BLADE RUNNER 2049 - Official Trailer

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  • Kevin Charles
    Kevin Charles 16 minutes ago

    This movie is gonna ger good reviews.

  • Suicidal_Pear
    Suicidal_Pear 3 hours ago

    I don't understand the hate for this film. It looks extremely promising. We have the director of Arrival, Prisoners and Enemy. Ridley Scott is excutive producer. The same composer from Arrival and Sicario (another film by Denis). What's so bad? The original Blade Runner wasn't a financal hit, so how is this a cash grab? Ryan Gosling is an amazing actor (Drive, La La Land, A Place Beyond The Pines) and so is Harrison Ford. And while Jared Leto's previous perfomance in Suicide Squad wasn't great, he did a fantastic job in Dallas Buyers Club and even took an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. I just don't understand the hate.

  • Patrick McIntosh
    Patrick McIntosh 5 hours ago

    Have you ever retired a human by mistake? I like that they are using the Vangelis soundtrack at least in this preview. Now don't misunderstand me. If they have different music in the movie that's fine. A new composer wants to make a name for themselves. But they should use some of the melodies from the original movie. This is a MAJOR gripe I have about "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" Had he used elements from the John Williams Star Wars soundtrack it would have greatly improved the viewing of the movie.

  • Marlon Marin
    Marlon Marin 6 hours ago

    WTF I'm the only one here shock about the fact that this trailer proves that Deckard was not a replica. I feel like someone just told me that all my memories were implanted and belong to someone else niece.

  • RHoltk1hjV2
    RHoltk1hjV2 10 hours ago

    Best trailer I have seen in an extremely long time and I still have never seen the first... It nails everything perfectly with the visuals, not giving away any plot, music

  • killer92173
    killer92173 11 hours ago

    Well, so much for the "Deckard is a Replicant" theory. I don't think Replicants can age in this universe...

  • Eric Beck
    Eric Beck 15 hours ago

  • Don't know what for
    Don't know what for 15 hours ago

    Jared Leto is awful! God!!!

  • Enigmatized
    Enigmatized 18 hours ago

    Jared Leto is channeling Christian Bale.....

  • Andrew Wolverton
    Andrew Wolverton 19 hours ago

    Tortoise? What's that?

  • 7awaka
    7awaka 19 hours ago

    I love it when Ryan Gosling just loses his shit.

  • Scott Turner
    Scott Turner 21 hour ago

    this will be as hilarious to watch in 2049 as back to the future 2 was to watch in 2015

  • SpeedBoost
    SpeedBoost 21 hour ago

    I wonder if Jared Leto sent condoms full of replicant spunk to Harrison Ford and a wind up mechanical mouse to Ryan Gosling in order to get into his character for this film.

  • SurviveOnlyStrong
    SurviveOnlyStrong 22 hours ago


    Jóhann Jóhannsson
    Roger Deakins
    Denis Villeneuve

  • finn schöning
    finn schöning 22 hours ago

    hollywood really runs out of badass actors

  • Katherine T. Harris


  • SurviveOnlyStrong

    Ryan Gosling is a poor choice for this movie, it's will be a constantly poker face(

  • Mike Dang
    Mike Dang 1 day ago

    I ' L L T E L L Y O U A B O U T M Y M O T H E R

  • Mauro Rocha
    Mauro Rocha 1 day ago

    Oscar winner already

  • DysfunctionalBubble

    Is Vangelis doing the sound track! Cause that would be a good idea.

  • Pookz
    Pookz 1 day ago

    Boy, they really fucked up the look of the bladerunner world....

  • DhDeadMan
    DhDeadMan 1 day ago

    1:41 Is that Ryan Gosling´s character breaking through that wall?! So hes a synthetic? Damn...

  • Tiamat Michelle Hart

    "Do you like our owl?"
    "Of course it is...but you should see our Gosling!"

  • Michal Dubský
    Michal Dubský 1 day ago

    oh boyyyy excited

  • SpreadingtheMuse
    SpreadingtheMuse 1 day ago

    Now If they just keep the Blade Runner reference in the movie adaption of Ready Player One, which comes out March 2018, the serendipity of timing will make every fan's head explode ;)

  • Daniel Robillard
    Daniel Robillard 1 day ago

    Can we get someone less charismatic next time?

  • Joshua Weikel
    Joshua Weikel 1 day ago

    The music has me pumped for this movie! Reminds me of Mr. Robot or Bleach.

  • Sean Wilson
    Sean Wilson 1 day ago

    So this movie is coming out in 32 years?! I guess this trailer will be "lost in tears in rain"

    I've honestly been watching this trailer over and over again so I don't think it will. October 6th (2017) can't come any sooner

  • Grace Lancaster
    Grace Lancaster 1 day ago

    This is why I love scifi

  • StevenErnest
    StevenErnest 2 days ago

    This looks awesome. But in the original it was hinted that -- via the unicorn -- Deckard himself was a replicant. This seems to go against that. Of course, he and Rachael may not have had expiration dates, as was also hinted.

  • sortedevaras
    sortedevaras 2 days ago

    Part 2 of Harrison Ford's mission to reprise his most popular roles one last time just to have the characters die. Indiana Jones is coming next in 2020.

  • Trevor Miranda
    Trevor Miranda 2 days ago

    Fuck this. In the original film, Deckard was a fucking replicant.

  • Randomguy55
    Randomguy55 2 days ago

    it's not dense enough

  • Axe T
    Axe T 2 days ago

    Don't put a clip (tease), slate before the fucking trailer studio monkeys! Ya incompetent shit for brains slobs.

  • 133col
    133col 2 days ago

    0:56 At this part the music reminds me of the Clockwork Orange theme

  • Mario
    Mario 2 days ago

    I want that jacket Gosling is wearing

  • Mr Jammy James
    Mr Jammy James 2 days ago

    2049 I'll be 48

  • Mikhanator
    Mikhanator 2 days ago

    "There is an order to things. That's what we do here. We keep order."

    "We're rebels aren't we? We rebel."

    rip screenwriting

  • korrdxl
    korrdxl 3 days ago

    0:51 Thought I was looking at Lexi Belle there but I probably just watch too much porn.

  • vbgggfff
    vbgggfff 3 days ago

    Ridley Scott should have given the Alien franchise to Villeneuve as well.

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez 3 days ago

    About the music. Just one name: Vangelis.

  • ShOtGuNOfRivia
    ShOtGuNOfRivia 3 days ago

    Alien Covenant was a fuck up, please don't ruin one of my favourite Sc-Fi worlds Ridley Scott.

  • Bayden Withoos
    Bayden Withoos 3 days ago

    This movie looks goddam confusing. Is it because i havnt seen the first one?

  • irllcd13
    irllcd13 3 days ago

    no real hope that this is going to be good. Prometheus and covenant are shit.

  • Vesuvius
    Vesuvius 3 days ago

    No replicants?

  • MrDeejayjfx
    MrDeejayjfx 3 days ago

    Is Vangelis still making music for this movie?

  • Michael5g88
    Michael5g88 3 days ago

    what is the name of this score

  • Gordon H. Freeman
    Gordon H. Freeman 3 days ago

    I'll miss the film noir style that the first movie had but it simply wouldn't suit a film that chooses to portray a wider perspective of the Blade Runner universe such as this one. This wont be as surreal as the 1st one.

  • KalKenobi83
    KalKenobi83 3 days ago

    Love Denis Villenuve cant wait for This

  • maquibut
    maquibut 3 days ago
    Looks like Mad Max.

  • Connextions87
    Connextions87 3 days ago

    I bet this will have none of the magic of the first one, i mean for fuck sake Batista is in it.

  • j78k
    j78k 3 days ago

    Officer K is a replicant.

  • Liam Corbett
    Liam Corbett 3 days ago

    Who's watching in 2049

  • Kathy Dilweed
    Kathy Dilweed 3 days ago

    LOOKS GREAT!.... but never never put a date on your film. It always bites you later. 2001 a Space Odyssey.

  • Thomas Ippolito
    Thomas Ippolito 3 days ago

    holy shit ryan gosling is a remnant too

  • Dick Lover 500000
    Dick Lover 500000 4 days ago



  • EpicAmbient
    EpicAmbient 4 days ago

    Like tears in the rain...

  • eagle
    eagle 4 days ago

    Please cut the first 5seconds of the trailer... hate that usual action trailer soundtrack clichè

  • DANonPC
    DANonPC 4 days ago

    Hey Warner Bro's, this looks fucking terrible. Ryan Gosling,Jared Leto, and washed up Harrison Ford? Really?

  • concept192010
    concept192010 4 days ago

    Heеey guуs watсcch Blаdе Runner оnlinee heеereееe =>

  • leighmossien2009
    leighmossien2009 4 days ago

    I love films !....... the OLD Total recall .. GREAT .......

    The new Total recall ....CRAP !!

    Mad max 1....2...3 ... GREAT

    Mad Max: Fury Road.... Crap !!

    Blade Runner 1982 ...GREAT

    When i watch this Trailer i get a boring tast in my mouth ;/

  • Justin Fencsak
    Justin Fencsak 4 days ago

    Dedicate this movie to perenchio

  • Tamás F
    Tamás F 4 days ago

    Spoiler: Deckard is going to pass away

  • Aneliya Kishishev
    Aneliya Kishishev 4 days ago

    And another good movie they destroy, it looks like shit. And couldn't even sit trough the trailer....

  • Joel
    Joel 4 days ago

    0:19 Jared Leto trying to remember his lines

  • The Sarsen Society
    The Sarsen Society 5 days ago

    please dont fuck this up please dont fuck this up please dont fuck this up

  • Rad Derry
    Rad Derry 5 days ago

    This is going to be a turkey.

  • Ghost
    Ghost 5 days ago

    damn, Rich is hot

  • Obserwator5000
    Obserwator5000 5 days ago

    Very nice trailer and... great shoes 1:07 :)

  • BigJB 21
    BigJB 21 5 days ago

    this needs more cyberpunk

  • I'm Alex
    I'm Alex 5 days ago


  • Muratbai Bimagambet

    Why does it seem to me that this film is special in the genre of fantasy. WB👏

  • Melasangam Deepak
    Melasangam Deepak 5 days ago

    at 0:47 you can see the word 'bar' in Hindi

  • Mr Pink
    Mr Pink 5 days ago

    As much as I love Blade Runner I just don't see the point in a sequel.
    Futuristic movies have been done to death now, including the Total Recall remake.

    I just don't have any modern dystopia energy left and I don't want the original film to be ruined by Ridley Scott, which lets be honest, is all we can expect.

    The acting looks awful. I love Ryan but he's not a lead for this film and I hate Jared and cannot understand why we have to mid 30's blonde American actors in the same film, its almost retarded.

  • Baba Kong
    Baba Kong 6 days ago

    Wow, Harrison Ford's pace off the mark is unsurprisingly slow.

  • Tyrone McIver
    Tyrone McIver 6 days ago

    1:31 Marching out the Pleasure models.

  • Duky
    Duky 6 days ago

    Blade Runner movie heeeere =>

  • biggixer
    biggixer 6 days ago

    gonna b good

  • StuE
    StuE 6 days ago

    DO androids dream of electric shite?

  • Selman Yilmaz
    Selman Yilmaz 6 days ago

    Blade Runner was the best sci fi Movie ever

    CESSKAR 6 days ago

    I'm not invested in this story at any level; I don't see any meaningful conflict nor interesting philosophical themes. Just nostalgia porn.

  • Mar West
    Mar West 6 days ago

    The music from 1982 , THE BEST

  • Austin Trench
    Austin Trench 6 days ago

    It's a shame she won't live......then again who does?

  • furballbear
    furballbear 6 days ago

    So Atari is back in 2049? Check the very beginning of the trailer at around 0:11.

  • Christian Emory
    Christian Emory 6 days ago

    Did anyone else see the giant engineers from Prometheus at the beginning of the trailer?!

    • Rolo Tomasi
      Rolo Tomasi 2 days ago

      Christian Emory I went back to check it out, yes, they are the two closest to the camera on each side. Good eye. I completely missed that. Very clever.

  • Pupun Jena
    Pupun Jena 7 days ago

    bar is written in hindi why?

  • InstaltechCarAudio
    InstaltechCarAudio 7 days ago

    oh my god! yes!

  • Donronoa Zorlamingo

    There's something so special about Cyberpunk. Especially when it's done right.

  • ขุนเขามีคำตอบ

    Please be good! Don't ruin one of the greatest films ever made! :)

  • Brad
    Brad 7 days ago

    Describe, in single words, only the good things that come in to your mind about your mother.

  • Zystus
    Zystus 7 days ago

    Needs LORN - Acid Rain song.

  • Keef Syko
    Keef Syko 7 days ago

    the soundtrack is fucking amazing, it reminded me to LORN- Sega Sunset

  • iLucifer1999
    iLucifer1999 7 days ago

    Have Rutger Hauer - Roy Batty as the main antagonist but make him the real Roy Batty who designed the replicant template of himself. Similar to Aliens & Alien 3 with Bishop Weyland...just a thought

  • BrainWashedCentral
    BrainWashedCentral 7 days ago

    At least they got the pollution layer (used to be called haze) right....

  • Ambient Gaming
    Ambient Gaming 7 days ago

    You're in a desert, walking along in the sand, when all of a sudden you look down...
    What one?
    What desert?
    It doesn't make any difference what desert, it's completely hypothetical................
    (insert why there is a desert in this trailer here)

  • NexisFilms
    NexisFilms 7 days ago

    Knowing Hollywood , I know this will result in millions of foaming Blade Runner fans .

  • Cos Its 167
    Cos Its 167 7 days ago

    You fools will go to see this, and I predict it will be another piece of trash which you fools will think is mind blowing, and I will resolve never to see it, because there are so many films from the past I have yet to see and frankly I'm tired of what passes for a "good film" these days. Enjoy it.

  • alos2099
    alos2099 7 days ago

    terrible sound design..shame. aren't you tired of those metal slab sounds that actually sound like a pile of digital carbage dropped on the floor?

  • Emilio Ramirez
    Emilio Ramirez 7 days ago

    coud be an prometheus's engineer on the right of the screen at 0:14 ? :P

  • Roohollah Zeinalpoor

    what is that music name at 1:25? please?

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