PEOPLE ARE INSANE 2016 ✿ Scared Enough To Pee Your Pants ✿ Heights Edition

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    PEOPLE ARE AWESOME 2016 Height Edition is video was created to bring viewers much mixed feelings: the astonishing, the suspense, trembling and excitement.
    We wait for your answer: People Are Awesome or Insane ???
    Enjoy by viewing fullscreen and resolution FULL HD.
    Scared of heights? Do not watch this!


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Comments: 33 505

  • Tajum Jeke
    Tajum Jeke 29 minutes ago

    u people r insane..i hate it though ii loved it...

  • rycard gerulskij
    rycard gerulskij 41 minute ago

    God's crazy people...........

  • yas zor1
    yas zor1 1 hour ago

    what the heck is very scary

  • susama neura
    susama neura 2 hours ago

    bad bad credit


  • The Emerald Dragon
    The Emerald Dragon 4 hours ago


  • GAMING with AHAD
    GAMING with AHAD 10 hours ago

    U fucking bitch u copied the whole vid of off another YouTuber infinite lists u fag

    • Colorful Life
      Colorful Life 9 hours ago

      Original content does not belong to me. But I can use according to Fair Use of Youtube.
      Have fun !

  • numbskull tv
    numbskull tv 11 hours ago

    what people don't realize is one mistake, then you meet your Creator

  • Safeyullah Habib
    Safeyullah Habib 13 hours ago


  • shine boy
    shine boy 13 hours ago

    Have they ever heard of Murphys Law?

  • mark saga
    mark saga 15 hours ago

    siguro nagsasawa na kau sa buhay nyo noh! HHHAH

  • Sedanur Demiral
    Sedanur Demiral 15 hours ago

    3:22 tam halter yapıcak yeri bulmuş aq

  • EpikOak
    EpikOak 16 hours ago

    These places have beautiful skylines

  • franniebee
    franniebee 16 hours ago

    people are crazy and insane. why would they even want to be close to the edge of a really tall building!!!!

  • Isabella Grazino
    Isabella Grazino 17 hours ago

    these kids are savages

  • bryant nonya
    bryant nonya 18 hours ago

    I'm going to start giving a thumbs down to videos with misleading previews...

  • للضحك والترفية


  • hamza hammuz
    hamza hammuz 22 hours ago

    i am dead

  • Orca Soft
    Orca Soft 23 hours ago

    wixscheisse mir wird nur beim zusehen anders

    die spinnen doch

  • MoniJumbo
    MoniJumbo 1 day ago

    We'll meet in death!
    Not funny :(

  • Md.iktiak Ahamed
    Md.iktiak Ahamed 1 day ago

    fucking vedioes.....

  • Tantica Petre
    Tantica Petre 1 day ago

    Second music is Fat rat monody

  • Ninety-Nine Percent

    I'm not scared I just feel so bad for them like what if they fall?

  • Angel Potter
    Angel Potter 1 day ago

    Well this is the definition of OVERCONFIDENCE and STUPIDITY......

  • Angel Potter
    Angel Potter 1 day ago


  • Kali5721
    Kali5721 1 day ago

    I give's a thumbs up because of the background music and the cool stuff they are doing that are supper dangerous

  • bianca

    One stupid thing like cartwheel bye⚰⚰

  • London Barker
    London Barker 1 day ago

    The caption said I would be scared enough to pee my pants. Guess what, I'm not wearing pants.

  • Moise 9
    Moise 9 1 day ago

    I can not believe people take time out of their day to do stupid shit like this something collapses and ur fucking dead you are already braindead dont be stupid and do shit like this im no expert but i would rather behead myself than die this way falling down 15-20 stories

  • gukonni
    gukonni 1 day ago

    2:03. I've seen enough.

  • somu sekhar
    somu sekhar 1 day ago

    what is Mean Of This Video....??
    every one Can Do Like This??

  • Baby Haille
    Baby Haille 2 days ago

    Most of these are green screens so the videos that are real AWESOME ‼️

  • Robin Haugen
    Robin Haugen 2 days ago

    Omg jeg får gåsehud

  • jack williams
    jack williams 2 days ago


  • antonio calma jr
    antonio calma jr 2 days ago


  • Ravi Sahgal
    Ravi Sahgal 2 days ago

    Please god bless...

  • Vaughan DeBeau
    Vaughan DeBeau 2 days ago

    No way 3:23

  • Vijayalakshmi Viju
    Vijayalakshmi Viju 2 days ago


  • Minecraft 37
    Minecraft 37 2 days ago


  • leximarie 015
    leximarie 015 2 days ago

    You must be stupid or good at physics

  • leximarie 015
    leximarie 015 2 days ago

    I have the biggest fear of hights than any body ever

  • Chrish Thapa
    Chrish Thapa 2 days ago


  • Chris Burgos
    Chris Burgos 2 days ago

    I just pee my pants

  • Chris Burgos
    Chris Burgos 2 days ago

    I did this

  • Chris Burgos
    Chris Burgos 2 days ago

    I plead my pansd

  • Dany_Playz Games
    Dany_Playz Games 2 days ago

    Who's hands get sweaty when watching this?

  • Very Martins
    Very Martins 2 days ago

    muito massa......

  • leah messick
    leah messick 2 days ago

    I'd so do mustang wanted

  • przemekn111
    przemekn111 2 days ago


  • Er.swadesh Debbarma

    I think they are trying to suicide

  • JSN player
    JSN player 2 days ago

    white people are fucking dumb

  • Monica Esposito
    Monica Esposito 3 days ago

    Metto mi piace perche sono bravissimissimissimi e anche coraggiosi troppo ma troppo coragiosi pero quando ho visto questo video mi stava venendo un infarto giuro

  • Adarsh Adarsh
    Adarsh Adarsh 3 days ago

    omg real bro's for god sake

  • Triangle Man
    Triangle Man 3 days ago

    Its fk crazy 😂 like this ! If you dont ? Just 1like is 100 crazy 😊

  • Talus
    Talus 3 days ago

    You gus is not a human...

  • karl sneed
    karl sneed 3 days ago


  • DeviTube
    DeviTube 3 days ago

    Sub: for happy and your dream life
    Like: good luck

  • splash mimi
    splash mimi 3 days ago

    Am afraid to see that

  • 08758996545688666h Ccfbhrgjjgbghdchh

    ludi xora ludi xora

  • unbelievable RD
    unbelievable RD 3 days ago

    Dany 1:29

    NIKHIL KUMAR 3 days ago

    by doing this you will not get anything and people will think that you are mantle

    NIKHIL KUMAR 3 days ago

    i am scared only by seeing all these

  • Rohanjeet Das
    Rohanjeet Das 3 days ago

    I tried this once....

    Now I haunt Youtube.

  • NobodyCanTouchMySwag

    how stupid can they be risking their own life for a pointless shot or video i really lost faith on people like this

  • victor antunes
    victor antunes 3 days ago


  • Brennon Parnteau
    Brennon Parnteau 3 days ago

    that must be scary who would do that for money 1000$

  • Benji Enciso
    Benji Enciso 3 days ago

    make sure to be careful

  • cheese saurus
    cheese saurus 3 days ago

    i didnt know ppl are that stupid

  • Bushra Walli
    Bushra Walli 3 days ago


  • matthew masden
    matthew masden 3 days ago

    just joking I don't need the cas

  • Pandu Wicaksono
    Pandu Wicaksono 3 days ago

    that people are not insane, that people is idiot

  • Ricky Fugate
    Ricky Fugate 4 days ago

    crazy cool

    NASSER KAMEL 4 days ago


  • Yashaswi Kulshreshtha

    heart attacking videos awesome outstanding

  • Yashaswi Kulshreshtha

    balacing on such a thin metal rods ru crazy

  • Yashaswi Kulshreshtha

    how can u do this i m scared only 3 m

  • Brian Ervin
    Brian Ervin 4 days ago


  • Arratay
    Arratay 4 days ago

    When I was younger, I went to a camp every summer, and in the group for 5-7 year-olds, we went to this playground sometimes, and I remember these green or blue poles that had steps connected to them, and I was so scared to climb them. I also remember that we played 'the ground is lava' on them. When I was in preschool, I went to my older brother's school school and in the playground equipment for some reason. There's these metal poles that connect two "buildings" that are basically two parallel horizontal bars with two vertical bars between them, like two feet above the ground, and I was terrified of them too. <3 I miss that school.

  • Arratay
    Arratay 4 days ago

    Here I am, scared at the top of the 6 foot bleachers in my school gym.

    Nah, jk fam. The bleachers *were'nt open*. (I know, I'm crazy).

  • Syrian Potato
    Syrian Potato 4 days ago

    Infinite lists has the same video!

  • Hank Salmons
    Hank Salmons 4 days ago

    i will not be scares of 20.0000 feat high so i subscribe and like your channle

  • Hank Salmons
    Hank Salmons 4 days ago

    i am a kid i am 8 i am not scared 10 meaters high or 100 feat high i will not be scared i am just a kid 8 year old

  • The ShayahShow
    The ShayahShow 4 days ago

    I say their approximated lifetime is 28.

  • Marc Hurtubise
    Marc Hurtubise 4 days ago

    4:53 Next time put that at the start of the video

  • Stanleybostitch
    Stanleybostitch 4 days ago

    One misstep and you die. These people are stupid

  • Loser Kid
    Loser Kid 4 days ago

    If you didn't get scared; try putting yourself in there shoes. Bet you won't finish the video the second time

  • Michael Hernandez
    Michael Hernandez 4 days ago

    white people...

  • John Nemo
    John Nemo 4 days ago

    Got any videos of those morrons getting killed ?

  • Rachael Hockly
    Rachael Hockly 5 days ago

    These people are seriously INSANE!!!!!!

  • عشاق الكرة العراقية والعربية

    5:00 what is name of the song

  • 민트초코
    민트초코 5 days ago


  • Nitro Vision
    Nitro Vision 5 days ago

    I'm just thinking why the crap would the be up there. It doesn't make any sense and it is the scariest thing ever

  • Adrian Crnčan
    Adrian Crnčan 5 days ago

    this people are crazy

  • Seema Saulanki
    Seema Saulanki 5 days ago

    so nice

  • Jossy S
    Jossy S 5 days ago

    these people are crazy these days

  • Drake Ramirez
    Drake Ramirez 5 days ago

    who else came here from faze apex

  • benodam64
    benodam64 5 days ago

    Больные придурки )

  • Preeti Bala Srivastava

    Did you cut their death scenes

  • Santhosh Fabre
    Santhosh Fabre 5 days ago

    I took deep a breath for every single clip.. ultimatum of life they live the concentration is God level

  • Bill Patrick
    Bill Patrick 5 days ago

    There kind of stupid the the guy that decided to do back flips do a different building magic!!

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