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Author Kay Simone (2 months)
............... Virgos Really???? I'm shocked!! What is your sign?? I love
them!! Maybe you are not a compatible sign.
And I am a Cancer and my personality is FAR from weak!!

Author Afif AriyA (2 months)
I'm aries, and I love virgos. well ,I understand that they sometimes like a
dictator and said many things that unnecessary, but they are very kind and
care to the others..

Author Korben Kovashkaven (27 days)
I figured going into the video that it was likely a Leo or Virgo as they
get a lot of flak from other signs. As well as Leos are generally the
source of envy due to their strength in life. Virgo with their exacting
nature and sharp minds just as likely to help others as to offend them.

The poster must be a Virgo himself. Why else post such a video that clearly
targets a specific sign group. Sounds like an inability to let something
go. A bit ironic that regardless of his astrological sign he denotes
aspects of Virgo in the act of posting such a video.

Its also worth noting he left out all the positive traits of Virgo. As well
as that if a Virgo is treating some one negatively it is most likely for a
logical reason. Which in turn would mean you've done something to irritate
them. Perhaps unintentionally.

A very bias video.
All signs have a positive and negative aspect to them. Some more extreme
than others.

Author Melody Myers (5 months)
Hm.. interesting. I first thought Capricorn.. but I've actually met a
couple lovely Caps :) Also take into consideration of the Rising Sign as
well and others :) Was surprised by the result because a few of my best
friends are Virgos(very considerate people), and I'm a Leo. Weird match

Author Michael (2 months)
Going by groups of signs: I relate best with most masculine signs (except
Aries) and not as much with feminine signs (except Cancer and Pisces). Air
signs yes, then I'm told Libras can turn around on you...Scorpio is one
water sign I won't wanna signs can give me friction...and Fire
signs can work out (Leo and Sag). And I relate the best with winter signs
than any other season. In your case, Virgo will drive you up the wall.
Might have to do with your moon and rising sign. +

Author wanda turner (4 months)
Virgos are the most loved people in the zodiac and the most envied Michael
Jackson , Beyonce Knowles ,Mother Teresa,Sean Connery and more, Virgo are
the ones who keep the economy going around with our precise mind and
details Virgo are probly the ones who keep your paycheck coming in, Now!
who the hell are you? Nobody!!! thats who

Author EpicGamingChannelTV (10 months)
I know a girl who's Virgo, she's extremely annoying and rude. She also
always show off "I have this but you don't have this, epicgamingchannelTV

Author Emilia Suikki (2 months)
There is a reason for all the signs being there. There is no one sign that
is 'doomed to be hated/the worst'. It's just plain and simple logic.

Author nopegniward Tra (8 months)
LOL I guessed it correctly , Virgo indeed :P
Although when you like eh... say other stuff, I thought of the possibility
of it being a Capricorn(money stuff, but Virgos care about it as well), and
Leo too, but I forgot why.

But I still confirmed that it would be Virgo, cause we are like all
perfectionist(Yes I am a Virgo deal with it). A lot of those negative
descriptions definitely describes me :P [ shy around strangers, cares for
health, even though I am not really healthy myself, And I do kind of pity
the poor but I don't help them out much, I just give them a few cents and
that's all :P not willing to give a huge amount of money because my parents
will most likely nag at me for doing that since we are not a rich family
and I don't really carry much money around with me, I don't have a lot of
friends but I still have a few, one is an Aries, and there are also Libras,
Capricorns, Cancers, I guess that's all :( ]

I don't even know the reason why I love my sign, even though we are so mean
and stuff, probably just because that's my sign :P, IDK , but are we really
that bad?

And now I'm just making sure that this comment is good enough to post.

Author Penelope S (6 months)

Author Sebastian Nino (28 days)
I'm guessing Virgo

Author Janaya Gasby (2 months)
I'm guessing cause I literally have no idea but my top three choices are,
pisces, aries, or Sagittarius
Well another one came to mind so it will be my fourth choice and it's

Author nwaliwanam (4 months)
that's my husband right there. Virgo I knew it. Leo woman

Author Emilia Suikki (2 months)
Untrue. Lindsey Stirling is a Virgo, and she's super nice 

Author Isabelle U (2 months)
They call it zodiac sign because its a SIGN, people! I don't identify
myself as a leo, but there are traits in my sign which I can rely on, and
the bad traits which I can learn from, and accept, to become whole. Love
and light to you all, even the beautiful Virgos!

Author BritishRail60062 (10 months)
It depends on their Ascendant and Moon signs as not all Virgo's are bad. I
am a Gemini-sun, Libra-Asc, Moon-Pisces and I think to class all people
born under one star-sign is somewhat unfair. I know a couple of Virgo's
that treat their partners like shit and some of the fucking things he does
to them is downright evil and ugly in my view.

But I also have some cracking Virgo friends that you CAN have a laugh with
and they are great people. Maybe you are just unlucky with the bad ones
here, but stereo-typing one starsign as bad is very unfair :(.

The least star-signs I get on well with is Sagittarius (they are too fickle
for my liking) and Capricorn (unrealistic standards) but I don't know many
people from those signs and I keep an open-mind ;).

Author Val Narvaez (3 months)
I'm a Gemini, and what you said about Geminis staying away from Virgos is
true... When I was in 4th grade, a Virgo literally made me CRY. He was a
jerk to everyone, and thought he was perfect. He made me feel like a piece
of shit. And I like, NEVER cry! The only people who made me cry was him and
my brother, who are Virgos! 

Author marion sylvie (2 months)
i never liked virgos either but i got a virgo friend, who is just as
annoying but i can still tolerate because he is funny. my best friend can't
tolerate virgos AT ALL. Im aquarian and my bestfriend is a Sagittarius. By
the way, i thought at first from the characteristics it was going to be
aquarius :p 

Author Mountainvictory (1 year)
Virgos are fucking evil!

Author zena christine (7 months)

Author jenny morfe (3 months)
The same character as the Capricorn. .

Author AwesomeSuperClaw〈3 (5 months)

Author ayahmazing24 (4 months)
Oh people. Stop judging one another. We are all unique in our own way.
Thanks for cutting a deep wound in our hearts.. Forever did you wound our
souls. :'(

Author Sarah Zilli (10 months)
You are gonna find people you don't like from all signs. I'm a Libra so
maybe this is the reason I have this point of view, but I think there are
good and bad people of all signs and really you shouldn't bash the sign
just because you have bad experiences with people of that sign. There are
kind hearted people of that sign and its not fair you decide to label them
as nothing but a waste of time and to stay away from them. How would you
feel if someone decided to tell people to stay away from anyone of your
birth sign, just because you were born a certain day, even though you
didn't do anything to them? It would hurt. So I would turn around and say
that there isn't a "worse sign" out there, it depends on compatibility and
the planets that are ruling that sign, everyone is different and shouldn't
have a label on them

Ok, I'm getting off my soap box now.

Author ララ·サタリン·デビルーク (5 months)
What im a virgo :( you hurt my feelings im not anything like this

Author Joelle Pey (9 months)
Excuse me but I'm a virgo and we are actually people who cares a lot and I
don't say that because I'm a virgo I know a lot of virgo and I can tell you
that we care a lot and maybe too much ! Yes we are perfectionist but we
know the difference between being perfect and being perfectionist which is
two different things! In my opinion you just met the wrong person that's
all and these characteristic can be apply to every signs because everyone
is different 

Author David Marino (9 months)
Wow I hit it on the spot.... I feel the same... virgos are such
perfectionist and know it all.... other zodiac kinda similar is aquarios
but i might be wrong 

Author Heather Wings (11 months)
LOL I had a virgo friend she had Aspergers. She was extremely judgmental. 

Author iiAnbuii (6 months)
I guessed scorpio cause I am one, but my friend is a virgo and she is
really nice and caring.

Author Maurice Williams (5 months)
Okay first off capricorns are not as weak minded as you think. So you keep
that in mind.

Author Bella Cats (4 months)
I'm a Aquarius and my mom is a Virgo.

Author EmeraldDude (5 months)
But sometimes, it's their chinese zodiac that can effect their personality
and compatibility. The worse virgo would have to be part snake. The snake
is the worst chinese zodiac, and the least compatible.

Author 0pus0ne72 (8 months)

Author Prank Tank (8 months)
56 fucking VIRGOS dislikes this

Author Beanbear (8 months)
Capricorn or Taurus

Author The SocialGamer (22 days)
Cancer !

Author ayahmazing24 (4 months)
Can we just have peace in our minds people? geez.

Author slobomotion (4 months)
Funny! I would have picked Capricorn. They are close to the Virgo faults
you mention here. I have a Gemini Sun so can be with them as friends, no
problem. As far as RELATIONSHIPS, no way. But here is a point -- though I
find Virgo males terrible flirts with wandering eyes, I often find Virgo
females to make GREAT wives and mothers. There are only a few sign types I
am totally leery of. I'd have to say Cancers, I find them so unlucky, as
much as I might like them, I may not wish to be very closely affiliated
with them. Really, their bad luck tends to be epic. Pisceans I find could
be good to know as long as I accept they will soon flit away like cold
fish. I was laughing, because I am in my sixth decade and have lived on
two continents, and your observations largely fit in with mine! But
Capricorns I find are the running mates of Virgos in those ways. (And so
intemperate!) I get annoyed by Aries males with those blinders they wear.
(The females can be fun friends.) Taurus females tend to be doormats for
men. Leos fuss with their appearance and superficialities a lot. Libras
are sweet but spineless. Scorpios make great bosses. Sagittarians have
self-esteem issues big time but often terrific luck. (For themselves, not
for others.)

Author Amy P (9 months)

Author Ariel Christiansen (8 months)
All signs have good and bad traits I have to say that I disagree with you.
My good friend Olivia is the nicest person I have ever met. She isn't the
smartest, but hey, who is? She laughs a lot, is kind, cares about others,
and is a shy person.

Author Mollie miller (9 months)
I would have to disagree on this. I'm a Virgo, and all though I'm blunt and
will tell you how it is if you ask me. If that makes a me bitch so be.
However that is about the only thing that most would say is bad about me. I
don't daydream I don't sugar coat anything. The truth is the harsh reality.
Sorry if you people can't face that. I help others and I'm very caring.
Unless you have betrayed my trust/loyalty you will always have my help and
love. Never have I thrown anything I have in someone's face because they
don't have it. I have worked extremely hard for everything I have for a
very long time. So yes, I am proud of what I have but I don't flaunt it.
I'm a strong passionate lover. I will help you with anything and everything
I can. I have already forgot the rest of your ignorant thoughts in the
video or I would contradict those as well. So, yes I'm a Virgo. I'm a very
blunt person, I'm a lover not a fighter, I care about many, if you break my
trust though you will never have it again, I have a way I like my things
done, I'm very organized, I can be extremely picky. Not once have I known
someone though that doesn't like me at first. No I don't have many friends
because I don't care to interact and connect with most of you like that.
However you will be on my good side and treated genuinely unless you cross
the line. Just like anyone else. We all have our breaking points. Ours just
may be easier to break.

Author rabbit (4 months)
Calm down ok

Author August Hale (8 months)
I'm a virgo and I love you all.

Author Mia Toney (7 months)
OMG! My sisters a Virgo!😫

Author EmeraldDude (5 months)
Basically my whole family comprises of geminis,aquarius and Leo's. When we
see a virgo, we stay away from that the .

Author James Kayra (5 months)
Wow, shouldn't that makes Virgos the king of all zodiac? XD

Author Lydia Knoeller (9 months)
im a libra but I my personality perfectly matches that of a cancers

Author Avery does gaming (11 months)
my friend is a virgo and im a cancer... she once pulled my hair because i
pulled her fingernly did because she tried to push me off a swing.

Author Joy Brautigam (9 months)
I guessed Scorpio. Must be second...

Author wanda turner (6 months)
No sign is that bad where ever did you come up with all this negativity? as
a VIRGO woman myself I didnt read anything about myself in this BS I'm
very loving , and nurturing myself I've raised and loved many children and
a husband and I haven't heard any complaints, you just don't like VIRGOS

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