'The Professional' Trophy Call Of Duty 5

7 guys 1 dog vs, me and five rounds. See who wins
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Author StaSmaxat (4 years)

Author DBC396 (5 years)
i only know that it is in the audio swap, sorry.

Author declanpjbourne (5 years)
ye wat is the song

Author sosjeroen (5 years)
thanks! I got it thanks to you =]

Author David Chaplin (5 years)
It's called 'Vendetta' My favourite level on the game by far. This game
rules, especially campaign so if you aven't got it, you've gotta get it...

Author PALLNITERS3 (4 years)
where can i find this song???

Author sasukeandthemidget (4 years)
dude ill add you if someone adds you and there PSN name is JOHNNY3666 thats

Author owna Keeper (5 years)

Author DBC396 (5 years)
i did with one shot....first shot then it went to slo mo. so yeah

Author mcpere08 (5 years)
thats an easy 1 try killing genral amsel with a pistol shot its hard but
ive done it

Author InEdibleCake (3 years)
@danielarias652 Since when was it a law to be literate on the internet?

Author tbone 5 (5 years)
thats easy

Author Myg6969 (5 years)
no trophy on wii just xbox360 in ps3 ps ps3 best

Author DBC396 (5 years)

Author Spykachu78 (5 years)
Nicely done, I did a bit differently, wen the dog is slightly behind the
machine gun, guy if you shoot at his shoulder you will get the dog as well.

Author Rory Bramley (5 years)
If you let the dog bite you, and then press R3, Dimitri dislocates the
dog's neck and it dies.

Author TheNoobinator94 (5 years)
Do You Have The Platinum Yet

Author umuggo4it (5 years)
u can knife the dog so just kill the man with the dog then wait 4 the dog
and knife it

Author cod4JAY (5 years)
ah cool! thats an easy trophie! thanks

Author death10390 (5 years)
no trophies for the wii

Author Brinson Jefferson (5 years)
whats ur username i want to add u

Author MrStubbja (4 years)
You have ruined your video with some gay music mate.

Author Jonesysk8 (5 years)

Author MysticGohanBuu (5 years)
i like the song, what is it?

Author Alexanderexis (3 years)
Do I need to make trophy from mack pack to gain platinum?

Author bearsick1234 (5 years)
i done it differently but well done.............

Author InEdibleCake (5 years)
once again... a fantastic video.... ruined by a crappy song that doesnt
really fit the sitchuation

Author Casey Giles (6 years)
nice 1

Author Raymond Quintana (5 years)
not easiest for me, i got this trophy a year ago, but i killed the man and
his dog with one shot, didnt know you can get the 2 men on the left with
one shot. I waited For the man and dog to run towards me and then I shot
them the split millisecond they were lined up

Author declanpjbourne (5 years)
well done to you

Author Adrian18041995 (5 years)
who name the level ???

Author Jesse Ray (6 years)
gud effort brother

Author joshdajoka (5 years)
WOW thts the first time ive heard tht song and i just bought it

Author kravoc (5 years)
i did it weee :D

Author asynchronousjac (4 years)
I think that the SCARH is the better gun in the game. i unquestionably
appreciate search & destroy with this particular weapon. i entirely cleanup
your enemy base and then blow them right up while i make use of this gun!
you guys got the new map pack yet? it is great ive only downloaded it by
mw2forfreeZinfo (replace Z with . ) last week myself

Author Unwin96 (5 years)
this is fairly east to do

Author david08123 (5 years)
but you reloaded

Author toughbananas974 (4 years)
it can be done on recruit right?

Author DBC396 (5 years)
Bro i dunno

Author qaqylajifiha (5 years)
== Watch Avatar movie == Moviezland(dot)com wvdlyd bdtftl agcm cqbuvtatzbiv
dwcpkd nxthalyzq lpcwuwowbmid zqbt hpempfnv mjpbejh

Author TGT100TGT (5 years)
cheers! appreciated!!!!

Author Kyle Bush (5 years)
how fo you find trophies for wii

Author walonsubi (5 years)
Thanks for this, took me ages to get the guys next to the car. Just
remember to stand behind Reznov, I kept shooting the wall when I tried to
get those two

Author Rambo4568PSN (5 years)
you don't need to shoot the dog or the jerrys by the car in 1 shot i
unlocked it by shooting the ones by stairs and standing in 1 shot and the
car in 2 and the the one straight ahead 1 shot and stabbed the dog and
unlocked the trophy

Author xStealthmanx (5 years)
easiest trophy in the game

Author Douglas Allen (5 years)
was easy for me, got it 2nd time i tried

Author reidthiss (5 years)
really? sweet. makes things easer.

Author phsyconoob (5 years)
Thanks! ^^

Author Mertiboy66 (5 years)
I kill the soldier and the dog with 1 shot but the other 2 with 2 shots^^

Author XzongoX (5 years)
@ObeyRonOrr i lol'd ;P

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