If Debra Messing & Ali Wentworth Were Real Housewives of NYC | WWHL

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  • Kerei Bohnn
    Kerei Bohnn 1 year ago

    Huhhhh I hate Luannnn

  • Alexandria's Lashes

    DID THEY NOT GET THE GAME?!?! Anyhow, this game should be played with EVERY guest who is not a Housewife! It has the potential to be hilarious!!! ..if the guests get it!!! And so good to see Debra Messing!!! I love her!!!

  • Georgina Young
    Georgina Young 1 year ago


    • Alexandria's Lashes
      Alexandria's Lashes 1 year ago

      +Georgina Young She totally meant (I believe) someone employed at a Philippines call center who answers American/English native speaking calls/callers. I hate how 'White America' just vomits offensive remarks in the media, but I do believe it was a language barrier joke, not a racist-a-whole-group-of-people-are-ignorant joke... BUT you should totally speak up if that's what you believe. Perhaps it will help people be more conscious.

    • PokéFan AJ
      PokéFan AJ 1 year ago

      +Sammi lala Exactly! Girl, you better preach now! *in Phaedra's voice* LOL!

    • PokéFan AJ
      PokéFan AJ 1 year ago

      I'm from the Philippines and I don't find this racist. Please don't be super sensitive and have some sense of humor. Please!

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