Guess the worst zodiac sign . See if you get the right answer.Please comment

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Author Leonie Bechtle ( ago)
Stop bullying virgos!! i'm a scorpio and my bestie is a Virgo, but tbh,
they CAN get annoying, and they are not the best listeners! BUT they are
actually very nice persons, if you get to know them!

Author KaViTa ( ago)
i kneewww it i frickin kneww it!!!

Author Lucky Libra ( ago)
My best friend was a virgo and she betrayed my at the beginning of our
friendship by sleeping with a boy I was talking to... she went behind my
back to his home and fucked him, and she was only 14 years old.. My first
boyfriend was also a virgo and he is the only one who cheated on me in my
entire life after 9 months relationships. I can say for sure they are not
trust worthy people... they are weak in their 9th chakra, which is
responsible for sex because they want to fuck everybody and all the time. I
have met many other virgos in my life who always fall hard for me and they
keep on calling and texting to become my husband for few years now, they
are famous actors... but I just can't deal with their negativity and low
frequency energies. They judge a lot and hate on everybody. I am a libra
woman! Libras are considered to be the best sign by professional
astrologers... yeahhhhh!!

Author Snake Um ( ago)
100% correct in everything about this video. I myself have met plenty of
these treacherous things you call Virgos, so I can concur with everything
listed in this video. Hate if you want because that's what all you
'dick-in-the-booty' ass virgos do, but Virgos suck hot nasty funky
assballs. Bravo to the uploader. You are not alone #VK #VirgoKiller

Author Julie Hoover ( ago)
I guessed this one before it was over. I am a libra and the last guy I
dated was a Virgo. I have to say, this is spot on his personality. He was
shady, secretive, military authorative, pushy, couldn't keep a woman, or
friends in his life. And even he agreed, he fit his sign and I do mine. In
the end, I realized he is just not a good person and definitely not a good
man for myself and certainly not my two daughters (both Leo's). For years I
was skeptical about astrology, but through my life experiences and all the
many people I have met, I have realized there is truth to much of the
information our signs contain. Good rule of thumb, at least for me, is to
date and marry the ones you are astrologically compatible with. Chances
are, you will find yourself generally compatible with them. Seems to be
some truth in this stuff. I was married to a Taurus. Should have taken
astrology more serious while I was in my twenties and married him, because
all of our "issues" as a couple were written in our signs. Everything for
us came out to be true.

Author Brian Smith ( ago)
I think the maker of this video needs to do some work on themselves and
their perceptions! Try 'seeing the angel inside' virgoans and maybe you'll
start coming across some lovely ones. I'm piscean and had virgo mother,
brother, husband I know them well! Yes, I can't say that they were
'perfect' beautiful relationships but they have some really great qualities
- just like the rest of us.

Very negative mindset! You really could change it though if you put your
mind to it. We attract what we vibrate too ...where do YOU have these
negative traits hidden in you? If you didn't have them you wouldn't keep on
attracting the unpleasant virgoans to yourself. Not trying to be priggy but
your video is really a bit sad.

Author Its just me ( ago)
Virgos are'nt that bad I mean I'm a Virgo and I have a lots of virgo friend
and a lots of cancer friends but I mean as long as you are respectful a
virgo respects you and a virgo can be really nice to be around but I know
they can be annoying sometimes but seriously? It is'nt a bad sign and a
Virgo always motivates you to get your shit done and is really helpful at

Author Aquarius1011 ( ago)
I've known of quite a number of people of that sign. There are quite a
number at my workplace. And, many of them aren't that way, or mostly that
way, and have had good, friendly personalities. It's just been the occasion
one that I've encountered that has been that way.

Author David Olenick ( ago)
I've been an astrologer for over 30 yrs and this is true. If you are a
Virgo then learn to have small talk, be polite.

Author Cansu ( ago)
Capricorns don't have a weak personality at all, we wont deal with Virgos
BS and just cut it off.

Author iowa organic ( ago)
my 5 year old LO is a virgo she is an incredible little person, her memory
is freakishly good and her health is like a machine, she didnt ever throw
up even as a baby, she runs so fast and never stops jumping around :} i
never met any other virgos tho

Author Austyn Brown ( ago)
Fucking knew it was Virgo.

Author Trey Savage ( ago)
libra is da worst

Author Gaby Kitty ( ago)
I'm cancer June 24.

Author Louise Mary Amoah ( ago)
im a virgo my sister is aquarius

Author Shina Nao ( ago)
my bestie is a virgo and ive wanted to slap her a few times but shes not a
bad one. shes just super shady. i dont let that shit slide with me though.
GEMINI ON THE OTHER HAND!!!! OOOOOH MY LORD.!!!! my older sister is a
Gemini and lemme just say ive never wanted to rip out someones small
intestine so bad and wrap it around her usless shit spewing fucking throat
till she dies of suffocation.. i have yet to meet a good gemini. smh dont
even wanna try meeting new ones.

Author Vedika Bisht ( ago)
No doubt my Virgo ex-friend changes alot. And is harsh for their own

Author miketython ( ago)
This brings back some memories of my ex friend who I didn't know who was a
Virgo, that fucker fucked my dog, virgos are sick, not all tho not judging
just the ones in my experience.

Author ғɪʟᴛʜʏ ᴛʀᴀsʜTM ( ago)
Although I was a bit offended, I remembered that this was based on your
experience and that is it is also your opinion.

Author Nicole Mannion ( ago)
any cancers out there

Author Heart Attack ( ago)
Well fuck you too!

Author udda ( ago)
Y'all forget.. Virgos love being hated!! :))

Author AlyssaIsHere ( ago)
I'm glad it wasn't libra

Author Jay Wolf ( ago)
Come on I am a vigro and I give girls their space don't please my self but
please them always care about them always call her every morning and I will
always love my partner I usually break up with girls only if they cheat or
if they want to end it but the real secret is cominicating

Author Justine Burgos ( ago)
I'm a scorpio. in love with a virgo. this is very true, but when they find
love they love hard and hold tight and if u get to know them, they actually
are very ( deeply ) thoughtful and smart ass ppl. scorpios and virgos think

Author IndyStyleNetwork ( ago)
i love virgos... its geminis i have a problem with

Author 《Hey ItsPanda》 ( ago)
Virgo libra cusp

screw you other me!!!!!

Author Flame Heart ( ago)
I don't think Virgo like me do such things...

Author Calliope Turquoise ( ago)

Author Jessica Ariel ( ago)
About 5 seconds into the video already knew it was Virgo

Author MightyMilotic ( ago)
As a Virgo who is going through severe depression at the moment, this video
makes me want to kill myself even more...

Author XFirstSacredAngel10X ( ago)
Virgo,1. They have a short Stupid Temper 2.They Have to make Everything go
their way and they don't give a shit 3they be picky ,so I say FUDEGIN VIRGO

Author Ayianna Moore ( ago)
Virgo, because Im a virgo

Author Amily Meadow ( ago)

Author Nadia Voletta ( ago)
fvcking true. I'm a sagitarius and I've always met the problem when dealing
with a Virgo. They always trying to show that they are right and the other
is wrong, good at manipulating a person, think they are the smartest.And
maybe many of person with sign like sagittarius, pisces, etc decides to
stop the conversation because gets tired of arguing with them. such a huge
waste of time. Because when you arguing with virgo its Impossible to change
their minds, impossible sometimes to get them to even see "your side" of
things. So just let them win. maybe Virgo wins in the sense that they get
the last word, but it doesn't mean that they've gotten their point. :p

Author Shantell 808 ( ago)
Virgo isn't worst CAPRICORN IS! they only care about money and buissness
and they don't care about family. my LITTLE brother is a Virgo September
21,2014 and Capricorn I hate the most ! f**** off Capricorns! I'm a gemmini
and have a twin so back off

Author June Chua ( ago)
The Virgo I know are unreasonable and annoying !but I didn't taught they r
the worst!😬

Author AgeOfCapricorn ( ago)
I didn't think virgos are as bad as you claim. They are often very noble
people and resented by jealous people who call them "arrogant".
Everyone has other experiences with the 12 signs and everyone has his own
standpoint which is caused by his own sign too. From my experiences the
three following signs are difficult:

1) Gemini (unprincipled, jealous and often bullies)
2) Sagittarius (dishonest, aggressive, intrigant)
3) Aquarius (brutal, racist and often bullies)

Author Tommy Tommy ( ago)
Virgo people is very negative and jelaous people,they have Devil Soul

Author Sharn Mattu ( ago)
it,s because people are jealous from Virgo's and they think they're worst.

Author sammy blake ( ago)
im reading all these other comment down below....and im like here
wondering.....did these people saying that its not true .....did they
actually realized u already generalized for your own experience ...and the
the blindness of one being your own is what it is.....

Author sammy blake ( ago)
i knew it.....they always end up getting and losing it all....

Author Kenzaroo ( ago)
I fucking knew it was Virgo.

Author Jihen ji ( ago)
i thought that geminis are the Iggy of tht zodiac but after reading the
comments i changed my mind lol

Author S.h Ng ( ago)

Author audrey maria ( ago)
As a Leo, I have no problem with Virgos. All the Virgos I know are really
nice. It's true that they are very perfectionist people, but it's Ok since
I am too.

Author redcrimsonscarlet ( ago)
Probably becuase you going anti-Virgo in the first place. And no that
doesn't work. You have to be nice to a Virgo, so a Virgo will be nice to
you. Virgos believe that the world doesn't owe them anything and they don't
owe anything to the world. If you don't get this then don't bother to even
go near a Virgo. Virgos can smell bulshit, probably why you hate them.

Author juany flores ( ago)
I'm a Virgo...

i cri ;-;

Author nazia saleem ( ago)
where is ?Micheal Jackson , he is also VIRGO

Author Lottaluv Milkshakie ( ago)
Opps sry I mean Virgo.. only saw the first page

Author Lottaluv Milkshakie ( ago)

Author Emma Furnas (1693 years ago)
Got it right. The only Virgo I love and still do is my dad. But the rest of
the Virgo people I know are mean to me, super annoying, And they always
think they're right in opinion arguments ( but actually they usually are
never right lol)

Author Tapaul Henderson (931 year ago)
i think the worse is ither capricorn or virgo, based on the characteristics
you listed..i can be wrong a we shall see

Author Diana Gonzalez ( ago)
im a scorpio and i actually love viragos. you can't really say every virgo
is horrible because everyone has a different rising signs which is the way
they behave. Virgos in my opinion are very fierce and if you can't deal
with them then youre probably very impatient. every virgo is different and
the ones you've known probably have an air or fire rising which isn't a
good combination

Author Faith Aore ( ago)
Good thing is, for every negative there is a positive. Virgos are some of
the most successful people on earth. They might be annoying to me as well,
but they are good at being fabulous.

Author THEBIGKAHUNA499 ( ago)
i am a pisces and IMMEDIATELY i knew it was a virgo! Damn worst sign in ALL
the zodiac. Very VERY astute!!!!

Author TheCrafterCorn “ActuallyAmazing” ( ago)
I thought it was Sagittarius

Author Derica Babb ( ago)
My dad is a Virgo and he isn't like that so back up and go again. My grand
mom is one too.So realise that all of them aren't the same.:-(It is so sad
u had to meet them but gladly I'm a Taurus

Author NerdFluffington ( ago)
I think yours just doesn't go with theirs

Author Jj dupree ( ago)

Author teNpac47 ( ago)
Virgo's do not like to help others at all!!! This is a fact, they will coax
you to help them out with something but if you ask them for help they will
flat out deny you in a minute I experienced this with a Virgo this past
weekend. This bitch asked me to drive her around town to do her errands
(shopping, laundry, bank etc), she did not offer or give me a dime or
anything plus this was not the first time for this. I had to wait for that
bitch to wash, dry and fold her damn laundry and when I asked her if she
could help me carry a case of water I had bought into my apartment she flat
out said "no" after all I had done for her. I went off on that bitch and
told her about herself and I'm a Scorpio so you know I had a few choice
words for her.

Author vidalnsl ( ago)
Im capricorn and do not have a weak personality. I have my mothers
stubbornness and do not take peoples bullshit at all. So please let think
sink into your head: Stop letting the internet brainwash you into thinking
there are only 12 types of people in the world.

Author FlameofOstra ( ago)
virgo? im sorry libras and w0virho arnt like good freinds

Author Green House ( ago)
I am a Leo and I have no issues at all with Virgo's.They are always willing
to help. Even in the middle of the night Lol

Author AlexisDC3 ( ago)
Bro bro some are true but not all, virgos R really generous souls they just
have a hard shell and they criticize others but not themselves R U KIDDING
ME virgos R their own critics everyone who knows about zodiacs know this
like literally U shouldn't be doing these vids if u don't understand the
tru meaning behind the zodiacs virgos r the most miss understood yet virgos
r also the sweetest of the zodiac we may be shy but once their not their
the life of a party but then the next day we get straight to business and
virgos do criticize but I'm pretty damn sure it straightens that persons
life a little and most of all Im a virgo and a lot of people like me I
would say popular but then other people would think I'm the mean bitchy
popular no I'm not I wouldn't be team manger of my schools volleyball team
if I was so I suggest U do ur research first before U make these vids and
if a virgo treated U that way then they probs didn't love Ya

Author Natasya “Tasya” situmorang ( ago)
I thought it's Virgo before the answer popped up nearby the end of this
video. I haven't met much Virgos in my lifetime, I don't think....

Author Lifesimmerfan ( ago)
I feel so bad for haha I'm a GeminiGemini

Author sevah darbouze ( ago)
my ex bestfriend was a virgo je was super mean im a aries and he said my
sign disgusts him

Author Sammy Isais ( ago)
Im a virgo and the opposite of what the bad things are in the video

Author infinity 1455 ( ago)
i am aries giminine and aquarius is that goood

Author Hilda Silver ( ago)
My moon in Virgo is starting to bitch about this video already! There are so many good things about Virgos too, if you
learn to speak their language. Thankfully I'm a linguist. ;-)

Author caro vercammen ( ago)
wow! it really hurts me to see this. i think you're to quick to judge.
virgos are misunderstoud. they are very emotional people. yes they are
extremely analytical, and we hate it ourselfs. we're constantly thinking
and thinking, its harder on us virgos then it is on you, believe me. i
don't know very much virgos, but what i can understand from who i am, i'm
not the worst sign. i just don't fit in as easy as other signs, its very
frustrating on us. i give my friends everything i have, and i do that out
of love, not for personal gain. you say we're judgy and mean, this video is
all that, are you a virgo as well ?!

Author The Oga Project ( ago)
I'm still baffled, sure you are not spying on my ex? This video looked like
her resume and she is a Virgo...

Author Symmetric Gemini ( ago)
Yeah this could be right but I have a friend who is a virgo as well and I
think she's fine I think sometimes it depends on how powerful the influence
of a certain sign is in your chart... but most VIRGOS I know are really
freaking BAD people like our neighbor who loves pick on people he doesn't
like. I Hope they get punished

Author Amanda Whisper ( ago)
I'm a Gemini in a long term relationship with a Virgo. I also known a
couple Virgos in the past and I got along fine with them. I found them to
be nice.

Author dee clay ( ago)
Beyonce's a Virgo! lmao I'm weak af

Author mouli dey ( ago)

Author Jade Marriott ( ago)
I thought Virgo or Capricorn! I agree i have no time for them, my ex
(taurus) left me recently for a Virgo...I am a Leo. Good luck to them
really as he is really sensitive and I hope she criticises every mistake! I
have dated a few Virgos and they are all the same - boring, arrogant, will
pick out negatives about you and make you feel unworthy!

Author Stephanie Love ( ago)
Beyoncé is a Virgo 😁😁😁❤️ queen b!

Author Stephanie Love ( ago)
This shit is stupid were actually pretty great at sex once were fully
comfortable js. You're a wack ass lol

Author Nurul Ain ( ago)
do u know Niall Horan? he is Virgo but he really good tho

Author Brad Suarez ( ago)
So according to you these traits are the worst:
Love routines
Maintain status
Caring about profit and money
Concerned about their health

Yes Virgos can be a bit careful around strangers but they are just as fun
as anybody else with friends. At the end of the day you can't fault anyone
for preferring a few close friends over a hundred people you hardly even

As for the not helping others part, that's a load of bullshit. I am a Virgo
and know other Virgos and we help out people more than anybody else. I
often go out of my way to help people in need without expecting anything in
return. Helping the less fortunate is the most rewarding thing there is.

However if you want to say you're something your not I have no problem
putting you down. And I hate people that brag about themselves. Maybe the
uploader is this type of person and constantly gets the worst traits from

My closest friends are fire signs. Aries and Leo. If we're at a party I
know they're gonna be the life of the party so I just sit back and watch
them do their thing. However when we're at a business meeting the reverse
is true.

Author Irven Orozco ( ago)

Author ShaX Effect ( ago)
I am Sagii..The only and single thing that I hate about virgos is their
over critical nature always. Other than that they are damn caring n loyal.
Would go to the limits for you.

Author alan mwene ( ago)
Virgos are really evil geniuses!Dontiz:Hitler successor and supreme
commander of german navyVon blomberg:German war ministerKeitel:Chief of the
supreme high command of german armed forcesVon leeb:German commander during
the Stalingrad siege,the most barbaric military siege everVon Paulus:German
commander at the battle of Stalingrad,the bloodiest battle ever Genghis
khan ,the greatest military genius ever and the creator of the largest
contiguious empire in history(the mongol empire).Also the most ruthless
conqueror everCesar octave:The founder of the roman empire.the second
largest empire everIvan the terrible:The founder of the Russian
empire.Wiped out entire citiesCesare Borgia:The face of jesus and one of
the most ruthless politician ever.Immortalised by Michiavelli in his famous
book "the prince"jean Jacques Dessalines:Founder of Haiti after defeated
napoleon army.Ordered the execution of all white men,women and children
living in Haitiand the list goes onI was born on the 23rd September so I am
on the safer side (libra)

Author Mia Warren ( ago)
I'm a Taurus and I get along with virgo

Author Jessica Pacifica ( ago)
Ok i was friends with a pisces and do u know what the annoying part is?
when ever i hangout with her shes freaking bossing me around and she
backstabes me a few times maybe a lot but i wouldnt say that picses is the
worst though. But the thing is we are oppisites. Shes the girly one im the
tomboy one.

Author Jessica Pacifica ( ago)
YES!!!!! virgo is da worst.

Author Jessica Pacifica ( ago)
oh so ur saying aries doesnt care about others. Well i do bc im an aries
and im not that positive u know. I mean i am a little but if they talk bad
about aries thats one of the things that make me upset.

Author Jessica Pacifica ( ago)
Ok virgo has to be the worst.

Author AlinkaMalinka ( ago)
whaaa? im a virgo and im very nice. shy but friendly. intelligent but
without shoving my opinions down ppl's throats. honest, loyal, caring about
others more than myself, hate confrontation, and would never manipulate
others for my own gain. sure im kind of a pussy sometimes..but hey it could
be worse. plus im a fucking sex kitten in bed! nothing wrong with virgos
folks ;-)

Author Ng Seng Hooi ( ago)
Michael Jackson is a Virgo and you call Virgos bad?

Author Tsumetaite ( ago)
At first i thought it was a scorpio and im like "but im a scorpio... ;-;"
then it was like *Horrible at sex* and im like oh nvm not scorpio.

Author Ng Seng Hooi ( ago)
Imagine ur a Virgo and watching this?! Well I'm one... but its ur opinion

Author Ng Seng Hooi ( ago)
Imagine ur a Virgo and watching this?! Well I'm one... but its ur opinion

Author H. Jobs. ( ago)
how on earth Taurus and Virgo are anywhere near same to each other?? 2:22

Author Carrie Selesnick ( ago)
Your exactly right! Ricky is a virgo and is rude!

Author ichigobunny ( ago)
They're okay.. I'm still giving it a go though. I'm currently dating one. I
just don't like how criticizing they are and they always AVOID topics
relating to emotions. & As a Pisces, I am all that!

Author multiskype ( ago)
A Virgo did break my heart a while ago. Yet I know nice Virgos and I don't
think Virgo is a bad sign. maybe only males lol, jk After all, Virgos are
natural healers that help ill ppl, underdogs, less fortunate, mistreated,
abused etc.

Author Cielo Enriquez ( ago)
All signs are worst.

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