Top 10 Super Creepy Glitches in Video Games!

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What’s scarier that a game breaking glitch? Apparently not much. These are the bugs and glitches that freaky as heck, scary as hell or just downright frightening beyond belief. We’re talking about the unintentionally weird and scary times games break in the strangest ways. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Creepiest Video Game Glitches!

00:31 #10. Ghosts of Halo
01:20 #9. Manimals
02:00 #8. The Dead Live
02:39 #7. Demon Children
03:14 #6. Geralt’s Creepy Face
03:53 #5. Incomplete Faces
04:32 #4. Alma Won’t Go Away
05:21 #3, #2 & #1:????

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Author ( ago)
Play some of the games these glitches are in:
Red Dead Redemption Manimals
The Sims 3 Demon Children
Fallout: New Vegas

Author Alexia Hennessey ( ago)
Does anyone see that #3 part way the sons hair is made of faces

Author Jagger Brenko ( ago)
its a weeping watson

Author Pokémonlover 7685 ( ago)
Holy shit I am going to have nightmares for YEARS...

Author wiz wizzy ( ago)
what's the thumbnail one yo?

Author Brandon Bissessar ( ago)
10 super funny video game glitches!

Author ChristInMeA2Z ( ago)
Can there be any doubt on number one?

Author Nicktastic ( ago)
on the manaquin mom glitch the guy's hair has his face all over it

Author ToxicDog Studios//Gaming, collabs, lps, and more! ( ago)
5:51 this isnt a bad glitch, she just lost the cosmetics and your left with the clean slate they use for editing.

Author ToxicDog Studios//Gaming, collabs, lps, and more! ( ago)
5:51 this isnt a bad glitch, she just lost the cosmetics and your left with the clean slate they use for editing.

Author Techno Thomas ( ago)
4:31 he sould hide keep his face hidden underneath that

Author Brendan Eicher ( ago)
3:09 I don't get that joke...

Author Coolveno ( ago)
Slender man: creepy Watson edition

Author robertdeel8332 ( ago)
Did anyone else see the guys hair change in the mafia game, whenever the mom turned into a puppet?

Author Octobell ( ago)
did anyone see on the Mafia 2 one his hair was filled with faces

Author Molly Conlin ( ago)
I think Alma is adorable...

Author xbox gamers ( ago)
Instead of the halo ghost. (Which I remember) you shoulda done the ghost in minecraft Xbox 360. Idk if it still does it. But before only for some people, ever now and then a copy of the person would a prepare. There will be two with only a few people able to see. Like 3 out of 5 could see it. And it was un killable. Sometime it would stay still, other times it will fly off, or walk around. Wayyyyy more creepy. Minecraft 360 also had a glitch where you could be stuck in the past. Where everyone else is like 30 secs to 5 mins ahead of you. For them you would be standing still. But you can see what pass them were doing. The one stuck in the past can't be kill. But the person stuck in the past could kill the person stuck in the future. Both were very very creepy

Author Chibueze Ego-Osuala ( ago)
Why do people shit on Nintendo games so much? At least they usually come out clean and finished, unlike all of these games.

Author 1ShepardCZ ( ago)
2:20 - ČEŠIII!!

Author Exterminator ( ago)
I play every single one of these game and have never experienced any of this.

Author Chthonian121 ( ago)
Tats Top Videos beat WatchMojo with this list 4 years ago

Author Daniel García ( ago)
Question: that scary sound effect is in the actual game? or is just something that was add to the footege in the edition?

Author Sprinkly McDonuts ( ago)
5:59 When you love your mom so much, that you buy a bathing hat with her face on it all over the place.

Author 1,000 Subscribers with no videos ( ago)
at 0:31 he bit ur balls

Author broken asom ( ago)
Black ops 1?

Author Devlin Jones ( ago)
It's a coconut in the thumbnail

Author Dankmeme 111 ( ago)
0:09 (pause) oh look the shining

Author sonicmaster047 ( ago)
I remember a rather terrifying glitch in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix on ps2. Throughout the game every so often when you went to the Great Hall, the NPC students would be frozen in place and appear as if their bodies where made of wood, their eyes bulging out of their skulls...someone was practising the dark arts during that game.

Author g oogle ( ago)
3:58 why does the incomplete face make this scene slightly sexual?

Author Sarah M ( ago)
For some reason, I couldn't stop laughing at the mannequin mom one X'D

Author EsponXany ( ago)
5:58 lookcat his hair.

Author Jessica Williams ( ago)
There are so many glitches in the Sims 😂 they're so dumb

Author BlueInferno392 ( ago)
the invisible faces are a reference to Fat Alberts friend 😂😂😂😂

Author BlueInferno392 ( ago)

Author Kyle Campbell ( ago)
6:50-6:53 like the E.T. Atari game?

Author Marshal Rawal ( ago)
Watch mojo is my favourite top ten list Youtuber

Author Bryan Matheny ( ago)
Anyone see the user name for the Assassin's Creed entry, ALI213? Someone has been pirating games! (ALI213 is a team of crackers, like CPY. When they crack a steam game they use their group name for the steam username so their cracked games always default to the user: ALI213.) No judging, I just found it funny!

Author Eric Barnes ( ago)
these aren't creepy glitches they're hilarious

Author Kali Garcia ( ago)
This one made me giggle.

Author PANTYEATR1 ( ago)
Red Dead Redemption manimals are creepy AF! you sure that's a glitch?

Author RatedR619spear ( ago)
Gerald is saying it's huge

Author MrFringe100 ( ago)
dont forget the moving manequins from skyrim. Imagine a mannequin leaving his pedestal and walking around the house, that almost made me shit my pants

Author Joesquiff Nash ( ago)
How are they not gonna mention that vitos hair is made out of his face in the maniquin mum bit ?😂

Author Johannes Truppel ( ago)
Not the skyrim walking maneqin glich? I heard atleast 100 times that they start following you for no reason

Author teoteous ( ago)
When I actually got to play Fallout: New Vegas I was kinda disappointed that the intro where doc was seemingly possessed by a demon was patched out.

Author kensredemption ( ago)
Those Halo ghosts look like Grif...

Author ANEX ( ago)
no ben drowned?? that is the true grandfather of creepyglitches and creepypasta not some shitty sherlock holmes game

Author Weebot ( ago)
i experienced a glitch in super hot where the game lagged to hell and an enemy made only out of legs appeared. there are pictures of it on my twitter.

Author Bnic5 ( ago)
Pretty sure you just stole this from Cracked

Author YoureBeautiful4Life ( ago)
Sims 3 children was bad but the Sims 2 glitch when literally the whole ground would disappear and was replaced with babies faces was worse

Author DJtickles ( ago)
anybody remember the crawling monster on battfield 3 beta!?

Author ( ago)
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Author Iida Elena ( ago)
if you have downloaded custom content in The Sims 3 that might happen because the cc can be worn on any age. So technically it's not the game's fault

Author Fullmetal1890P ( ago)
I love how the narrator chalks every glitch up to satanic forces lol like, is that what Westerners think is responsible for everything? Satan?

Author pokemonmewCr7 ( ago)
nice list bullshit commentary

Author Adrian2040 ( ago)
Pretty sure #1 is not a glitch. Rather, it was programmed that way so Watson would always be by your side.

Author Nikki Villemaire ( ago)
When I saw the glitch for "Assassin's Creed", the hair made it look like the person's head was a coconut.

Author Mr. Frack You Man! ( ago)
I find these glitches funny as hell. I don't know why everybody else gets all creeped out about them.

Author Kayla Vix ( ago)
The Sims 3 glitch is caused by mods. When you download certain clothes that adults can wear sometimes they dress the babies in them. It's so annoying. My sim had a newborn once and it was just a long stick across the screen it was horrifying because it's face was still on the stick but it was stretched out across the screen. I had to use a cheat to grow the baby up. 😱

Author nix ( ago)
Well for number 7, it IS caused due to mods. Custom content is very common in most sims games, and that is where you find the messed up toddlers. If you take a game with absolutely no custom content and a game with a ton of custom content, you are more likely to find the "demon toddlers" in the latter than the former. In fact, I don't think it is possible to find it in a game without custom content
This is due to creators being careless and enabling items meant for an adult for a toddler. It messes up the body of the sim, as the article of clothing is simply not meant for them. EA is not going to be so careless, since it is /their/ game

Author The Hidden Thunder ( ago)
Isn't creepy watson just a lack of walking animations forcing watson to only move when the player cant see him?

Author DobieMeltfire ( ago)
Look up MLB The Show 17 Face glitch.

Author TheCrappyVideoGameChannel ( ago)
My computer lost wifi for 3 minutes at 0:15. Thanks WatchMojo for letting me look at that creepy face while my computer reconnected.

Author ARstudios ( ago)

Author Mohammed Al Habib ( ago)
Goofy and Donald do the same thing Watson does in Kingdom Hearts 2

Author cookingcraftingderping ( ago)
the thumbnail looks like a coconut with a face

Author ARstudios ( ago)
umm during the entry where the mom changes into a manikin dudes hair also changed perhaps it's the missing skin graphic. ????

Author Nergalsama01 ( ago)
Oh, yes, I remember No. 1. Thankfully, the developers fixed Watson's teleportation skills in an updated re-release.

Author Nicholas King ( ago)
#1 wasnt a glitch. the programmers just didnt have enough time to properly program the movemnet ai for watson so they just had him teleport instead.

Author Joey Thorn ( ago)
No Battlefield 4 BETA glitch???

Author Derrick Haggard ( ago)
Mass Effect trilogy the various glitches that distort Shepard's face those are creepy.

Author Teehee Giggle giggle ( ago)
So scary 😐

Author Kitkat 26 ( ago)
the other day I was playing fallout 3 and I looked at the guy who was helping me and his gun was upside-down I died from laughing 😂😂

Author User Number Juan ( ago)
games cursed with souls of the damned yes

Author Eric ( ago)
This is why I don't play video games...O_O

Author this toy review ( ago)
hadn't they made this list already?

Author Your Favorite Canadian Youtuber, Eh! ( ago)
I don't remember seeing that glitch in Halo 3.

Author BeardedWonder 756 ( ago)
the doc one from New Vegas always makes me laugh. Everything he says sounds creepy, I just never noticed it until his head was spinning

Author Sebastian Acosta ( ago)
#1 is SCP-173 in a Watson suit

Author wmkx381612 ( ago)
That top 3 made me laugh the whole damn time omg

Author Spider Games ( ago)
Meh they all not scary except the demon children and the missing faces

Author Miguel Crawford ( ago)
0:40 That quality is NOT ok

Author ID cOmplex ( ago)
inside moxxi glitch from goths channel was pretty frightening.

Author Fowl-sama ( ago)
Has anyone seen the glitch in The Last of Us where Ellie turns into the spaghetti monster from hell, all the while riding on Joel's horse through the college?

Author MegaAnifreak ( ago)
You forgot the Luigi Suicide Glitch in Luigi's Mansion

Author lalilulelo ( ago)
I have never encountered manimals in Red Dead Redemption.

Author Pixelz InBlooo ( ago)
Everytime I saw Watson pop up in front of the player, I let out a fake gasp because it was SO funny! XD

P.S. I read the wikipedia page for the Sherlock Holmes game, and I found out that the Creepy Watson thing was actually an INTENTIONAL move by the game developers to make sure Watson is always near Sherlock, but the reason why he's "creepy" is because they forgot to animate Watson walking.

Author JulZ 97 ( ago)
naaw, I never got that red dead glitch

Author Nova Cultura ( ago)
i like the new creepy music

Author Nep-tune Sama ( ago)
where mass effect andromeda ?

Author Krzysztof Ka ( ago)
where's Clubber Fuck ?

Author ratchet qwark ( ago)
what about fallout 3 glitch where the enemies could turn into flying scribble demons in the sky lol

Author Rory Robertson ( ago)
point despite dirt immediate squeeze stop ad severe.

Author LeAndra Phillips ( ago)

Author fleur ( ago)

Author Bounty Hawk ( ago)
Skyrim mannequin glitch? mannequins moving arou d ur house and teleporting when ur not watching

Author Mike Morris ( ago)
#5 is why I lost faith in Ubisoft.

Author Mikaela Nielsen ( ago)
Nice explanation of the Halo glitch. XD

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