Little Mix - Touch (Official Video)

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  • Little Mix's official music video for Touch.

    As featured on their platinum selling album Glory Days. Get it here on iTunes:

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  • Runtime: 3:38
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  • ParadiseBob08
    ParadiseBob08 10 minutes ago

    This is so DISGUSTING it should have an age thingywingy

  • selena swift
    selena swift 45 minutes ago

    perrie is wearing another breadt😶

  • Neng Rohaeni
    Neng Rohaeni 2 hours ago


  • ShadowLion
    ShadowLion 2 hours ago

    OMG look at what perrie is wearing

  • Aitana Gonzalez
    Aitana Gonzalez 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one who is thinking that this is a little bit sexist?

  • Karen Muñoz
    Karen Muñoz 4 hours ago

    3:31 Perrie

  • Arath Perez
    Arath Perez 4 hours ago

    More Like Lust

  • Kylle Pagatpat
    Kylle Pagatpat 4 hours ago

    We love you little mix but do you need to wear like that ?

  • Merlin_le_chat_de_Norman

    Qui est français ici??

  • Kristin Chen
    Kristin Chen 5 hours ago

    Sometimes you just wanna be the wall...

  • XxdeathstormxX
    XxdeathstormxX 5 hours ago


  • MBgaxlay 23
    MBgaxlay 23 6 hours ago

    This is soooooo oo sexual

    • Elizabeth Kitchener
      Elizabeth Kitchener 5 hours ago

      Your point is... they are grown up ladies, they aren't gonna stay the same age as TXF.

  • Awsome Gamer
    Awsome Gamer 6 hours ago

    don't turn into 5th harmony please 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😔😔😔😓😓😓😭😭😭😭😭

  • floating pug
    floating pug 6 hours ago

    2:55 - 3:13

    when u finished the whole maze

  • Pedro Gomes Santos santos

    Is a perfct song

  • KnickKnack Box
    KnickKnack Box 6 hours ago

    At 0:28 one of the dancers not the one with the bean its looks like there's a hair in his nose or is that his mustache

  • Pusheen Gaming
    Pusheen Gaming 7 hours ago

    There's a girl wearing a bra over her shirt

  • karina abraham
    karina abraham 7 hours ago

    my name is kayann and i love all of your songs and i don't even like it i love it LOVE YOU LITTLE MIX ONE OF MY STARS

  • Marley Wheeler
    Marley Wheeler 7 hours ago


  • 郭郭顺彪
    郭郭顺彪 8 hours ago

    Beautiful dance music

  • caju Tonon
    caju Tonon 8 hours ago

    love music

  • Aya Kajun
    Aya Kajun 8 hours ago

    "you and I and nobody else" she says as she kisses like 12 different guys. :/

  • XxWolfyconnorxX XD
    XxWolfyconnorxX XD 8 hours ago

    Girls u have Young kids that love u

  • Karla Zamarripa
    Karla Zamarripa 9 hours ago

    those men are thirsty...

  • Karla Zamarripa
    Karla Zamarripa 9 hours ago

    hell no

  • Karla Zamarripa
    Karla Zamarripa 9 hours ago

    yall doing too much

  • Karla Zamarripa
    Karla Zamarripa 9 hours ago

    chill your bodies are temples.......

  • Karla Zamarripa
    Karla Zamarripa 9 hours ago

    nun of 'em

  • Kirmes Fan
    Kirmes Fan 9 hours ago

    leigh ann 😍

  • Tahliyah Bills
    Tahliyah Bills 9 hours ago

    I have a question, why are black people born in america called African American but white people are called americans shouldn't white people be called european americans.

  • AlterGirl
    AlterGirl 10 hours ago

    im not racist but where are the white boys

  • Miriams Channel
    Miriams Channel 10 hours ago

    It's my birthday how many likes or subs can I get? My mum thinks I can't get 10, prove her wrong

  • Zoah Azali
    Zoah Azali 10 hours ago

    fuck love it

  • Mariah Belcher
    Mariah Belcher 10 hours ago

    This is my favor song right now

  • Emileth Serpas
    Emileth Serpas 10 hours ago

    l added you on messenger

  • Julia Szews
    Julia Szews 10 hours ago


  • Julia Szews
    Julia Szews 10 hours ago

    im polabd. i like we

  • Dandara Driely #DaTurma

    1:08 Shakira

  • Kieran Smith
    Kieran Smith 11 hours ago

    love you all of you xx

  • Exo Planet
    Exo Planet 11 hours ago

    There clothing is ew .Cover up more.😷

  • Izzi Way
    Izzi Way 11 hours ago


  • Orel Kirshner
    Orel Kirshner 11 hours ago

    hate the video is there a lyrics version

  • Max Mike
    Max Mike 11 hours ago

    Who will sub to Angela Gamer I will sub to him/her with 5 channels! I Dont Lie
    If u unsubscribe I will unsubscribe

  • Isa Chaves
    Isa Chaves 11 hours ago

    era pra sexy?

  • maria edurda vieira
    maria edurda vieira 12 hours ago

    y love you music

  • Loreen Wilhelm
    Loreen Wilhelm 12 hours ago

    I Love this song

  • Skoodle 113
    Skoodle 113 12 hours ago

    What is perrie wearing

  • Eva Zupancic
    Eva Zupancic 12 hours ago

    like or good song lol🏀

  • Vlado Modrić
    Vlado Modrić 12 hours ago

    It's great😀

  • Vlado Modrić
    Vlado Modrić 12 hours ago


  • Tracy Innes
    Tracy Innes 12 hours ago

    hi jade hi Leigh Anna hi Jessy hi poo perrie in your dreams

  • Ariane Paradis
    Ariane Paradis 12 hours ago

    I love the song but I don't understand why they are talking about this one guy knocking her off her whole body but they be dancing with all these guys like they be playing....

    • Nico Cruz
      Nico Cruz 9 hours ago

      Ariane Paradis lol youre right.

  • Jaydon Jones
    Jaydon Jones 12 hours ago

    your sexy little mix

  • Thais Viana
    Thais Viana 13 hours ago

    alguém fala português

  • Alan Gent
    Alan Gent 13 hours ago

    I ❤ THIS SONG!!

  • Lydia Addams
    Lydia Addams 13 hours ago

    who loves Leigh-anne´s clothes ?

  • Patrick luis
    Patrick luis 13 hours ago


  • Ella Parkinson
    Ella Parkinson 13 hours ago

    Jades clearly had a bad photoshop With the pink lines I kinda feel sorry for her

  • Rosie Girl
    Rosie Girl 13 hours ago

    They must call it 'just a touch of your love' XD

  • Danna Rebeca Castillo Salas

    Sorry, but I think Jade is copiyng Camilla Cabello in the clothes bwcause she wore one like that on Work From Home, for me that is not original.

  • Sajid Hussain
    Sajid Hussain 13 hours ago

    this video is soo rude but the song is soo

  • Casey And Madison
    Casey And Madison 13 hours ago

    I so love jade and Jesse who agrees?

  • Rekha Singh
    Rekha Singh 14 hours ago

    In love with this song

  • Danielle Dodson
    Danielle Dodson 14 hours ago


  • Stephen Thomas
    Stephen Thomas 14 hours ago

    Just that scene with them is so hot

  • Stephen Thomas
    Stephen Thomas 14 hours ago

    2:47 is so FUCKING HOT!!

  • Celia Fernandez
    Celia Fernandez 14 hours ago

    japan is here ??

  • Keyleigh Heath
    Keyleigh Heath 15 hours ago

    a loveit

  • Loak Limbu
    Loak Limbu 15 hours ago

    What the hell is perrie wearing 😮😮

  • Angel Crosby
    Angel Crosby 15 hours ago

    you guys are just🎤🎵💟💝💜💓💕💖💚💗💘💞👍👌💋❤💙😘😍😜😇

  • lidorii321
    lidorii321 15 hours ago

    3:02 Jade's shake! :O

  • Phoebe Gill
    Phoebe Gill 15 hours ago

    OMG I just listened to TOUCH LITTLE MIX

  • Eleanor Buchan
    Eleanor Buchan 15 hours ago

    This is a so cool video isent it

  • jolari para sempre
    jolari para sempre 15 hours ago

    so 17 ??

  • Lisa Barnard
    Lisa Barnard 15 hours ago


  • Lisa Barnard
    Lisa Barnard 15 hours ago

    I love you little mix your my favourite pop star I am delthlee going to your consent

  • priskilla Annabella
    priskilla Annabella 16 hours ago

    is have people happy

  • priskilla Annabella
    priskilla Annabella 16 hours ago


  • July Angel
    July Angel 16 hours ago

    Who agrees that Jade is better than the other girls in the group

    • Alex Smith
      Alex Smith 9 hours ago

      July Angel No. Jade is my favorite but they are equally great

    • Henrique Prudente
      Henrique Prudente 16 hours ago

      I agree,she's the queen❤

  • July Angel
    July Angel 16 hours ago

    2:00 when a guy makes efforts but the girl does not care

  • Leen Sulaiman
    Leen Sulaiman 16 hours ago

    i like your voices

  • Leen Sulaiman
    Leen Sulaiman 16 hours ago

    i love you guys

  • Kariminou
    Kariminou 16 hours ago

    3:13 = Fierce max

    MAIPELO KEJELEPULA 16 hours ago

    holy shit, this makes me want to start a girl band...just to have guys grind on me :// welp

  • R K
    R K 16 hours ago

    i LOVE little mix

  • Kayla Coulbourne
    Kayla Coulbourne 17 hours ago


  • Wahyudi Ptma12
    Wahyudi Ptma12 17 hours ago

    video nya YA ALLAH

  • SeliGIRL x
    SeliGIRL x 18 hours ago


  • Miss. G
    Miss. G 18 hours ago

    Love it

  • Kim Groß
    Kim Groß 19 hours ago

    3:20 it Looks like fucking or something like this 😂

  • Neko Anime Gaming
    Neko Anime Gaming 19 hours ago


    • Queen Andrea
      Queen Andrea 18 hours ago

      Neko Anime Gaming they're only dancing what's wrong with u

  • Tyrell Shorey
    Tyrell Shorey 19 hours ago

    love it💞

  • Hajra K
    Hajra K 20 hours ago

    who else wants iisuperomenii parents to react to this

  • Siatsi
    Siatsi 21 hour ago

    I was watching this my Brother said What at U watching i said non of your business he told me to my mom.MOM LOOK SHE IS WATCHING GROSS THINGS!
    Mom: Its for adults

  • Ruby Marr
    Ruby Marr 22 hours ago

    What in the world?! Last time I checked they were singing about simply ham falling in love and having some kind of potion. Now they are turning into Fifth Harmony (which didn't end well..)

  • Ruby Marr
    Ruby Marr 22 hours ago

    What happened to the good girls???

  • Cher
    Cher 22 hours ago

    The costume designer for his video is just cruel. Jfc

  • Lia Rosenkranz
    Lia Rosenkranz 22 hours ago

    Ich stehe mehr auf 187🙈🙈🙈🙈😁

  • Brianna FORD
    Brianna FORD 22 hours ago

    some boys are HOT

  • Memez Channo
    Memez Channo 23 hours ago

    at the end its looks like work from home - fifth harmony song right!!!???

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