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Author Sakata Gintoki (9 months)
The stupid lady does not know how to entertain a CAT, she is moving that
shit too fast and the cat is loosing its interest fast because it does not
think it can catch it. If you wan't a CAT to attack, u move the
"TOY/TARGET" slowly and make it look like its turning its BACK. Or just
peek with the TOY/TARGET from some corner

Author Fenix Borges (1 month)

Author Sara James (2 months)
This not a domestic cat. One day it will scratch your ass

Author buzzhawk (4 months)
What's next? A lion? Are these the next thing on the exotic pet market? I
think the idiots who get injured having them as pets should pay 150% of the
medical bills.

Author Vanesa Holzinger (2 months)
That's a young Serval, wait till it grows up.
Most people adopt servals thinking they can tame them like any other cat,
then they abandon them on a shelter when they grow up and they can't handle
them anymore.
You cannot TAME, a serval, you can adjust to it. If you're gonna adopt one,
don't hope for it to behave like a normal cat because it will eventually
grow up and let a lot of its wilderness out, and throwing them on a shelter
after they've bonded with you is cruel :/

Author Richard Phillips (7 months)
I enjoy my Bengal cat immensely...I would like to add a serval cat to our
household provided I can find one that is somewhat docile. it would be
worth the vet bill and the food bill but not a "doctor bill".

Author Momo♚Abyss (7 months)
ghjfdkslaaksjdfh~~ Omg, this is the cutest thing ever <3

Author HockeyFan7 (1 year)
+Dreaded88 lol the mangy dog? Cats are brutal pets compared to loving dogs.

Author y2knoproblem (6 months)
Does it use a litter box?

Author Jt Burton (5 months)
Never seen a serval cat till now pretty cool

Author József Ludvig (3 months)

Author Letocetum sulley (7 months)
Great, I strongly believe however wild animals should remain in the
wild.... Too many exotic pets these days imo! I have a domestic cat, He
decides where He wants to be, He owns me..... Only pet I would ever have,
he is independent, Till he gets hungry... Ha!

Author google sucks donkey dicks (9 months)
i just love cats so much! these cats are so cool... although she diddnt
seem to have as serious a bond as ive seen with serval owners on youtube.
there is this one blonde chick with a serval and the bond is incredible.
the cat couldnt have looked more blissful and fufilled . and over several

Author Maya Abu Dhabi (4 months)
wow so so cute oh shit love my serval cat an i just cant wait to see
it grow infront of

my eyes baby lol

Author Mary Moore (1 year)
I'm sorry but that Serval is not "inbred as fuck",Adam.

Author meekdoug (26 days)
Mrs Cavewoman to Mr Caveman " You can't TAME a wolf !! "

Author Markee Ramos (11 months)
is it dangerous cat..?want to have one..

Author Said Halawa (1 year)

Author Malavika Dixit (1 year)
These cats cost around $1800-22,000

Author marcelina.carrera carrera (1 year)

Author lion mata (1 year)

Author Icewall42 (2 years)
Oh no no, I was agreeing with you that owners don't have to do it--sorry if
I worded that badly. I agree that I don't think it's necessarily inhumane,
but it's not something that should be done on a whim or for a silly reason,
either. There are plenty of good vets--but even good vets can make
mistakes, and if the procedure isn't a necessary one, well, you're just
introducing an unnecessary opportunity for something to go wrong. So, like
I said, I do agree with where you're coming from.

Author yanxtar (2 years)
Ironically looks less like a normal domestic cat than a Lion, Leopard,
Tiger or other common big cats.

Author Lou.J.K (1 year)
perhaps you misread their comment. The Serval has 'NEVER EVER has he tried
to hurt or do anything negative to my family or anyone' It's great to bring
up children around a few animals and a small scratch is good if anything
cause it teaches them that the animal can hurt and how to behave around it.

Author Lacey G (1 year)
If u think about the idea of how people tamed wolves to be domestic and
they changed into the dogs we have today u have to start domestication
somewhere animals weren't always tame we needed to tame them

Author keuriqueen12 (1 year)
Servals are not hybrid cats. Please read up on your information before you
make a fool of yourself.

Author Crystal Rain (1 year)
Where do you get one of these?? I need one!

Author sgdeluxedoc (1 year)
I should point out , however, that you had better KNOW the natural behavior
of the animal you spend time with, and (in say, cat's worlds, be sure they
accept you as a pride member..) be sure that you're not fooling yourself
that you really have a relationship with them. It's no place for fools or

Author Charlotte R Brown (1 year)
The Serval is beautiful. But I feel sad for the cat. He's not a domestic
cat. The cat should be in his natural habitat. That's where he belongs and
where he would be the most happiest. I feel people keeping these wildcats
in captivity, trying to tame them like a common Tabbie is an injustice to
the wild animal and a selfish act on the owner.

Author Cyclist0623 (2 years)
Even some mountain lions can safely be kept as pets. But it can be very
risky. The small prairie town I lived in there was a Norwegian bachelor
farmer (for real) who had a Mtn Lion for an indoor pet. He had had it for
years. He shot its mom when it was a kitten but that story was never
confirmed. He came home one night, like any other, but this time it ate
him. Even after all the years, you can't always know for sure. And kindly
just stow any comments as to Servals not being Lions, duh.

Author NotSoSlimShady15 (1 year)
Aw honey im sorry i got ur balls caught

Author badcatinbronx (1 year)
May be you should try ASPCA, they are more reasonable. But generally you
right. After I tried with some shelter, I went on Creigslist and adopted
there. There is always someone trying to get rid of the cat or kitten. :)

Author ifeel sic (1 year)
well no shit...ANY ANIMAL has the POSSIBILITY of hurting you...your
dog..your matter what BREED it your reply is noted
but ignored

Author Christopher Bol (1 year)
Servals live up to 20 years actually. This cat is a serval you know, not a

Author dondontruck2 (1 year)
Why you think God created them (the wildcats) with big muscles and teeth?
To sit in a house and eat milk and biscuit?...To hunt in the WILD...Use
your brain for a little bit...

Author Angelos Procopos (1 year)
Does this Savannah cat look like this?

Author William Blish (1 year)
.wikipedia .o r g/wiki/Serval

Author dancingqueen1978 (1 year)
You "need" or simply want one bad? smh pay attention to your wording,
animals are not a fashion accessory that you get rid of when you bore of
them,they're a lifetime commitment.You "need" to realize that,mate.Cheers.

Author Shockproofgamer (1 year)
you do realize a Serval is a breed of wildcat right? This particular Serval
just happens to be tame/domesticated so please study up before you post
extremely useless comments that has nothing to do with the video

Author SaphiraTheMongoose (1 year)
You chose the wrong shelter.. Rofl

Author 1x1x1x1tech (1 year)
Some subspecies of serval cats are endangered. We should adopt these first
so the breed doesn't go extinct -_- Do your research before posting
comments like this. TBH, I have a neighbor with a serval and its just like
a normal cat. No difference in attitude.

Author Mewtank (1 year)
I think you're thinking of Bengal cats? Those are hybrids. a cross between
a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat These are African servals. They're
not hybrids.

Author WildSpaceMonkey (1 year)
I really need this kind of cat in specific... But they sell it at a very,
very, high price unfortunately.

Author sgdeluxedoc (1 year)
Beg to differ. ALL cats are the same. It really *is* how they are raised.
There's a story of a person who raised atiger in his apartment in harlem
for FIVE years, and it was only when the cat got jealous because he took in
a stray that they discovered the cat. The big cat swiped him - just once.
Not a serious wound either. He should have known how possesive cats are.
When I was 3 I had a pet cougar or bobcat, not sure now. 3 feet long and 14
inches to shoulder. Followed me everywhere!

Author TreVox (1 year)
err... are people allowed to keep it as a pet? cause I'd love to get one..
just not sure if it would affect my other cats..

Author CryingHearth (1 year)
You don't have to tell me that, law is a bitch! Oh he molested the children
on the playground? Well, let's punish him by making him pick up the trash
of playgrounds! Oh he raped one of the kids? Well, seems like he have been
a bad boy, but he didn't ever do anything else so... Naww, just let him get
free again BUT he have to pay 1000€ So he will never do something like that
again! *Facepalm* There is no fairness out there.

Author Cyclist0623 (1 year)
Ha! It would take a lot more than you to to bring me down! Get over that
idea. But your knowledge is as dubious as phrases such as "bother the fuck
out of me." That sounds intelligent. Is that a process we might observe?
So, enlighten us, tell us about this cat - tell us how you (apparently
alone) can discern simply by sight, on nothing more than a YouTube video no
less, that this is not a true Serval, but a hybrid instead. Just what
information on a video can enable a person to tell this?

Author NotSoSlimShady15 (1 year)

Author CryingHearth (1 year)
I live in "beautiful" germany where you need to be tested by a psychologist
if you want to walk a dog from a shelter but can take a grandma or more
from the old peoples home without anything. I know that they need money for
food they had fed and medicine that was given to the kittys...But they
shouldn't treat you like a criminal or something when you love animals!My
friend and I wanted to play with the animals so they aren't that bored.We
weren't allowed.Too dangerous! >_>" Us or the kittys? Idk

Author Sandy Rosenthal (1 year)
Beautiful cat. Those ears!

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