F**king Unbelievable: The GOP Shoves Health Care Through the House: The Daily Show

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  • Frank Meier
    Frank Meier 2 days ago



  • Frank Meier
    Frank Meier 2 days ago

    The Reps are mass murders

  • Tomasz Wawruszko
    Tomasz Wawruszko 2 days ago

    It means that 23 millions of US citizens will be stripped from insurance and send into tunnels as "mole people".

    • Tomasz Wawruszko
      Tomasz Wawruszko 2 days ago

      Not immediately, but if you will need medical attention, and you will get a bill like 5000 USD, then you can be unable to handle with this. You can lost your house and end in tunnels, like these people living in underground of Las Vegas.

  • Don H
    Don H 3 days ago

    Trump is an ass...

  • Til Merkan
    Til Merkan 5 days ago

    Wow, Trevor is so angry, he can't even hide it behind a mountain of jokes.

  • Not a libtard
    Not a libtard 5 days ago

    morons....Obama shoved his Unaffordable Care Act aka Obamacare down our throats.... payback is a bit ch.

  • priyanka rai
    priyanka rai 8 days ago

    Trevor's humour is on point.. :D

  • zebfox011
    zebfox011 11 days ago

    Fucking unbelievable! Obama shoves healthcare down our throats and then fines us if we don't buy it by garnishing our taxes every year! health care costs me more a month than my fucking rent on my house! FUCK YOU!

  • Agraw Mindaye
    Agraw Mindaye 11 days ago

    "They might as well call it the Kate Upton Amendment because there's barely any coverage"😭😭😭

  • Cupavi Kurcic
    Cupavi Kurcic 13 days ago

    Republicans are scum and the worst threat to America and its people.

  • day dazed
    day dazed 13 days ago

    fucked up this guy makes it funny but it's all truely this fucked up

  • ce2flaco
    ce2flaco 15 days ago

    I love that this pisses leftists off. Cry little girls. It makes me smile.

  • Lee Quinonez
    Lee Quinonez 15 days ago

    They're making all of these cuts to go to war then gain because of it.

  • Lee Quinonez
    Lee Quinonez 15 days ago

    He is just so cute!

  • Londe Aiji
    Londe Aiji 15 days ago

    I think it's highly hypocritical for the Republicans to say "nothing's perfect" when it comes to the Trumpcare bill. But because Obamacare wasn't perfect they wanted to get rid of it before the kinks could be fixed.

  • Youbea Dumass
    Youbea Dumass 15 days ago

    Yeah... and congress will still be covered by the PPACA standards.


  • ThePine26
    ThePine26 15 days ago

    we need to tweet all those videos to Trump and see what bullshit he comes up with. fucking bs man.

  • Juan Carlos Berrocal

    love your show, don't miss it... how the f*ck is this happening in the Land of the Freedom Speech....

  • kenneth carroll
    kenneth carroll 15 days ago

    lets backtrack to the obama administration, what was so f#@king incredible was how the democrats crammed obamacare down Americas throat! Double standards much? oh and by the way, your jokes are pathetic

  • Shelby Alexander
    Shelby Alexander 15 days ago

    Came down here to see how Trump supporters justified this. Was instead met with a torrent of disbelief, good people, and solutions that should be obvious but very apperantly aren't. For the first time, i say thank you to internet dwellers.

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 15 days ago

    fuck trump

  • Michael Braden
    Michael Braden 15 days ago

    Trevor Noah. Anyone who works for George Soros is a scum bucket to America and to most of the world. Your little Soros meal ticket isn't going to last long because you've revealed to America and to the world that you are a red coat. We see your colors and we know who you are and we know that George Soros is writing your little communist script. You see, we know more than your little friend Soros thinks. We know that by firing politicians the Soros butt licking Democrat Libs cannot stop Trump from filling his office with the people Americans want - not who Sorros wants. Sorros has a face like a scroadum and you have a face like a rabbid ass baboon. F you.

  • Ai Hi
    Ai Hi 15 days ago

    this is exactly how the Democrats shoved Obamacare down our throats. My insurance now cost me $108 per week, $8000 deductable, $800 prescription deductable, and I still will have to pay for 75% to get my some tonsils removed. Democrats are beyond stupid to start this and the Republicans are just as ignorant trying to fix it. Obama is the worst president in our history and America doesn't have leaders smart enough and brave enough to fix his disasterous implementations.

  • Leanne Stewart
    Leanne Stewart 16 days ago

    If nobody had health care it would create way to many problems. So just deal with it. At least he supposively lowered the premiums on it.

  • Pizznad
    Pizznad 16 days ago

    Is this show some kind of joke? Prices skyrocketed under obamacare, even though Obama promised they wouldn't. And Nancy Pelosy said that obamacare had to pass before anyone would even be allowed to read it. It's the same old shit by another name. Trump, Obama, and Bush should all be put on trial after the revolution.

  • Steve Rives
    Steve Rives 16 days ago

    Insurance doesnt cover ambulances......I was charged 2000.00 for a 5 minute ride.

  • Ralph alcudia
    Ralph alcudia 16 days ago

    I'm an Independent Party and let me tell you that right now.....

    History is changing for the better or worst, but right now it's heading in a direction when we can't go back anymore so we have to keep moving on.

    Republicans only cares about facts and statistics and are reasonable for debates.

    Democrats only care about feelings and violence when you don't agree with them.

    We were meant to live on this world to explore the universe and discover things that can benefit man kind.

    The problem is that the vast majority are being selfish to inquire rights just cause they want to claim something that wasn't theirs.

    Fighting ourselves isn't gonna do shit, but fucking killing​ time of what we have at this very moment while we still have a chance.

  • nobitha x
    nobitha x 16 days ago

    why this media always hate trump

  • Doan Vu
    Doan Vu 16 days ago

    thank goodness i had cancer when Obama was in office

  • Dof Mines
    Dof Mines 16 days ago

    You know you have a healthcare problem when Nurses get paid better than engineers and Doctors make as much as presidents!

  • J. S.
    J. S. 16 days ago

    OMG! There is a laugh track being used for the unfunny Trevor Noah. Listen closely. Funny how the orgs. opposing the AHCA are political entities and not real medical organizations. More than likely they will not be getting free money to do nothing. Only 9% of Physicians in the US belong to the AMA. It is primarily a corrupt political org. that has amassed enough money to push agenda's that most Doctors hate and despise due to the heavy influence of big Pharma. Trevor Noah would not know this. He is not even a US citizen. The money states are saving due to elimination of immigrant fraud will cover residents in each state to pay for adjustments in the AHCA.

  • cradle tavapor
    cradle tavapor 16 days ago

    seems it's getting more serious. even comedy is slowly losing its luagh

  • Taylor Pascal
    Taylor Pascal 16 days ago

    i made 15 sec what d bag

  • Phillip Lester
    Phillip Lester 16 days ago

    Well in my opinion Trey Gowdy is the most trusted man in both houses of Congress and he's running on Pope's side and backing him so come this special election, Gowdy is asking us to vote for Pope and since Gowdy says he's a good man that's who I'll vote for......

  • Douglas Beckman
    Douglas Beckman 16 days ago

    I just want to know how this unfunny hack got his job.

  • Troy Byers
    Troy Byers 16 days ago

    at least it's better than "we need to pass this bill then we'll find out what's in it" what nut said that? oh that was Nancy Pelosi, snowflake morons

    DONALD DUKE 16 days ago

    Kinda like the way the Democrats passed Obamacare which caused me to lose ALL of my doctors and have my premiums more than double, my medicine costs to more than triple AND my social security check to GO DOWN because medicare premiums went up more than the benefits did. PLUS my daughter got fined $2400.00 when she lost her job and it took too long to find another one with health insurance.

  • Michael Kirby
    Michael Kirby 16 days ago

    Your days are numbered libtards self deport now.

  • Sam Bebop
    Sam Bebop 17 days ago

    The problem is, this is liberal media. Trump voters do not watch liberal media. They watch FOX and Freinds.
    The point of realization for a Trump supporter is only ever achieved by him/her actually suffering this administrations consequences. Unfortunately not only Trump supporters have to go through this.
    I'd wish you luck Americans, but i believe at this point wishing won't help. You have to take things in your own hands and go to the streets!

  • sn0fx
    sn0fx 17 days ago

    TN is shit, send him back to Africa. I'm sure he's here on an exceptional talent visa, which is highly debatable at this point.

  • Katherine Song
    Katherine Song 17 days ago

    Trump is an IDIOT OBAMA was so much more classy

  • A BEEE
    A BEEE 17 days ago

    Libtards don't realize that Obamacare made average hard working Americans difficult to get healthcare. It only benefitted the poor. Why should i give a fuck about the poor in the first place? I'm struggling with my own life

  • Constantine
    Constantine 17 days ago

    Why don't you talk about the 40 million that lost health care when the dems pushed through Obama care without a single republican vote? Like your plan keep your plan? Like your doctor keep your doctor? Sound familiar? You are a pathetic schill!

  • Elyse Pearl
    Elyse Pearl 17 days ago

    Arguing with Trump supporters gets you nowhere, it's just like arguing with the religious!

    Oh wait..

  • d aging flower child

    Dear Members of Congress if you vote to pass The american Healthcare Act, i will vote to end your career, its just that simple

    • sn0fx
      sn0fx 17 days ago

      insignificance... only word that comes to mind.

  • ROG Music Africa
    ROG Music Africa 17 days ago

    trump is shitting on everythong obama tho

  • DRich M
    DRich M 17 days ago

    as an american and republican I'd like to see what donald J trump supporters would have to say about the New healthcare bill aka trump care ? and his entire administration ?!! Smh! y'all some bunch of phonies ignorants ! I want to thanks every one of you who voted for our huge and tremendous and bigly D.T.J thank y'all we have now an old child! playing at being potus ! great job! terrific ! LOL AHAHH

  • Peechy Orchards
    Peechy Orchards 17 days ago

    They should just have the government pay all health care costs, and just print the money each year.
    this will increase inflation and that means everyone equally pays for it by having every dollar in the world become less value equally.
    best way

  • Date Rape Face
    Date Rape Face 17 days ago

    They had about 7 years, and now they're discussing how its a "step in the right direction" or "something we can live with." Well, that is simply not good enough. If I had 7 years to study something and come up with a legit plan, I would present the best possible program- but the difference is I actually give a shit whether people have health care- although Trump royal family, and their punk ass supporters do not.

    Those who voted for Trump dug their own graves and were, or still are, too stupid to realize it. If you support Trump, then fuck you and your mother.

  • Don Nots
    Don Nots 17 days ago

    when will you people learn. there will be no win win. someone will have to be left out. we cant afford to take care of everything and everyone anymore. theres two choices cut some now or wait till we default on our national debt and everyone gets cut and 2008 x 5 happens to the economy because no one trusts the dollar anymore to pay its debts. our national annual budget is about 3.3 trillion but we only have 2.2 trillion in taxes. we barrow 1.1 trillion every year. thats y the govt shut down 2 years ago with oboma cause we cant make our minimum payment anymore. we hade to make cuts so we could barrow more and still make our rising minimum payments. think u sheeple

  • smartypantz Number
    smartypantz Number 17 days ago

    if you don't like Trump check out my you tube channel

  • Patrick Buckley
    Patrick Buckley 17 days ago

    Wow, you really are funny Trevor you are great at reversing reality to fit your narrative.

  • Stat Machine
    Stat Machine 17 days ago

    Is there any way to filter out politics from my trending list? I'm getting tired of listening to this shit!

  • Rothschild 666
    Rothschild 666 17 days ago

    Republicans pissed off because they didn't have a say in Obamacare plain and simple American citizens are paying the price for it, this needs to stop.

  • Matt s
    Matt s 17 days ago

    this is all liberal brainwashing bullshit.

  • Andras Gregorik
    Andras Gregorik 17 days ago

    This is Trevor at his most serious and pissed off. He should do this more, I love him in this one.

  • Alex
    Alex 17 days ago

    As a German, its just terrifiying to See how good we have it over here. Doesn't that really hurt Americans? (Sorry for my grammar)

  • HAguayo
    HAguayo 17 days ago

    Have you read it? It has to go through the Senate. There will be changes. You aren't poor so why don't you start a poor people fund?

  • Tyrus Keith
    Tyrus Keith 17 days ago

    fuck Obamacare they need to get jobs anyway fuckin leaches

  • Onkl Andi M
    Onkl Andi M 17 days ago

    I miss Jon Stewart.

  • Onkl Andi M
    Onkl Andi M 17 days ago

    Where can I get a Trevor Mute button?

  • Get Real
    Get Real 17 days ago

    the Rebumblicans fail to tell people that the problem with Obama's existing health care is caused by the insurance companies and what it cost to be insured and that the issue is to have enough people paying into it to reduce the costs for all of us they are also reducing the obligation of the rich which would help subsidize the cost, Obama's health care is failing because insurance companies are raising their rates to cover preexisting conditions (because insurance companies only want to take your money not have to pay it out) and that's why they are trying to pass a bill that does away with preexisting conditions so they can say the rates are lower but only for the healthy and young

  • Steven R
    Steven R 17 days ago

    First lie was at 1:00. Turned it off after that. Zombies keep watching.

  • dustin whitesides
    dustin whitesides 17 days ago

    the government has the power and resources to make everyone happy but they MUST have us divided and arguing instead of uniting against the evil people who truly run this country.daily show,fox news,cnn,msnbc and all the other CIA funded main stream media is GREAT at their real job,divide and conquer.

  • Rosemary Williams
    Rosemary Williams 18 days ago

    In the last 4 years, Home Remedies have become very important to me.  Lots of praying too when I pop a socket or feel ill.

  • Vol de Mort
    Vol de Mort 18 days ago

    The irony is that despite calling liberals socialists the US is now going to start looking like a socialist state when all the lower classes start to die off.

  • Truths israw
    Truths israw 18 days ago

    libs 2016. fuck trump racist/sexist blah balh balh
    libs 2017 fuck trump racist/sexistblah blah blah
    libs 2018 fuck trump racist/sexist blah blah blah
    libs 2019 fuck trump racist/sexistblah blah blah

    trumps gets reelected

    libs 2020 fuck trump racist/sexistblah blah blah
    libs 2021 fuck trump racist/sexistblah blah blah
    libs 2022 fuck trump racist/sexistblah blah blah
    libs 2024 fuck trump racist/sexistbla blah blah

    grow the fuck up libs your a minority

  • randy hayes
    randy hayes 18 days ago

    hahaha libratards trumped again i love winning with donald trump hes making america great again one swamp creature at a time lol

  • abuealfonso10
    abuealfonso10 18 days ago

    He's gone, gone, gone, beyond walls or laws.

  • Ashamed US Eagle
    Ashamed US Eagle 18 days ago

    T-rumpanzee - FEET OF CLAY "President" of nowhere and nothing!

  • Janna P.
    Janna P. 18 days ago

    This is literally the first time I haven't laughed at a daily show episode. Not because it wasn't well done, but because I'm 17, and chronically ill. This topic is so heavy, and hits home very hard. The moment I step out from under my mom's healthcare coverage, I AM FUCKED. I don't have $12000 a year laying around for just one of my 7 medications. I can't​ get a job because my problems make it next to impossible right now, and I can hardly keep up with highschool as it is. Knowing all of that, I am one of the lucky ones. One of my parents works a steady well paying job. Yet our budget is really tight, because so many medical expenses aren't covered. Medical expenses that if left out would leave me perpetually in the hospital, or dead.

  • James Wilkins
    James Wilkins 18 days ago

    Soon... very soon. America is going to implode.



  • T K
    T K 18 days ago

    Even if Trump's healthcare doesn't go through, Obamacare will crumble and the Republicans can blame the Democrats for not trying to fix our healthcare. The Dems are fucked in 2018 and beyond.

  • Ice Phoenix
    Ice Phoenix 18 days ago

    Wow, no offense to you liberals but Obamacare hurt a whole lot more than it helped. I'm in my twenties and don't need health care but I was forced to with Obamacare and all it did was make me go into more debt, so frankly I'm glad most of Obamacare has been repealed.

  • Luqman Darries
    Luqman Darries 18 days ago

    Donalds plan for the wall...fuck up so badly, mexico will build and pay for the wall to keep americans out, yep that sounds right

  • 1broadcastboy
    1broadcastboy 18 days ago

    Hey, Trevor...where the heck were you when the Dems gave the textbook example of "shoves?" Oh, that's right you were likely in middle school, if not literally then figuratively. Good lord, it's like a bunch of you have dementia. Would I have done this? No. But, at least the GOP did not do what Jonanthan Gruber bragged about - lying, deceiving, and counting on how "stupid the American people were." Don't forget Pelosi's famous "We have to pass it to know what's in it" line? The GOP should have made America experience the entire ACA and not allowed Obama to violate the law and Constitution by delaying its full implementation. The good news is liberal progressives and most Democrats (along with the rest of us) will get to enjoy all of ObamaCare and its consequences because it is sticking around for a while. BO pushed off the worst aspects of his healthcare legacy until he was out of office.

  • David
    David 18 days ago

    Stop watching Fake News! Obamacare was a catastrophe! There is no Planet X, Niburu. The Earth is Round! We have been to the Moon! Extreme Islamic Terrorists ran Airplanes into the World Trade Centers! Democrats are Snowflake Lib-Retards. Donald Trump is the best President in our history! There will be no WW3 in your lifetime. The Climate has been changing for thousands of years and we can't do anything about it! Hillary belongs in prison! We don't need to build gender neutral bathrooms or showers in our schools. Drill for as much oil and gas as possible. Build the wall! Eliminate sanctuary cities. Lazy ass black people wouldn't be in the USA if our ancestors didn't import them (we don't owe them a thing). NK and Iran cannot be allow to go nuclear. The banking system will not crash. Bring manufacturing back to the USA.... Stop whining and help make America Great Again!

  • TheJ0hnPrest0n
    TheJ0hnPrest0n 18 days ago

    oh man I'm so staying in Europe. Nononononoooo, we have our problems and all, but that shit is just crazy...

  • corey herrera
    corey herrera 18 days ago

    My daughter has a life threatening disease and she needs all the care she can get! Everyone who voted for trump needs to be slapped everyday trumps idiot orange ass is in office!!!

  • Jaygo Rippa
    Jaygo Rippa 18 days ago

    Shutout Triple H!

  • trogghugger
    trogghugger 18 days ago

    What's truly unbelievable is how much jiz this twit swallows in a day.

  • DrainTheSwamp
    DrainTheSwamp 18 days ago

    This guy is a flaming libtard propagandist posing as a comedian. All the late night comedians these days are pied pipers for the bleeding heart brainwashed sheep in this country. Go back to south africa if you dont like it here ya fucking mongrel.

  • Eleni #
    Eleni # 18 days ago

    That "Greece" joke you made... go fuck yourself

  • Solo GIZMO
    Solo GIZMO 18 days ago

    WHO THE FU*K IS WE! [I have leukemia cancer in the blood] comment if you have a sick family member or if you are sick !!

  • Ian Louw
    Ian Louw 18 days ago

    You live in a democracy. If you don't it go vote.

  • Matthew Krisocki
    Matthew Krisocki 18 days ago

    How is this funny

  • Pine-Sol Best Drink
    Pine-Sol Best Drink 18 days ago

    aww your poor black feelings are hurt? how about become funny and tell some real news, and leave you bias Jew worshipping leftist ways behind.

  • Cyrus Woodard
    Cyrus Woodard 18 days ago

    Three things Americans will NEVER like: Soccer SocialismTREVOR NOAH

  • C M
    C M 18 days ago

    Love the show and the Tube access, but your outro is too obtrusive and loud.
    As a surfer of content and a musician, I feel that that one aspect of your vlogs that is jarring is the louder blast in the volume of your outro. just something I've noticed.

  • Esther Colon
    Esther Colon 18 days ago

    No your not doing ok you stupid fu**k.

  • Yep Yep
    Yep Yep 18 days ago

    obamacare destroyed our healthcare system. So many providers pushed out of business. Its a great concept but it was a reinvention of the wheel that destroyed us

  • LaSharkus Aldridge
    LaSharkus Aldridge 18 days ago

    LaSharkus does not approve of the president. Someone get Lil B to put a curse on him

  • Sal Monella
    Sal Monella 18 days ago

    Hey are we supposed to be surprised, you flat headed, dimwit? Obama jammed it up our asses too, dickhole.

  • Jan Hall
    Jan Hall 18 days ago

    Man's a boastful wanker.

  • Jinto117
    Jinto117 18 days ago

    Why are all these liberal late night shows always trending? Every fucking clip is about Trump and nothing else. Get off his dick already.

  • Ty The Exposer
    Ty The Exposer 18 days ago

    I'm black

  • christian mbabazi
    christian mbabazi 18 days ago

    if you don't like it why pass it

  • Tracie Johns
    Tracie Johns 18 days ago

    Wonderful !!! So glad to get rid of that sucky Obamacare.. 🎈🎉 Party time.. Obama= Worst president EVER !!!!

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