Cops Love Patrolling This Car Show: Part 2

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  • effspot
    effspot 19 days ago

    All the supercar owners should be thanking the Honda CRV for distracting the cops for the remainder of the show. Still not sure why they impounded his car and arrested him though.


    • JJGamingBRO
      JJGamingBRO 17 days ago

      effspot The cops are jealous there can't even afford a Toyota or anything but an 1 dollars poptart

    • Ian McKay
      Ian McKay 18 days ago

      effspot I didn't see you there but definitely more entertaining without the cops later.

  • Kigoz4Life
    Kigoz4Life 7 days ago

    5:02 vorsteiner kit or what?

  • Carspotter Jeroen
    Carspotter Jeroen 12 days ago

    Most random shot in the whole video @1:57 ''Woahh, There is a shuttle!'' HAHAHA!

  • SEANJOHN 92663
    SEANJOHN 92663 13 days ago

    That show has gone to shit from a year ago..

  • SEANJOHN 92663
    SEANJOHN 92663 13 days ago

    It's really LAMBORGHINI COSTA MESA your 4 miles from NEWPORT BEACH FYI... COSTA MESA LAMBOGHINI doesn't sound as good!!!

  • Cisco Tacos
    Cisco Tacos 13 days ago

    wtf was that at 3:45?

  • Andre675LT
    Andre675LT 14 days ago

    He is not going on Goldrush because Alejandro will be there LOL

  • Tuner Cult
    Tuner Cult 15 days ago

    Caught us at @6:18

  • eddie briceno
    eddie briceno 16 days ago

    where is it at

  • Conner Mac
    Conner Mac 16 days ago

    What do they normally get pulled over for?

  • Calvin Cooley
    Calvin Cooley 16 days ago

    Cop cars & coffee.

  • Thomas
    Thomas 16 days ago

    When on private property rev to your hearts content. Just make sure the people who started the event have the owners permission to rev.

  • Samuel Navarro
    Samuel Navarro 16 days ago

    Cops need to Fuck off! This will discourage future shows from taking place at this town.

    • effspot
      effspot 16 days ago

      Lambo Newport Beach is basically infested with cops now.

  • brave as hell
    brave as hell 16 days ago

    Thesupercarsuspects was there

  • Curt
    Curt 16 days ago

    The FLAMES from the GT-R though!

    DRIVEN ROYALTY 17 days ago

    What days are this meet?

  • SkiTle
    SkiTle 17 days ago

    Ya i watched a lot of these shows on Youtube and i think people are just fucking tired of these cops and this car show will just fade a way.

  • Buildinup6
    Buildinup6 17 days ago

    @ffspot. How can the cops tell people to not rev when they are on privite property?

  • Buildinup6
    Buildinup6 17 days ago

    Id hate to have cops that bad. The car shows by us in IL are getting worse but they let people take off pretty aggressivly last show.

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    视频奶油 17 days ago


  • C Man
    C Man 17 days ago

    Difference from Europe , - USA ....earning their pay ...pure jokes

  • TrapZ DraKo
    TrapZ DraKo 18 days ago

    Their all the same cars like come on guys get creative

  • Mozez Eli B
    Mozez Eli B 18 days ago

    Wow.... California P. D. are a trip... Bad enough with the cost of living....Can't have a car show and little fun.....

  • александр румянцев

    I look at your cars with love! it was cool.

  • Nik Page
    Nik Page 18 days ago

    The cops on this event are getting worst and worst every time. Tnx for the footage, i see i didn't miss much

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 18 days ago

    That crv was a sleeper he had a twin turbo setup under the hood😏

  • Buddha BlazerSS
    Buddha BlazerSS 18 days ago

    Why does everyone act as if they have never seen dickhead police before. It's just how it goes

  • saleenr6
    saleenr6 18 days ago

    I fail to understand why kids want to video record all this???

  • Travis Ingram
    Travis Ingram 18 days ago

    You gotta video the cars leaving Gold rush rally. THat'd be amazing.

  • Mr. Executive
    Mr. Executive 18 days ago

    More like the annoying dickheads recording✌

  • Ontario Supercars
    Ontario Supercars 18 days ago

    So no Centenario came out

  • Sea Salt
    Sea Salt 18 days ago

    eating ramen noodles atm

    • effspot
      effspot 18 days ago

      Lucky, I had pizza.

  • MP 23
    MP 23 18 days ago

    lmao he said " nice a gibli" brunette that car is pure shit. Look up Doug demerio masterati gibli

  • MCclimbs
    MCclimbs 18 days ago

    Is it just me or is the footage laggy?

  • Scuba Gaming
    Scuba Gaming 18 days ago

    It was nice meeting you there!

  • MrMister1227
    MrMister1227 19 days ago

    It's not like its a sideshow lmfao wow these cops are being dicks

  • Francisco Melo
    Francisco Melo 19 days ago

    5:21 wow a Fiat 500!

  • Tai Lopez
    Tai Lopez 19 days ago

    Those drones are super annoyn, my brother has one and they're loud asf.

  • FahrerNordschleife
    FahrerNordschleife 19 days ago

    California just blows... you fucking liberals...

  • Achilles AQW
    Achilles AQW 19 days ago

    Anyone know where I can find individual photographs of the Huracan at 5:01 ?? Looks ruthless!

  • Aurelien.B videos
    Aurelien.B videos 19 days ago

    You have been at the car show in a Golf 5 R32 if I'm not wrong ?

  • Sam Thompson
    Sam Thompson 19 days ago

    I fucking love your vids man ! No bullshit edits, just supercar footage and raw footage

    • effspot
      effspot 19 days ago

      Thanks man, just trying to keep it simple. Filming the silly things at car shows is infinitely more entertaining than just the cars.

  • Darry Modz
    Darry Modz 19 days ago

    dude keep it up channel is doing great and your videos are good.i mean who doesnt like driving or seeing supercars on a daily basis and for the people on here talking shit there obviously haters so keep doing what ya doing

  • Alan attack
    Alan attack 19 days ago

    cops in your country are absolutely insane.

  • Tech News
    Tech News 19 days ago

    the guy flying the drone thinks he's a big shot little does he know he's a fuck boy

    • Sea Salt
      Sea Salt 16 days ago

      it wouldn't kill u. it would seriously hurt though

    • Tech News
      Tech News 17 days ago

      have you been hit with a drone 20 mph in the face? do you know how sharp those blades are?

    • Sea Salt
      Sea Salt 17 days ago

      but if a drone hit u in the face at 20 mph there is a very low risk of u losing ur life.

    • Tech News
      Tech News 17 days ago

      if its that low you never know what can happen...what if a gust of wind came from nowhere and the drone operator couldn't handle it

    • Sea Salt
      Sea Salt 18 days ago

      how does a drone put lives at risk?

  • possiblychinese
    possiblychinese 19 days ago

    So how did that TDF get pulled over?

    • effspot
      effspot 18 days ago

      Honestly I don't know.

  • Aron
    Aron 19 days ago

    Hey man, any car meets this weekend coming?

    • effspot
      effspot 18 days ago

      Sunset GT and Goldrush.

  • Dragonsai
    Dragonsai 19 days ago

    geez cops are such assholes

  • Simon C
    Simon C 19 days ago

    fucking pigs man california cops are the worst especially the ones in neighborhood where nothing happens they cant wait for something or anything to happen so they can play police

    • R.P
      R.P 10 days ago

      Simon C same with Illinois also, the suburbs is always like that

  • dn-den
    dn-den 19 days ago

    Meanwhile at the Cars&Cones meet :P

    • effspot
      effspot 18 days ago

      Best name ever lol

  • Mike Ocampo
    Mike Ocampo 19 days ago

    Costa Mesa cops...I swear. Lamborghini just needs to buy the whole zip code.

  • Hassan Talib
    Hassan Talib 19 days ago


  • Paul He
    Paul He 19 days ago

    Cops in the US are so horribel. In Germany you can rev next to them and they don't care.

  • Spencer Berke
    Spencer Berke 19 days ago

    Dude lol, I was surprised about that drone. Was insanely low. Good seeing you.

    • effspot
      effspot 18 days ago

      Good seeing you too man! And yeah, some guys at the dealership told him to stop flying it. I guess he was in DGAF mode.

  • Nate Bly
    Nate Bly 19 days ago

    Does anybody know what time gold rush rally is going to be in Bev hills on Friday?

  • unclewilliamderek
    unclewilliamderek 19 days ago

    shoot the drone dogg

  • abi L
    abi L 19 days ago

    335i ftw

  • Isaac Ah Nee
    Isaac Ah Nee 19 days ago

    3:33 looks like Howie Mandel

  • iMHD
    iMHD 19 days ago

    I hate effspot but love his videos

  • Chromos
    Chromos 19 days ago

    the last line, "oh hey look, it's the annoying fucking drone" then the video ends got me dying of laughter.

  • TehNowipe
    TehNowipe 19 days ago

    what was that thing at 3:45 ?

  • Puxrpp
    Puxrpp 19 days ago

    Cops ruin everything they said no reving what's a car show without revs?

  • The Gentleman Racer
    The Gentleman Racer 19 days ago

    That crazy guy telling about being a UFC fighter and entrepreneur, I think he was hoping people were gonna jump on and start like cheering him, then he just kinda walked off.

    • effspot
      effspot 18 days ago

      He was vaping out of a lifted truck. Enough said.

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan 19 days ago

    Dude acting like a pussy with drone flying around.

  • Stephen Zinn
    Stephen Zinn 19 days ago


    • effspot
      effspot 18 days ago

      The OC strikes again

  • Fher D
    Fher D 19 days ago

    The f type wasn't a v6

  • B Davis
    B Davis 19 days ago

    Lol love these videos. Do you know if there are gonna be any shows in LA the saturday before car week?

    • B Davis
      B Davis 18 days ago

      It's all good. Im stopping through LA on my way to car week so thought i'd ask.

    • effspot
      effspot 18 days ago

      That's a pretty specific date. I honestly do not know haha

  • The Bengal
    The Bengal 19 days ago

    It's crazy how much more strict the cops are over in socialist california compared to the middle of the country where I'm from.

    If cops sat outside a car meet and waited like they did here they'd get beat up probably

    • Chris O
      Chris O 17 days ago

      The law is the law. It doesn't matter if you're in a sports car or a Honda Civic. Why is that so difficult to understand for some people?


      Yeah no the cops would definitely not get "beat up" but you probably would

    • Asd Dsa
      Asd Dsa 18 days ago

      Calls California a socialist state yet your're from Missouri which is one the biggest welfare states in the country.

    • High Koala
      High Koala 19 days ago

      The Bengal "Socialist california" LOL

  • Alex F
    Alex F 19 days ago

    Why did they enforce a no rev ? Those cops can fuck right off

  • Pinstripe Jim
    Pinstripe Jim 19 days ago

    what a bunch of dorks standing around watching rich punks rev. A real car show is one where people put hard work, time, and effort 8nto their cars, not just buy the car and wrap it

    • effspot
      effspot 18 days ago

      Sorry, I'm not into those kind of cars.

  • Physiqal
    Physiqal 19 days ago

    Alpha 12 GTR would destroy every car there

    • Mark Brown
      Mark Brown 14 days ago

      Physiqal is not like he even needs to go in one . Do a quick google search of a gtr interior then do a search of a Maserati interior. Plus that gtr's interior will start squeezing after like 50000 miles

    • Mikis Mays
      Mikis Mays 14 days ago

      Physiqal and for the record ive been inside of a lamborghini and a gtr, the gtr is not a premium luxurious car

    • Mikis Mays
      Mikis Mays 14 days ago

      so you're telling me that a regular gtr with a rollcage and alpha 12 engine tune is More luxurious than an alcantara Lamborghini

    • Physiqal
      Physiqal 14 days ago

      Mikis Mays You wouldn't know about the luxury because you most likely haven't been inside one.

    • Mikis Mays
      Mikis Mays 14 days ago

      Physiqal i beg not to differ, its a gtr, (nissans with no soul) ive never seen a luxurious gtr either

  • Padakin
    Padakin 19 days ago

    Where can I see more of that R8 with the blue rims?

  • GJSA
    GJSA 19 days ago

    why you gotta disrespect the ghilbi like that

  • pillieee
    pillieee 19 days ago

    Whats wrong with the police in US?

    • effspot
      effspot 18 days ago

      They are just trying to control the car shows. Some of them get rowdy and residents call 911 and complain. I get it, but sometimes it's a bit too much.

  • GloryOrBust
    GloryOrBust 19 days ago

    The Only time I've been that close to a super car was at the dealer ship. I even Made an epic video of The cars there! Check it out.

  • themrjones
    themrjones 19 days ago

    at 4:31 who can spot Barney The Friendly dinosaur lmfao. scary

    • effspot
      effspot 18 days ago

      HAHAHA oh my god

  • virtosh13
    virtosh13 19 days ago

    4:20 Adam said "there's THE effspot"

  • Random Car Guy
    Random Car Guy 19 days ago

    Last time I was this early, Salomondrin and Effspot were friends.

  • Roger Rees
    Roger Rees 19 days ago

    Have you heard of the new London car spotter laws. You can now get banned from certain areas for up to 48hrs for actin a clown and standing in the road and shit, blocking traffic etccc and general dumbass leaper shit!

    • Anonym 01
      Anonym 01 18 days ago

      Roger Rees If I remember correctly the laws for both carspotters and supercar drivers came at the same time

    • Roger Rees
      Roger Rees 18 days ago

      Wasn't that for the drivers previously ?

    • Nakian
      Nakian 19 days ago

      Good. Get rid of all the annoying kids that run around chasing cars with there shitty phone cameras.

    • Anonym 01
      Anonym 01 19 days ago

      Roger Rees That was a Long time Ago dude

    • Romulo Nascimento
      Romulo Nascimento 19 days ago

      Roger Rees 'bout time! They should have done that aaaaaaaages ago!

  • Boogimos
    Boogimos 19 days ago

    Poor F12 :(

  • Dequan tellez
    Dequan tellez 19 days ago

    Lmao oh hey look it's the annoying fucking drone 😂

    • Lambo
      Lambo 19 days ago

      Dequan tellez Spencer Berke was saying in his video that it was annoying too

    • effspot
      effspot 19 days ago

      Honestly don't know why he was flying it so low and for so long. Footage must've looked like at such a low altitude.

  • boosted dude246
    boosted dude246 19 days ago

    the states really sucks lol

    • boosted dude246
      boosted dude246 18 days ago

      DJ Rodriguez i mean like iam from a place which doenst have this much stress cant rev to loud or be cited lol

    • DJ Rodriguez
      DJ Rodriguez 18 days ago

      boosted dude246 Building the wall will help. California is beautiful but the people ruin it- retards mixed with illegal aliens😒😕

    • ShelledStingray
      ShelledStingray 18 days ago

      Nah, LA sucks

  • Haydden Felker
    Haydden Felker 19 days ago


  • Cisco Cabs
    Cisco Cabs 19 days ago

    oh noooo, right Gordon?

    • Andrew TheDrew
      Andrew TheDrew 18 days ago

      Cisco Cabs oooooh noooooo...

    • effspot
      effspot 18 days ago

      Super oh no when the Honda CRV got impounded.

  • LAM Channel
    LAM Channel 19 days ago

    Post more pleaseee !!! I need this !!!!

  • Gas Pedal Subscribe
    Gas Pedal Subscribe 19 days ago

    No freedom in Murica... In Europe, police ask the drivers to rev.

    • Collin Banik
      Collin Banik 13 days ago

      I'm in Europe and have been to america its the other way around sometimes

    • shoutingforha
      shoutingforha 18 days ago

      Gas Pedal Subscribe in Europe, hajis attack people on the streets daily so.....

    • Gamertivity
      Gamertivity 18 days ago

      ..... says username DJ Rodriguez. Thanks a lot for your statement, sir.

    • DJ Rodriguez
      DJ Rodriguez 18 days ago

      Gas Pedal Subscribe RIP France. You people there are lazy and cowardly. You're far from what you once were and without La Pen you're fucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • R 100
      R 100 18 days ago

      LOL Europe and freedom? good joke...

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  • rubeninio
    rubeninio 19 days ago

    Just in time for my afternoon shit

  • Alexander Loos
    Alexander Loos 19 days ago

    effspot make a "v6 f type" complication

    • Neo Rime
      Neo Rime 18 days ago

      Good choice. I think it's nonsense that the V6 F-Type is slower than the Ecoboost, yet costs 3 times as much. Sure, muh luxury, but come on.

    • effspot
      effspot 18 days ago

      Hm I think I hate the v6 F-type more than that car.

    • mathcachaille
      mathcachaille 19 days ago

      How about Mustang ecoboost compilation ?

    • effspot
      effspot 19 days ago

      Already begun filming one.

  • WhatFourTwo
    WhatFourTwo 19 days ago

    The fucking V6 F-type jokes never get old do they.

    • Nabil Kerchoun
      Nabil Kerchoun 18 days ago

      WhatFourTwo Kerchoun di Firenze

    • Mansa Musa
      Mansa Musa 19 days ago

      glenn busby, old news.

    • glenn busby
      glenn busby 19 days ago

      effspot . You'll just love this. A FOUR cylinder F type has just become available in Europe.

    • WhatFourTwo
      WhatFourTwo 19 days ago

      lol we shall see...we shall see.

    • effspot
      effspot 19 days ago

      It has only begun

  • Lemon Bleach
    Lemon Bleach 19 days ago

    This is A comment

  • imad ali
    imad ali 19 days ago

    Love your videos man!

  • Christian BTC
    Christian BTC 19 days ago

    Excited to watch the video haha

  • * microwave1236 *
    * microwave1236 * 19 days ago

    at least 2 mins

  • Juun Noir
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  • Aditya Joshi
    Aditya Joshi 19 days ago

    Damn son, I am early!

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