Labrador Dog and Baby Compilation

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  • Hang Thanh
    Hang Thanh 1 month ago

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    FIREFLY123 GAMING 2 months ago

    1:50 yo that labrador be lookin buff (or fat lol)

  • bigtimereader2012
    bigtimereader2012 2 months ago

    If anyone has seen Marley and Me, my lab was just as troublesome, but I loved him anyway.

  • trancehi
    trancehi 2 months ago


  • Dr9 Ar
    Dr9 Ar 2 months ago

    I really dont like children

  • Joker
    Joker 2 months ago

    Ukkies en Beestjes!

    • Joker
      Joker 2 months ago

      Yep, Nederlands is mijn eerste taal.

  • Eitan Kalmar
    Eitan Kalmar 3 months ago

    Thr best freind

  • Olbi
    Olbi 3 months ago

    I'm gonna get a hot wife and a labrador.

    • Alex Abraham
      Alex Abraham 2 months ago

      Olbi lol right goodluck. Remember this. If you lock your girlfriend in the trunk and your dog for 30 minutes who is gonna be happy to see you?

    • Markus Pro
      Markus Pro 2 months ago

      Olbi good luck Brother

    ROSHNI CHATTERJEE 3 months ago

    i love it

  • diya Londhe
    diya Londhe 3 months ago


  • Rosa Hidalga
    Rosa Hidalga 3 months ago

    Rosa,los labradores son perros muy nobles son fantásticos,💜😍😘😇

  • Sunny Kant
    Sunny Kant 3 months ago

    my best dog Labrador

  • rick neal
    rick neal 4 months ago

    baby with Ramones shirt=good parenting

  • xXxAmneziaxXx
    xXxAmneziaxXx 4 months ago


  • Funny & Cute
    Funny & Cute 4 months ago

    i love Labrador

  • Echo Vortex
    Echo Vortex 4 months ago

    hi can you go subscribe to my channel plz cus I subscribe to yours

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