 🤣

  • Rob Pleasants
    Rob Pleasants 22 days ago

    Identical song (SGDN - Deeplowdog)

  • DanielCoulsonVlogs
    DanielCoulsonVlogs 22 days ago

    Just to sum it up
    Get a woman to sing for you and then run through a forest

  • João Monteiro
    João Monteiro 23 days ago

    this is the kind of song they play at primark

  • Frankie Sum
    Frankie Sum 23 days ago

    Keep going and feature ricegum

  • Casey xoxo
    Casey xoxo 23 days ago


  • tonmuscat
    tonmuscat 23 days ago

    i miss the old joe, you know with football and theo and stuff :(

  • Plasma - Agario
    Plasma - Agario 24 days ago

    luv it ;)

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