Bill Maher : most Americans are Dumb & Uneducated

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  • Bill Maher makes his point about how dumb and uneducated the majority of the Americans are.
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  • kristy benson
    kristy benson 1 day ago

    bill mahar is the fucking stupid one

    GROZNAYA 2 days ago

    Blame ZOG for feeding Americans their current education, media, politics, religion, and economy, and Americans with the foresight should blame themselves for letting it get to where it is now. And btw it's not only 'America'. The West in general is on the decline.

  • Irish Knight 1942
    Irish Knight 1942 3 days ago

    More Americans are killed in the streets than are killed in wars in third world countries. The United States has one of the worst health care programs in the free world. Then you have Donald Trump as President. It's time you discovered a world outside of Fox News.

  • Alex Marshall
    Alex Marshall 4 days ago

    I love this guy! He seems like he actually knows the flaws of America and the world that a lot of people don't see or choose to ignore

  • Peter M
    Peter M 4 days ago

    I'm so clever, I've got a show named after myself.

  • t Mann
    t Mann 6 days ago

    sure hope hr doesn't say ,NiggA

  • Jason Neeley
    Jason Neeley 6 days ago

    The sad part about this video ....He can't do the very things he says other people can't. Must be that house N...a mentality

  • Patty Bee
    Patty Bee 7 days ago

    I think most Americans work in survival mode! there you just don't give a damn because you don't take the time to see HOW politics affect you! when you are poor you figure who gives a damn when I can barely cover my bills!

  • Jay S
    Jay S 8 days ago

    And its these same people who have procreated. The scary part is that they will be our future leaders

  • Baba Smith
    Baba Smith 8 days ago

    Yes, Democrats...

  • Kristian Brandt
    Kristian Brandt 8 days ago

    Americans aren't dumb. Well not inheirently so. But you do have a rather shit school system. If all I did all day was train to ace standardised tests while being served pathetic excuses for food, I'd be pretty stupid aswell. Ironically freedom is the reason you still haven't solved education. You're one nation, but each state pretty much has the freedom to govern education as it sees fit. You need to be united under one banner, this indepence nonsense is more or less the root of all your problems.

  • Anthony Joe
    Anthony Joe 8 days ago

    I don't want to criticize Mr. Maher's Intellect but... From MY point of view the sun obviously revolves around the earth. I can see for myself that it does. It might make an over complicated model for some applications; But, for some other applications, it is as simple as night and day and the one I use daily. I say It does! It does! It does revolve around the earth! I can see it for myself! Eighteen percent of Americans are educated enough to know the truth! Kudos to us for our scientific acumen!

  • Frank Martin
    Frank Martin 15 days ago

    And sadly these people take pride in being fucking retards.

  • Lauranicole84
    Lauranicole84 16 days ago


  • zootsootful
    zootsootful 16 days ago

    Yeah, Bill, they are, even more so for giving credence to hacks and presstitutes of your ilk....

  • Alvino A
    Alvino A 17 days ago

    Uh, excuse me: Obama ISN'T a citizen: He was born in Kenya. Both his wife and his own grandmother have said this. The stupidity isn't in believing that he's not a citizen. The stupidity is in NOT KNOWING that he's African by birth ...

  • Jesse Reiter
    Jesse Reiter 22 days ago

    Bill is a anomaly he is as smart as they come he is in the top 99 percent don't you want to be like him. He is the next president of the United States because our advanced liberal state of mind is the reason for all of the love we feel between us. ThAnk you Bill you have become what you are by all of the love you have given back to America and Americans.

  • Joe Blow
    Joe Blow 22 days ago

    Bill Maher is just a preachy fucking moron. Using comedy to lower the bar dumber and dumber every year. He contributes to it directly with his "comedy"

  • Frank Ernesto
    Frank Ernesto 23 days ago

    It's due to the silicone they are adding to our drinking water, and and all those shots they give our kids.

  • Fernando Muslera
    Fernando Muslera 25 days ago

    as an minority myself and muslim my self'' wath the hell is difrent between trump and maher? maher hates my guts for my religion, trump only wants to ban some muslims coming from syria yemen Somalia and other unstable goverments, maher is an first clas muslim hater/.

  • Tamir Almeida
    Tamir Almeida 26 days ago

    Would help if the politician's kids had to go on the wars they fabricate. It would be really interesting to see what kind of wars we would come up with!

  • Pat Fitzgerald
    Pat Fitzgerald 1 month ago

    Bill Maher has placed himself atop such a high pedestal my binoculars just can't make him out anymore. I need a telescope.

  • Glen M
    Glen M 1 month ago

    He's right: most Americans are stupid as hell. And they're all watching Bill Maher.

  • Hmm
    Hmm 1 month ago

    love it, we all love 'merrikans, they make the rest of the world look smart and peaceful.

  • bl4ckant32
    bl4ckant32 1 month ago

    bill maher's wife is not giving him the pleasure.

  • badvagirl
    badvagirl 1 month ago

    most americans are stupid ------ THAT explains how Shillary won the popular vote!!

    MrPEDROU3 1 month ago

    Look who is talking

  • Andrew Davis
    Andrew Davis 1 month ago

    American schools need to focus more on career building and world affairs. besides that we shouldn't be learning bullshit math that we will never use photo synthesis and how the planets move should be taught all through elementary school 5th and 6th grade we should learn about biology by that I mean the systems of the body and white blood cells and red blood cells, 7th grade we should learn reproductive health first semester and keeping are body's healthy the 2nd, 8th grade should focus on evolution 1st semester and food chains 2nd. the only thing we should learn in high school is are career world affairs and a little English.

  • Jo Penny
    Jo Penny 1 month ago

    Well. it ain't CONSERVATIVES who are running our education system.

    hJYIRI GKK 1 month ago

    Poor education and a Jewish Government that hates the Goy and only wants to see them fail while the Jews rise .America is for Jews not for Americans

  • soilder of god
    soilder of god 1 month ago

    Americans are ignorant as fuck who tells a child to not come to school because they rip up there school work wtf

  • Jean Loup T
    Jean Loup T 1 month ago

    How can people being so dumb and at the same time spend a fortune for their education...

  • NYCzora
    NYCzora 1 month ago

    Trump is dumber than Palin, so unfortunately Bill was right.

  • Jeff Clark
    Jeff Clark 1 month ago

    For such an intelligent guy he should take into account that half of America saw HILLARY coming. When you get down to it you can't blame the people for having a below average IQ you are just dealt that hand. It doesn't mean you don't fill an important role in life. You are just an entertainer and I believe all we get from you is your opinion and we all have those so your not that special.

  • Travis Haynes
    Travis Haynes 1 month ago

    You can't measure intelligence in terms of education. Education is simply indoctrination into the system. Better yet to educate yourself.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 1 month ago

    Americans are very stupid, just look at who is president of the U.S. now, half the voters regret their vote

    ASIT CICI 1 month ago

    This video is real, Americans are this dumb

  • Albert Rogers
    Albert Rogers 1 month ago

    The correct phrase is "stupid and ignorant".

  • samirriani
    samirriani 1 month ago

    a dumb, uneducated, ignorant, society, leaded, by dumb, unedecated , fucked up "leaders", with the ultimate, "supreme leader" , a so called "free elected president", under control of warfare industry, bankers, wall street, etc who really rules the (d)evil agenda of the "elected president" and his "powerfull entourage", inner cirle of the elite ,powerfull devils , ..the "president is only a dumb insane , psychopathic puppet , a "commander in chief" who belong not in the white house but in a mental instution, or a jail for his bahaviour, etc

  • Sharon Donovan
    Sharon Donovan 1 month ago

    i agree bill half of america need study hall

  • Dr. Emeter Diacope
    Dr. Emeter Diacope 1 month ago

    what of physica. practical blacksmithing. the elements. the trivium. the picatrix?

  • swiperboy sb
    swiperboy sb 1 month ago

    lol if u ever get stuck in a normal cp level high school classes... u will see some of the dumbest students. im glad that my parents forced me to take mainly ap level classes so i can go to college lol

  • Kelly Garrett
    Kelly Garrett 1 month ago

    the sad thing is it's true.

  • Alter Kater
    Alter Kater 1 month ago

    Most non-Americans are also Dumb & Uneducated.

  • Connor Stein
    Connor Stein 1 month ago

    The problem isn't scholarlisation, because school doesn't make you intelligent (although it does teach you some things that are very interesting or useful to some degree), the problem is people's educations (by their parents, friends, media, ressources, etc). Something is lacking in their surrounding environment that is making them stupid/ignorant.

  • Dan Tyler
    Dan Tyler 1 month ago

    Most Americans are dumb and uneducated?
    But the US spends billions of $ on education... More than any other country on the planet.
    So, we need to spend trillions on education?
    When will the insane just shut up?

  • Hua-Kuang Liu
    Hua-Kuang Liu 1 month ago

    I didn't think americans were stupid even after getting convinced by this video and being told that 40% of americans believe that the earth is 6000 years old. I wasn't believing that americans are stupid... until Trump became president. I was wrong this whole time.

  • Derpy Redneck
    Derpy Redneck 1 month ago

    So said the Democratic Shill who could've made his audience support Gary Johnson, BUT NOOOO HE HAD TO SELL OUT TO FUCKING KILLARY CUCKTON!!!!

  • richard day
    richard day 2 months ago

    proves your point that you are indeed a "pinhead"?

  • Dead droid
    Dead droid 2 months ago

    Americans are really Stupid

  • American Lowlife
    American Lowlife 2 months ago

    Pinhead?! Like in Hellraiser?! Awsome!

  • Liana Roccon
    Liana Roccon 2 months ago

    You voted for a stupid President case closed

  • SingleTax
    SingleTax 2 months ago

    Eight years of sitting atop your high horse and telling the rest of the country how much smarter Obama and Hillary supporters are than everyone else. How's that been working out for you?

  • 27kdon
    27kdon 2 months ago

    Americans enjoyed power and wealth for a while now and became complacent and lazy. It's the natural course of a powerful civilisation. And I think the lack of education is a critical sign of downfall. Educate the masses to save the country or we'll die in a stupor of ignorance

  • James Brown
    James Brown 2 months ago

    that athiest bitch got God taken out of schools now look at our kids today. disrespectful lazy punks. man thinks their smarter than God. what a joke. Scientists thot the earth was flat not to long ago when the Bible said it was a sphere . also said that light was divided. the unicorns mentioned where the one horned rhino's. cause some have two horns and thats what they where refered to. unintelligent people believing what scientist tell them. remember the partial skelton they found here in the states. the missing link.?it turned out to be only a pigs tooth.

  • American Noodle
    American Noodle 2 months ago

    Bill Maher : " most Americans are Dumb & Uneducated because they think they are FREE.....when jews run the USA like a Milk Farm"

  • warlock
    warlock 2 months ago

    Maher is jew posing as an atheist, Americans are fat lazy coward dumb and ungrateful, they are easily
    scared into anything like a sheep, kids in 3rd world are far more brave than stupid Americans who digest the
    garbage their Govt feeds them, they dont want to risk anything they love comfort of their lifestyle, so they wave the flag "SUPPORT THE TROOPS"

  • Gulf Marsh Bayou and Bay

    Foreigners of the USA getting a lesson from this chap ? Hahahahahahah SAD bill Maher doesn't believe his own bs. you all must not know much about the world. Maybe traveling a bit could get you game up to par. Hey maybe google the countless African countries and middle eastern lands that are riddled with illiteracy. Facts show Americans score above average over MANY MANY countries. Just saying. I could care less what anyone thinks. Because you all that sit there talking big game, from you clothes to your music all try to be American. Sad how bad you SMART people wanna be just like these DUMB Americans. Hahahahahahahaha

  • mako zero
    mako zero 2 months ago

    to be a complete retarded moron is every american god given right. PERIOD.

  • Kawhi Leonard
    Kawhi Leonard 2 months ago

    Honestly YouTube is one of the main reasons kids are dumb.I mean look at some of the comments.The grammar in some are god awful and speaking of god,god is also a main reason for stupid people I mean seriously.How can someone be educated and think god is real its just terrible

  • gmwilliamsful
    gmwilliamsful 2 months ago

    Most people are stupid, really.  The average IQ is 100, need I say more.

  • Luke Powell
    Luke Powell 2 months ago

    Americans aren't stupid (not american)

  • Jmo Bello
    Jmo Bello 2 months ago

    Actually, we have the highest IQ average ever.

  • Rony M
    Rony M 2 months ago

    Funny thing is that half or more of the people in the audience don´t know the things Bill is saying either. That's the hipocrisy of US. Now, the thing is that the media (music, tv, cinema, and even most of modern literature) wants to people to stay DUMB. Think about it, a dumb person spends more money in more useless things than a inteligent one. This discusion is a complex one, but one thing is for sure: Money is behind everthing! Companies wanna be more and more rich than they already are, and don't care in making people dumber to achieve this goal. Let's wake up, guys. Let's read more. Culture is freedom. So many sh*t nowdays: Terrorism, neo nazi, nicki minaj, bad media... Let's just work out, read a good book and relax. Let's raise our children well, and not let the media do this for us... Money is good, of course. But to much money makes people animals, and thats what most of rich media, conglomerate, guys are... Animals that wanna become more rich with people ignorance. Cheers from Brazil!

  • James Gravil
    James Gravil 2 months ago

    "Just because a country elects a smart president, doesn't make it a smart country."

    So, when a country elects a dumb president...........................?

  • Max Lee
    Max Lee 2 months ago

    Bill i love you but once you implied that Holland was a country so...

  • Vaclav Haval
    Vaclav Haval 2 months ago

    (((Leftists))) like Bill Maher destroy American education and then have the chutzpah to blame the victims. S.O.S. Oy vey!

  • deluxe05rrt
    deluxe05rrt 2 months ago

    listen faggot; the only ones that are uneducated are the ones that listen to you and vote for liberals.

  • faizan abbasi
    faizan abbasi 2 months ago


  • Yoadel
    Yoadel 3 months ago

    Americas revolutionary war was Britain vs Britain and France and Spain and just about every other country in the world. they all ganged up and America just sorta happened at the end.

  • Bredah Jake
    Bredah Jake 3 months ago

    The American high school drop out rate is the highest among other Western nations, often twice as high. I rest my case.

  • M&M
    M&M 3 months ago

    Row v wade? I know. I know. Some Mexicans row over to US while others wade.

  • Lockon Stratos
    Lockon Stratos 3 months ago

    USA the greatest, best universities and win Olympics, come visit

  • Johannes Brahms
    Johannes Brahms 3 months ago

    Americans DO need P E R S P E C T I V E! They need to read "The Barbarians are Here." They need to realize who the liberal leaders are-foul mouthed atheists who are their own Gods and think they will live forever. How many lifelong atheists who were lauded and celebrated repented on their deathbeds for their miserable lives!! America's newest moral decline began in the 60's. By "newest" I mean that there were several others in our rather brief history, including the 1920's and before the revivals in the 19th century
    So sad that young people who are kind, thoughtful, generous, and caring come to the universities and become radicalized, wasting their time on liberal issues that "appear" to be caring, but that destroy families and neighborhoods and education and prosperity.
    It is such a waste that conservative sites reference such as Maher and Behar, and Rosie, and Michael Moore.
    Spend what time you have left on this earth to help people both now and for eternity.

  • agensar
    agensar 3 months ago

    I am an American ,and I'm ashamed I have to share my citizens ship same as your s

  • Hadeel Alsulami
    Hadeel Alsulami 3 months ago

    wow and they say muslims are dump well I have talked to Americans they are really dump

  • fzerowipeoutlover
    fzerowipeoutlover 3 months ago

    O'Reilly: "Bill, you're a pinhead!"
    Maher: "Who you callin' pinhead!"

  • Rob T
    Rob T 3 months ago

    My best friend is pretty stupid as well, that's why i love America!

  • RNG Stalinium
    RNG Stalinium 3 months ago

    Murica is still number 1!!!!!

  • Cove
    Cove 3 months ago

    people in america still think you need meat to survive

  • Lebron James
    Lebron James 3 months ago

    2:13 Jesus I thought this was the only thing they learnt in school

  • myfake account
    myfake account 3 months ago

    200% when they say American they mean the white people.

  • Philip Cohen
    Philip Cohen 3 months ago

    <b>CPAC News: Bannon confirms it is he that is the source of the “voices” inside the “so-called” president’s head</b>

    Meanwhile, the world’s greatest charlatan, Donald J. Drumpf, continues to demonstrate that he is a ignorant, delusional, bloviating, autocratic, divisive, inarticulate, thin-skinned, grossly narcissistic sociopath; an unethical, arrogant, bullying, incompetent, pathological fabulator and liar, and a politically naïve fool; and his febrile brain continues “status twitterus” (a dangerous mental condition in which twittering fits follow one another without recovery of consciousness between them)—in sum, a classic “Dunning-Kruger” affectee—totally unfit to be POTUS.

    Drumpf’s sole reason for being has never been other than to feed his insatiable narcissism, and underpin his—always exaggerated and, hopefully, now declining—wealth. Anyone that thinks that he has ever had any sense of “service” other than self-service, or that a man who has spent his entire adult life promoting his “brand”—invariably at the cost of, usually, the “poorly educated”—now cares one iota about anyone else, or that his familial parasites will pass up any opportunity to monetise his presidency, is naive—in the extreme.

    Drumpf is a oaf; had he not been born into great wealth, it’s probable he would now be living under an overpass somewhere. Yet, the "poorly educated" have elected this bouffanted buffoon to be POTUS, making the U.S. the laughing stock of the world—certainly, the thuggish, beady-eyed Russian “tsar” is chortling—his new “sock puppet” is such a gross narcissist he is unaware that it's Putin's (or SS-Obergefreiter Bannon’s) fingers that are stimulating his colon. Still, maybe Putin will one day provide us with copies of Drumpf’s tax returns.

    Drumpf is a grossly ignorant man offering dangerously simple answers to complex problems—How can his presidency possibly end other than in some tragedy?

  • sixes & sevens
    sixes & sevens 4 months ago


  • yxcvbnm 2231
    yxcvbnm 2231 4 months ago

    Bill Maher a jew keep your eyes open

  • Howard L Minnick
    Howard L Minnick 4 months ago

    That's right Bill...that's why Hillary received so many votes....Stupidity reigned !!!

  • Sciencebirdinci
    Sciencebirdinci 4 months ago

    Dumb people exist in all countries not just the US

  • ryan bambino
    ryan bambino 4 months ago

    I'm constantly told as an American that we live in the greatest country on earth. Why do I feel like in many ways we live in the worst? Even this guy Bill Maher is an atheist and completely disrespects my religion and any religion for that matter, yet he has the nerve to think he is higher then anybody else.

    • Sarah Jones
      Sarah Jones 3 months ago

      You are told lies in America.

    • Sarah Jones
      Sarah Jones 3 months ago

      Your education system is messed up.

  • Keyboard Gladiator
    Keyboard Gladiator 4 months ago

    Most jews are ugly and stink.

  • Future Vision
    Future Vision 4 months ago

    MESSAGE TO ALL THE AMERICAN HATERS DOWN BELOW: how's it feel to have nothing better to do than put your country on a pedistal and barage us with hate hm? Sounds an awful lot like hypocrisy to me. If you truly are as great as you all so claim, then be the bigger person and don't post at all. Fair warning, whatever insult you have toward me, I've most likely have heard it serval times before now.

  • Victoire Lotika
    Victoire Lotika 4 months ago

    People in this country know more about celebrities than their own Country. Ask anyone about the Kardashians they can tell so much shit about them but ask about the Three Branches of Government and you will be shocked at people's answer.

  • adhanda2017
    adhanda2017 4 months ago

    takes one to know one...

  • greymobvmp
    greymobvmp 4 months ago

    Unless you in a very large part, educate yourself then your education will be spiked by people who stand at the gates to such places of learning.
    In the world of today the best education you will receive is the one where you are taught to teach yourself and only then will you be the captain of your own soul and not some tool for others who have your life all planed out for you.
    That is the way of the world.
    Welcome to the 21st century.

  • speedwithamustache
    speedwithamustache 4 months ago

    There are ways to fix this problem. We could require people to pass an 8th grade final exam before issuing them a driver's license. We could enforce actual educational standards, as was done in the 19th century. Or start issuing reproductive licenses, where you would have to explain in scientific detail how babies are made, before you can have one. Because people who slept through sex education class, really ARE stupid.

  • Nickname Why are you reading this TWAT

    Worse the Rivero show fooled us all..looks like he's going over to Trump's new media group...scary how people creep for his favour..

  • flowgo
    flowgo 4 months ago

    and now they only news they get is from is from a facisist on twitter, they never question, and swallow it with out thought lol

  • Tim Wilde
    Tim Wilde 4 months ago

    Maher is such an idiot!! You can do this kind of research for EVERY nation in the world and come to the same conclusions!! America does NOT have the market cornered on "dumb and uneducated".

  • 이승현
    이승현 4 months ago

    i don't think americans are exclusive for being stupid or ignorant there's so many dumbass niggas around the world . i mean they literally everywhere from the bottom of life to the politicians some retarded woman from Germany allowed immigrants into its territory and gave privileged rights above local people

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