Flexi-Strand No Sew, No Glue, Hair Extension System,

Revolutionary New Process

Absolutely No-Sewing, No-Glue

No Combs, Clips or Chemicals

No Interlock or Fusion and it not Tree

For pricing &other information goto Our New website:

Just Comb it in and braid it up

Complete application with just 5, 8 or 13 braids

When you're finished with the braids you're finished with the weave!!!

Apply in about 2 hours

Crown Only Application 5 braids 1/2 hour

Partial Head Application 8 braids 1 hour

Full Head Application 13 braids 2 hours

Natural, undetectable look

Lays flat as bonded extensions

More secure than a sew-in weave

Wear parted or in ponytails or updos

Healthy for the natural hair

Wear with or without relaxer or color

Great for covering natural hair or alopecia

Promotes healthy hair growth

Comfortable, no stress or tension on the hairline

Low Maintenance

Many beautiful, low maintenance styles

Swim, shampoo or change hair styles during wear

Remove in 30 minutes without scissors or solvents.

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Author mayvis welch (1002 years ago)
this is awesome product,")amazing,,,keep up the beautiful work,,,,

Author Chyna Sealy ( ago)
Thats a sew in...

Author Shumon Johnson ( ago)
What? Why isn't this THE method for the hair extension industry right now?!
Looks like the timing was just off for this method at the time of this
invention. Go full throttle on this TODAY and be a billionaire tomorrow! 

Author Britt Falls ( ago)
what that was a sewn whats the differences
.I see braiding hair in trcak i though about that but wont it tangle ?

Author shenicken snk ( ago)
I am looking for the stylist that does it in san diego but her website is
not up and her number is wrong she use to be on the website but now she's
not. is their anyway you can find her I believe her name was Linda Wynn

Author Melody Wright ( ago)
How much would this cost? 

Author Chelsea Bankston ( ago)
How old is this product? This video looks like it was made in the 80s/90s.
No one talks about this. Is it still available?

Author Christian Nicole ( ago)
Love this! In there an informational dvd?

Author Daina Rosado ( ago)
This is so smart lol why haven't I heard of this sooner??

Author rosiebellaruby ( ago)
like really short hair?

Author rosiebellaruby ( ago)
what if i have short hair?

Author Brightrose377 ( ago)
4.24 new lease on life

Author cya davis ( ago)
If i knew about this sooner i woud have helther hair,I love this method and
have never tryed it out but i will be soon.

Author yagirl dimples ( ago)
Why does this commercial look like its from the 80's???

Author Sistar Floyd ( ago)
I've never heard of flexi strand. Is the market for this type of hair
popular now? Where can I find a dealer for this product

Author edward gaines ( ago)

Author Dominique Hartwell ( ago)
I would really like to try this hair technique . Hope I find this type of
hair :)

Author crivera007 ( ago)

Author crivera007 ( ago)
Place your order on line a FlexistrandDOTcom or call the main office

Author Nizaria18 ( ago)
oh poland

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@Nizaria18 Flexi-Strand is shipped almost anywhere there's a
demand...However, just to be sure where are you in Europe?

Author Nizaria18 ( ago)
u I want that only that I live in Europe can i get it shipped?

Author crivera007 ( ago)
We aren't looking for Flexistrand Distributors at this time, however, go we
website or contact the office for other opportunities to become provide or
an affiliate of Flexi-Strand Products 

Author Mz. T. ( ago)
kool i alwayz thought of sumthng like diz dat glue iz agavating

Author crivera007 ( ago)
You can place your order online at flexistrandDOTcom

Author crivera007 ( ago)
The New Shipment of Flexi-Strand's 100% Remi Human Hair Has
now at special pricing.

Author crivera007 ( ago)
Its just braided in with the natural hair. Also go to our new website to
see our brand new Free Demonstration Video showing the new 1-Hour/1-Piece

Author ChevoneC ( ago)
I do not see how to really put it in,,are you braiding it or just putting
it on the scalp?

Author crivera007 ( ago)
Look & Learn Classes Dudley Beauty School 8501 S. Green., Chicago, IL $25
Advanced. $30 at door (3 CEHs) Mon, 7-Mar 10 am – 1 pm 773-488-5900
Flexi-Strand Center 3419 Howard, Skokie, IL $30 Registrations Only (4 CEHs)
Braiders Welcome Sun, 3-Apr 2 pm – 6 pm 847-933-9310 Jordans Beauty Supply
1911 E. 79th, Chcago, IL $35 Advanced or at door (4 CEHs) Mon, 16-May 10am
– 2 pm 733-734-6268 .

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@ekocentric Yes there is just type french braid or cornroll braid in the
search area...

Author ekocentric ( ago)
@crivera007 I'd love to learn this but I can't braid. Do you know that
there are videos for braiding here on youtube?

Author crivera007 ( ago)
The new website is up and running. The new shipment of Flexi-Strand 100%
Remy Hair Extension will be in next week. Orders will be shipped in the
order received. 

Author crivera007 ( ago)
There is not hair removal system. With Flexi-Strand you just use your hands
and un-braid the braids---thats it

Author Hairstyleremovers ( ago)
Great technique, but how is your system helping women to save the hair when
removing the style? so many women are losing thier hair after wearing hair
extensions for 1month or more. Do you tell them about safe removal using
the Take Down Remover System? That way they can continue to use your hair
extension system and protect all their beautiful new growth and their
natural hair. Balding/Thinning is really getting out of control and it is a
growing epidemic in the hair industry now.

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@lovepinksj Goto flexistrandDOTcom or email us talktous@flexistrandDOTcom
to get more information

Author crivera007 ( ago)
Our listing is being updated to reflect the new providers so check the
website for updates.

Author crivera007 ( ago)
We sell both however, the Remi is on backorder

Author djfoxx530 ( ago)
@crivera007 is it in Virginia yet

Author crivera007 ( ago)
Flexi-Strand's grand opening sales will be coming to a close very soon!
Don't miss out on the up to 40 percent off on Demonstrations, training
DVDs, and the Premium Fiber Hair Extension. The Retail Pricing will return
at the end of this Grand Opening Sales

Author crivera007 ( ago)
You can place your order online at flexistrandDOTcom

Author Trishanna Robertson ( ago)
Is this in canada?

Author Trishanna Robertson ( ago)
is this in Toronto,On ?

Author crivera007 ( ago)
No not at this time...

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@ebony5b Yes, you can have Flexi-Strand and have none of your natural hair
left out. In response to your inquiry about shipments to Germany, yes we do
ship to most any country that our shippers can access.

Author Mildred Bode ( ago)
can i use this on natural hair where i don't have to leave hair out? do you
also export to germany?

Author Tonya “Tonya254” Par ( ago)
Very very good. 

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@jianniestrong check out the listing on the FLEXISTRANDdotCOM site look for
the Flexi-Strand Providers pages under California

Author crivera007 ( ago)
The DVD is on sale for $19.99

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@anaturalbeauty3 We have opened our New Website. Go to our new
FLEXISTRANDdotCOM website and look for the link that says, DVDs, Classes,
and Workshops. Don't miss out on our Grand opening sales pricing (even the
training is discounted --for a short time)! 

Author Hydra-Bar Salon ( ago)
Where can I get training for this? I'm a cosmetology student.

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@jianniestrong yes we do, Linda Wynn Flexi-Strand Professional Flexi-Strand
Instructor (Level 1 - Demos) Alopecia Specialist Juswynn Salon 404 Camino
Del Rio South, #100, Studio 2 San Diego, CA 92108 Phone: 619-417-1316 

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@LyteBryte88 Sorry we don't have a provider in Geogia ask you stylist if
they would be willing to add Flexi-Strand as added service and call
us...Just a note Flexi-Strand products are going on sale for over 20
precent off the retail price even the DVD, The Practice Pak and the
training workshops as well. 

Author crivera007 ( ago)
Big Changes are Coming to Flexi-Strand, We have heard you! A NEW more
customer friendly website will be opening very soon (just one website for
information and to purchase our products). Less than one month away. We are
offering some discounted prices during the construction period now through
October 1st. As we incorporate the changes into the new website, keep the
comments and suggestion coming. We want your input! 

Author sherita Torres Townsend ( ago)
igotta me some

Author sherita Torres Townsend ( ago)
dam igotta get me some

Author Miss UniqueRose ( ago)

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@LucaJoy53 It can be puchased on line at the website noted with our videos
on YouTube or just give our a call at 888 NO GLUE 4u

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@piinky79 To minimize the natural dreading process and optimize the health
and integrity of your natural hair, any hair extension should be removed
within 6 – 8 weeks. The natural hair should be combed thoroughly, then
shampooed and conditioned. If the hair extension is in good condition, it
can be reapplied. Otherwise, it should be replaced. 

Author therese ( ago)

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@tRiShdabaddess We sell the Remi Human and the Multi-Blend hair extensions
at the shop -flexistrand -com site

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@nakeshiaarnette The website is noted here in the video description.

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@NycLavoisier No you don't have to be certified, but it least get the DVD
or the Practice Pak (which includs the DVD, one crown package and one base
package which is enough for a full head style) this will help you the
master the Flexi-Strand braiding pattern.

Author Meagan Vogelsang ( ago)
do you need to be certified to be able to do this type of extension? im a
hairstylist and would like to do this in my salon

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@ayonnaful We have a Practice Pak that includes everything you need for a
full head style and the New Self-Paced DVD Series. Just order online

Author aspenwil1 ( ago)
this is way better than sew in sew in messes up my hair 

Author Whitney D ( ago)
I thought it was available in Texas?

Author crivera007 ( ago)
Flexi-Strand is delivered to all 50 States and most countries outside the
U. S.

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@mskrys419 It is available in Philly place your order online

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@missssAC We are working on our new Website to make it easier to find and
buy Flexi-Strand Products. In the meantime there are many Flexi-Strand
products that are now on sale..., Interest just mention you saw this TIP on

Author Zebrina Rudolph ( ago)
how much is it and can it be shipped to virginia?

Author andrea206 ( ago)
@crivera007 I live in South Holland, do I just call the number for an

Author LaTissia ( ago)
@jeferia I'm from Wyoming and have been to Colorado (Denver,Ft Collins
Pikes Peak Boulder etc..) like a million times and you are soooooo right
These two states desperately need more things like this for us BBW
(beautiful black women)

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@TheMsWhisky Elva Padilla Restoration Clovis, NM Phone: 575-760-8461

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@jeferia This is your chance to be the first to offer Flexi-Stand to your

Author Whitney D ( ago)
Where in TX is it available?

Author jeferia ( ago)
ok you guys need this in stores in colorado the money will be big here

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@mzyasmin Murtonda Durant Certified Flexi-Strand Trainer Flexi-Strand
Retailer Phone: 857-544-6878

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@diamondbratz9 No its not the same as sew-in weaves. Flexi-Strand is just
braided into you own hair...then comb, brush, shampoo as you would your own
hair and it can be blow dried or roller set up to 230F degrees

Author mzyasmin ( ago)
wow this is sooo awesome. I live in georgia, and i am so surprised there
isn't anyone doing it here especially since we have all those big name hair
shows, etc. I want this and bad!! Loving it. Whats the closest state to Ga
that does it? I'm willing to go get my hair done

Author diamondbratz9 ( ago)
isnt this the same as sweing?

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@Taeyang101 Not at this time..., You can be the one to being Flexi-Strand
to Augusta, GA

Author Magic ( ago)
it looks bulky...

Author crivera007 ( ago)
Chicago Land Provider Tammy Smith Chicago, IL, 60619 Phone: 312-505-8513
Jeannie Alopecia Specialist South Holland, IL 60473 Phone: 708-596-0724
Laura Powell LaGrange Park, IL 60526 Phone: 708-743-3200 Ms Lyn . Lansing,
IL 60438 Phone: 773-981-4966 Rose Akpan Executive Studio Salon Evanston, IL
60202 Phone: 847-962-7673

Author Valkyrie Grey ( ago)
Sewn ins don't hurt your hair. If it messes up your hair thats either
because the stylist screwed it up or the person with the hair didnt care
for it!

Author oprah7 ( ago)
how about growing some real black long hair like: longhairdontcare2011,
rusticbeauty, and kimmaytube. ring a bell?

Author crivera007 ( ago)
Flexi-Strand is now available at Hair Depot Plus 317 Mannheim Rd.
Bellwood, IL 60104 (708) 632-4333 

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@lawofflizzy Just check out the stylist-Braid page on the main website. Or
if you have a favorite stylist-braid get a Practice Pak which includes the
new Self-Paced learning 3 DVD series "AND" 2 packages of Flexi-Strand ( 1
crown package, 1 base package) thats enough to do a full head stylist...

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@20chinadoll Flexi-Strand can be ordered on line or call (888) No-GLUE-4U

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@20chinadoll Flexi-Strand products are sale at our store and phone in
orders at 888-NO-GLUE-4U

Author crivera007 ( ago)
If you need more information or you want to attend a demo contact: Linda
Wynn Alopecia Specialist Juswynn Salon Demo Class --> Monday, June 28, 2010
10am - 2pm Quality Inn Airport Sea World 2901 Nimitz Blvd. San Diego, CA
92106 PH: 619 224-3655 Registration $30 Parking is Free! Refreshments will
be served! North Carolina area --> Murtonda Durant Certified Flexi-Strand
Trainer Flexi-Strand Retailer Phone: 857-544-6878

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@kaemb Place your order at the site noted in the text here or call 888 no
glue4u and ask the your order be sent over night.

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@DJMont21097 You can bring Flexi-Strand products to Houston and get all the
benefits of being the first one in your area to provide this great

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@DJMont21097 Not in Houston but call 888 no glue 4 u for the latest

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@jasonswife001 The pubic training schedule is posted in the shop online
store some are located in Chicago, North Carolina, California, and Florida

Author jasonswife001 ( ago)
can you tell me how i cant get training to use this product please? is
there a day course i can go on? many thanks.

Author crivera007 ( ago)
Product Update: Now you choose the Multi-Blend Style and Color that comes
with your Flexi-Strand Practice Pak...

Author crivera007 ( ago)
FLEXISTRAND AUTHORIZED STYLIST: 1.) Wise Hair Salon: (Ms Rosemarie Thomas)
8 Cuthbert Road London N18 2QL 0208 8036128 07958112101
2.) Mrs Lynn Francis North London O7956028397 3) Ms Marilyn Hawkins
Hertfordshire 07961140421 4) Ms Jacquie Morris South
East London 07949431689 5) Ms Olubukoza Shodeinde North London 07960356832 

Author crivera007 ( ago)
@MsShardy21 We have a Crown piece that is the closer.

Author Alisha Endre ( ago)
@traceymanzano exactly

Author crivera007 ( ago)
The New Flexi-Strand 3 disc Self-Paced DVD Series has just been RELEASED
For Online Sales at over a 20% Discount

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