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Author Essence Morgan (9 months)
Thats a sew in...

Author Shumon Johnson (11 months)
What? Why isn't this THE method for the hair extension industry right now?!
Looks like the timing was just off for this method at the time of this
invention. Go full throttle on this TODAY and be a billionaire tomorrow! 

Author Britt Falls (11 months)
what that was a sewn whats the differences
.I see braiding hair in trcak i though about that but wont it tangle ?

Author crivera007 (4 years)
@20chinadoll Flexi-Strand products are sale at our store and phone in
orders at 888-NO-GLUE-4U

Author oprah7 (4 years)
how about growing some real black long hair like: longhairdontcare2011,
rusticbeauty, and kimmaytube. ring a bell?

Author therese (4 years)

Author crivera007 (5 years)
You can order online on the shopping cart listed in the discription with
the video or by phone at (888) NO GLUE 4U

Author jeferia (4 years)
ok you guys need this in stores in colorado the money will be big here

Author MsShardy21 (5 years)
okay yeah thats nice but how do you close the top of the hair, i would most
def use this how can you get it?

Author crivera007 (4 years)
@anaturalbeauty3 We have opened our New Website. Go to our new
FLEXISTRANDdotCOM website and look for the link that says, DVDs, Classes,
and Workshops. Don't miss out on our Grand opening sales pricing (even the
training is discounted --for a short time)!

Author JuicyCouture318 (5 years)

Author Tonya Par (4 years)
Very very good.

Author Autochthonous Rican Lady (4 years)
@crivera007 Do they have any salons in San Diego?

Author Autochthonous Rican Lady (4 years)
@crivera007 Is she the only one that can do the flexi strand? because no
one can get in contact with her...

Author crivera007 (4 years)
@ekocentric Yes there is just type french braid or cornroll braid in the
search area...

Author Hydra-Bar Salon (4 years)
Where can I get training for this? I'm a cosmetology student.

Author Mildred Bode (4 years)
can i use this on natural hair where i don't have to leave hair out? do you
also export to germany?

Author crivera007 (5 years)
Flexi-Strand can be purchased at shop[dot]flexistrand[dot]com

Author yashibabii18 (4 years)

Author crivera007 (4 years)
@lovepinksj Goto flexistrandDOTcom or email us talktous@flexistrandDOTcom
to get more information

Author crivera007 (4 years)
Its just braided in with the natural hair. Also go to our new website to
see our brand new Free Demonstration Video showing the new 1-Hour/1-Piece

Author crivera007 (4 years)
@nakeshiaarnette The website is noted here in the video description.

Author crivera007 (5 years)
Taiwo Ibironke Wise Hair London 8 Cuthbert Rd Edmonton Angel Corner, London
N18 2QL Phone: 0044-0208-803-6128

Author Mz. T. (4 years)
kool i alwayz thought of sumthng like diz dat glue iz agavating

Author crivera007 (4 years)
@mzyasmin Murtonda Durant Certified Flexi-Strand Trainer Flexi-Strand
Retailer Phone: 857-544-6878

Author 77scooterscoot (5 years)
I really want these, i'm 11 and i wear contacts and extensions everyday,
and it would be nice if i could wake up and only put in contacts, and not
have the extensions fuss every morning. Thanks(: <3

Author crivera007 (4 years)
@diamondbratz9 No its not the same as sew-in weaves. Flexi-Strand is just
braided into you own hair...then comb, brush, shampoo as you would your own
hair and it can be blow dried or roller set up to 230F degrees

Author crivera007 (4 years)
Place your order on line a FlexistrandDOTcom or call the main office

Author SuperXrunner (5 years)
Who ever thought this up is a Genius!!! Koodos :)

Author crivera007 (5 years)
There are several ways to close depending on the style (full head or
partial head). Both are shown in the DVD.

Author yagirl dimples (3 years)
Why does this commercial look like its from the 80's???

Author Rovonne Horton (4 years)
ok...this process looks just like a sew-in...unless i'm missing something.

Author jasonswife001 (5 years)
can you tell me how i cant get training to use this product please? is
there a day course i can go on? many thanks.

Author QweenKommonSense (4 years)
@mskrys419 Why would you prefer a sew in if you think it would break off
your hair- that IS the problem SOME ppl have with sew in weave, it breaks
off their hair- the thing ppl don't realize about sew in weave is they can
ask for SILK thread or buy it to take to their stylist vs the COTTON - I'd
prefer this system bc it's BRAIDING your hair AROUND the track & nothing is
more healthy for your hair than keeping it braided.

Author Sistar Floyd (3 years)
I've never heard of flexi strand. Is the market for this type of hair
popular now? Where can I find a dealer for this product

Author djfoxx530 (4 years)
@crivera007 is it in Virginia yet

Author san s (5 years)
I'm in london. where do i go to get flexi strand done on my hair? Please
let me know. Thanks.

Author crivera007 (4 years)
@Nizaria18 Flexi-Strand is shipped almost anywhere there's a
demand...However, just to be sure where are you in Europe?

Author tracey marie (5 years)
so these are wefts with selected hair strands at the tops pf the wefts to
braid into the hair?

Author crivera007 (4 years)
@jeferia This is your chance to be the first to offer Flexi-Stand to your

Author cutie111228 (5 years)
omg 2 cute and so natural

Author lawofflizzy (4 years)
if you order online, where do you go to get it put in?

Author crivera007 (4 years)
You can place your order online at flexistrandDOTcom

Author crivera007 (4 years)
@20chinadoll Flexi-Strand can be ordered on line or call (888) No-GLUE-4U

Author crivera007 (5 years)
@DJMont21097 Not in Houston but call 888 no glue 4 u for the latest updates.

Author crivera007 (5 years)
@jasonswife001 The pubic training schedule is posted in the shop online
store some are located in Chicago, North Carolina, California, and Florida

Author crivera007 (4 years)
@mskrys419 It is available in Philly place your order online

Author Dominique Hartwell (3 years)
I would really like to try this hair technique . Hope I find this type of
hair :)

Author crivera007 (4 years)
@NycLavoisier No you don't have to be certified, but it least get the DVD
or the Practice Pak (which includs the DVD, one crown package and one base
package which is enough for a full head style) this will help you the
master the Flexi-Strand braiding pattern.

Author crivera007 (4 years)
You can place your order online at flexistrandDOTcom

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