John Oliver - Trump-Merkel Meeting

From HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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Author Alonzo Aldaba ( ago)
0:31 that's basically almost every comment on YouTube about Merkel

Author Andrew Hershberger ( ago)
I look forward when they issue a correction to this segment, including a fictitious $374 Billion invoice for NATO that Trump handed the Chancellor.

Author ThePerfectFetus ( ago)
Trump looks real damn nervous in that handshaking scene. He couldn't make eyecontact, kept fidgeting his hands, tapping his toes, looking around the room. Dude knows he shouldn't be in that seat

Author Keyc94 ( ago)
the best part is trumps grandpa was born in germany and his grandson dont know a shit about this country. I heard that US highschools dont teach much about other countrys, some of them dont know where Europe or asia is... Or that the Nazis were defeted 1945 and other thinks like that. Facts are fiction by "Trump School"

Author Jake Moyo ( ago)
When does the embarrassment end?

Author Émile ( ago)
ok all the americans saying sorry for Trump, i as a german am sorry for all the morons who are talking shit about Merkel for letting in refugees aka saving people's lives. you are no better than the trump squad.

Author Nami chan ( ago)
omg.. this was to cringey >.< cant take it

Author Johnny S. ( ago)
It seems prettty obvious why he didnt shook her hand. Journalists ask him to do it.

Author Marcus Bradley ( ago)
I wish all Trump supporters will stop saying two names, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton.

Author liefhebber179 ( ago)
shameful behaviour for a president, he has to learn so so much this man

Author TheMadmanAndre ( ago)
"Horse Pope"

I see that John Oliver never played Crusader Kings 2...

Author Funk O'Matic ( ago)
lol...they look like a bratty brat who just dropped his ice cream n his nice aunt..whom he blames for his loss of the said ice cream....

Author Michael Hastie ( ago)
Is this guy supposed to be funny? I don't just don't get it!

Author pryodiablo ( ago)
Down vote for using mansplaining as an actual word.

Author LCarefortheworld ( ago)
THAT is the president of the United States!

Author Michelle Maloney ( ago)
Oliver is so funny I go back into the videos so far the info is obsolete but I don't care because I'm laughing so hard.

Author Alison Wonderland ( ago)
I love the double take. "You said what mate? Seriously, did you just say that?"

Author MJA ( ago)
Thanks for the 60 fps

Author Jan Weigel ( ago)
I think what it ultimately boils down to is that we lost 2 world wars and still have better healthcare, a better budget, and a more competent leader than the US . *(the rage of the trump train is fast approaching)*

Author Tanvee Choudhary ( ago)
Omg ,aren't there like some standard rules according to which a head of goverment or state should behave .Forget about his policy ,what kind of behaviour is this ?! And, for people who compare him to Putin sorry but he is wayyyy better .

Author duhboi ( ago)
planet earth keeps spinning and humans keep living= these glorious moments

Author Matthew Farber ( ago)
Let in disgruntled refugees, some are good but who knows about the rest,what could happen. Germany will be haunted by this decision for decades to come. They should stay and fight for their country not flee to another and shit their backwards religion and way of life onto the people and government creating a clusterfuck.

Author Nikolai Stepan ( ago)
yes, unsubscribe confirmed due to lack of serious objective remarks

Author bochum123123 ( ago)
He'll see what happens to men that try to mess with Merkel. Sorry for the US citizens though... bye bye former friends overseas!

Author Laura Margolusová ( ago)
Merkel's reaction starting at 2:05 is seriously the best shit ever

Author PO music ( ago)

Author Yoshi Kant ( ago)
Trump President? No. I'm still convinced I've been extremely high on crack the past 3 months

Author purplekillerpenguin ( ago)

Author Beth G. ( ago)
So embarrassing to be an American right now. To the rest of the world...sorry about all this!

Author Fairy Budmother ( ago)
LOL. I remember that...OL' sneaky hands George.

Author Indigo Osmanthus ( ago)
I did not know it could get any more painful. I really didn't.
From the rest of us: We're so sorry, Germany.

Author HYEOL ( ago)
dishonest liar, kys

Author mon tissu ( ago)
merkel destroyed europe.. shes the reason why theres a yuge refugee crisis there

shes not worth the handshake

Author East Coast Video ( ago)
Of course he starts out with Trump. He wouldn't have a job if Trump didn't exist

Author Frederik Høyrup ( ago)
"Leader of the free world. Meets Donald Trump"(Washington Post) Trump might have delivered the 3rd term to Merkel on that missing handshake. Sad story. I hate conservatives. Yet Merkel won my respect on that one. She is the true leader of the EU and she knows it.

Author James Patrick ( ago)
I am just sick about our president IGNORING a head of state in the oval office, he brought her and were supposed to discuss important matters, and when public he didn't even shake her hand, imagine at the meeting saying to her "Talk to the hand" which considering Trump´s anatomy is next to nothing

Author Xavier Chavarría ( ago)
Well now you know it was true.

Author roth66ro ( ago)
Angela Merkel is a traitor, she's almost worse then Clinton, a disgrace to women world wide.

Author Ian Wall ( ago)
Donald Cunt is a child...standing next to probably the best world leader to grace the stage in decades!!!

Author Donald Trump ( ago)
Guys, let's calm down. This didn't happen. and if anyone says different, it's fake news.

Author derTick ( ago)
The right reaction to her arrogant behavior in the past when she thought she is in the position to give the schoolmaster
and admonsih the President of the Unites States to keep up democratic principles. And yes, she ruined Germany: as long
as i can see people churning the garbage can for returnable bottles whenever i leave the house there is no reason to
invite millions of migrants from all over the world with fake identities. We do have experience with uncontrolled immigration and it isn't good.

Author NZ ZN ( ago)
Don't like Trunp, but god damn we in Europe really don't like Merkel anymore. I will honestly be very very surprised if she stays in politics.

Author Arabas Matipas ( ago)
Trump is a disgrace of america

Author Jessica Oudbier ( ago)
Dear Germany,

I'm really really REALLY sorry. Our dog did not know he was shitting on your yard, and I didn't catch him in time. Let me go back to my house, vote, grab a plastic baggy, and clean that up.

Polite, Considerate, Sane Americans

Author HK Normann ( ago)
This is one of the most cringy things i've seen.

Author Kathy Vern-Barnett ( ago)

Author Mandy Olsen ( ago)
wouldn't even shake her hand? are you trying to piss off other countries?

Author USofA ( ago)
We really are sorry about this guy Germany

Author Edith Jaimez ( ago)
Smdh, such a f*n child.

Author markman manmark ( ago)
this dip shit has to be gay

Author Laura Bess ( ago)
She looked at him like what the fuck is this moron saying!!

Author Dan Smith ( ago)
dude, the whole "handshake" ordeal displayed in this video proves Trump is going senile!! idk if I can say "he is losing it" because I am a firm believer that he hasn't had "it" in years!!

Author Nina Torees ( ago)
America is slowly turning their strongest allies away. European countries are already discussing how to survive without depending on US, like the European defense army they're trying to create and they might even try to get close with Russia in the near future if trump continues treating them like this. China and Iran, no comment and if he continues challenging China economically it won't hurt only the US it will hurt the global economy. Trade wars are the last thing we need right now.

Author Amina A ( ago)
SO MUCH cringggggggeeeeeeeeee

Author Nick Bloom ( ago)
What is weird, he shook her hand when he greeted her... I don't get it

Author chieftech714 ( ago)
trump looked like a mental patient during that super awkward handshake discussion. this man is so gone...

Author yourtv ( ago)
Both are wrong for different reasons.

Author Is Mayonnaise An Instrument? ( ago)
This is our president.

Author lord damianos ( ago)
fuck all the liberal brainwash zombis!!trump you are the one and only!!!!!!!!!

Author Andreas Klimmer ( ago)
never voted for Merkel, never will, but you have to feel for her
the sheer amount of bullshit and fucking assholes this poor woman has to put up with.. jesus.

Author Kevin Alonso ( ago)
What a pathetic president.

Author gonufc ( ago)
He decided to pull his ridiculous "Look how I can squint and pout at the same time- I'm probably the best squinter and pouter I know" face rather than being an adequate human being.

Honestly, I don't understand how anyone can even tolerate the man, let alone vote for him. He's ruthlessly shallow and narcissistic. I just love (and simultaneously hate with every part of my being) the fact that his inner monologue is surely going "God I must look cool doing this face....".

Author nathanpiazza ( ago)

Author Cameron Dulong ( ago)
Could you do me a favor and move Trump's head a little to the left? I don't want the Canadian flag in the same place as his face.

Author Tim Kr ( ago)
Did John just use the word mansplaining?

Author Da Gamer ( ago)
Merkel is a disgusting woman bringing in muslim terrorists into germany. so it makes sense why he didnt touch that fat bitch, dont watch this show thinking its fact news dickheads

Author PRIMEVAL543 ( ago)
Don't worry America, we don't hate you for electing Trump. Almost a century ago we did the same mistake!
Greetings from Germany ;)

Author Really Late ( ago)
Trump was hiding his hard on, as if you put a wig on Merkel she would look like Trumps mother. We all know how he likes playing with the females in his family.

Author thecursed01 ( ago)
well, not unlikely trumps phone got spied. nsa tapped even the phone of Merkel, by law an act of war, but hey nobody cared.

Author Connor Dawe ( ago)
Both us candidates this year were shit. Im using to seeing a shit republican since the george w bush era, but the deomcrats were always better than that. Come on america

Author Rob ( ago)
man..... more like man baby. good job america.

Author MiaB&J's Bizarre Bazaar ( ago)
omg what a fucking asshole. she should have punched him in the face lol

Author Hopey Levrey ( ago)
I am feeling so bad for our chancellor. Actually, I feel bad for anyone who has to meet Trump.

Author Daniel Westphal ( ago)
Man, how did this become reality?! This is more than ridiculous. Like, things were ridiculous before, but I feel like the actions of the president of the US are decided by the same people who write story plots for Jersey Shore. As a German all I can say is that all of you who stand up against Trump will be welcomed with open arms in Europe in case you ever have enough of this little bitch.

Author Chloe Grindey ( ago)
I'm not a Trump apologist, I think he's a despicable shit to be honest, but I honestly don't care about him not handshaking especially considering his documented phobia of germs.

Author TheUhhoh ( ago)
"Two words that continually do not go together, like Horse Pope..."

Clearly hes never played Crusader Kings...

Author Ichbinwirklich Einechtername ( ago)
So we conclude: Wiretapping is perfectly fine, normal and polite.
MENTIONING that however is a fraudulent act of insulting.
Thanks John!

Author Bob Dillion ( ago)
In a Possible World War scenario who do you think the sides are?

Author Randall Goguen ( ago)
How is this making America "great again"?

Author Paul W ( ago)
Why should he shake her hand? She's an even bigger cunt than he is. He should of raped her before putting a knife through her throat.

Author Apfelkind4000 ( ago)
To all far rights who "think" Germany was ruined: When this state is "ruined" to you, then the USA are already in hell. xD
I'm pretty thankful that I may live in Germany where I have proper healthcare and a balanced budget and where I don't have to be ashamed of my political leaders... xD

Author the mogul ( ago)
greatest us president ever

Author Lionel Hutz ( ago)
That moment when Merkel asks Trump " do you want to handshake?" .....cringe-ville 😝

Author Marc-Aurel _ ( ago)
If he is such a child, why the hell is he wearing that ugly old man costume. Goodness, how can a man this age be that childish. It is beyond comprehension.

Author josiane rico ( ago)
Vu l'émission .John oliver .😂😂comme d'ab un sans faute 👍Trump fait peur . Le manque de respect ça ne l'étouffe pas ! Et sa tête .mauvais personnage. il invente toujours ..dangereux 😈

Author andalucia2007 ( ago)
Trump put Merkel to the place, where she deserves and belongs to

Author Adam Mallerman ( ago)
Few factual errors - before the photo op Trump ahd shaken her hand and it seems more likely that he has hearing loss and is too egotistical to put in a hearing aid. Also Obama bugging Merkel isn't an "allegation" - its a fact for which Obama apologized .

Author Gabryal Sansclair ( ago)
I feel like I'm watching a Sitcom entitled "How bad can it get?"

Author Candice Nicole ( ago)
Her face is priceless! lol. Dafuq, don't bring me into your shit.

Author psp785 ( ago)
hes playing the media its amazing you ppl dont see it the same thing with the tax returns

Author Dee Forty-Five ( ago)
Dear Germany,

We're very, very sorry.

Most of the US

Author PotatoOfDestiny ( ago)
I'd watch a show called "Hose Pope"

Author hereLiesThisTroper ( ago)
Merkel destroyed her country. Soon the German culture will go extinct replaced by Islamic culture. It was only proper Trump didn't shook the hand of a traitor.

Author Carlos Montero ( ago)
what a fucking asshole!! i bet her hands are bigger than his....impeachment time!

Author Anthony VP ( ago)
Pretty sure Trump thinks Hitler made Germany great again...

Author Jan Wizzarak ( ago)
Jesus Christ is the only way to God
He died and rose from the dead
He promises you eternal life
He will also heal your body! ________________________________________

Author Mi・ミシェル・미셸 D. ( ago)
“I have tremendous respect for women...Nobody respects women more.” . Seems like only yesterday.

Author alliwanttosay11 ( ago)
God Emperor Trump delivers lolz!

Author FuzzyBuns ( ago)
Before you all say it. No, Canada doesnt want you. If you arnt a refugee fleeding a war torn country we. do. not. want. you.

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