This man played Barney the dinosaur for 10 years — here's what it was like

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  • Everyone recognizes the large purple dinosaur, but not many people know the man inside the costume. David Joyner played Barney for 10 years on TV and in live performances, and dancing around in that huge costume was not very easy. We spoke with Joyner about what it was like being one of the most famous children's characters of all time, and what he is up to now.

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  • Lily MSP
    Lily MSP 1 hour ago

    Call Melanie Martinez

  • Mír Alí
    Mír Alí 3 hours ago


  • Buddy
    Buddy 4 hours ago

    hey there was no warning to not watch this at night. I got so scared

  • sweetchocolatesecret

    Awww...he looks like a sweet uncle of mine!

  • Generic YouTube commenter #32

    Giving Barney mouth to mouth recisitation, is my dream.

  • Ziipher
    Ziipher 12 hours ago

    I haven't watched Barney in YEARS, and now I realize that Barney says a lot of stuff like a pedophile would say

  • Rebecca M Lynch
    Rebecca M Lynch 13 hours ago

    aw omg

  • GINGI the gingerbread man

    i hope david joyner is incredibly rich for making my childhood incredible

  • Victoria Girl
    Victoria Girl 17 hours ago


  • Kind Guy
    Kind Guy 20 hours ago

    barneys a nigga! wtf dude!!

  • Air Conditioner
    Air Conditioner 22 hours ago

    Know he's promoting hip hop centeral

  • K-pop's Frog
    K-pop's Frog 1 day ago

    Barney was Black!? i didn't know that....

  • Freedom36662
    Freedom36662 1 day ago


  • xIsabellYayx
    xIsabellYayx 1 day ago


  • Brenda Keith
    Brenda Keith 1 day ago

    Your 53years old? You look fabulous.

  • Cee Bee
    Cee Bee 1 day ago

    This guy has such an amazing energy

  • Artial
    Artial 1 day ago

    I remember in I think it was around 2004 2005 ish I went to see barney in the pantomime I was 2 at the time and my nan says I cried when he left the stage 😂

  • Brendan Jacky
    Brendan Jacky 1 day ago

    He looks good for his age

  • lowkey Antowan
    lowkey Antowan 2 days ago

    I luv u

  • Im Your Cat
    Im Your Cat 2 days ago

    Barney was the best TV show for me when I was a kid :')

  • zara austin
    zara austin 2 days ago

    I had to check what year this had come out

    2017 wtf has this world gotten into

  • FozzieatDetour BillNye

    Nice guy. He was Barney when I was a kid.

  • tbd1284
    tbd1284 2 days ago

    I feel like this is all bull crap

  • Phoenix Girl Mythics

    My friend made this (I don't support it)

    I hate you,
    You hate me,
    Let's team up and kill Barney,
    With a baseball bat.

    That's all i remember XD

  • umar faridy
    umar faridy 2 days ago

    Wow being Barney is like an Olympic sport

  • umar faridy
    umar faridy 2 days ago

    Being Barney was never an accident.
    I was supposed to be this character.
    I have to.

  • Clarkie19 X
    Clarkie19 X 2 days ago

    So I just realised something. For years after I stopped watching Barney and the show finished at the age of 7-8 I got a pet rabbit and he's was the most important, loving furry friend that I ever had and I still love him but he sadly passed away.😢

    Anyways, ☺️, every night I would sit with my rabbit and sing and talk to it and as I got to the ages of 12,13 and 14 I would continue to sing this same song that I just assumed I had made up. *It went like this*: "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family".
    *(I KNOW? Weird right?*
    A few days after my rabbit had passed away I was on YouTube when I randomly found Barney videos in my recommendations and heard him sing the same song I had been singing all those years and it just filled my with joy to know how Barney's spread of positivity and happiness has stayed with me all these years.

    Sorry this was so long 😂

  • Yaphet Gg
    Yaphet Gg 2 days ago

    didnt that show get cancelled

  • Josefin Nord
    Josefin Nord 2 days ago

    Barneys scary

  • Megan Makarowska
    Megan Makarowska 2 days ago


  • AlliconDragon
    AlliconDragon 2 days ago



  • Wumbo the Trumbo
    Wumbo the Trumbo 2 days ago

    When you find out both of your childhood characters were voiced by black guys (Elmo and Barney)

  • ALRB❤
    ALRB❤ 2 days ago

    I grew up watching Barney. Up until now, I still love Barney (I'm already 13). Whenever my classmate would make fun of him, I would stand up and defend. And whenever no one's around, I would secretly watch Barney episodes. XD

  • Vectik Dzn
    Vectik Dzn 3 days ago

    His head is so shiny, you can see the green screen reflection

  • Sans the man gaster

    i watch you when i was small :) thank you

  • Joel Oilar
    Joel Oilar 3 days ago

    Barney is creepy af. All I think of is him in my bedroom late at night and swallowing me whole.

  • smill pupstick
    smill pupstick 3 days ago

    Get hyped for ya boi hip hop harryyyyyyyyy!

  • Nole_
    Nole_ 3 days ago

    Barney was loads of fun when i was a kid. but now honestly, it creeps me out.....

  • Komodo
    Komodo 3 days ago

    This man scared me for many many years

  • Troy
    Troy 3 days ago

    Hey isn't he that church dude from the walking dead?

  • Melanie Andrews
    Melanie Andrews 3 days ago

    So this is the guy who swore in front of kids...

  • Anchor  Doggo
    Anchor Doggo 3 days ago

    That was my childhood till now

  • Cameron Williams
    Cameron Williams 3 days ago

    tbh i didn't know that barney was a black guy!?! my life is a lie, all of it!

  • Martial arts
    Martial arts 3 days ago

    Somewhere theirs a racist white person crying they let their kids watch Barney crying and refusing to believe Barney was black kinda reminds me of Dave chappelles skit about him punching and knocking off Mickey mouses head and ppl disappointed that he was Mexican lol

  • Fredbear The Bear
    Fredbear The Bear 3 days ago

    My childhood is broken,Barney is not a dinosaur

  • Long Tran
    Long Tran 4 days ago

    He does not look 53

  • shaniya barbery
    shaniya barbery 4 days ago

    wow i never knew the person that made my childhood also played hip hop Harry too that was my shit haha

  • IceCubeLinkyz
    IceCubeLinkyz 4 days ago

    bruh i used to hate barney so much i used to stay up all night then when barney comes i turn off my TV bruh even tho i was 4-6 i hated it

  • JRATRainz
    JRATRainz 4 days ago

    Fake. He just got facts from the internet.

  • Xavier Long
    Xavier Long 4 days ago


  • P Manning
    P Manning 4 days ago

    I'm glad they finally lengthened Barney's arms lol. For a while he could only pat the kids on the head lol

  • liv.the.bread 12
    liv.the.bread 12 4 days ago

    how tf is he 53 he looks great for his age

  • Cooling Carpet
    Cooling Carpet 4 days ago

    I hate you,you hate me, lets get together and kill barney with a knife a sword through the head sorry kids but barneys dead

  • Aniaya Reed
    Aniaya Reed 4 days ago

    Legit thought Barney was a white old guy that kidnapped children.

  • OxMxG_its_a_Seagull

    Hip hop harry?! Wtf is this shit

  • AngelLps Tv
    AngelLps Tv 4 days ago

    I hate you
    You hate me
    Let's go out and kill Barney
    With a baseball bat
    And a four by four
    Good bye purple dinosaur 👋

    I hate you
    You hate me
    Let's go out and kill Barney
    With a baseball bat
    We'll hit him in the head
    Sorry kids but barbers dead

  • sophiiiez
    sophiiiez 4 days ago

    Him: "I'm 53 years old."
    Me: "....what."

  • Sponge Bob
    Sponge Bob 4 days ago

    I actually grew up with barney people make fun of barney but barney shows love and kindness , so I say I love barney even if I'm a teen ... and I'm not ashamed to say I still love barney If I watched him when I was like 3 and grew up watching it ... it's a part of my child hood☺☺☺

  • The Wiggles Tunes
    The Wiggles Tunes 4 days ago

    Barney, Bob the Builder, and The Wiggles were life as a kid

  • PangeT kulit
    PangeT kulit 4 days ago

    I have a Barney doll😀

  • Jyler Dunseph Bean
    Jyler Dunseph Bean 4 days ago

    How is he 53 yro?

  • Pikachu Teo
    Pikachu Teo 4 days ago

    I was born in 2006. (U overly annoyed ppl Must be thinking is my acc no is not ok) I had a portable DVD player when I was little I kept replaying Barney over and over again till the player literally spoiled

  • Fluffy Bunny
    Fluffy Bunny 5 days ago

    I love barney before but I show more love to spongebob,but when I saw this i was BACK TO SQUARE ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sophia Mesias is Filipino NOT Mexican

    Omg anyone else randomly remember the Barney "I love you, you love me" song? Man... this tears me up...

  • Ultimate gamer F3C7


  • The Psychedelic Stooges

    Barney was my fucking life

  • teairra reddick
    teairra reddick 5 days ago

    Barney always was my favorite. Now my childhood is complete 😄

  • Aislynn Roldan
    Aislynn Roldan 5 days ago

    thank you for always bringing me barney

  • Mimi Sleepe
    Mimi Sleepe 5 days ago

    Is it just me or did nobody else realize Barney was a man in a suit?(I'm guessing it's just me)

  • Queen'Iceee Xxicypopxx

    I could never watch Barney when I was younger I was scared of him idk why.🤔 oh yeah because he's a grown man in a dinosaur costume with small ass eyes big ass nose and big ass feet.

  • Suga Addicted
    Suga Addicted 5 days ago

    I can die peacefully now

  • lilia :p
    lilia :p 5 days ago

    I love you, you love me
    let's team up and kill Barney
    with a baseball bat and a 2 by 4
    no more purple dinosaur


  • Robin Potts
    Robin Potts 5 days ago

    Oh wow! How interesting. Wow, he sounds totally different. Bet he made good money playing Barney.

  • Marisa Bierman
    Marisa Bierman 5 days ago

    i hate u u hate me lets get together and kill barney with a big fat machete and a littel bit of blood

  • zalkanuva the God of destruction

    I loved barney

  • Justin Gandara
    Justin Gandara 5 days ago


  • WolfLover Animal
    WolfLover Animal 5 days ago

    barney is scary

  • Nebby :3
    Nebby :3 5 days ago


  • SCSP Squad
    SCSP Squad 5 days ago

    I feel so bad for him...

  • Alesya Army
    Alesya Army 5 days ago

    oh my god.. i really really really miss this cartoon! barney is my chlidhood! when i'm growing up i always think 'who inside barney? and where is that cartoon now?' it so hard to find this cartoon inside tv! now my question answerd. now i'm 13 and still singing 'i love you' when i'm bored at SCHOOL yeah pretty crazy..

  • Ahmed Ibrahim
    Ahmed Ibrahim 5 days ago

    my childhood is ruined

    KNIXK 6 days ago

    IT college good job then a cool pass time then a FU*KIN imaginary dinosaur for 10 years. and he dint get suicidal? wow. and that was one racist dinosaur.

  • Martine Gabrielle
    Martine Gabrielle 6 days ago

    Plot twist: Thats actually barney dresses up as him

  • Aina Batrisyia
    Aina Batrisyia 6 days ago

    When I was in kindergarden, every time before we go home we would always sing I love you

  • Ashley gaming Dollistic

    good old days I was so young back then I miss the old movie cartoon that I always watch when I was do young xD

  • Hokage
    Hokage 6 days ago

    No wonder Barney act like a rapist and seem creepy it was because in the inside he was

    A Rapist and a creepy person not because he was black

  • Emmylou Loquias
    Emmylou Loquias 6 days ago

    one da fuck hes black though sorry if i was racist

  • eli halpain
    eli halpain 6 days ago

    wow i love hip hop harry wow never knew

  • TJ Jackson
    TJ Jackson 6 days ago

    Kinda sad to see how an iconic show from my childhood has decayed over time. Everyone back at elementary school thought Barney was stupid but I personally liked the show and thought it spread a positive message. I wish kids grew up watching it today instead of having to worry if they're bisexual, gay, or whatever else you want to throw out there. I miss back when you could just go out in the world and talk to people without feeling so much tension from politics and society. Kind of a somber mood to reminisce on those days now. Hopefully they will return in the years to come.

  • Edward Redux
    Edward Redux 6 days ago


  • Edward Redux
    Edward Redux 6 days ago


  • lemonTea
    lemonTea 6 days ago

    ' I went inside of him '

  • amy
    amy 6 days ago

    i remember in school when ppl made rumours that barney was a rapist & stuff lmao

  • Nae Nae
    Nae Nae 6 days ago

    666 Views ughhh 🙄

  • jahvon dopwell-hall

    Barney will be forever loved

  • Omar Ramirez
    Omar Ramirez 6 days ago

    Damn he looks creepy

  • SenrystalNEKO 24
    SenrystalNEKO 24 6 days ago

    WAT XD

  • isaac Dyer
    isaac Dyer 6 days ago

    ...As a man who nearly sweltered to death inside a foam rubber deathtrap shaped into a Minion-Tm- on the opening day of a dollar store, I respect this guy for putting up with Barney for that length of time.  The fact that he was able to hop around like that is also amazing, considering the weight of the suit.

  • Mr. Fish the frog
    Mr. Fish the frog 6 days ago

    0:50 Wow, that took a turn fast.

  • Ahxello Gt
    Ahxello Gt 6 days ago

    My English got better because Barney :D

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