This Is HOW Future Will Look Like (2030 - 2050) | Future Technology HD 2017 | Full Documentary

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  • How the World will look like in the next 50 years
    The world has changed a lot in the last 150 years, but we humans are driven by the same basic needs as we were 150 years ago, food, sleep, sex, the feeling of being appreciated and loved. Will this change in the next 150 years? No.

    If you take away all gadgets that people in some part of the world are using for entertainment, the inventions that have affected most people around the world for everyday living are the telephone, electricity, radio, television, computer, the car and the ability to communicate through Internet. Then we of course have a lot of inventions that have made life easier, like new medicine, faster transports etc.

    In general the inventions for the last 150 years have been a human strive for freedom and communication, to be able to get in control of the time and world. Since there is still much to do in this area, this will be the focus at least for the next 150 years.

    Predicting the future is important for two reasons; first we need to start to think about what kind of future we would like for ourselves and to pass on to the next generation, and then we need to know what decisions we need to make today that will give the best result in the future.
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  • yosi kenig
    yosi kenig 1 day ago

    Thanks for the video that just humming

  • Jack the Ender Betta

    The car uses a nuclear reactor???

  • Iquey
    Iquey 1 day ago


  • the game boy
    the game boy 2 days ago

    looks like the future will be just buttons

  • nomenfix
    nomenfix 2 days ago

    Let us hope that people of the futureare not as effing sexist as the makers of this video, and have more imagiantion than just telling about the MAN making a career while the woman is full-time occupied with taking care of the child... Yuck...!

  • The gaming ninjas
    The gaming ninjas 2 days ago

    is this what humans have become of to stupid to know how to do stuff and how to drive so computers do it for them omg in 2050 nothing will change people said in the 1945 that there would be hover boards in 2014 but no we don't soo this is wrong. got you this time did i. hahahahahahahahahaha!

  • Kevin Joiner
    Kevin Joiner 3 days ago

    that is a great future

  • Choco Latte
    Choco Latte 3 days ago

    What if nibiru stikes us?

  • Reality Creater & Shifter

    Seriously, who takes a walk into the woods with their car?

  • Rose Recruitments
    Rose Recruitments 4 days ago


  • jason shirrill
    jason shirrill 5 days ago

    I love your optimistic and hopeful outlook of our future but rather think this is more fantasy. How things are going right now with Donald Trump and his evil cronies in control of our country the future for most will be more devastating and grueling with many more people literally starving to death. I serenely hope I am wrong but My instincts tel me this is how the rich will live like in a few more year, The poor on the other hand will be living in slums that they can barely afford and the only benefits we will get from this golden future to our well being will be so we continue to slave our lives away so their dreams and higher lifestyles can be achieved. because the conservative rich will make it that way. The good rich do everything in their power to foil the evil agendas and fight for the rights of the poor So there is still hope but not much. Keep fighting against the the hypocrisy.

  • Luigi Marinus 2
    Luigi Marinus 2 5 days ago

    flying cars!

  • DemonixDreams
    DemonixDreams 5 days ago

    ummmm wtf??? where the fuck is Waldo?

  • Melissa Rainchild
    Melissa Rainchild 6 days ago

    Bogus. Honestly. A happy smiley future? For the few "haves" and not for the rest of the "have-nots"...they dotn flash around in fancy cars, with the kids inthe back (designer kids?) playing with (expensive) toys.
    Smiles all round? I think not. Let's get world peace int he picture first, then we'll see...

  • einfach ich löl
    einfach ich löl 6 days ago

    nonsins. the world gos back after the world war 3. usa starts the war with russia nearly

  • Carl Real
    Carl Real 6 days ago

    but is cool

  • Carl Real
    Carl Real 6 days ago

    our planet will never be a blue planet anymore...............

  • T Stone
    T Stone 7 days ago

    kids are to lazy in this day and age well never see that stuff..

  • Jan Makovec
    Jan Makovec 7 days ago

    All roads will be (almost) empty?

  • Debedeb
    Debedeb 7 days ago

    you forgot the show all the homeless and the people starving because they can't afford to eat which is already started

  • Xie Priel
    Xie Priel 8 days ago

    the future sure is bright with one ui screen to share cant afford to have your own dnt worry steal your kid entertainment screen from your personal gain lol

  • Harry Everett
    Harry Everett 8 days ago

    I actually believe a lot of this. Like in all honesty all this stuff we already basically have in a very very basic form. And you look at cars 50 years ago, being fairly basic in comfort ways, so i can see this happening. I think architecture however won't be like that, car design probably not. And clothing wouldn't either.

  • Nik OBrien
    Nik OBrien 9 days ago

    More deluded liberal garbage

  • Sugarbaby6669
    Sugarbaby6669 10 days ago

    In the future..
    please be careful with your fingers!
    They will be the only tool you need.

  • Sugarbaby6669
    Sugarbaby6669 10 days ago

    Everything looks peaceful. I wish life was really like that.

  • RacerPlayer
    RacerPlayer 11 days ago

    Aww... no more *braaaaaaaa stututututu*

  • Rami Yousuf
    Rami Yousuf 11 days ago

    this is so bullshit

  • The Artist
    The Artist 12 days ago

    the man just watched a video of his wife and kid leaving him what I assume is a video voicemail. Then he just swipes it away without responding lol. that's cold bruh

  • Priya Dutta
    Priya Dutta 12 days ago

    mujhe khushi hain ki sayad wo din ham bhi dekh len...

  • Isaac Gaming
    Isaac Gaming 12 days ago

    sorry ro say but if u search 2036 at youtube they will show end of world that a planet called planet x is hitting earth

  • CCW
    CCW 12 days ago

    This could of been the future, but now that trumps president....

  • Finley Zero
    Finley Zero 13 days ago

    How the future will look like (2030-2050)

  • Anders
    Anders 13 days ago

    I hope me and my family wont be a part of the 70% unemplyed because of lacking university graduations. Who the fuck need a normal worker in the future with robots doing most service jobs.

  • Anders
    Anders 13 days ago

    We can only hope.

    It will only happen if we defeat the corrupted world elite.

    • Anders
      Anders 13 days ago

      If we lose it will end like in starwars.

  • phooogle
    phooogle 13 days ago

    As if people will still be driving by then.

  • sudha rani
    sudha rani 13 days ago

    it cannot be possible...I challenge........

  • sudha rani
    sudha rani 13 days ago


  • sudha rani
    sudha rani 13 days ago


  • Alan Moy
    Alan Moy 13 days ago

    really,,,  I clicked on a commercial... the shame

  • Joe Ninety
    Joe Ninety 13 days ago

    Very intrusive technology. Why does new tech, always mean MORE of the PEOPLE's privacy, compromised??

  • Michael Tibebu
    Michael Tibebu 13 days ago

    no black people in it?

  • Ryan Nite
    Ryan Nite 13 days ago

    they said things will look like this in our present time we live in 2017. now they are pushing the future living again.

  • Renaissance 6 10, 1856

    this stuff is old technology haven't you seen James Bond

  • Gottfrid Ljungström

    atleast some of this will probably be real

  • koplerio
    koplerio 14 days ago

    I don't think that's how it'll look like- it's an approximation, but not a nearly good one I'd say myself.

    Cars likely will use airless tires instead of staying the same just with a better looking casing.
    Their designs probably will go into a more aerodynamic shape which of course will have to keep them on the ground too... basically a parabola shape.
    Also- Autonomos driving cars... where the human is going to respond in some situations... but isn't going to drive him/herself.
    And nope- no Nuclear powered cars. Nooope- for that... the crash rate would have to be eliminated. And that won't happen- even with Autonomos cars.
    Cars that turn and slide the insides won't be a thing- as it's pretty impractical- unless the backseaters want to have a nap... I guess?
    Those mirrors which can darken a room exist already- but are more like a unofficial prototype.
    3D holograms in space? Maybe.
    But I think that would be more of a Augmented Reality Glass type of thing.
    Def. no holograms inside cars for a long while. (except for when using the AR glasses)
    Nooothing against the building designs. They are petty likely actually- except that literally everything is rounded inside.
    Tracking and Holograms on your hand? AR Glasses- but not more.
    All terrain system?- why not just use Airless tires? They are made for that.. even when it's raining.
    ...Force fields? - No... just no. That's just starting to feel like a joke. Out of what? 3D holograms?


    Useage of 3D holograms in school? Sure- Maybe... with AR glasses tho.
    Medical use of 3D holograms? Nice idea.
    Lasers for killing off potentially harming bacteria and analyzation of possible injuries? Sure- tho... those Lasers will have to be passing through tubes that force them to move towards the object that is being analyzed and then send back the same way for the data to be able to be retrieved.
    12:20 Well- or that kind of AR...
    Fiber optic lightning? I'd remove most of the blue parts so that our brain doesn't think it's daytime while we try to sleep.

  • Andri Kurniawan
    Andri Kurniawan 14 days ago

    All of it in this video is impossible.. Human couldn't..

  • Stretch Human
    Stretch Human 14 days ago

    every perfectionists' dream

  • nativesenpai12
    nativesenpai12 14 days ago

    I will be 25 in 2030 and I will be 55 in 2015 ;-;

  • Ti'Jean Chin-Sue
    Ti'Jean Chin-Sue 15 days ago

    That china

  • Ti'Jean Chin-Sue
    Ti'Jean Chin-Sue 15 days ago

    And idk

  • Trumpet-01 Rocket
    Trumpet-01 Rocket 15 days ago

    Yea, they said the future would have digital phone booths and credit card dialing.

    All the great technology companies, at the request of the US government spent millions on developing "The Home of The Future". I believe this article was published in the "Popular Science" magazine if I remember correctly. I read the article with great skepticism. Automatic appliances, hardwired computing in every home. Like phone lines and dial phones being pre-installed in every home back then, we were to have pre-installed computer dumb terminals powered by Oracle and IBM; We were going to have automatic climate controls by the Utility companies. Honeywell, GE, Oracle, Train AC, Westinghouse, Maytag, etc. were all in the mix. All of this was possible until one man, Steve Jobs, had other ideas. The Apple iPhone. They didn't see WiFi or Blue Tooth on the horizon or the internet around the corner. They didn't see that pay or credit phones were DOA. They didn't count on iPhones and iPads having expanded functions of Internet access, GPS, phone service, emails, music radio or playing device, and Camera capability would be present in one device (iPhone, iPad, and other smartphones devices).

    What I am saying is that it has become painfully obvious that it is a fools folly to predict the future. One man or women can blow your million or billion dollar ideas out of the water and laugh you out of business.

  • Ti'Jean Chin-Sue
    Ti'Jean Chin-Sue 15 days ago

    ? It real ? That look like Ghost in the Shell place

  • Ti'Jean Chin-Sue
    Ti'Jean Chin-Sue 15 days ago

    ? It real 😨

  • Rayne Vixen
    Rayne Vixen 15 days ago

    So... our entire lives take place in a car....
    That is depressing 0.o!

    TEXASBLAZE 101 15 days ago

    if you really want to know what the future will look like 30 years from now then take a good look around you because its gonna be about the same as it is now. the only thing that will change is bigger cities and more people

  • Paul Mabley
    Paul Mabley 15 days ago

    So the future is Hexagon Shaped?

  • AV Live Communication

    this only problem with this Idea is.. Who is going to bear running cost ? this will be like 70% population working for 10%

  • Clowers Hiball
    Clowers Hiball 15 days ago

    Will we hillbillies and redneck race's be extinct?

  • Kimberlee Harper
    Kimberlee Harper 15 days ago

    do you think mankind can stop fighting amongst themselves to settle down ? That looks great. is that stuff only for rich people? Dont forget the liitle guy.

  • John Earl
    John Earl 15 days ago

    Who's future? This is science fiction.

  • Fatimah Abbasi
    Fatimah Abbasi 15 days ago

    future will be boring then!😂 ooohhhh all these lights🙈

  • Vmf Doank
    Vmf Doank 16 days ago

    This is not the future, but this is end of human life. The end of earth. 😳😳😳😳🌏

  • Mirous
    Mirous 16 days ago

    This Is HOW Future Will Look Like - 3th WW, without Europe Union

  • Petting Pets
    Petting Pets 16 days ago

    This is HOW NOT the future will look like.

  • Abhishek mane
    Abhishek mane 16 days ago

    looks like a movie

  • Simon Baines
    Simon Baines 16 days ago

    Looks like people are going to completely forget how to live without computers and touch screens, looks really quite depressing to me

  • TheDestroyerStar
    TheDestroyerStar 16 days ago

    I see the Jew propagada campaign is still pushing race mixing as always. It's alway a White Female with a Black, Asian, or Hispanic; hardly ever a White Male with the same. Anyone that can't see this obvious agenda to eliminate the White race is either a Kike themselves, a traitor, or just brainwashed. By the way, the word racist is getting old, and it's meaning less and less and less now you race mixing assholes! Your words mean nothing anymore.

  • Liliksha
    Liliksha 16 days ago

    I really doubt this stuff will happen in 2030-2050. This resembles Futurama, and that's in the year 3000... We'll probably just have more electronics (That aren't this crazy), and more shitty music. People thought 2020 would be like this, and here we are....

  • feel toofree
    feel toofree 17 days ago

    guys no matter what future you go into, it's still gonna be your same old classic pair of shoes.

  • landyn ginn
    landyn ginn 17 days ago

    looks cool but the future could be cool bad good or the same nobody can predict the future unless its in your dreams just a tad bit

  • Andrius Sasnauskas
    Andrius Sasnauskas 17 days ago

    Ideal super ideje

  • ReadyHighTy The First

    5:20 Dat animation is so realistic

  • Fender Blues
    Fender Blues 18 days ago

    Nah, is shoes still look the same.

  • anish sapkota
    anish sapkota 18 days ago

    in future humans are going to be extinct

  • Lamou Lamia
    Lamou Lamia 18 days ago

    la technologie et la gestion de l'imperfection humaine.

  • gulafsha khan
    gulafsha khan 18 days ago


  • Kikohamburg
    Kikohamburg 18 days ago

    nuclear power... hum......

  • Nandha kumar
    Nandha kumar 19 days ago

    I didn't like this future.This is the end of life

  • tankboy machines
    tankboy machines 19 days ago

    I can't wait

  • Pome-Grenade 918
    Pome-Grenade 918 19 days ago

    I wish all of this would happen...

  • Chris Wheeler
    Chris Wheeler 20 days ago


  • GamerOfThe21stCentury

    If this is somewhere between 2030-2050 why is the U.S. Forest service guy still wearing a 20th century uniform plus the flag on his uniform still shows 50 stars when more likely some states will have left the union after the second civil war or 3WW?

  • tech shehenshah
    tech shehenshah 20 days ago


  • Eric Kim
    Eric Kim 20 days ago

    I think the car will go with out wheels like about flying about 5cm?

  • purpleroses
    purpleroses 20 days ago

    Has anybody seen the movie Wall-e? The future will be a bunch of fat,lazy people because technology does everything for them.

    UNREAL REALITY 20 days ago

    it will be nothing but a wasteland.....unless we find another earth...

  • metalhead7127
    metalhead7127 20 days ago

    maybe for the wealthy but not for you or me

  • sdf p
    sdf p 21 day ago

    lol that is already 2017 most of it.. 2030-2050 will look more different!!

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson 21 day ago

    Dude.. no. We're not that advanced. I'll still be alive by then.... this won't have happened.... it just won't have.

  • Someone ?
    Someone ? 21 day ago

    Kids: I wanna go to the future
    Me: *Shows this video* No way there is no way you can breathe easily in that year...

  • Someone ?
    Someone ? 21 day ago

    I don't get why many people wants to time travel because if you do you might be a little stupid... If you hate school... The future would have harder lessons especially HISTORY just imagine all histories lesson there are in 2050 what?! in lucky that im still in 2017 I wouldn't want to have many hard lessons

  • Chuck Pitts
    Chuck Pitts 21 day ago

    not any of that will ever happen !

  • nic
    nic 22 days ago

    I'm glad that people are acknowledging this as bad. I don't like the idea of humans becoming do dependent on technology. That's when the dystopia kicks in and everyone is screwed.

  • ROBLOX rorooxrap
    ROBLOX rorooxrap 22 days ago

    Looks more like 3900

  • ROBLOX rorooxrap
    ROBLOX rorooxrap 22 days ago

    Like the car name! "HAVAL"

  • Trinity Thomas
    Trinity Thomas 23 days ago

    ill be 28-48 years old ayeeeee

  • Jason Aburto
    Jason Aburto 23 days ago

    who else is excited for the future like if you are

  • FarisGamers
    FarisGamers 23 days ago

    Prediction: road become useless due to heavy traffic
    Reason: Cars can do anything everyone would be using them
    Humans: Humans became more and more weaker due to rapid use of technology

  • Agape Happy
    Agape Happy 23 days ago

    This is the dumbest thing in the entire universe because if you don't have God's love in your heart you are nothing and you will never feel fulfilled. You will continue to try and perfect everything around you but you yourself will remain unperfect without the love of God...💜🎉 Jesus is the truth, the way, and the life. And no one will come to the Father (GOD= love) if not through Him♡

  • Football vs Fifa
    Football vs Fifa 24 days ago

    no way

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