Usher - Crash

New album 'Hard II Love' out now!
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Author Ana Carolina Cordeiro ( ago)
sou apaixonada nessa música 😙

Author BBW Laura ( ago)
Love me some Usher!!!!!❤❤

Author Red ( ago)
He's so talented

Author Tatyana Mun ( ago)
keep listening this song every day..
very inspiring. salute usher!

Author B Norris ( ago)
USHhh! it's B! I am so glad you can in my salon in Phipps that day...
You one of the most down to earth ppl ive ever met. Matt Ryan and I crack.up.every single week about it. they do.him the same way they do you with their phones all up in ur face . I am opening that salon again in Phipps in a couple months. call me when you get a min!! 678_826_6840 -Bryan Ray

Author Lesley Moletsane ( ago)
I'm emotional

Author Juan Brites ( ago)
Que musica!!!

Author Sam Sok ( ago)
I like that this isn't too mainstream. Keeps the song more personal.

Author dj dawn ( ago)

Author Miss Whiteley ( ago)
catchy <3

Author Miss Whiteley ( ago)
fave usher song, great singer and dancer

Author Diana H ( ago)
this is soo good

Author Angel Cahee ( ago)
love it my fav singer usher keep up the good work your doing good you always have been doing good!!!!!

Author Mary Simmons ( ago)
usher run to god. take your wife and kids.

Author juleshills ( ago)
This song was one of the best things about 2016. I thought this song should have been a huge hit, but I still love it nonetheless. The video matches the mood perfectly.

Author Keshia Bishop ( ago)
good song🔥🔥🔥🔥💔💕💕💕😛😛😘😘😻😻😻😹😹😹

Author Chella kevin ( ago)
love this song 🙃♡

Author Harraz Official ( ago)
After Crush ft yuna . Now Crash

Author stay humble ( ago)
i love usher

Author Abul Hasnath ( ago)
why no 100 Mil views? that's f#*d up world
just need scanty clad women in stupid music video and it's hit

Author Ali Zayn ( ago)
it's time to leave this planet when shit like Pen Pineapple becomes a hit and songs like this remains underrated.

Author Caleb Greene ( ago)
I'm pooping on your bed

Author James Melhuish ( ago)
amazing tune! I'm going to drop this new year remix!

Author Melinda Mcduffie ( ago)
my mom has a crush of you usher since 1995 she had like you and my mom loved this song

Author Queen Shawty89 ( ago)
He looks really devoted in the video as if he's actually talking about that beautiful lady and that's what really makes me love this video 😻😻❤

Author Seyni Romero ( ago)
me encanta esta cancion es super balla la letra y todo

Author secret agent34290 ( ago)
love this song

Author Lisa Vs Lisa ( ago)
wanna commend usher for broadcasting an authentic sista in this vid😊💋💓...and shes not only urban but shes darkskin✔✔💯..need more of our brothers to represent our culture in that light.

Author Ricardo Wagner santos C.B ( ago)
fodastica essa música na minha há opinião,Usher sempre com ótimas músicas.

Author Gwendolyn Collins ( ago)
I just love me some Usher😘🌷😍

Author Miczura Ibolya ( ago)
Egyszerűen imádom ezt a srácot a hangja a tánc, na és az érzelmek :) jó zene!!

Author Andrew Hoye ( ago)
That is one hypnotizing song.

Author rashona wright ( ago)
Omg I love this song so much surprise its not playin on the radio or anything

Author davinson meneses noguera ( ago)
Una belleza de canción, un poco triste pero muy hermosa...

Author Fatima Cristina Da Silva Menezes ( ago)
Amo essa musica

Author Lotus UniversaLMusic ( ago)
Gorgeous song and video. I missed Usher, glad he is back!

Author Mark Wilson ( ago)
6k unlikes? straight hate!

Author Aashad Bareja ( ago)
See my YouTube cover on my channel

Author Ummm Soogood ( ago)
he didnt give this one to J.B

Author Farrah Smith ( ago)
luv usher

Author Robert Mitchell ( ago)
144 (the 144'000) currently sealed by god - listen 1:44 (worth the fight if I GET BACK HOME) read your bible and believe in Jesus Christ ... (Jesus Christ *would you mind if I still love you - hold onto you so I don't crash* praise Jesus

Author Jennifer Ervin ( ago)

Author stay humble ( ago)
i love Usher.

Author michaela Anyalaiová ( ago)
Love this song :-*

Author KettiexD ( ago)
She's DARK, and NATURAL and I am shocked that I'm seeing her in Usher's video as the love interest. This is phenomenal and I love him even more for it

Author KettiexD ( ago)
Still got it <3

Author Leuteris Gorovecis ( ago)
He deserves one billion views !! Really nice and powerful song, so much emotion going on!!! Amazing dancer and singer best of his generation!!! I listen this song every day ,

Author Ashley Morris ( ago)

Author Dominique Grant ( ago)
Love this song.. repeat x10000

Author The Challengers ( ago)
And subscribe like I did

Author Katelynn Welch ( ago)
love it 😍😍😘😍😘😍😘😍

Author Mar'kalen Kimble ( ago)
he criyed

Author Cesar Pratt ( ago)
Classic!!! Usher on fire!!!

Author UnityMackey ( ago)
Was is not a lot of dark skinned women in music videos anymore.

Author Disgusting videos ( ago)
we have more of those videos on our channel subscribe and welcome to disgusting videos

Author Eric M ( ago)
Me rappel une frenchy ....

Author Donnie Adams ( ago)
I can watch Usher dance all day!!

Author sol celeste santillan ( ago)
My favorite , sun...

Author Raphael Araujo ( ago)
This song is beautiful!
Usher deserves the vanguard award Michael Jackson.
He is the only one who sings well live, has several quality songs, complex dance choreography and freestyle.

Author R0gue0ne ( ago)

Author Diamond Carter ( ago)
why can't you just keep raise out of it And just pay attention to the meaning of the song he isn't pointing out he one raise thank you if you think raise its apart of this song is not

Author angie n ( ago)
So indicative of my current season... year has been shit so far but hey!

Author Amanda Vasquez ( ago)
Usher Crash song is my jam and i really love this song a lot.. lol :)) 💜 💚 :) 😆 💞 💟 💖

Author Ronnie Jones ( ago)
I think...the Most

Author Selma Yılmaz ( ago)
Thank you Usher for capturing a period of time in my life and helping me to connect the dots.... <3333 "i'm not thinking about nobody else but you .... you're the only one who takes me there...."

Author Frankie R ( ago)
ive been looking for this song for months

Author 3sides2everystory ( ago)
Favourite usher song by far 👌better than no limit and that new party song with cris brown

Author Kim Mosley ( ago)
Simply magnificent😭I feel every inch of this song and video. The lyrics are compelling. Ushers dancing in this video is so graceful. His vocals are flawless and untouched ❤😍😍😍🤴🏾

Author Abbe Vlogs ( ago)
Goodnight ya'll 😻 plus this song is so good!

Author Ayaz Sheikh ( ago)
The Voice UK.....!!!

Author G&C Find The Balance ( ago)
Addicted to this song, repeating it like 10 times lmao and loving it in 2017 :)

Author Agness Mboroma ( ago)
i just love this song

Author Paul Zegarra ( ago)
complete artistic talent of his best one of the best...listened about 20 times straight to finally , trully appreciate the sick a$$ jam..solid gold ..destroys his early shit, my way?? cmon this jam is culmination of talent aging like fine ass wine...#ifUneedAutotoneGetThaFkOut! true talent

Author j'ai pas de nom non ( ago)
the girl is good 👌👍

Author Taurus27 Wiggins ( ago)
a time when heroes become legends.

Author Chris Pereira ( ago)
love usher, yr voice so .....

Author moya ya ( ago)
Oh my god.... <3

Author Katie Rose ( ago)
damn baby!!<333 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😏😏😏😏💏💏💏💏💏💏💋💘💗💖💕💟💞💝💓❤

Author Abbe Vlogs ( ago)
This is the best song I've ever heard and this would of taken a lot of work and time to make so please don't hate. this is a very good song and I fell asleep just listening to this. like this video. this video has 6M dislikes and 118M likes and I'm very impressed by all of you who liked this video and I'm also very proud. I am a huge fan of Usher. he his my favourite singer. please be thankful for your intertainment.Thank you!

Plus who is watching this in 2017?

Author Maya Khan ( ago)
Heard this today on radio 1... Love it!

Author Isaac Kho ( ago)
fk mint as song!!!

Author Paddy GAMING ( ago)
this song is sooo good

Author Ashley Patterson ( ago)
this song and video is so vulnerable I love it

Author Lucian Balog ( ago)
I am really upset this doesn't get played more often on TV and Radio! I mean this is art...talent, not mediocrity!

Author Cody Wishart ( ago)
this needs a lot  more views for a great song like this

Author Leanne Hinks ( ago)
L.O.V.E this song. #2K17

Author Stefano Castañeda ( ago)
Good Rhythm

Author Chez Yates ( ago)
I'm just being honest I'm still in the moment..

Author Jacob Allen ( ago)
love it

Author Regina Ramirez ( ago)
Omg so beautiful

Author Clinton Barupile ( ago)
Instead of focusing on music like this nowadays, people tend to focus on some dumb shit like juju on that beat, whip nae nae etc...btw this video deserves more views than this coz Usher is a LEGEND

Author Monica Akech ( ago)

Author koko Hawkins ( ago)
I can't count how many times Ive listen to this song... 😄😄😄

Author Kelle Nicole Smith ( ago)
met him last year he was super sweet

Author Felipe Pedro ( ago)

Author Farah Rahman ( ago)
Omg I'm in love

Author Ratana ( ago)
You dance excellent

Author Jarrell Wilson ( ago)
Thought it was Jamal from empire 😂

Author Osman Hossain ( ago)
Usher will Survive.

Author Adi Pingale ( ago)
All Time Favorite
Thank You Usher

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