Guess the worst zodiac sign . See if you get the right answer.Please comment

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Author Gloria Cisneros (3 months)
i guessed it ;)

Author Mountainvictory (4 months)
Virgos are fucking evil!

Author fml3131 (8 months)
I'm 100% certain it's not aries, sagi, capri, gemini, pisces, aqua and
cancer. I'm guessing a virgo?

Author Lydia Knoeller (1 day)
im a libra but I my personality perfectly matches that of a cancers

Author royal001ful (2 days)
I was guessing this was about scorpios. I loathe scorpios. They have no
good qualities. Think about a quality that you like about people. then
about the opposite quality. That's a scorpio. I am an aquarius. I think
scorpio is my polar opposite. Yuck.

Author David Marino (4 days)
Listen people...lets be honest here... every zodiac sign has good and bad
traits... but overall when comparing in numbers we could all agree PISCES
has the best quality traits... because being too dreamy or a slow paced
doesnt make you a bad person...all other signs have negative traits like
selfishness being stuck up emotionless..jealous... but Pisces positive
traits over shadow our negative ones... and we're the only sign that can
actually get along with anybody else... we may not like how some people are
but we can talk to them and listen and even become friends with them we
really dont have any enemies like all the other signs.... lets be real
about this... we're the chameleon of the zodiac and we can adjust to any
situation...every Pisces i know gets along with everybody... they might not
like somebody but we will never start shit...or spread a rumor.. fight with
someone.... im not saying we're perfect but we're overall nice down to
earth easygoing helpful careless emotional dreamy creatures who just wanna
be loved 

Author EWS60008 (28 days)
It depends on their Ascendant and Moon signs as not all Virgo's are bad. I
am a Gemini-sun, Libra-Asc, Moon-Pisces and I think to class all people
born under one star-sign is somewhat unfair. I know a couple of Virgo's
that treat their partners like shit and some of the fucking things he does
to them is downright evil and ugly in my view.

But I also have some cracking Virgo friends that you CAN have a laugh with
and they are great people. Maybe you are just unlucky with the bad ones
here, but stereo-typing one starsign as bad is very unfair :(.

The least star-signs I get on well with is Sagittarius (they are too fickle
for my liking) and Capricorn (unrealistic standards) but I don't know many
people from those signs and I keep an open-mind ;).

Author EpicGamingChannelTV (1 month)
I know a girl who's Virgo, she's extremely annoying and rude. She also
always show off "I have this but you don't have this, epicgamingchannelTV

Author Nicholas Xie (2 months)
Sounds like the uploader,critisizing on Virgo and stereotyping them.

Author David Marino (7 days)
Wow I hit it on the spot.... I feel the same... virgos are such
perfectionist and know it all.... other zodiac kinda similar is aquarios
but i might be wrong 

Author SDR Slick (8 months)
im a scorpio and virgos cant see past their hand and taurs is the worst

Author Sarah Zilli (1 month)
You are gonna find people you don't like from all signs. I'm a Libra so
maybe this is the reason I have this point of view, but I think there are
good and bad people of all signs and really you shouldn't bash the sign
just because you have bad experiences with people of that sign. There are
kind hearted people of that sign and its not fair you decide to label them
as nothing but a waste of time and to stay away from them. How would you
feel if someone decided to tell people to stay away from anyone of your
birth sign, just because you were born a certain day, even though you
didn't do anything to them? It would hurt. So I would turn around and say
that there isn't a "worse sign" out there, it depends on compatibility and
the planets that are ruling that sign, everyone is different and shouldn't
have a label on them

Ok, I'm getting off my soap box now.

Author Little Jimmy (5 months)
Aquarius is the worst sign. Intelligent, useless and think so much of
themselves. They have great love and ideals for people they have never met
and are icy cold to everyone they do know. The best Aquarian is one you
don't know.

Author CrimsonPanther (7 months)
Btw, stay away from Gemini. No offense, but they scare the living shit out
of me.

Author Nikita Das (10 days)
hehe i agree....well i must say that their personalty depends on various
other planets not only sunsign even moon sign n rising sign also have a
deep effect on a person's personality but i can say i have met few of the
virgo's in my lyf n they r pretty horrible person to deal with..well maybe
bcozz m a scorpio but yeah still....they r pretty annoying!! i wud like to
see some exceptions :) 

Author Joy Brautigam (4 days)
I guessed Scorpio. Must be second...

Author Heather Wings (2 months)
LOL I had a virgo friend she had Aspergers. She was extremely judgmental. 

Author Crystal Minh (6 months)
But I'm Tarus

Author magda bader (2 months)
Darn, I thought you were describing excatly my mother. But she is a leo.

Author Alexia Lee (2 months)
At first I was like maybe virgos. Then I was like no definitely not virgos.
Selfish and all. No..

Author avery smith (1 month)
my friend is a virgo and im a cancer... she once pulled my hair because i
pulled her fingernly did because she tried to push me off a swing.

Author Shuriken Chucka (11 days)
There is no worst zodiac sign. I feel sorry for you people that think

Author TheEverythingYoville (8 months)
i guessed it when you said analytical 

Author Keepmovingforward Last (5 months)
Omgeeeee,this was funny as hell,im an Aries and I made a Virgo suffer for
his selfish disgusting ways indeed. He was the most selfish prick I ever
known and childish.

Author Sarah Hasan (6 months)

Author rabbit (3 months)
8s true they are not good people,i hv 2 sisters they are Virgo n very wicked
i dated 2 virgos as well they seems 2 like self interest,criticize tell u
how 2 live your live
but unfortunate 4 dem i can treat them with my power,make dem cry cos im a
n dont 4get dat bitch queen b is a virgo she was 1 of my favorite but
now..... she pretends to be good....

Author Wolfy Cheetah (3 months)
Please don't let it be me.. Cancers get so many fucking critics

Author shalonda jackson (6 months)
wow that was mean damn for a moment when she said bossy I thought my ppl
leo's but I do agree virgo's can be mean and very controlling all the time
I know a lot of them in my family dad is one that man wants to buy my
clothes for me cuz he think I don't shop good and im grown and they fight
fast lol it's funny im surrounded by them but I love them im a leo and for
some reason my courage strink around them lol I don't get it it confuses
me a lot .....I guess cuz they can be very mean

Author Kyle Johnson (3 months)

Author Lindsey Kilpatrick (2 months)
My dad is a Virgo. He is really nice and is SUCH a generous person! This
video made me sad. D:

Author AlphaLionhearted (8 months)
I was between Capricorn and Virgo, so pretty much yeah. You probably had
the bad luck of knowing bad Virgos, though. I hate when they're that way,
but they can be good as every sign can. And also, as a fire sing I am, I
tend to dislike earth signs because they are way too passive for me, but I
have nothing special against them.

Author Diane Taste (4 months)
A lot of Virgo's become serious hoarders!

Author Ryan Townsend (1 month)
My girlfriend is a strong Gemini shi says its not them its you get a life 

Author TrollTastic (1 month)

Author Lauren Frank (8 months)
I thought it was a cancer

Author Dāvis Dakša (4 months)
I'm no way as dictator, I'm anti-religion(I'm atheist, I accept everyone,
unless they want to push some religion on me) and usually I am the one to
help others, but not recieve anything back.
I'm perfectly fine with everyone else's views as long as they are not
forced on me. I avoid criticizing others, knowing that I am no way perfect
myself. I wouldn't call myself perfectionist, but I'll always try my best.
I am last person to be called as one who loves to be a leader. Definitely
not me. And I'll be demanding as long as it will result for everyone, but
definitely not for me. I won't push anyone for my own good.
I do give a damn about society, and to admit, more than I wish I would. I'm
taking criticism a little bad, but I love to hear it, because I can't
improve otherwise. And yeah, it is ''do or die, all or nothing'' attitude,
and I don't support doing something just because, and if you do it, then
put in all you got or go home. Yeah, I am very shy.
I am bad at communicating with others. Only one I can demand anything from,
is myself, and yeah, I'm very hard to satisfy myself(it goes well with
being perfectionist).

At this point there were really much chracteristics that were written with
different words, but same meaning, and all I can say - few of all were
common to me, but most of them were wrong, and it depends, as I said in
previous comment, on how you live, think and what influences you. It
doesn't depend on zodiac alone, in my opinion.

Author Diana Happy (1 month)
Just try to imagine how it feels to be a virgo, all this criticism isnt
just towards the outside.

Author lyly Dawkins (7 months)
my mom is a virgo and i will say she does try to make sure every thing is
perfect and these things are true but i dont think she's the worst aries is
the worst

Author Caroline Lincoln (1 month)
i got it! although i was also considering capricorn. i personally think
pisces is worst (which seems to be an unpopular opinion but yeah)

Author Vamplover (7 months)
I made a virgo cry before cuz I'm aries but i didn't mean that :-( 

Author J JACKSON (6 months)
most not all cancer women are sluts....

Author Monica Phillips (6 months)
sounds like capricorn.

Author Mike Montoya (1 month)
Are you sure its not Taurus?

Author Crystal Minh (6 months)
Sounds like me.

Author avery smith (1 month)
i only*

Author Dee R (8 months)
Let's see.....I was born on Sept. 23rd. Technically, I am a Libra/Virgo
cusp. So you cannot justify how I generally am because I can be both signs!
Libras are known to be very diplomatic and know how to deal with critical
matters in both sides; therefore, we would be great as a judge. Our motto
is "balance" so we seek facts and solutions from both sides and come up
with the best solution as a result for peace and justice. As part Virgo, I
can be pretty critical with my opinions, but when the Libra side of me
kicks in, it can be less harsh and intense. I am all eyes and ears. I see
the truth in everyone (good and bad and the average).

Author CrimsonPanther (7 months)
HAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG, I knew you were gonna say Virgo soon as I read the first
part! I am a Virgo, but I don't really find this that offensive. I'm not
have the things you said, but I agree, we are very picky, hard to get along
with, we never share, we are constantly rude, and often very traditional. 

Author Wolfy Cheetah (3 months)
I'm a cancer born June 21st and my sun sign is a Leo 

Author Diane Taste (4 months)
Damn!! That sounds like the Anti-Christ :), I hate to hear what you got to
say about Scorpios.

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