Joe Weller - Mission (Official Video)

Joe Weller's brand new summer banger: 'Mission'.


Produced by Joe Weller & MB13 Beatz

MB13 Beatz:

Gonna be working on some major things with MB13 over the summer, Mission being the beginning. We met through YouTube and the guy is seriously talented, not to mention only 15 years old! He's based in Newcastle, so we produced this track mostly through Skype calls and sending things back and forward over email. Unreal work ethic and a top geeza.

Music video by Joe Weller, Luke Ripely & Emma-Louise Sampson

Emma-Louise Sampson (Dancer & Creative Director):

Luke Ripley (Director of Photography & Editor):

Unreal team behind this one and in fact the first ever time I've reached out to new people to create a music video. We essentially turned this whole video round in a week - something that realistically shouldn't have been possible but with such a focused and hardworking team, we did it! Emma: Leader of the dance group and a creative director of the video, an absolute boss when it comes to getting shit done right and incredible to work with. Luke: Co-director and editor of the video. The guy is a magician with the camera and put in some serious graft to get this video to the level we wanted.

Huge thank you to The Arch in Brighton! We shot all the club scenes in there, it's one of my favourite venues.

The Arch:

The two other lads in the video:

Elliot Crawford:
Snapchat: elliotcrawford

Harry Lee-Preston:

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Runtime: 4:3
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Author Joe Weller ( ago)
BANG BANGGGGGG 🔥 Boys & girls it's finally out! Honestly it would be absolutely unreal if you could purchase the track and then stream it on repeat to give it the best chance of charting high! Regardless of all that I hope you enjoy what we've made! It's been the best experience working on this project. Produced by myself & MB13 Beatz. Music video by myself, Luke Ripley & Emma Louise-Sampson 👊🏼

Author Kenziewenzie 101 ( ago)
Love this song so much💞Xxx

Author Amy Collins ( ago)

Author Houdini347 ( ago)
Abosolty banging 👌

Author Jay ' ( ago)
He's definitely shagging one of those dancers

Author Dab King ( ago)
This is such an amazing song keep on making music joe ignore the haters

Author X KingsIey ( ago)
It's perfect for Bershka shopping

Author RedemptionDc ( ago)

Author Archie Mckinney ( ago)
This is crap

Author Lemar Frederick - James ( ago)

Author apostolos kou ( ago)

Author The Dancnastics ( ago)
The girls weren't good dancers 😂

Author Xx TJAsh xX ( ago)
so fucking good

Author the real Anderson rai ( ago)
good joe weller

Author Jürgen Klopp ( ago)
ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! 1,647,302 views wheres your summer vibes.

Author EDGY TEENS ( ago)
It would be good in 2012

Author Jack Eady ( ago)

Author Awais Gaming ( ago)
Amazing song joe weller keep up the good work

Author Tristian Mann ( ago)
This is Dope

Author Karen Thompson ( ago)
he doesn't sing

Author Karen Thompson ( ago)

Author Dara Henry ( ago)
This is some tune

Author Michael Cawley ( ago)

Author Georgia Garrod ( ago)

Author Fleur Cashman ( ago)
joe, I honestly have to say you're so talented and you know how to maintain a good style. I love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Author OzTubia HD ( ago)
Reminds me of a Calvin Harris this is banging! Only reason it's not massive is cause it's from a YouTuber other than that it's bang!!

Author The Derp Frog Gamer ( ago)
Did anyone else find the girls dancing a bit cringy

Author Mark Sowell ( ago)
nice song

Author Elisa Vachelli ( ago)

Author grainne _kpop.ireland ( ago)
so good 👌

Author Jerko Tube ( ago)
Best song ever

Author Katie Xx ( ago)
Fave song omg! Good job joe this is so sick!

Author Thomas Morse ( ago)
What even is the music

Author Joy Mendy ( ago)
Great song, but Joe... I don't quite understand what I just watched. 😂

Author Burma 123 ( ago)
Best YouTuber song by far better than ksi

Author E2K HD ( ago)
This actually is so good and is bit like something tom zannetti would do

Author Jack Laz ( ago)
Loving it !!

Author Thomas Spencer ( ago)
████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

Author JJX ( ago)
Imagine just walking your dog in the forest and then you just see some proper ard ladz just sprinting through the forest with deadly weapons 😂😹

Author Harley Holben ( ago)
make a new song you are fantastic

Author Zaariyah Lauren ( ago)
why is a lady singing on mens videos like who singing it lol😂

Author Freya Smiths ( ago)
Omg the dancers are so shitt 😂😂😂 love it thooo 😂😂😂

Author Famouz ( ago)
Good song but what the fuck is this video? Spice boys visit empty house in gay tracksuits

Author My World As Zara ( ago)
The girls dance moves were so good but it was almost draggy. Some of them were off time and some parts it was small dancing not exaggerating what they were doing

Author liamRoss ( ago)
omfg. Just put in on my speakers my room was bouncing joe try it on speakers it's amazing. song is unreal btw

Author The Diamond Purpur ( ago)
I love it

Author joshua comer ( ago)
Very Well Done Bro!!!!

Author Wait What ( ago)
I didn't see Joe at all in this video.

Author Sick Cunt ( ago)
Abit shite

Author Sick Cunt ( ago)
Abit shite

Author Josephine Dunner ( ago)
joe lad whata song love it. 👌👌💪⚽⚽⚽

Author Kate Brookes ( ago)
really? no one's going to talk about the fact that the dude was running... WITH A BLOODY SAW. a saw! running! no one? just me.. okay.

Author Jago ( ago)
Everyone saying Joe didn't have any contribution to this, he did, apart from the music vid I couldn't see him

Author Jimmy tube ( ago)
Good job guys!!Im listening this again and again!!

Author Dariuxee ( ago)
his channel isnt doing as well as before

Author Craig Tansley ( ago)
Belter man

Author Sam Eve ( ago)
What was the point of the tools

Author Hasan Ahmed ( ago)
Sounds like Gekko - Overdrive

Author Daviez ( ago)
Well turns out it wasn't a banger

Author mrtinckle winckleshow ( ago)
surprise surprise a abandoned place hmmmm..... do a video of it. not being a music vid

Author Sir Emileo ( ago)
100% BUYING I FUCKEN LOVE IT BRO good job the time paid off on some good shit I'm so happy 😂 hope to see more in the future

Author Aisling Cox ( ago)
Best song ever:)

Author Kai Denvers ( ago)
What a banger

Author Football Tekkerz ( ago)
"baked baked baked beans!! I'm on a mission!!"

Author FroztDriff ( ago)
This is a GREAT music video, but maybe at the start of it put a: Warning! Bright Flashing Lights May Cause Seizure. But Besides that its really good

Author Josh Felgate ( ago)
This is a banger but joe is taking credit for this girl singing and him in the video anyone agree ?????? 🍠🤣😡😤🤡🤠

Author Calum Elliot ( ago)
R the tools relevent in any way

Author fg freestyles ( ago)
this is a bad boy tune Joe weller

Author Morgan Freewoman ( ago)
Big Up Jack Wilkinson on the Cam

Author Ruben Perez ( ago)
this song is nice

Author Crazyadr ( ago)
Bmw Shit

Author Lil Scotty ( ago)
Your fucking shite mate and whats the hand doing stuck on the filter on your pioneer decks the whole time #ghostproducer

Author hunte lex ( ago)
Sorry, but you are so full of yourself joe, it's really funny

Author Jack bain ( ago)
well done joe

Author GamingIncredibleTech ( ago)
My new jam!

Author Joanna Engel ( ago)
Just realised joe barely sings if anything but I still like it😊

Author William Pass ( ago)
could this song be any better

Author Trap Zone ( ago)
Little T but an adult

Author JeeperCreeperMC ( ago)
Of all the cars he could've chose to be in the music video, he chose a BMW M4. The most popular car for not very rich businessmen

Author Tyler Peachey ( ago)
its lit joe well done 👏🔥💯

Author Sean Devine ( ago)
yo yo I'm back again and I can't wait to snug your bum

Author Faith McKenzie_xx ( ago)
<3 xx

Author Saskia Kyle ( ago)
There should be hardly any dislikes !!

Author adrian castro ( ago)

Author Simon Blanchard ( ago)
amount of sub's I get is my age

Author Simon Blanchard ( ago)
amount of sub's I get is my age

Author ItsJustChloe .x ( ago)
*Girls dancing shaking there arse alot*
*Boys sat there Ignoring them casually Doing the Ouija Board* 😂

Author Ryan Thomas ( ago)
banger mate 👊👊

Author Bluevsblack Gaming ( ago)
This has Buxton written all over it 😂 loving this song tho keep it up joe 👍👌

Author Rowe1986 ( ago)
Silly hipster kids lol

Author Tom Cole ( ago)
Carrying a saw and all in tracksuits, look so hard....

Author Matdog 680 ( ago)
How come you can only see Joe's face?

Author Tom Vipan ( ago)
I think this video should be featured in internet melts part 9

Author Rose Brooks ( ago)
This is well good like if you agree

Author Booney Ann ( ago)
Best song ever x

Author the fenomanal one ( ago)
this song is deadly

Author BongieGER ( ago)
I was gonna skip but then I saw the girls

Author brook spong , the king of gangsters ( ago)
omg lol

Author JaxiAfi73 ( ago)
Yes Ouija No




Author Lily Chester ( ago)
Your amazing I love you 😂😁

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