Serval cat - a tame wildcat who acted like a domestic cat

The Flicks and I visited the best known cattery, A1 Savannahs, the home of the Savannah cat. We had an intense and memorable experience. We met this wonderful Serval cat.

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Author Rose White ( ago)
do servals bury their droppings like housecats do?

Author Nunya Business ( ago)
how do I get one of these into the u.s? I must have one.

Author dtrix10kc ( ago)
What a gorgeous cat! And look at those ears!

Author Meloddy Cats ( ago)
j'aimerai moi aussi jouer avec lui, il est superbe

Author Ridzuan Ruhaimi ( ago)
cats are amazing!!

Author syayadik catiger ( ago)
this is asia leopard cat

Author Chousa Heidan ( ago)
im afraid this will make people hunt serval for pets

Author Josh Collison (1438 years ago)
Fucking hate when people try to get a cat's attention like it's a dog. They
don't respond to stupid clicks and pats like dogs do.

Author Josh Collison (1442 years ago)
Fucking hate when people try to get a cat's attention like it's a dog. They
don't respond to stupid clicks and pats like dogs do.

Author xxxBunnixxx love ( ago)
This animal deserves to be in the wild. Wtf is wrong with people

Author dangerash HD ( ago)
hehe... i had my first two manx/domestic longhair kittens. I've love them
from whole my heart

Author savage racked ( ago)
that is a serval

Author BroDave Powell ( ago)
my my what a beautiful animal!

Author John Freemantle ( ago)
Why do people like Buzzhawk and Banana Bonbony write their gormless crap,
They know nothing and yet try to impress people. They obviously have never
got close to a cat, maybe they are frightened that they will reveal their
latent homosexuality or worse.

Author Jacob White ( ago)
And you pet cats like that why? They enjoy slow, hard presses down their
back. (At lest mine do.)

Author focus51 ( ago)
Mrs Cavewoman to Mr Caveman " You can't TAME a wolf !! "

Author Banana Bonbony ( ago)
This not a domestic cat. One day it will scratch your ass

Author Vanesa Holzinger ( ago)
That's a young Serval, wait till it grows up.
Most people adopt servals thinking they can tame them like any other cat,
then they abandon them on a shelter when they grow up and they can't handle
them anymore.
You cannot TAME, a serval, you can adjust to it. If you're gonna adopt one,
don't hope for it to behave like a normal cat because it will eventually
grow up and let a lot of its wilderness out, and throwing them on a shelter
after they've bonded with you is cruel :/

Author József Ludvig ( ago)

Author Maya Abu Dhabi ( ago)
wow so so cute oh shit love my serval cat an i just cant wait to see
it grow infront of

my eyes baby lol

Author buzzhawk ( ago)
What's next? A lion? Are these the next thing on the exotic pet market? I
think the idiots who get injured having them as pets should pay 150% of the
medical bills.

Author Jt Burton ( ago)
Never seen a serval cat till now pretty cool

Author y2knoproblem (1266 years ago)
Does it use a litter box?

Author Letocetum sulley ( ago)
Great, I strongly believe however wild animals should remain in the
wild.... Too many exotic pets these days imo! I have a domestic cat, He
decides where He wants to be, He owns me..... Only pet I would ever have,
he is independent, Till he gets hungry... Ha!

Author Momo♚Abyss ( ago)
ghjfdkslaaksjdfh~~ Omg, this is the cutest thing ever <3

Author google sucks donkey dicks ( ago)
i just love cats so much! these cats are so cool... although she diddnt
seem to have as serious a bond as ive seen with serval owners on youtube.
there is this one blonde chick with a serval and the bond is incredible.
the cat couldnt have looked more blissful and fufilled . and over several

Author Sakata Gintoki ( ago)
The stupid lady does not know how to entertain a CAT, she is moving that
shit too fast and the cat is loosing its interest fast because it does not
think it can catch it. If you wan't a CAT to attack, u move the
"TOY/TARGET" slowly and make it look like its turning its BACK. Or just
peek with the TOY/TARGET from some corner

Author Markee Ramos ( ago)
is it dangerous cat..?want to have one..

Author Mary Moore ( ago)
I'm sorry but that Serval is not "inbred as fuck",Adam.

Author HockeyFan7 ( ago)
+Dreaded88 lol the mangy dog? Cats are brutal pets compared to loving dogs.

Author Malavika Dixit ( ago)
These cats cost around $1800-22,000

Author Dreaded88 ( ago)
I'm so glad people are discovering that these are nice kitty's instead of
hunting them trying to peddle their furs as False-Cheeta! Hell! Maybe we
ought to have Cheeta's as pets now too! Teach that Mangy dog a thing or

Author javier64607 ( ago)
how much is that cat?

Author Garrett Mueller ( ago)
I can't take these comments seriously. If you live in Harlem and you own a
tiger, you are clearly an idiot hahahaha

Author lndianScout ( ago)
I've got a Bengal, she's the sweetest playful cat in the world, but man let
her outside and she's a full on predator. She's chased many many very large
dogs out of our yard..

Author razonable34 ( ago)
És un Serval

es un gato comun,salvaje o montes? 

q s? 

Author SilverWolfe ( ago)
While I do agree with you, to an extent, you fail to remember one thing:
all domesticated animals were once wild. Does that mean that we all have to
give up our horses, cats, dogs, and birds?

Author nazcalito ( ago)
Most of the pet servals are descendants of servals that were kept for fur
farms, not servals gotten out of the wild in Africa. These are no longer
wild servals but semi-domesticated. But before you get one, realize that
they need an expensive diet of regular meat, not cheap cat food, and will
probably love running around your house breaking things and shredding your

Author Charlotte R Brown ( ago)
The Serval is beautiful. But I feel sad for the cat. He's not a domestic
cat. The cat should be in his natural habitat. That's where he belongs and
where he would be the most happiest. I feel people keeping these wildcats
in captivity, trying to tame them like a common Tabbie is an injustice to
the wild animal and a selfish act on the owner. 

Author jerachin ( ago)
I would rather meet a pig or a Pygmy goat their evenly smart and I am not
making my insecurities for my nature as human.

Author sgdeluxedoc ( ago)
I don't disagree that raising a tiger in a harlem apartment wasn't
anyything but terrible for the cat, but that kind of was my point. Here's a
BIG cat, spending their entire life in a tiny box, unable to hunt, or run,
or even go outdoors.. One hellish existence. And yet, ALWAYS kind to it's
"owner", or should I say, roommate.. and after 5 whole years she snaps from
the pressure and jealousy, and the worst injury she inflicts is a mild
wound. If only people had that much self control. 

Author SaphiraTheMongoose ( ago)
That's kind of cruel. That's like owning dogs without having a yard. Even
if you can do it, you can be sure that it's unhealthy, and will make any
animal very unhappy living a fishbowl life. It never satisfies their
natural instincts, causes many behavioral problems, and is considered abuse
in many places.

Author SaphiraTheMongoose ( ago)
You chose the wrong shelter.. Rofl

Author lastpokemon ( ago)
Is catdog from nickelodeon real? 

Author CryingHearth ( ago)
Saying "go die" to somebody you don't even know isn't nice. Didn't your mom
told you that?

Author AddicToTekno ( ago)
It's ok, animals needs respect. No reason to keep them in a house for the
rest of their life ... go die noob

Author Ogier the Dane ( ago)
Shut up liar. Fuck your ads uploader

Author YouTube Feirdzz ( ago)
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Author cagammon ( ago)

Author dondontruck2 ( ago)
Why you think God created them (the wildcats) with big muscles and teeth?
To sit in a house and eat milk and biscuit?...To hunt in the WILD...Use
your brain for a little bit...

Author sgdeluxedoc ( ago)
I should point out , however, that you had better KNOW the natural behavior
of the animal you spend time with, and (in say, cat's worlds, be sure they
accept you as a pride member..) be sure that you're not fooling yourself
that you really have a relationship with them. It's no place for fools or

Author sgdeluxedoc ( ago)
O for cryin out loud. I know about that. If you know any animal with even
somewhat wild genes, like even feral cats,you know how that can happen.
Unlike people, however, cats don't turn on their friends. Only apes will
use the killer instinct on members of their own "Pride",so to speak. Cats
do not, although they can have a short fuse, they will not carry through
with pride members, which close friends are. Worst you can get is a painful
bite or scratch. Bandage it and carry on, like I've done.

Author jod34 ( ago)
He's a bit ignorant of history I assume..

Author sgdeluxedoc ( ago)
Beg to differ. ALL cats are the same. It really *is* how they are raised.
There's a story of a person who raised atiger in his apartment in harlem
for FIVE years, and it was only when the cat got jealous because he took in
a stray that they discovered the cat. The big cat swiped him - just once.
Not a serious wound either. He should have known how possesive cats are.
When I was 3 I had a pet cougar or bobcat, not sure now. 3 feet long and 14
inches to shoulder. Followed me everywhere!

Author Lacey G ( ago)
What i'm saying is raising an animal from birth not just approach a wild
animal and start to pet it that would be idiotic u can raise an animal from
a baby learn it's reactions and take caution yes there are risks but there
are risks for every animal

Author dondontruck2 ( ago)
Ok try to pet a lion or a tiger, see you in the grave.

Author Lacey G ( ago)
If u think about the idea of how people tamed wolves to be domestic and
they changed into the dogs we have today u have to start domestication
somewhere animals weren't always tame we needed to tame them

Author spammmmmer1 ( ago)
It's a wild cat and must not be addopted!

Author Jim Naylor ( ago)
that is an awesome cat.

Author CryingHearth ( ago)
Which drugs did you take?! We were talking about adopting kittens at the
shelter! You are barking at the wrong tree doggy!

Author dondontruck2 ( ago)
Do you realize that servals, caracals, bobcats, lynxes and all thoses are
WILDCATS??? They should not be pet!! My God!! Can't you people think a

Author 64Gerico ( ago)
Non ci sono parole per dire quanto sia bello questo gattone, dovete esserne
fieri. Complimenti!

Author Ashish Avin ( ago)
Oh, man! I want one, too! This one might scare all the bully dogs away :D 

Author Fiona Hitchcock ( ago)
when a cat hisses at you its pissed off it isnt happy to see you 

Author Archimagus ( ago)
I got my recent cat from the animal shelter for $12 including Neutering,
and only had to wait over the weekend because he hadn't had the surgery

Author SavannahCatTV ( ago)
He's like my Serval! How old is the serval? 

Author Crystal Rain ( ago)
Where do you get one of these?? I need one! 

Author Yukii Anims ( ago)
Love those cats, if only they were domesticated :/ 

Author mncro1 ( ago)
GREAT CAT...- thank Yo for these clips ...from me and my 3 "euro"cats..(2
boys and an old "lady") 

Author Corbonzo ( ago)
yes i know. but the basis of the statement was on serval cats as an example
and it was incorrect.

Author xregistration ( ago)
I kind of agree... but in some cases people have specific needs. And breed
have traits people are looking for or need. For example both the animal and
an elderly or disabled person would benefit from a good match with
animal/breed that needs a lot of attention but not too much exercise (like
burmilla cats) or a 6 foot and then some guys like me would like a cat that
is proportional to their size (like Maine Coon/ Savannah). 

Author adammurphy ( ago)
my sentiments exactly dan, people should really stop looking to breeders
for specific breeds. they should just get a loving animal that needs a good
home. anyone saying they had to pay must be referring to spay and
neutering, and you can find places that even do that for free. yes, you
must be responsible enough to care for the animal, i mean that's usually
how they get there in the first place...

Author adammurphy ( ago)
it's inbred as fuck. hybrid or not.

Author Alyson Clarke ( ago)
Depends on where you live

Author TreVox ( ago)
err... are people allowed to keep it as a pet? cause I'd love to get one..
just not sure if it would affect my other cats.. 

Author Josh Linzer ( ago)
Im now going to go find a Bobcat and tame it :3

Author ovidio demorizi ( ago)

Author Michael Craig McGee ( ago)
What a lovely cat, you are fortunate to have such a beautiful pet.

Author damianovet ( ago)
Già un gatto normale se incazzato ti pò fare a coriandoli, ve lo immaginate
un "gattino" del genere un po' permaloso, che non vuole farsi medicare un
orecchio ad esempio?

Author badcatinbronx ( ago)
May be you should try ASPCA, they are more reasonable. But generally you
right. After I tried with some shelter, I went on Creigslist and adopted
there. There is always someone trying to get rid of the cat or kitten. :)

Author badcatinbronx ( ago)
I agree, it's better to adopt. Cats like this are not for everyone.

Author Willim Zeichen ( ago)
1:17 no thanks.

Author Marie Greer ( ago)
That old guy does not know how to pet a cat. lol

Author dancingqueen1978 ( ago)
lol ok,I believe you now :) 

Author dancingqueen1978 ( ago)
Both of you are correct,I've adopted from a shelter as well as take pets
others can't care for,so they don't end up on shelters.I think animal
breeders as well as shelters are at fault,because as you stated they charge
a lot,thus discouraging potential adopters,I paid close to $100 for a
cat,but my baby is worth it,and most animal breeders(as well as many
shelter staff) aren't even animal lovers,for them it's a trade,if they
loved animals they would rescue instead and lower adoption fees.

Author WildSpaceMonkey ( ago)
I "NEED" this one so bad... If I had one, I would guard him with my life.

Author Neronix17 ( ago)
Shut up and do your research before mouthing off on things you don't have a
clue about. Shelters are overrun because they will do a lot to actually
keep the cats, they charge an extortionate amount of money to adopt even
though they want to give them to people apparently, every cat/kitten I have
taken in has had to be from someone who cannot afford to keep them, this is
doing just as much good as adopting from a shelter as it means they don't
also end up there. You have clearly never adopted.

Author CryingHearth ( ago)
You don't have to tell me that, law is a bitch! Oh he molested the children
on the playground? Well, let's punish him by making him pick up the trash
of playgrounds! Oh he raped one of the kids? Well, seems like he have been
a bad boy, but he didn't ever do anything else so... Naww, just let him get
free again BUT he have to pay 1000€ So he will never do something like that
again! *Facepalm* There is no fairness out there.

Author dancingqueen1978 ( ago)
wow,that's ridiculous! Here in the U.S. we have our share of absurd laws as
well,it's like they have so many things backwards.Animal shelters euthanize
thousands of beautiful animals every day simply to make room for others
because shelters are so crowded yet in California serial killers like
Charles Manson live comfortably on death row for decades even though
prisons too are crowded,to the point that they have to squeeze hundreds of
inmates in the prison gym together for lack of space.

Author dancingqueen1978 ( ago)
:) God Bless!

Author CryingHearth ( ago)
I live in "beautiful" germany where you need to be tested by a psychologist
if you want to walk a dog from a shelter but can take a grandma or more
from the old peoples home without anything. I know that they need money for
food they had fed and medicine that was given to the kittys...But they
shouldn't treat you like a criminal or something when you love animals!My
friend and I wanted to play with the animals so they aren't that bored.We
weren't allowed.Too dangerous! >_>" Us or the kittys? Idk

Author Corbonzo ( ago)
yes i know, thats where my cats from :)

Author dancingqueen1978 ( ago)
You "need" or simply want one bad? smh pay attention to your wording,
animals are not a fashion accessory that you get rid of when you bore of
them,they're a lifetime commitment.You "need" to realize that,mate.Cheers.

Author dancingqueen1978 ( ago)
I've adopted from a shelter,you do have to pay a fee for the
neutering/spaying operation,current shots,as well as registration and
microchiping the pet (if you choose) all in all it was close to $100,this
was a good 6 years ago,so it's probably higher now but the fact that they
place restrictions for adoption ie.based on where you live seems a bit
extreme.What city/state do you live in?

Author dancingqueen1978 ( ago)
hybrid or not,the fellow has a point,please adopt a shelter pet.

Author magicstix0r ( ago)
You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Savannahs exhibit
hybrid vigor and have essentially no disease. The only difference between a
Savannah and your regular shelter cat is they tend to have smaller livers
because servals do. Do your research first next time.

Author boscmonitor1 ( ago)
What. The. Heck?

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