How Are Search Engines So Fast?

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  • Google can find something for you on the other side of the world in less than a second. Why does your personal computer take so much longer?

    Hosted by: Olivia Gordon
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  • Abdullah Almoqbali

    Well , you were nore intersting to me than the whole point of the video. I wonder which index i should use to find you.

  • ihartevil
    ihartevil 18 days ago

    thx for this awesomely ha bisky vid i loved this a lot and i dont really have much on my laptops/computers ever

  • 42thgamer
    42thgamer 23 days ago

    Great video!

  • disinfect777
    disinfect777 24 days ago

    The reason why search engines are fast is because they cache results in memory. It's NOT because they index the results. That's important too, but not the main reason why you get your results instantly. For more complex queries, google does not cache the results, and thus, it takes more time to retrieve them.

  • Brendan Bohannon
    Brendan Bohannon 1 month ago

    if someone uses grep (in a bash shell or similar), it also finds stuff drastically faster than using Windows Search; and grep doesn't use any sort of index either...

    • Searcy Redd
      Searcy Redd 27 days ago

      Windows Search is perfectly fine and even updates the results in real time. Same with the one in File explorer.

  • Michael D'Augustine
    Michael D'Augustine 1 month ago

    pro-tip, the setting you guys are looking for can be accessed by right clicking on the C drive and clicking the box that says something like "Index my files" but she's right, it does slow down your computer. Not all the time, just when it needs to edit the contents of the hard drive. It won't slow down you game of WoW, but it will probably slow down any game that stores local files, and it will make installing and updating applications slower.

  • Tutorial Heaven
    Tutorial Heaven 1 month ago

    Google search operators are really awesome. If anyone know how to use it properly; then he can search google like a boss/professional/hacker. Thank You *SciShow*

    *Tutorial Heaven*

  • Pa Pinkelman
    Pa Pinkelman 1 month ago

    Amy Farrah Fowler's sister?

  • vik tor
    vik tor 1 month ago

    This a joke? - "Everything" installed - Instant search

  • Luis Prado
    Luis Prado 1 month ago

    What are the health benefits of eating ass?

  • MrFindX
    MrFindX 1 month ago

    Olivia ftw

  • Hilarious Jokes
    Hilarious Jokes 1 month ago


  • zkummer2359
    zkummer2359 1 month ago

    Windows search is slow because it is garbage, not because it searches file names. Search everything does the job instantly if you have indexed, within about 20 seconds if you have not.

  • Greer Fried
    Greer Fried 1 month ago

    I just handed in a term paper, actually.

  • Johnny J
    Johnny J 1 month ago

    She wiggles all over the place when she talks.

  • MyHerpes Itch
    MyHerpes Itch 1 month ago

    i love how she needs her hand gesture to communicate.
    Also how her tone of voice changes for no reason.

  • MyHerpes Itch
    MyHerpes Itch 1 month ago

    hate this hippie

  • Darkened Shrines
    Darkened Shrines 1 month ago

    I hate to be that guy in charge of making the index

  • Jungles Bongles
    Jungles Bongles 1 month ago

    google uses ram memory not flash or disc

  • Ivraj Plaha
    Ivraj Plaha 1 month ago


    TOTAL XxOWNAGExX 1 month ago

    I hide all my porn files

  • Teemo McNuggets
    Teemo McNuggets 1 month ago

    *_S H R O O G L E_*

  • Jelena Jones
    Jelena Jones 1 month ago

    Those skeletons at 0:43 😂😂

  • Mr Midnight
    Mr Midnight 1 month ago

    She look like younger version Amy from big bang theory...that's cute :)

  • Leopard-King
    Leopard-King 1 month ago

    So when is this presenter going to talk about the Dewey Decimal System? I mean...that's...I mean that still a thing right? Ohhhhhh wait I get it she thinks she is too hip for that, huh? Listen my millenial mistress, you need to incorporate old timey ways or at least give us the illusion that they are still in play. Do I have to say it? Do I? I mean I have to be the guy, right? I have to be the jerk that makes it painfully obvious why computing processing is slowing down? Reaalllly? PORN COOKIES! Okay! Damn it to hell, I'm trying to pretend to be a gentlemen!

  • Dannyoubelieveit
    Dannyoubelieveit 1 month ago

    lol @ the mic placement and head turning playing with the levels

  • Ioo Ooi
    Ioo Ooi 1 month ago

    Satan wants me to post 666th comment.

  • Noorquacker
    Noorquacker 1 month ago

    And that is why you use Everything Search and disable normal Windows Search indexing.

  • Jasper Schwert
    Jasper Schwert 1 month ago

    If I search something that isn´t searched very often does it take "longer"?

  • Mohammed Sami
    Mohammed Sami 1 month ago

    thanks guys for the video , try to make more videos about information technology and computer traffic and routing.

  • Somethingafw
    Somethingafw 1 month ago

    It's enabled on W10 by default if you have a SSD you don't notice any lag or downtime but with and old classic hdd it can hog its all spinning resources.

  • HailAnts
    HailAnts 1 month ago

    You got some shiny metallically snot hanging out of your nose. Really unattractive. Don't you own a mirror?!

  • Toufiq Aziz
    Toufiq Aziz 1 month ago

    dude...stop fidgeting; its super annoying

  • Bubba
    Bubba 1 month ago

    Good job Olivia, nice presentation.

  • thetommantom
    thetommantom 1 month ago

    it's like a folder system

  • Jordin Pagel
    Jordin Pagel 1 month ago

    There's trillions of websites?

  • Joe Kennedy
    Joe Kennedy 1 month ago

    This presenter bounces around and moves so much it makes me nauseous! Hold still!

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 1 month ago

    she has gotten better

  • Harett
    Harett 1 month ago

    Ok SciShow we need more Olivia! I don't care how, give her her own channel or something. Chop chop... You introduced her to us so now take the responsibility!

  • Pikminiman
    Pikminiman 1 month ago

    Overall, I much prefer Windows to MacOS, but one thing I gotta give to Apple is that Spotlight is infinitely better than the built-in Windows search. I've spent a lot of time making sure my indexing options are set to be helpful, but that does not help the search function be helpful.

  • multiperguy
    multiperguy 1 month ago

    What is Cholestrol?

  • Jesse Hatred
    Jesse Hatred 1 month ago

    Host another Course already! I could listen to you educate me on things all day long.

  • THESocialJusticeWarrior

    She's got gold buggers...

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones 1 month ago

    I like the content but she makes my ears hurt. I had to turn my laptop down to 6 so maybe she's saving me power.

  • Lorentz the annoying Llama

    Please someone motion-track her head and stabilise this video on it

  • Jess Durham
    Jess Durham 1 month ago

    It's about time somebody told me

  • Nelson Swanberg
    Nelson Swanberg 1 month ago

    gooogle always assumes you want to buy something.

  • Mason Westphal
    Mason Westphal 1 month ago

    @SciShow do sidewalks increase earthworms likelihood of survival in a rain storm?

  • grrfilter
    grrfilter 1 month ago

    I quite like this host

  • Christian Gingras
    Christian Gingras 1 month ago

    ZtreeWin emulate an old DOS program, X-tree, while taking full advantage of 32 bit/64 bit virtually limitless computers. Where are the biggest files? Where are the most recent files? Which folders contain the largest number of files. Nothing hidden, find cache maintained by your browser, any temporary files created by Windows beside the "windows/temp/" location and more.
    Once you scanned the entire hard drive, the next search takes less than 1 second for a typical 1 million files computer.
    I have no financial connection with the author. I just want to help non linux users.

  • Whipsters Idle
    Whipsters Idle 1 month ago

    Don't need an index if you know your computer, too.

  • Significant Vloggers

    YouTube needs a Love button.

  • Cody Thompson
    Cody Thompson 1 month ago

    please, stop talking with your hands.

  • momo
    momo 1 month ago

    Is she asking questions or giving information? I can't tell with that tone.

  • Lëë Sin Only
    Lëë Sin Only 1 month ago

    you move your head too much

  • Garrett Spicer
    Garrett Spicer 1 month ago

    Just had my computer index both of my harddrive thanks :D

  • Google made me do it

    Hmm so that's why

  • Bartosz Olszewski
    Bartosz Olszewski 1 month ago

    Aaand we have windows 10, which doesn't even see the files you have right in front of you

  • CarolinaPhoenix
    CarolinaPhoenix 1 month ago

    There's also the fact that the entirety of Google's search index is stored in RAM on Google servers (the higher-ranked sites indices are stored in multiple locations too), while your computer is digging through files on a SSD or, even worse, a spinning hard drive, both of which are significantly slower than RAM.

  • adhair
    adhair 1 month ago


    Problem solved.

  • Michael Angelo Rayo
    Michael Angelo Rayo 1 month ago

    her hand and arm movements are annoying. as well as her intonation.

  • 288theabe
    288theabe 1 month ago

    Or....just make sure you first saved your copy somewhere you usually file it, like a "this is for school crap" folder

  • Serendip
    Serendip 1 month ago

    Unfortunately google's biggest strength (ranking according to importance) is also it's biggest weakness as it encourages populism to replace truth.

  • Gabriel Smythurst
    Gabriel Smythurst 1 month ago


  • Vishnu M Aiea
    Vishnu M Aiea 1 month ago

    Though it's Olivia, I liked this video. I think she's improving (or am I getting used to it ?!) 🤔

  • Ahmed Saif
    Ahmed Saif 1 month ago

    Wats up with that weird ass dancing moves?

  • Robin Tautimer
    Robin Tautimer 1 month ago

    You can also search a single file instead of the whole drive

  • Davi Henrique
    Davi Henrique 1 month ago

    her voice improved somehow. this time i watched till the end

  • The Sage
    The Sage 1 month ago

    she's cute.

  • Taric Alani
    Taric Alani 1 month ago

    Olivia did a much better job in this video, but it looks like she needs to wash her hair.

  • 11 PraticaL
    11 PraticaL 1 month ago

    Why does everyone care about the most unimportant things. You came here to listen to facts, not to see a visual presentation.

  • Matthew Yang
    Matthew Yang 1 month ago

    this is really over simplification right here. The "index" is only a small part of what makes a search so fast

  • SanctuaryReintegrate

    That's why I do term papers on a typewriter.

  • J.J. Shank
    J.J. Shank 1 month ago


  • Enrico Altavilla
    Enrico Altavilla 1 month ago

    On July 2012 scientists at CERN announced that they had found a new particle, expected to be the elusive and important Higgs boson. It was one of the biggest scientific moments in recent physics and scientists all around the world were amazed by the incredible and promising findings. Many people saw that the slides used to present this major discovery were written in a funny Comic Sans font. Some of them complained for the bad aesthetics, maybe because that was the most important thing that their brain noticed and understood.

  • Jason Spitz
    Jason Spitz 1 month ago

    Sounds like someone needs a new computer.

  • suteners2111
    suteners2111 1 month ago

    she looks like john lennon. for fuck sake she is ugly, i want big boobs and pretty face

    • Tom Langford
      Tom Langford 1 month ago

      suteners2111 This is a science show, not porn. No-one cares whether 12 year old commenters can jerk off to the host.

  • Felix Antonello
    Felix Antonello 1 month ago

    This is actually interesting. I like these random topics. Wish Olivia did SciShow Space tho.. I would love to listen to her talk about space related topics. Other than Hank..shes my favorite Host.

  • Dave Publiday
    Dave Publiday 1 month ago

    Someone has to say it... The Mac. The Mac has it's files indexed, by default, all the time. It finds stuff super fast. The index is built incrementally, so it doesn't slow the computer down (unless the whole index needs to be rebuilt).

  • Cameron Sipka
    Cameron Sipka 1 month ago

    if you think your dislike is because of her voice, but like hank's videos then youre just sexist. hes just as fucking annoying just in a different way; no offence hank and olivia i love you both. but seriously theres a double standard to the claims of which videos are annoying and which arent.

    maybe everyone should just leave the presenters alone.

  • ek7opa
    ek7opa 1 month ago

    The freaky thing about this is that i have a term paper due in 3 hours.

  • Аркадий Аркадиевич

    Why are there search engines around my anus?

  • VeryUnfriendlySpoon
    VeryUnfriendlySpoon 1 month ago

    If you want to improve your computer's search speed, index your drive every once in a while. Right click on the drive in My Computer, click Properties, and check the Indexing checkbox.

  • TheMasonX
    TheMasonX 1 month ago

    ScishowTech would be cool eventually :)

  • vonpupees
    vonpupees 1 month ago

    just hit "save as" and look at the file location

  • Brad S
    Brad S 1 month ago

    She could of emphasized the fact that google basically makes a copy of the www (minus the images and video) and makes a 'local query' when upchucking info to the user. the indexing.. But she got it correct.

  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz 1 month ago

    This is not a hate comment, since I don't hate her...
    I just can't stand her voice!

  • OMG BeCkY
    OMG BeCkY 1 month ago

    Fuck Google, they ruined Youtube and also treat me like a baby (not allowing me to view X-rated pics). Bing it is!

  • Guy Boo
    Guy Boo 1 month ago

    The fact that there's a reverse index is, like, the least interesting part of a search... The cool part is the fact that the index is so big it can only fit on a cluster, and every search is a concurrent, distributed query.

    Seriously - every time you run a search, for a small fraction of a second you *own an entire cluster.* That is the cool part.

  • sayurasem
    sayurasem 1 month ago

    Is it just me or the lighting of the video sucks?

  • Amazing Deep House
    Amazing Deep House 1 month ago

    The search functionality in windows is really, really bad. It's ridiculous. A program that does it better is Everything. It shows results in the blink of an eye, like windows should have been doing.

  • Toothless
    Toothless 1 month ago

    Yo olivia awesome work as usual :D

  • Attelino
    Attelino 1 month ago

    I remember when Hank asked this question on Twitter :D

  • Martin Kunev
    Martin Kunev 1 month ago

    "some modern computers do [make index]"
    GNU findutils exists at least since 1994. Apparently this is considered modern.

  • Vitaly Borisov
    Vitaly Borisov 1 month ago

    As a SQL Developer I approve this video :)

  • tbird81
    tbird81 1 month ago

    nose ring

  • ivan villa
    ivan villa 1 month ago

    Dont know why everyone hates on her, I think shes hot and want to do dirty things to her.

  • Chris C
    Chris C 1 month ago


  • David Stagg
    David Stagg 1 month ago

    I feel like at some point in this video it stopped being about informing the public of an interesting topic and became her venting about her computer eating her term paper 10 minutes before it was due. I feel your pain Olivia!! :)

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