Merkel DB 141 Review

Pete Moore reckons if you're looking for a practical, side-by-side double rifle then Merkel's DB141 in 9.3x74 R is the best of the bunch.

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Author fwi1298 ( ago)
to long of a scope for that rifle, needs to be shorter so as to get at the
breach for the reload

Author tacfoley ( ago)
Dry-firing a eu12000 double rifle?

Author Thomas Grey ( ago)
How much of an everyday fellows fortune must one spend to procure a swanky
Merkel like this?

Author patrick richard ( ago)
gros blaireau

Author logan pollock ( ago)
I always liked the 9.3x 74 for North American hunting. I think the least I
ever paid was 73 bucks for twenty rounds. I had an A. Zoli and a couple
Valmet 412 models. I actually preferred the Valmet. The Leupold Vari-x II
1-4x scope worked like a dream, even for very hurried shooting. I never
had a Merkel because of the price and because I was disappointed by a
couple of their shotguns.

Author remchuck ( ago)
the rifle is a thing of beauty. looks like a lot of fun to shoot
as well.

Author tom smyth ( ago)
Wtf Pete you look like an idiot

Author Kristoffer Skjelbred ( ago)
Close the gun propper!! dont smack it together like that you dork 

Author Majid Nikkhah ( ago)

Author Toozman ( ago)
I beautiful double rifle set up. It would be a perfect one rifle battery
for Africa. The 9.3 x 74 may be too light for some areas regulations for
dangerous game, however shot placement with a 9.3 x 74 or it's magazine
rifle counterpart 9.3 x 62 will take any game on the planet. For the person
who loads their own ammunition the ability to adjust the regulation to
develop loads for different game would be a great help but you really need
to know what you are doing.

Author slider65 ( ago)
Ejector is pretty much standard these days on all dangerous game rifles as
is manual Safety as you don't want to loose time mucking around dumping
spent cases from the chambers and reloading or having to remember to flick
the safety off when you have something like a cape buffalo charging in on

Author skyym3 ( ago)
Wait a minute, you are telling me that your queen allows you to have a
weapon that is capable of taking life. What is this world coming to. I
mean those were actual metallic cartridges that this bloke was shooting. I
did not see any powder horns or patches or ramrods or pieces of flint. I
mean, you could possibly fire off eight to ten really fast projectiles off
within one minute or so. This is unacceptable, absolute cowdung. I think
the royal family better sit down for a spot of tea and reconsider the
freedoms they are allowing the lowly subjects. What is this world coming
to when any person can get there hands on a tool that could hurt, kill or
maim another living creature in Europe. All joking aside, this is a very
nice rifle. That being said, something is wrong when other equal
individuals dictate what their peers can and cannot own or have in their
possession. This is why my ancestors risked there lives and sailed across a
vance body of water to the unknown so they could choose what was good for
themselves and what was not. We are living in a technological futuristic
world our ancestors could not even dream about. I think it is time we all
grew up and started to think and live for ourselves. Cheers

Author Benni Svensson ( ago)
the way he slams the poor rifle shut every time makes me want to hit him in
the face, you don't do that!
furthermore a scope like that is in no way optimal for a driven hunt,
especially not wild boar, a big cumbersome 56mm scope is a bad choice for a
driven hunt, it makes the rifle unbalanced and the the zoom is too big, 1-6
would be ideal, the S&B classic 3-12x56 is a great scope for stalking roe
deer or for shooting boar feeding on a field at night with only moonlight
but for a driven hunt a scope that size is just about useless...

Author NormanMatchem ( ago)
Very cool! I'd prefer a Lee Enfield though personally. To each their own :)

Author BAMBI243 ( ago)
why does the commentary open with 'something different for the UK market'
when most double rifles are British

Author kopjesenseo ( ago)
what a sound that rifle has power!!!!

Author adrian teodor ( ago)
Me gusta el rifle exprés superpuestos browning

Author cookervillpop101 ( ago)
i want one

Author mchughcb ( ago)
Dear GunMartTV. To unload my Blaser double rifle you just tilt it. Thats
the beauty of the 9.3x74R. Its rimmed so it just falls out. Almost as fast
as an ejector. You should not need to pull the cases out as was
demonstrated in this video. Also using a 3-12 on a double rifle is probably
not the best choice either. A 1-6x24 Z6i is a much better choice.

Author Timmytyphoon ( ago)
That is a beautiful rifle with the grace romance of a proper safari rifle
but without the bone shattering recoil. I would have to say though if it's
quick follow up shots you want, a semiautomatic is hard to beat. Browning
makes one in some very heavy calibers that would be well suited to all but
the biggest game.

Author dfgsdfg84 ( ago)
In germany they are allowed too!

Author Sandhu Bhupinder ( ago)
whatever this is a good double rifle by my standarards 

Author Henrik Månsson ( ago)
they are allowed in sweden last time i checked and sweden is a part of
europe france allows them and many more countries in europe allows them so
they are not banned in all of europe 

Author mcjerkenstein ( ago)
I personally have never hunted driven game and so maybe for that purpose a
double gun could be better. I also agree that a shorter barreled rifle's
ballistic do suffer somewhat and that felt recoiled is increased with a
lighter rifle but it would be the same case for both bolt-guns and double
guns right? I think doubles have niche purpose but where I hunt in the
states they would be impractical.

Author mcjerkenstein ( ago)
There are compact, light and quick handling bolt-action rifles that are
suitable for dangerous game. I think double rifles are works of art but the
break action design is inferior to the bolt gun on all levels except for
the quick follow up shot. 

Author mcjerkenstein ( ago)
I somewhat agree. Double rifles have there niche purpose but when all is
said and done the bolt-action rifle is superior and more versatile for
hunting in most cases.

Author galt_oscar ( ago)
True. Im live in Sweden and i dont think that we have that big boar so we
dont need that big calibre

Author Brandon Olsen ( ago)
mostly true but but here in bayern they have been hit with 30-06 through
both shoulders and kept on truckin.. That wont happen with the 9.3 and a
good shot...

Author VicariousReality7 ( ago)
2:47 You know what would be even more useful in the dark? A green sight.

Author sezipf1977 ( ago)

Author galt_oscar ( ago)
you dont need that big calibre you can kill boar with a 30.06 or a 308

Author kombik98 ( ago)
Nice double but it was awfully close to the scope smacking him in the head.
And quick reload? If it had been a buffalo or a charging boar he would've
been run down. These are great rifles but like anything you actually need
to know how to handle it. And I'd LOVE to see the target. How close were
the holes together?

Author carinhall1 ( ago)
Auch das Suhler -Jagdwaffenwerk wurde von den Verbrechern der ,,Treuhand"
nach 1990 platt gemacht. = Kohls ,,blühende" Landschaften.

Author Goopy Meerkat ( ago)
Haha i'm so sorry GREAT powermugu the inventor of yo momma jokes. You're
the originality embodied. I will never make a joke about a mans family
again. Praise mother Russia home of alcoholism and cheap hookers(like your

Author Goopy Meerkat ( ago)
I thought you where an American after seeing your bear vid. And i'm so very
sorry for calling you a yank because they are your arch nemesis and all.
Off course i'm a virgin because there aren't Russian hookers on every
street corner in every Dutch city's. Maybe i'm even going to buy a Russian
bride online I hope it's your sister.

Author Goopy Meerkat ( ago)
Haha i'm sorry that my English grammer isn't perfect. Because you yankees
are all at least bilingual. Please whip me but read Newtons laws first. I
hope there aren't any big words in there. BTW i'm typing this with a smile

Author Goopy Meerkat ( ago)
No how can i lose my temper when i'm stoned like a shrimp. If I where you i
should learn high school physics before making a fool of your self.

Author Goopy Meerkat ( ago)
Creationism taught in schools?

Author Goopy Meerkat ( ago)

Author Gary Lynn ( ago)
I want.

Author Bauzaunvideos ( ago)
9,3 x 74 or x62 is good but never take a 9,3 x 64 or x72 those too hammer
really bad.

Author James Willis ( ago)
Damn this guy doesn't screw around

Author Nghia phan ( ago)
he's midwayusa

Author Protocol Orin ( ago)
i don't care if some1 got no face. as long if he's / she's goodsould.but
he's fudshing good at guns.

Author EEKSPLEE ( ago)
Man I love European rifles

Author Rick2010100 ( ago)
Good to have a second shoot ready if a unnoticed wild boer decided to
attack from a undergrowth. 

Author Zoniel ( ago)
This is like a better version of a double-barreled shotgun because they
shoot, further.

Author Daniel Stoner ( ago)
0:00 Scope-eye coming your way soon.

Author Murderface357 ( ago)
Obscure, introspectively and potentially rhetorically intended, perhaps,
but entirely relevant and altogether fair enough, taking into account the
specified context, I thought.

Author Murderface357 ( ago)
in what respect is that rich?

Author Zoniel ( ago)
I didn't know there were double-barreled rifles.

Author Dick Holman ( ago)
And your point is?

Author TheJimsterJim ( ago)
the bullet won't knock anything down at all so he's a bit wrong, but the
pain may make the animal drop

Author Cobbershot1 ( ago)
A magnificent rifle, for sure. The commentary was a boring 5 minutes...too
much drivel. Throwing the gun up to the shoulder so many times was very
amateurish. Also, firing a rifle with an empty chamber, especially as many
times as this presenter did... isn't smart. Two or three minutes devoted to
seeing the accuracy and grouping potential of this rifle, rather than have
the presenter show how to waste ammunition by being a "cowboy" shooter,
would have been a better use of time. 

Author pinz2022 ( ago)
So is it safe to assume that with this adjustable regulation system the
rifle is that much cheaper that the traditional soldered-together regulated
barrels? The traditional, mysterious means of regulation was supposedly why
these things are so fantastically expensive?

Author Islay Aitchison ( ago)
Very nice rifle (wish I could afford one) but for Christ's sake lose the
frinking 3-12 scope. There's no point getting a double rifle if you're
going to put what amounts to a varmint scope on the thing. Scopes,
especially big scopes, look completely out of place on a rifle such as
that. If you want to shoot game at ranges beyond 75m get a bolt action.
Also, if you want to get dead fast, hunt dangerous game with a rifle
equipped with a big variable scope. It's just asking for trouble. 

Author Salar73 ( ago)
I use a side by side gun and a Drilling from Merkel- do you know the "Wolf"
makers from Suhl/Germany? >google it. my favourit cal is the sister of the
74 the 9,3x62 very universal and effective. Best bullets are imo Woodleigh
and Lapua mega which I use for wild boar in all seizes.

Author Salar73 ( ago)
@s3rrated hello Pete..I think it makes no sense at all to try any honest
conversation with him, he doesn't want a truth..these types of people
pretend to love animals and are full of hate. Only the fact that someone is
arguing the way he does is proof enough he would even be worse than some of
our hunters, of which there are sure enough I would "kick out of the
business". Actually I didn't want to write here anymore as I am fed up with
all this hate on both sides.

Author Salar73 ( ago)
@leo1234670 Arschloch...

Author georgekostaras ( ago)
Such a beautiful thing

Author Megajoules ( ago)
@leo1234670 ...sagte er nachdem er leberwurst seinem einkaufszettel
hinzugefügt hatte. jagen liegt in der natur des menschen, genau so wie das
fleisch essen. was man wohl ehr als psychisch krank bezeichnen kann ist
fleischkonsum bei ekel vor blut etc. jagen zeugt nicht nur von natur-
sondern auch tierverbundenheit. die wichtigkeit der jäger für natur&tier
kann ich mir wohl sparen...

Author Manuel O. ( ago)
@leo1234670 Zeugt dies nicht ein wenig von Naivität, diese ewig-gestrigen
Parolen einer vollkommen überholten Gesinnung von Großstädtern
nachzugröhlen? Ein wenig Information für dich kann nicht schaden. Wenn du
Waldbesitzer wärst, von dem ich nicht ausgehe, sonst würdest du nicht so
unüberlegte Dinge schreiben, hättest du ein wenig Ahnung von der
wirtschaftlichen Nutzung dessen und von den entstehenden Schäden. Die
anderen Faktoren einmal außer Acht gelassen. Bedenke, sowas grenzt an

Author KalasPuffar ( ago)
Merkel is awesome guns. I have an old Merkel K96 drilling shotgun in
caliber 12-12-7x57R.

Author danebrewer10 (1993 years ago)
that's a pretty gun for sure! the ejector feature is pretty darn cool, I'm
surprised it isn't fouind on all double rifles, especially considering it's
found on nearly every double shotgun nowadays.....

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