Sonic Flash : Trolls Unleashed Episode 2

Watch this in High Quality for a better look of this flash.
Caution : May contain flashing lights EPISODE TWO OF MY NEW SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (credits are shown at the end) Sequal to Nega Sonic Unleashed.

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Author Simon Soffman (5 months)
i hear Suwako and Flandre's Theme X3
Suwako: Keroooo~ :3
Flandre: Kyuuu~ ^w^

Author Moises Molina (5 months)
I love the random ass music used for the fights

Author LightNorthwest (4 months)
Lol,I made a character named Misty.
Not a girl by the way..

Author Bilal Douayar (11 months)
OMG o my fucking life two people wants too smelt and than is somebody from
the future smelt with that 2 people and than was something evil coming

Author NeonX16 (5 years)
What the song at 2:15 to 3:50?

Author kAanimation an epic season (1 year)

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
Eggmanland... it's from Sonic Unleashed

Author Supergirl Kels (5 years)
wow 5 on 5.

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
thanks =)

Author supershadow124 (5 years)

Author Yagoshi300 (4 years)
Check his Aracdeupload Account

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
ROFL XD.. never underestimate the power of boredom and randomness XD

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
heh heh thanks

Author Nil Fox (5 years)
I didn't like it. the part with Ronald was very dumb It just didn't make
any sense.

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
XD thanks

Author buncey07 (5 years)
HOLY SHIT! awsome man glad to see your work on YouTube again ^_^

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
Shadow isn't seen just yet bro.

Author joelhemingway1 (2 years)
02:34 you spell timezone wong XD

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
=) thanks and I've improved alot on flash

Author robloxbadfart6 (1 year)
the trolls piss me off very much. but still. epic as hell

Author kAanimation an epic season (1 year)

Author darkomegajose9000 (4 years)

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
ok then

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
you'd have to use a program named Fightor Factory to rip mugen characters /
special effects

Author MaxTheNinjaKitten98 (4 years)
@supershadow124 Can you help me make a sonic fan character? I suck at
making them.

Author Finalkeyblade07 (5 years)
Glad to have u back ss124 and like always your vids are the combination of
awesome and random stuff 9999999999999999999999999999999/5!!!

Author Haxt of the N64 (2 years)

Author MechaSonicX (5 years)
Lmao, this is pretty funny.

Author Noob Gaming (4 years)
your sprite movies are amazing funny mj

Author XxShadow300xX (10 months)
ur commenting on the wrong Yotube Account... if u want him to answer ur
question u have to go to his new account DoubleSAnimations

Author supershadow124 (5 years)

Author BlackJ3sus21 (3 years)
man i was LMAO when i saw ronald mcdonald

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
thanks =)

Author AmbertheLunarWolf (3 years)
ok i got a feeling that the future for ss124 is pretty much screwed -_-'

Author Bilal Douayar (11 months)
by 300 i mean 3000

Author MrPsychopath28 (2 years)
Wait i dont understand isnt tonic a recolor does want to be the only
recolor or something

Author hypershadic3 (5 years)
ok supershadow124 you can tell me next time okay and nice video

Author stickDK123 (5 years)

Author Tim DeLosReyes (4 years)
Man that was sweet!

Author Shane Hart (1 year)
awesome ronald mc donland and mj were really funny but wth does DBZ have to
do with this? nevermind i saw the end

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
XD I had to put that because Vegeta is already pissed him and goku have to
fuse... and the name is pretty complex.

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
thanks and the blast at 1:19 is from Nightmare SSJ3 Broly from Mugen

Author mateo martorelli (3 years)
its veigicioku

Author supershadow124 (5 years)

Author firetapia (5 years)
Each one of those villians at 3:32 look really good edit. Coul you plz tell
me where did you get the blast at 1:19? Looks really cool, but I preffer it

Author bible91 (1 year)
Ok some one please tell me wether i'm right or not First: Before NSU Era
series Second: Nega Sonic Unleashed Third: Trolls Unleashed Fourth: Quest
For The Timestones Fifth: Chaos Armageddon Sixth: Chaos Evolution
that it?

Author supershadow124 (4 years)

Author supershadow124 (5 years)
XD thanks

Author sonicXrules123 (5 years)
DUDE! freaking awsome! it's great to see you back dude! i loved the ending!
it was kick ass!!

Author KenshiImmortalWolf (4 years)
i cant read most of the dilo if i tried

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