Top 10 Plays of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

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  • The fishermen Bro's


  • Sens4Lyfe6
    Sens4Lyfe6 2 days ago


  • Modified Garry
    Modified Garry 9 days ago

    Aberg's goal, Rinne's save, and Fleury's save are easily the best 3 plays.

  • Nick Gramz
    Nick Gramz 10 days ago

    What about Kevin Pollack's save on Colton Sissons? Big robbery and he won the series in the process!

  • G King
    G King 10 days ago

    Grabners should have been higher

  • Tristan Lockamy
    Tristan Lockamy 10 days ago

    Hey NHL, Can u please do "Top Ten Pekka Rinne saves of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs"

  • Šimon Kysela
    Šimon Kysela 11 days ago

    2:35 FLUERY!!!!

  • karchkurrai4765
    karchkurrai4765 12 days ago

    Surprising not to see Hornqvist's Game 6 GWG on here. Pretty big play.

    • Nick Gramz
      Nick Gramz 10 days ago

      Was a big goal but nothing special in terms of AWEfactor.

  • Tom Greene
    Tom Greene 12 days ago

    Wait what? Fleury's stick shaft save didn't make this list? garbage

  • Paige Proulx
    Paige Proulx 12 days ago

    Mike Hoffman and the Ottawa Senators are so awesomely awesome!

  • Vamos Orlando!
    Vamos Orlando! 12 days ago

    What a play on number one. What a flip pass, what a take, and what a move to score.

  • Vamos Orlando!
    Vamos Orlando! 12 days ago


  • Luke S
    Luke S 12 days ago

    Please bring back the Atlanta Thrashers.

  • Zachary Conte
    Zachary Conte 12 days ago


  • Chuck Wilson
    Chuck Wilson 12 days ago

    No Jake Allen saves? If 2 no look passes were on here, why not Toronto's OT winner in game 2.

  • Martin G
    Martin G 12 days ago

    How is Radulovs goal ranked behind Hofman's? Yeah karlson's pass was great but come on, one handed Forsberg :D

  • Lindquist Tube
    Lindquist Tube 12 days ago

    I liked Grabbners,Rennas,Peaguis,Mcdavids,Lundvquists,Kessels,Flearys,that guy on the preditor,Karrlsonn.

  • Павел Денисов

    весьма спорная десятка

  • Sasha Kurtin
    Sasha Kurtin 13 days ago

    why number 1 is better than 2? Hoffman was all alone, Radulov was hold by defenceman and still managed to make such a move against best GK in the world...

    • Rigged Gaming
      Rigged Gaming 8 days ago

      it was a very good flip pass by Karlsson but Radulov still had a very good goal

    • barned
      barned 11 days ago

      Sasha Kurtin dude the pass is the highlight not the goal....

    • Vamos Orlando!
      Vamos Orlando! 12 days ago

      Sasha Kurtin Did you not see the flip pass and the beauty of a take?

    • Nachooooo
      Nachooooo 13 days ago

      Sasha Kurtin did you see that pass by karlsson??

  • 254zero
    254zero 13 days ago

    how can you not include the ducks 3 goal comeback in the final minutes as well as sissons hat trick hero performance

  • hello there folks
    hello there folks 13 days ago

    The best play should be that early game 6 whistle

  • Alex Baker
    Alex Baker 13 days ago

    How is that goal number one 😂😂 it's not half as good as some of the other plays

  • Only The Elite
    Only The Elite 13 days ago

    #1 play was without a doubt deserved . Great sauce , great reception and beauty finish

  • Mad Dog Gaming
    Mad Dog Gaming 13 days ago

    Way to go Radulov!
    2nd best play of the 2017 Stanley cup playoffs, Go Habs go!

  • ry4nx
    ry4nx 13 days ago

    If Karlsson was actually on a consistent stanely cup contender, he could arguably be the best player in the game

    • muteoflight
      muteoflight 13 days ago

      ry4nx hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaha

    FILTHY 13 days ago

    Nashville was robbed, Pigeons have illegitimate cup.

  • Will Wiegelman
    Will Wiegelman 13 days ago

    What about the OT goal by Toronto?

  • GarrettTheGamer YT *Pissed Blackhawks Fan*

    Where's all the highlights from my Hawks? Oh, wait...

  • Jeremy Hinds
    Jeremy Hinds 13 days ago

    The sauce from Karlsson, the hands from Hoffman. Glad they put that goal at #1.

    I was expecting the Hornqvist goal to be #1 honestly.

  • Tyler Burch
    Tyler Burch 13 days ago

    What about Karlsson's terrible angle goal against the Rangers? That should've at least been on the list

  • PenguinGamerz
    PenguinGamerz 13 days ago

    R.I.P. Nashville 😂😂😂

  • Brandon weiten
    Brandon weiten 13 days ago

    I am surprised the #1 play wasn't Pittsburgh...

  • bmlguy
    bmlguy 13 days ago

    Fleury's save on Ovechkin??

  • TheKingSlayer
    TheKingSlayer 13 days ago

    Where's Tom wilsons goal when he saved the puck from being cleared and seconds later he scored

  • Ethan Films
    Ethan Films 13 days ago

    This is bob keep bob at the top by liking if not he will drown!

  • Geometry Dash MEpic
    Geometry Dash MEpic 13 days ago

    Thousandth view!

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson 13 days ago

    Tom Wilsons goal line save and then goal just seconds later should be on here.

  • TheFieryNinja
    TheFieryNinja 13 days ago

    The one dislike is a Bruins fan

  • Albert Czerwinski
    Albert Czerwinski 13 days ago

    In my opinion, #9 should have been #1 (That was an incredible save by the Predators. Blackhawks almost got lucky with that shot.)

    • Albert Czerwinski
      Albert Czerwinski 12 days ago

      Oh ok

    • 2_F_ Jeff
      2_F_ Jeff 13 days ago

      Albert Czerwinski He did. The angle they showed here isn't great. Other videos show him clipping the puck enough for it to go just wide of the net.

    • Albert Czerwinski
      Albert Czerwinski 13 days ago

      Really? I must be blind then. It looked like Rinne saved it but i don't know

    • Erik Kassner
      Erik Kassner 13 days ago

      Albert Czerwinski He didn't even touch the puck

  • Minnesota Sports
    Minnesota Sports 13 days ago

    Hornquist knock that a goal with his hand.

  • Banks
    Banks 13 days ago

    karlsson to hoffman might be the best play ive ever seen, insane

  • killian powers
    killian powers 13 days ago

    Nioce 2 were from my rangers baby

  • Only Hockey
    Only Hockey 13 days ago

    Лучшая лига мира

  • Dog's hockey highlights

    Crosby imma let u Finnish but Jake guentzul had one of da best playoff seasons and bein a rooky

    • Tom Greene
      Tom Greene 12 days ago

      Dog's hockey highlights Awesome spelling man.

  • Travis Teevens
    Travis Teevens 13 days ago

    Love how Ottawa was pinned as boring hockey all playoffs but are involved in 4/10 of the top plays!

    • Travis Teevens
      Travis Teevens 13 days ago

      Aric Yes I did watch, I'm a sens fan, their defense first mentality was very frustrating at times and can be boring but with our assets it was effective. And my comment was more of a little joke because all the talk of the sens was how boring they were.

    • Aric
      Aric 13 days ago

      Travis Teevens did you watch them? They were winning but it was pretty boring

  • Chris
    Chris 13 days ago

    Crosby imma let u finish but karlsson had one of the best playoffs of all time

    • Quarterback!!! Battle Bay And more!
      Quarterback!!! Battle Bay And more! 6 days ago

      John Smith it's because he was going to go play it behind the net who knew it was going to bounce off the Stantion

    • John Smith
      John Smith 13 days ago

      Hillstylelife Yeah i get that but my point was Rinne play was horrible. That idiot shouldnt of been running behind his net in the first place. Lundquest had an amazing triple save while laying on his side, and that garbage gets in over that. SMH. Just a youtube video tho. lol.

    • Hillstylelife
      Hillstylelife 13 days ago

      Because the context of that goal was special, the goal itself wasn't.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 13 days ago

      Chris Where was the Crosby to Kunitz double ot winner. That should of made top 10 before dumb Rinne going behind the net play. That was more of a not top ten play if you ask me. Got lucky save on lucky bounce, but you keep going behind the net bad stuff will happen.

  • Alex's Sports News
    Alex's Sports News 13 days ago

    That goal by Hoffman was insane. But really what a perfect pass by Karlsson. Subscribe to me for Daily Sports News!

  • Bsteeds Plays
    Bsteeds Plays 13 days ago

    I wish avs were in this

    • Harrison Hurwitz
      Harrison Hurwitz 13 days ago

      Bsteeds Plays it's alright, they have a pretty good chance at winning the draft lottery and are almost guaranteed to get a top 3 pi- wait...

    • Dog's hockey highlights
      Dog's hockey highlights 13 days ago

      Bsteeds Plays I thought They won in 3

  • J. General Zod
    J. General Zod 13 days ago

    First comment. NHL can I have a Kane jersey?

    • PenguinGames
      PenguinGames 13 days ago

      J. General Zod because Kane choked the past 2 years

    • Rhys Malmas
      Rhys Malmas 13 days ago

      J. General Zod Ya the NHLs gonna send it right over buddy

    • J. General Zod
      J. General Zod 13 days ago

      PenguinGames Why would you say that

    • PenguinGames
      PenguinGames 13 days ago

      J. General Zod no you would choke

  • Awsome sloth
    Awsome sloth 13 days ago


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