Elijah Wood - Milo Yiannopoulos, Media Bias, Political Divisiveness - Jim Norton & Sam Roberts

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  • Super luigi Aidan

    would voices Spyro in every Spyro game and he voices 9 in the movie 9

  • MOH-Hansy
    MOH-Hansy 1 day ago

    When the so called liberals constantly denies facts that are thrown at their faces they are not really acting on logic.

  • Caleb PVFC
    Caleb PVFC 4 days ago

    Milo for president, Ben Shapiro as vice

  • Shadbraw
    Shadbraw 9 days ago

    I want Elijah to say "Sam."

  • Eric Anderson
    Eric Anderson 10 days ago

    Thanks for the interview. "I don't feel at home anymore", looks interesting. Im going to give it a look.

    Watching Milo on Bill Mahers show was the first time I actually watched Bill Maher since Religiosity. I enjoyed the interview and said so in the comments. It was also the last time I watched Bill Maher.

    Finding Un-Biased news is a confluence of multiple sites and looking for the shreds of truth that are common among the varying "news". I find many rabbit holes, but is always more interesting to pursue the holes Im interested in rather than having MSM spoon feed me.

    The world we live in today is a terrible reality program and the Sh*t hasn't quite hit the fan yet, but it will.

    Relationships work when you can be okay with letting whomever be themselves. If you can get through several days together learning those things that gross us out and are still besotted, then your relationship will likely last.

  • Imperator Furiosa
    Imperator Furiosa 21 day ago

    Awww sweet little hobbitsy

  • Dingus Flotbottom
    Dingus Flotbottom 22 days ago

    he's wrong about giving platforms to "dissenting" views. alt right (neo-nazis) aren't interested in fair debate, they wanna disrupt and destroy and should be put the fuck down

  • Desert Lily
    Desert Lily 1 month ago

    Liberal have moral high ground? Progressive liberals in california just legalized child prostitution. They are making it illegal for anyone that works for the state to travel to states that dont allow transgender bathrooms. Doesnt matter if they have family in said states. No lie, Google it.
    Liberals are disgusting pedophile fascists. They have no morals.

  • Greg Riba
    Greg Riba 1 month ago

    "I would say that liberals operate from reason and logic..." WHAT!??!?! They operate from fantasy and emotion!!!!! Reason and Logic are 2 words that absolutely DO NOT describe liberals. WHATSOEVER.

    KUATO 1 month ago

    "I think Liberals would say they operate from a stand point of reason and logic" That's fucking precious. My Gaydar is beeping pretty loud with this dude. Is Elijah "out" or not?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 1 month ago

    Not particularly a fan, but Norton sounds liberal when around liberals and conservative around conservatives.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 1 month ago

    "Either side"...at Berkeley, leftists were physically attacking people for simply wanting to hear speech they disagreed with.

  • Danko Grgić
    Danko Grgić 1 month ago

    pleease dont let them use f bomb with the Lord's name

  • Pfsif
    Pfsif 1 month ago

    Liberals are very reasonable but many of today's democrats are communist and they are not.

  • Tor-Andre Kongelf
    Tor-Andre Kongelf 1 month ago

    He looks like that Harry Potter guy...

  • Harold Smith
    Harold Smith 1 month ago

    O yeah, cuz Obama calling people tea baggers was soooooo presidential.

  • The Silent Majority Movement

    Elijah wood is a very intelligent person. i don't patronize people like all you ball fondlers. it is just a fact he is one of the smartest in Hollywood period

  • warnut8
    warnut8 1 month ago

    Bull crap politically correct people.

  • Verda Tal
    Verda Tal 1 month ago

    Although I disagree with some of their viewpoints because I am on the right side of the political spectrum, it seems these are some of the few sane liberals left that you can actually sit down and have a conversation with.

  • soupit32
    soupit32 1 month ago

    Oh Wow Elijah, so a powerful successful woman maybe NEEDS A GOOD SPANKING/FUCKING because you disagree with what she says? Real class act! Jerk.

  • Charlie Peterson
    Charlie Peterson 1 month ago

    elijah wood said Hollywood has a massive problem with pedophilia..#pizzagate #unclepaul

    BaSH PROMPT 1 month ago

    I didn't know Elijah Wood was a fan of Birth of a Nation 1915.

  • Valerie Bledsoe
    Valerie Bledsoe 1 month ago

    OACH! potty mouth taking my Lords name in vein big time. Tuned out!

  • Davito2000
    Davito2000 1 month ago

    I'm a conservative and I can't agree more. People inherently avoid cognitive dissonance, (that discomfort or panic that can occur when your thought process is disrupted), and it's only compounded in an age of constant self-service and decadence. Furthermore, people tend to be defensive and reactionary: I know personally sane civic nationalists who don't give a crap about race, sex, etc. who have openly said they are three steps away from screaming "Sieg Heil!" because they're so sick of being called Nazis and being lectured by the media, that they might as well act the part if they're going to be labeled as such. If this keeps up and people don't stop to talk, relate, and learn to respect each other, a boiling point will come. I don't know what manifestation it will take, but I suspect there will be blood.

    As far as I'm concerned, the Founders had a pretty good plan: let the Fed stand back, and let the states compete. You want a Liberal State? Fine. Have a liberal state. You want a conservative state? Fine, have a conservative state. Let persons A, B, C, & D all have a place to call home and let the Fed make sure they don't screw with each other. Right now, that's now how it's going: everyone is forcing their views on each other and resentment is growing like a hot steam bath ready to scold.

  • Ray Dardis
    Ray Dardis 1 month ago

    Its odd to me that the people rallying against the new conservative agenda are also the ones trying to shut down our freedom of speech. Which is the main ingredient of America. Seems our new liberals are not freedom fighters at all, but fascists or communists in disguise. A reasonable liberal, if such an individual exists anymore, must be a dinosaur in light of the recent events.
    As a young man I believed it was trendy to be liberal in thought and practice, and I was and did. But even then, I would be embarrassed to be associated with the thuggery of today's so called liberals. America is great because we have the freedom of open discourse. If you try to shut that down, some may consider it treason.

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams 1 month ago

    All media is biased... Of course it is, and that's not wrong. The hard thing these days is finding media that's honest.

  • marinejcksn1
    marinejcksn1 1 month ago

    Why must we always give the "both sides do it" argument so much credit? How many conservatives do you see setting fire to shit when liberals give speeches these days?

  • Twilight Mac
    Twilight Mac 1 month ago

    Elijah is so great. I am a big fan of his career and work. Good video. Ty!

  • Nicalapegus
    Nicalapegus 1 month ago

    Came here hoping Elijah would be conservative....sadly disappointed

  • hiram hacklesworth
    hiram hacklesworth 1 month ago

    Rioting against a public speaking engagement because someone has a view in opposition to your own, is a thing that's pretty much exclusive to the left. Contrary to what mr wood is suggesting, i.e. that it isn't so much that the country is divided between political parties, but far more fundamentally on principles of free speech, brainwashed bullying, denying the individual rights of those who disagree with you, acting with simple civility and within the rule of law.

  • caveman Versace
    caveman Versace 1 month ago

    Why the fuck doesn't he age?!

  • Casey Edwards
    Casey Edwards 1 month ago

    I'd really love to meet him. Nice to see a humble celebrity.

  • MustBeKismet
    MustBeKismet 1 month ago

    Real classy, Elijah. Using God's name in vain while dropping the f-bomb. What a sad little dude you have become.

  • Vote 4Freedom
    Vote 4Freedom 1 month ago

    10:1 in favour of free speech. Better of it were 100:1

  • Gary Sanders
    Gary Sanders 1 month ago

    I have a feeling that I wouldn't agree with Elijah on his politics, but I can see that he is a very intelligent reasonable person - & that seems rare as fuck in the entertainment world. I hope he doesn't get corrupted, but I'm sure if he could be, he would have been by now.

  • Gary Sanders
    Gary Sanders 1 month ago

    Liberals feel that they're the reasonable ones?

    That's interesting - I don't disagree that there are reasonable people on the left.. But I sure as hell wouldn't peg 'liberal' as the reasonable political ideology...

  • MarquisDeSang
    MarquisDeSang 1 month ago

    I love the kind of movies he makes. Now I respect him more. Does being raped by pedophiles turn innocents kids into violent communislamist adults?

  • Em Spearing
    Em Spearing 1 month ago

    Did I just hear Frodo say, "JFC?" JFC!

  • Alan Partridge, I'm not driving a mini metro

    I thought Lord of the Rings was going to be a hit but it was a big wash out

  • Jerry Brown
    Jerry Brown 1 month ago

    "misconstrued" "Jesus F'ing Christ"...The only thing that is misconstrued is people thinking that this coward had the courage to save other child actors from the pedo's in Hollywood.Maybe nowadays this class-act is looking for his own pleasure babies.

  • mike duncan
    mike duncan 1 month ago

    idiots. californicated morons

  • GammalEirik
    GammalEirik 1 month ago

    I don't know why, but hearing Elijah say "Jesus fucking Christ" made an impact on my life

  • Videogamewalkthrough

    Elijah Wood is cool

  • vl8962
    vl8962 1 month ago

    Haven't followed Jimmy in awhile... he's interviewing Celebs now??? F'n Gross

  • mrkrabappleson
    mrkrabappleson 1 month ago

    Democrats have been attacking Republicans for DECADES! Now Republicans (and conservatives) are finally starting to stand up for themselves and we have cowardly leftwing celebrities like this guy claim that it's exactly equal on "both sides".

    Leftwingers are cry-bullies. They will attack ruthlessly, anyone who disagrees with them, and when they can't defend their views, they play that victim card.

  • vidfreak56
    vidfreak56 1 month ago

    Its not crazy to attack people based on politics. What the fuck are you talking about. This is what America has been and will always be in some form or another. This is part of the political process. One side wins over the other side. Welcome to politics.

    But even if you "hear the other persons side", at the end of the day its still about political rivalry. I mean all is fair in love and war right? So its not just about free speech to everyone. Remember Elijah Wood isn't gonna lose his health care at the end of the day. These are just celebrities, so the issues get very much muddied by the person doing the talking. Elijah Wood doesn't represent all of America. He can only give you a perspective from his vantage point.

  • ray b
    ray b 1 month ago

    NO!! you do not get it because you were not there in the 60s you never met the bedrock founders, the fundamentalist Marxists who created the riots, bombed, murdered, robbed then became "respectable" via installation of sympathisers within the system. Weather underground, SDS, Black Panthers, White Panthers, Black liberation theology.....etc. There is no Democrat party, no Republican party. there are those who stand where the creators of the United states stood, those who uphold the Constitution and those who find fault and hate everything about the United states. If you wee not there you would not know, if you were not one of us who fell for the lies, we were the "heads" the dopers the distracted buying into every anti American mantra while wasting our time with music, clubs, and the emptiness of purpose. It became the cult of cool, You had to follow all the rules, you had to hate the "system" by supporting the delusion the power rabid progressives who relied on our laziness, naivety and stupidity. Chant the slogans, march the marches all for the idoicracy of pretending enlightenment.

  • Marina Joyce
    Marina Joyce 2 months ago

    "It got misconstrued by the media" ... I am so not surprised...

  • ToxicTater
    ToxicTater 2 months ago

    That YOU don't agree with. Don't speak for me Frodo

  • Jordin Pagel
    Jordin Pagel 2 months ago

    Jim's not a conservative? or is he?

  • Stay Hungry
    Stay Hungry 2 months ago

    that ugly bald cunt keeps going on about fucking everyone as if hes a hot stud lol

  • BCB
    BCB 2 months ago

    This is the first time I have ever heard him interviewed and he seems very sensible!

  • Lazy Spark
    Lazy Spark 2 months ago

    Elijah seems like the kind of guy that would admit when he doesn't know enough about something to have an informed opinion and would ask questions to better understand, even if he didn't agree. I like that rather than other celebrities that think too much about what the public thinks and tries to pander to them.

  • Alice Sercy
    Alice Sercy 2 months ago

    Kelly Ann, dominatrix, alll the way guys. #Just guessing

  • holytiamat
    holytiamat 2 months ago


  • Sara SunshineMT
    Sara SunshineMT 2 months ago

    Twitter: removing the filter between what you think & what you say.

  • Neål Alan
    Neål Alan 2 months ago

    Wow.... talk about objectification of women! And then Wood responds, "yea maybe so" to Norton saying he could straighten out Conway by fuxking and spanking her and such.

  • Euph
    Euph 2 months ago

    I think Elijah is more conservative than he leads on, and I don't blame him for hiding it. Conservative views are a death wish for your career in hollywood.

  • Jaygodd666
    Jaygodd666 2 months ago

    if he is on the left you cant tell hes reasonable and using common sense unlike trannys and most leftist

  • Logan Waltz
    Logan Waltz 2 months ago

    I read Breitbart and Huffpo among other common heavily biased sources of news. more people should. News isn't really news. It's just a person's opinion on the news. Get two opposing opinions, get the news, and you can figure out for yourself what really happened.

  • DK viking KD
    DK viking KD 2 months ago

    finally an actor who seemingly understand freedom of speech - step one, check! We'll work on the logic and reason stuff later, it takes time for the red pill to work when you have been indoctrinated by neo-Marxism your whole life;-)

    ARCHANGEL 2 months ago

    Elijah Wood does not age

    PK SILVER 2 months ago

    i was molested as a boy and enjoyed it............

  • Joshua Kaminski
    Joshua Kaminski 2 months ago

    Reuters. that's what I use :)

  • RunDCM
    RunDCM 2 months ago

    Kellyanne Conway is angry? Another liberal from Hollywood Elijah is.

  • creativefeather
    creativefeather 2 months ago

    Weird. He admitted to craziness being on both sides but only hinted at examples of craziness on the right, lol. I guess he doesn't want to be blacklisted by Hollywood.

  • yamaaaaar
    yamaaaaar 2 months ago

    disappointed at the base level tone of this but that is celeb world I guess.

  • Wayne McLaughlin
    Wayne McLaughlin 2 months ago

    Elijah Wood makes a good point about Milo you may not agree with everything about what Milo says but he does have the right to speak like anyone else in America. The people who go to listen to what he has to say has every right to do so with out any interference. It's their choice, it is not up to those Anti- Milo protesters who disagrees with Milo to stop these people from listening to him. The ears on their head belongs to them and not the Anti-Milo protesters. So if you don't want to listen to what Milo has to say then don't go simple as that.

  • Miki Seius
    Miki Seius 2 months ago

    I don't give a flying fuck about republicans or democrats. But Milo is still a pedo scum piece of garbage. He is arguing FOR childfucking! If you defend him you are most likely a pedo your self!

  • TJ Cooper
    TJ Cooper 2 months ago

    liberals are coming from a position of reason? LOL

  • Alicia Batista Lopes
    Alicia Batista Lopes 3 months ago

    Love Milo

  • drackxman
    drackxman 3 months ago

    To me Wood talked out of both sides of his mouth. And a crazy time was the Civil War time. Americans were actually killing each other. It is very interesting hearing from all these different celebrities.

  • Philly Steez
    Philly Steez 3 months ago

    He seems pretty based for a Hollywood type.

  • Xombie
    Xombie 3 months ago

    Fence sitter. "Almost riots" fuck off.

  • Friedrich Schopenhauer

    He was great in Maniac and The Good Son.

  • 994464
    994464 3 months ago

    These hosts are highly manipulative. Douches.

  • Tick Mcdiarmid
    Tick Mcdiarmid 3 months ago

    Almost a riot at Berkeley?

  • Sebastian Espinosa
    Sebastian Espinosa 3 months ago

    Dude, jeff bezos its a really good radio host

  • Error01
    Error01 3 months ago

    Would love to see Wood on the JRE

  • AR Simon
    AR Simon 3 months ago

    Too short, great show! Need to bring Elijah back. @RealARSimon

  • xmikex902x
    xmikex902x 3 months ago

    This shows just how divisive the media is with their influence. Most ppl don't read both sides of a story. So it should be on the media to be unbiased and present a story down the center. But it just doesn't happen. And this is on both sides, although I think the liberal media is much more active in being biased simply bc of the fact they control such a large portion of the media. Fox is literally the only channel on tv that goes against their agenda.

  • [darzyx]
    [darzyx] 3 months ago

    A lot of people in the comments need to admit that Elijah would probably concede that what happened at Berkeley were in fact full on riots. He said something without thinking much, he's **obviously** not interested in defending what happened. Jesus Christ people, quit your bitching and learn not to nitpick every little word that comes out of a person's mouth. Reminds me of the same people running wild with Milo's comments when we all know he does **not** support pedophilia in any form whatsoever.

  • B Christelle
    B Christelle 3 months ago

    Elijah is actually a leftist pro Hillary supporter pretending to be center right.

  • TheUnP0ssible
    TheUnP0ssible 3 months ago

    make elijah 3rd mic XD

  • Michael Morrell
    Michael Morrell 3 months ago

    Why is he doing an American accent the entire interview?

  • Fedaykin24
    Fedaykin24 3 months ago

    I agree Mr Frodo

  • aila wood
    aila wood 3 months ago

    sorry guys I does not hear a any single word of this interview, expect this " ""YES I AM IN A REALATION SHIP ' YES I AM IN LOVED SCINCE FROM 8 MONTHS "" 💔😢💔

  • E101ification
    E101ification 3 months ago

    Listening to Elijah Wood, a self-proclaimed 'liberal' criticizing bias and intolerance among liberals and stressing the importance of diverse views and opinions, was like entering The Twilight Zone...

    I don't agree with his take that 'liberals' are 'more often than not' reasonable, but then I guess that's his bias that he freely and maturely admits to having.

  • Realraven2000
    Realraven2000 3 months ago

    *_almost_** riots*. :D how many windows need to be smashed and people pepper sprayed and beaten until it's not almost?

  • Burni O
    Burni O 3 months ago

    I never knew Elijah Wood was such a reasonable guy.
    Not that I thought he was unreasonable, but these days it's hard to give people the benefit of the doubt.

  • Grizz Frank
    Grizz Frank 3 months ago

    (((Elijah Wood)))

  • TheColonelKlink
    TheColonelKlink 3 months ago

    Listening to younglings talk about "long term relationships" is adorable.

  • Thorny Dig8
    Thorny Dig8 3 months ago

    Good movie 👍

  • sallyjo13
    sallyjo13 3 months ago

    Such an important debate!

  • Brian Bagnall
    Brian Bagnall 3 months ago

    Anyone think Elijah is libertarian?

  • Goodspittin
    Goodspittin 3 months ago

    Does this guy age? Holy cow!

  • Hartia
    Hartia 3 months ago

    So many nighties bitching about the word "almost"...
    People who take the time to think before speaking can realize that was a grammatical crutch.

  • Philip Larkin
    Philip Larkin 3 months ago

    Elijah seems like such a genuinely nice guy.

  • akitanochero
    akitanochero 3 months ago

    the middle of the road is for people who can't make up their minds. people are tired of the grey area and taking a stand

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