Usher - Crash

New album 'Hard II Love' out now!
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Author kev glander ( ago)
This is chimps jam

Author Rehan Kamal ( ago)
I think this is the best thing he's ever done...

Author Brieann Downs ( ago)
fucking adds!!!!!

Author Cellina Rother ( ago)
ich liebe dieses lied-:)

Author Rajeev Wayfarers Lyric ( ago)
Easily one of the best songs of 2016.

Author Claire Ajibola ( ago)
underrated song...

Author Susana Tavares ( ago)
love this song so much

Author Jessica Azir ( ago)
kinda sad that justin bieber turned out more famous even tho i like both

Author Laura Perry ( ago)
why are we only just hearing this now on the big stations in UK!?! tune!

Author Bich bich ( ago)
why video with booties, whores and bitches are overated than this video full of sense? usherbis by far a complete artist (i guess thats why i loves him. i smile like an idiot at his sight. the effect he has on me is powerful) he got the talent, the flow, the vision, the voice, he kills the moves and the best of the best he handsome as hell (paradise should i say)

Author Leon ( ago)
How come this song flopped?

Author teamrazer ( ago)
dear ex gf..would u mind if i wanna still fuck you? answer me pls

Author ThePokerbrat626 ( ago)
this deserves 500million views

Author Luna Official ( ago)
He's the King... I can't stop listening to this 😍😍❤❤🔥🔥

Author Gabrielle Antunes ( ago)

Author Carlos Garcia ( ago)
Love this song

Author Cynthia Lebrun ( ago)
Addicted to this tune. Should be on the chart. This song can seriously carry you away.

Author Bev McDonald ( ago)
One of the best Usher songs you will ever hear, this should have smashed the charts it is a right tune!

Author felister mariwa ( ago)
am not thinking bout no body else but U🎶🎶🎶🎶🎤

Author felister mariwa ( ago)
crazy bout the song!

Author Afina Flor ( ago)

Author Bobzy7 PranksterGangster ( ago)
Great song

Author Benjamin Carmine ( ago)
Them sentiment usher songs got me catching feelings

Author Janea Sanders ( ago)
I haven't heard an usher song since I was like 16-17, and I'm 20 now .... I came upon this song by chance. I was searching for Somo- Crash and this song popped up so I watched the video. He needs to promote his music more because he would definitely be Beyoncé status if his music was promoted more. 💯💯💯

Author Katherine Fortier ( ago)
this song <3

Author Daniel Mahwai ( ago)
great song- strange it doesn't get much airplay

Author Peter S ( ago)
Usher X Gallant would be amazing

Author Helda El Mughrabi Milla ( ago)
I love this song!. I love Usher! Thanks Usher!

Author Rinnah william ( ago)
I love those moves...a good dancer

Author Tαeιleɴтed Tαeιl ( ago)
Who came here because Rocky danced to this song on his vlive video today? Man I really like this song!

Author BonBon The Grey Wolf ( ago)

Author Matar Jones ( ago)
I like American hip hop music and R&B videos

Author 奥村セルジュ ( ago)
Fuckin' awesome...

Author Poonam S ( ago)
His voice and this song gives me chills

Author amit kumar ( ago)
this is a fucking awesome song

Author saskia daelmans ( ago)
Dank je

Author 3sides2everystory ( ago)
Goose bumps

Author Conejito Torres ( ago)
Wow 😭😭

Author Bi Bi ( ago)
love it :)

Author Gladys Carpio ( ago)
I love this song.

Author GODZOMBIE ( ago)
Totally honest when I first heard this thought it was the weekend ( the chorus )

Author nikos leontaronikos ( ago)
it has nerve this song and i like it... SUPERB !!!

Author Oggisso Oggisso ( ago)
Is either someone/some group of people are putting in really good effort to sabotage Black Music, or we ourselves don't appreciate good tune anymore whenever we hear one.

Author Yaseen Menda ( ago)
love this song.

Author jamie james ( ago)
i love the chocolate beauty in the video. love usher. those tears seems so real. .

Author Joanna Hibbeln ( ago)
Great song I love it

Author Trap Brother ( ago)
Incredible dance and music

Author Nthabiseng Portia ( ago)
I love usher guyz

Author maneeb anwer ( ago)
How the hell has this been out for 9 months and I just heard it today on the radio for the first time...Amazing tune! Props to Usher for being like a fine wine...

Author Leah Kate ( ago)
this video has some real aesthetic and the song itself is it's own aesthetic 😂😂😻

Author Mimi Mery ( ago)
In love with this song , what a wonderful man :)

Author Darcy Thomas ( ago)

Author Olaug Smedsvik ( ago)
Wow, Usher you did it again !!!😉 Awesome song !! It's finally being played more...this should be on the top charts!! You Go Usher!!😎❤👍

Author kainoam031 ( ago)
I seriously thought this song just came out. So sickening!

Author Jayden Lawson ( ago)
One of the best songs + music videos ever. The more you listen + watch - the more you appreciate, and that's what makes it so good.

Author Jayden Lawson ( ago)
3:15 holy crap - replayed that backwards ankle moving thing like a hundred times. First I was certain it was some visual trickery, but now I think it may be just that Usher is a damn good dancer... and maybe double-jointed haha

Author Katerina Belfield ( ago)
OMG! Amazing song!

grande cassete

Author Jameel Combrinck ( ago)
Usher is such a beautiful specimen ..... mmmmm

Author saàd swagger ( ago)
Put hands up for thé King of dance

Author Sahar Ali ( ago)
black women are so beautiful

Author Ayan Mohamed ( ago)
Good video

Author Rudi Willemse ( ago)
Hey guys. Rudi here. just want to say this song of USHER really rocks and has inspired me alot

Author Kristin Lynne BT ( ago)
His moves are flawless, Like ballet and hip hop. GENIUS USHER AND SO SOO HOT !

Author Babyx 32 ( ago)
tony x

Author Carole Bodart ( ago)
cet homme est vraiment magnifique 😍

Author Ana Carolina Cordeiro ( ago)
sou apaixonada nessa música 😙

Author BBW Laura ( ago)
Love me some Usher!!!!!❤❤

Author Miracle ( ago)
He's so talented

Author Tatyana Mun ( ago)
keep listening this song every day..
very inspiring. salute usher!

Author B Norris ( ago)
USHhh! it's B! I am so glad you can in my salon in Phipps that day...
You one of the most down to earth ppl ive ever met. Matt Ryan and I crack.up.every single week about it. they do.him the same way they do you with their phones all up in ur face . I am opening that salon again in Phipps in a couple months. call me when you get a min!! 678_826_6840 -Bryan Ray

Author Lesley Moletsane ( ago)
I'm emotional

Author Juan Brites ( ago)
Que musica!!!

Author Sam Sok ( ago)
I like that this isn't too mainstream. Keeps the song more personal.

Author Dj dawn ( ago)

Author Miss Whiteley ( ago)
catchy <3

Author Miss Whiteley ( ago)
fave usher song, great singer and dancer

Author Diana H ( ago)
this is soo good

Author Angel Cahee ( ago)
love it my fav singer usher keep up the good work your doing good you always have been doing good!!!!!

Author Mary Simmons ( ago)
usher run to god. take your wife and kids.

Author juleshills ( ago)
This song was one of the best things about 2016. I thought this song should have been a huge hit, but I still love it nonetheless. The video matches the mood perfectly.

Author Keshia Bishop ( ago)
good song🔥🔥🔥🔥💔💕💕💕😛😛😘😘😻😻😻😹😹😹

Author Chella kevin ( ago)
love this song 🙃♡

Author stay humble ( ago)
i love usher

Author Ali Zayn ( ago)
it's time to leave this planet when shit like Pen Pineapple becomes a hit and songs like this remains underrated.

Author Caleb Greene ( ago)
I'm pooping on your bed

Author James Melhuish ( ago)
amazing tune! I'm going to drop this new year remix!

Author Melinda Mcduffie ( ago)
my mom has a crush of you usher since 1995 she had like you and my mom loved this song

Author Queen Shawty89 ( ago)
He looks really devoted in the video as if he's actually talking about that beautiful lady and that's what really makes me love this video 😻😻❤

Author Seyni Romero ( ago)
me encanta esta cancion es super balla la letra y todo

Author secret agent34290 ( ago)
love this song

Author Lisa Vs Lisa ( ago)
wanna commend usher for broadcasting an authentic sista in this vid😊💋💓...and shes not only urban but shes darkskin✔✔💯..need more of our brothers to represent our culture in that light.

Author Ricardo Wagner santos C.B ( ago)
fodastica essa música na minha há opinião,Usher sempre com ótimas músicas.

Author Gwendolyn Collins ( ago)
I just love me some Usher😘🌷😍

Author Miczura Ibolya ( ago)
Egyszerűen imádom ezt a srácot a hangja a tánc, na és az érzelmek :) jó zene!!

Author Andrew Hoye ( ago)
That is one hypnotizing song.

Author rashona wright ( ago)
Omg I love this song so much surprise its not playin on the radio or anything

Author davinson meneses noguera ( ago)
Una belleza de canción, un poco triste pero muy hermosa...

Author Fatima Cristina Da Silva Menezes ( ago)
Amo essa musica

Author Lotus UniversaLMusic ( ago)
Gorgeous song and video. I missed Usher, glad he is back!

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