What is Tonkotsu Ramen?

We flew out to Fukuoka and drove down to Kurume to eat at one of the founding places of Tonkotsu Ramen. We're trying out Kurume Ramen Seiyoken. It's delicious, and we're going to show you what the kitchen looks like, how the ramen is made, and we'll tell you just how good it tastes :D

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Author Akos Robert Vägvölgyi ( ago)
YOU ARE THE CUTEST COUPLE IN THE WORLD :D I WISH YOU LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE TOGETHER. It is no matter how many videos I see from You, you're always funny, energetic and you express your love to food as I do.... XDDDDD

Author Kevin Wright ( ago)
you got 400+ thumbs down because you are a true disgrace to Japanese culture.......

fuck off!

Author Kevin Wright ( ago)
its disgusting....only a pig would eat that crap.......just because it's Japanese........doesn't mean it's not shit!..........

major disgusting!!!!...... filthy barbarians making fools of themselves........


GO COMMIT are worse than gaijin........

Author Joseph P ( ago)
U guys really know how to torture the viewers. I NEED THIS RAMEN 🍜

Author kristy kun ( ago)
omg we just got back from Japan a few days ago and I am living vicariously through you guys SO HORD. SOOOOOO HORD. 美味しそうすぎてたまらないよぉー

Author Crowley Banana ( ago)
your videos haven't been coming up on my feed :(

Author Emily Pham ( ago)
Did u saturate the video because that egg yolk brighter than my future

Author The Mushroom of Death ( ago)
Katsuki ?


Author Karol Orolin ( ago)
veľmi obľúbené aspoň pre mňa avšak viete viac napríklad..Slovensko je vám trochu známe. !!!

Author Adam Chen ( ago)
U guys r weird but cute lol

Author Pablo Tejano ( ago)
I've been binge watching your videos after 25 of them I subscribed

Author Citta Tresnati ( ago)
"Was it good for you?" hehe

Author Joker ( ago)
lol he hugs her then pours hals a spoon of soup on his shirt

Author Joker ( ago)
You guys think its equivalent to a good southern ham and bean soup the consistency seems to be the same...?

Author Beccy Servin ( ago)
I love simon's t-shirt 💓💓

Author Shelby Carr ( ago)
Let's take a moment to appreciate Simons shirt

Author Cinn Toh ( ago)
Everytime I look at the thumbnail I see a face in it 😂

Author ToShi Star ( ago)
Simon! I want your shirt!

Author Lana Pugh ( ago)
The end. I'm dying. Dying over here and you're to blame. 😂😂😂

Author OneWhoClicks ( ago)
im so happy i found your channel
you guise are my people

Author undergroundalcoholsi ( ago)
omg i love tonkotsu so much it's so delicious

Author Supriya Shahi ( ago)

Author Sasha V ( ago)
Oh no I'm sorry I watched this :(((
Poor piglet eyes ?! Imagine how scared and terrified he was when they killed him for this 😥😥brains? Horrible
Imagine they cooked your pets , and someone would eat their brain and eyes . You know they do. That in china 😢😢😢

Author J Jeung ( ago)
Had it last Monday. So good til the last drop. Unfortunately it was so gave me Salsa!!! :(

Author BumbleBee ( ago)
You guys so sweet :D

Author Yessy Mariana ( ago)
I am so sad, I am gluten intolerance. Can I get just the broth and a bowl of white rice and chasyo and tamago please ?

Author Ashleigh Emana ( ago)
Hahaha that ending was pure gold.

Author sweetiepieHK ( ago)
I haven't watched Simon and Martina's videos in a long time but at @4:19 when they played Junsu's Intoxication it was a throw back for me! Kiss and touch me, rub my bananas as Simon use to sing for us xD

Author dem sum ( ago)
I Understood that look Simon!

Author Kait Calista ( ago)
I love these videos, but I hate how it makes me hungry haha

Author Princess Jacey ( ago)
i literally just ate this from a little place in the mall like yesterday lol!

Author Ellestril ( ago)
That food looks amazing and all, but Martina's hair is so damn cute in that pony tail!

Author wooo weee ( ago)
So that's what it is. I've had Tonkotsu ramen from the packet, or so that's what it claims to taste like. Only remember it because of the strange name.

Author JayFoxFire ( ago)
Martine: Are you talking to me or the Ramen?

XDD That was cute

Author Mai ryuzaki ( ago)
i just want someone to love me as much as simon loves martina.

Author Shattered Shards ( ago)
Chashu is not just any pork, but the belly, cooked in the skin - it's nothing like loins or whatever we'd think of here in the West.

And on that note, I am watching this video, extremely hungry and jealous.

Author Dominique Jordan ( ago)
Simon and Martina aren't the only ones. I too have to drink that delicious ramen noodle bath water, or I just don't feel complete. I feel like I do get weird looks too when I bring the bowl up and just finish that broth, Cause none of my other friends finish theirs.

Author msnitus ( ago)
Lol you guys are my relationship goals! Love your videos!!!

Author pandabearninja ( ago)
people dont eat the broth because its supposed to be the most unhealthy part. haha i never drink the broth. i lived in tokyo but i never tried tonkatsu. i prefer shoyu ramen

Author misscubic ( ago)
omg i thought i was the only one getting food drunk and spreading happiness lmao

Author Sarah Linquen ( ago)
omg i just had this yesterday but I have no idea it was tonkotsu ramen!

Author _ Talent ( ago)
it reminds me naruto

Author Alovia Ika ( ago)
Have you guys ever try the Halal japanese food? Like, there must be a halal japanese restaurant, right?

Author Mami Kawamura ( ago)
Awww the video was so funny as always (I really enjoy watching), but I am worried about your health. Your kidneys might not function well if you take the ramen soup a lot like you did in this video ... Please stay healthy and keep up your good work.

Author Naruto Uzumaki ( ago)
Slurping ramen is respectful and showing that u like it in Japan

Author Juan Lopes ( ago)
So funny...

Author GomChingu ( ago)
o yes put on a hair tie everyone and slurp it all up.......................... MMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Author Matt Chow ( ago)
Asian people have noodle slurp genes. Europeans can't do it. You have to slurp it up in your mouth all at once.

Author Matt Chow ( ago)
You guys are weird but brilliant.

Author BlueJuniper ( ago)
"was it good for you?" lol

Author Cleodel ( ago)
Tonkotsu Ramen is the ultimate ramen.

Author Michii Concepcion ( ago)
good thing I'm wearing earphones XD

Author Adrián González ( ago)
Por favor el que subtitula al Español, que lo haga también en este video, por fa =)

Author Amazed Doughnut ( ago)
what kind of camera do you use Martina?

Author retrobebop61 ( ago)
Omg!! Looks so delicious!!! Food porn at its best!!

Author lyricsbloom ( ago)
food drunk😍😂😍😂😅😅

Author WearySoulsearcher ( ago)
how does it compare to the Toronto ramen scene??? (I'm assuming you've tried kinton/raijin/sansotei/santouka/touhenboku/ramen places over here)

Author irlalien ( ago)
does anyone know the song used in the beginning? thank you!

Author Wendy Woo ( ago)
The sight of the teeth in the skull made me shudder. I'm a wuss, I know

Author sambroskie lou ( ago)
improper way to do the japanese slurp LOL but its okay you guys tried...gotta do it in one big SLURP... noodles looked amazing tho!!!

Author Hannah McElhose ( ago)
Fapfap yay

Author Yoshihiko Nagai ( ago)
Don't miss Ramen Girls Festival in Yokohama, March 16 - 20.

Author righttt ( ago)

Author curtisdrago ( ago)
Simon, you dog you! Flirtin' your ass off hahahaha I loved it all and I'm dyin' here cuz I want some!!!!

Author Bryce Chung ( ago)
What happen to fap fap

Author Luna Sangria ( ago)

Author Morgan Bellavia ( ago)
While you lived in Korea, did you ever find ramen shops that sold yummy Japanese style ramen? Or is it the kind of food that you just have to have in the location it's from, like a Philly Cheese Steak?

Author Youtube Hero ( ago)
I just like to watch these videos while eating, i trick the shit outta my brains.

Author Henry Pham ( ago)
LMFAO simons face at 4:20...all us men are thinking the same thing

Author mina mii19 ( ago)
Martina is a noodle slurping master!

Author Supergameralex Dansou ( ago)
9:13 😳 Food Korn...

Author Xiomara Paz ( ago)
Awesome video! my fiance sometimes gets food drunk too and starts giving his sexy talk after a good meal. lol omg! the ending was great too! love you guys!

Author anapana83 ( ago)
This was ultimate food porn

Author Short Legs ( ago)
Martina's hair looks even more fabulous with her hair tied up.

Author Éva Karajos ( ago)
Hi Simon and Martina! This video just made me think of Tampopo. It is one of the greatest films ever. If you love ramen, you gotta watch Tampopo :-)

Author babiijam ( ago)
I'm dying watching this, like I'm physically dyING.Ramen is my passion and it hurts that I can't find ONE semi-authentic ramen shop in Houston. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places?Come on people, HELP me 😩

Author E AK ( ago)
Ah, thanks for showing that pork skull and making my vegetarian lifestyle choice so much more steadier even when visiting JPN 💚🐷

Author さとちゃん さとちゃん ( ago)

Author Kurt Douglas ( ago)
Simon I never knew you were a potter fan🙉😊😊,you guys inspire me to make videos....keep up the great work

Author redford 이 ( ago)
that looks very greasy!!

Author Yessi Liventia ( ago)
the last part made me so uncomfortable.. makes me feel want to jump on the shower with my clothes on... :'()

Author abeg1571 ( ago)
Did anyone think of Char Siu when they said Chyashu?

Author Thiên Nhất ( ago)
"ok it's safe now. you can take off your headphones, and turn the volume back up"
Just wanto tell you shouldn't do that

Author Nany Zeballos Castillo ( ago)
Oh boy how am I gonna satisfy this need for ramen now at 3 am in the morning? ;n;

Author Lesly Santos ( ago)
GUYS im not complaining but i cant believe its hot as heck here in Cali!!! like damnnnnnn!! its barely spring Dx

Author Sara Main ( ago)
ramen eggs are life!

Author Ane ( ago)
Omg the ending had me in tears😂😂

Author Athena Myzelle ( ago)
I friggin love you guys!

Author IzzyDaFox ( ago)
I love Martina's Hair up like that. It's just so kawaii :-)

Author Cristina Rosa ( ago)
I was literally drooling while watching this video.

Author Zing zat ( ago)
=O that ramen looks yummmaayyyy. Also, Ive been noticing that Simon and Martina both keep getting better looking as time passes! Respect!

Author Mephistin ( ago)
Was this a place near the red light district by chance? Because it looks familiar and I totally ate ramen from such a place however the before ordering they gave me a multiple choice test, front and back on how I wanted my ramen. And yeah, the ramen in Tokyo was greasy as hell man... Fukuoka ramen FTW!

Author Aristotle Blanco ( ago)
omg. the ramen place down the block opens in 2hr. I'm just counting the seconds

Author thefuumanchuu ( ago)
I drink my ramen broth. I'm the only one I know too

Author Sano Ramen ( ago)
Please come to Sano City in Tochigi. It has the best ramen in Japan.

Author Harrison Stoliker ( ago)
AND IT WAS ONLY 560 YEN? / BOWL? I pay $10/bowl for frozen reheated ingredients in toronto. :(

Author Irsa Rezaldy ( ago)
I more like thin noodles

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