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Author TheCluelessYoutuber ~ (1 year)
What kinda PC do you have? A fucking PowerPC?

Author 249filip (1 year)

Author Necklas Pape (2 years)
man your computer SUCKS

Author Jeffreyl777 (2 years)
What glitchy spy reskins!

Author Bud (1 year)
ur computer suck

Author WlatDsieny (3 years)
what are the pyro skins you have

Author Dashpots (2 years)
I love the FrankenHUD. :)

Author GrounderTheRobot (Nonhuman) (3 years)
@soniclover3 maybe you joined sv_pure server...

Author dragoons9009 (3 years)
Thanks for DL link

Author JigglyJetski (4 years)
@soniclover3 The comment is old so I dont know if u ever got it to work but
you need to open file that sez HUD and there will be 2 files, take those 2
files and open my computer, go to promgram files find steam, steam apps,
your name, teamfortress 2, tf and copy and past those files somewhere in
that area, but NOT in one of the folders, next time u play tf2 all changes
will work, if u dont like the hud jsut remove the 2 files and it will fix
itself next time it starts up.

Author Buster Bunny (3 years)

Author Notorious308 (3 years)
how do you get different reticle shapes for each weapon?

Author Necklas Pape (2 years)
you cant

Author Gamiac (2 years)
Default crosshairs.

Author spreadtheLULZ321 (3 years)
how do you download from steam?

Author Ian McLean (1 year)
Maybe he did not have enough money to buy a high end gaming pc and that is
not very nice to say :(

Author mistercoolio100 (3 years)
@EpicAroProductionz go to consol and type viewmodel_fov 75

Author Joigem (4 years)
404 views, viewer is not found...

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