Smooth Jazz Guitar Solo in F
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Added: 6 years
Runtime: 3:00
Comments: 289

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Author sanny putra hendarsyah (3 months)
Wow man! Awosome...

Author Rish Kalra (4 months)

Author Ryan Leacock (9 months)
whats kind of effects is he using???

Author a bates (10 months)
What modes are you using throughout this?

Author Wickd004 (10 months)
What modes does he use primarily in this solo?

Author Rich Day (10 months)
Haven't heard playing like this since my days at Berklee. Nice job. 

Author Wirmansyah Mustafa (11 months)
what guitar scale is this?

Author nordine djaouani (3 years)

Author Cristiano Gri (2 years)
What gauge string to uso for movie? .010 .011 .012 or .013?

Author metallicafan979 (4 years)
I'm guessing this is all improvisation?

Author sam kenny-watson (1 year)
i liked the first couple of seconds the best

Author DJsqueely (4 years)
@kml2f less pentatonic 7. more major and minor 7 added. there is more. but
to me thats the biggest.

Author Mugsi (3 years)
Sick, sick, so f*cking sick! Awesome! How long have you been doing this

Author Adam Purcell (2 years)
ive been playing for 8 years and i cannot do this!!!!! id love to learn how

Author Alex Lacy (4 years)
@learnjazzguitar Hello I have a tascam dp-02 and I play jazz guitar what
effect what that?

Author Harmonikz (4 years)
awesome solo man.. you're full of great musical ideas and you have
wonderful talent ^_^

Author jluvsmetal (3 years)
I really want to get into playing jazz. I'm only 15 and no practically no
music theory :S I've been playing for 4/5 years now. If anyone has got any
pointers as to where to start, what to listen to, or even just to explain
some basic music theory, please pm me :)

Author Ben Pedley (4 years)
Realy nice man, South UK here, feeling Ronny's influence here.

Author learnjazzguitar (3 years)
@DeathMetalDeth This was fully improvised. Of course, I incorporated a few
licks and phrases that I already knew but I had no idea how the whole solo
was going to come out in the end. Some of what I played, I actually
surprised myself. That's what's so great about improvising. Thanks for the
compliments. Check out my site if you want to improve. Believe me, it
doesn't take a genius. Just hard work and dedication. Leon

Author 7pawzz7 (2 years)
@jluvsmetal dude i am in the exact same boat, i shit you not. i just
started in jazz band at school 2 days ago, and i dont know how to read the
music so i look off the chord charts and improvise like a mad man. lol

Author WillPG1212 (4 years)
Been playing rock and classical rock guitar for a few years, but jazz
interests me alot. any tips on where to start? scales, songs, tabs wtv ;)

Author Carl Panis (3 years)
I play rock and classic now i wanna jazz

Author longination (3 years)
lol this is amazing and sounds great. Would be interested to hear how it
sounds through a tube amp. Do you have videos of you playing with tangiable
amps? This made me very happy cheers !!

Author dredreallday08 (4 years)
is there any way i can get this song!?!?!? i love this
song/beat/tone/music!!! 2 thumbs up 4 real!!!

Author rockandgrunge (4 years)
woah nice solo, i have to make up a jazz solo for this jazz song cant
remember what its called, do you have any tips? ^^

Author Daniel Manumpak (1 year)

Author Thiago Cerqueira (3 years)
I could listen that all day long.

Author Jeremy Pace (3 years)
@Ins4n3Guit4rist it's the number note in a scale. for example, if you were
to solo over c using this progression, the chords roughly would be d, g, c,
a. in this case, you would use the notes in the f major scale.

Author popeye2mil (3 years)
@TheDismalDream classical is the older shred

Author Sean Schelin (4 years)
same here :D

Author เอกชัย แดงไพบูลย์ (1 year)
good very good nice

Author PhillyGregA (4 years)

Author BananaCake3D (4 years)
Man this is great stuff, I really love it, keep it up, I really enjoy
listening to this :)

Author jiang son (4 years)

Author Paul Williams (4 years)
Cool playing man like it

Author izzyvulaca (2 years)
hey lol this is norman brown's solo (in the beginning)

Author OneandOnlyMusician (3 years)
@Ins4n3Guit4rist its the progression he's using

Author eddieisfiction (3 years)
@learnjazzguitar on top of that you want to bust out more lydian/
myxolydian base outlines, main key is adding sound in a jazzy way, you can
hear what hes doing. he has silence periods, and has his ins and outs with
pops. Make sure you are busting out some 7th or 9th arpeggios mostly, or
youll sound like a neo classical shredder. Try to play with the drummer
more than any other instrument as well, have chromatics, and dont forget to
mix non and diminished licks into harmonic modes.

Author Mark Francisco (3 years)
jazz is so hard to play but u did really good

Author Mozarellahotdog (4 years)
i love metal but i never tought i'd fall in love with jazz to this is just
so nice and smooth

Author kml2f (4 years)
nice solo, do u think u could explain the difference bewteen jazz and blues

Author MrBakinBacon (1 year)
So I signed up for your site but there's no log-in box.

Author Jayson McRae (3 years)
for some reason i keep getting jazz and blues mixed up...'start listenin'
WTF! WHAT IS THIS waiiiiiiittt i see whats going on XD haha... its great

Author GokuJade (3 years)
its so sooothing

Author TheMarzz95 (4 years)
awesomeeee !!!!!! greattts solo ! are there any tabs for this solo ?? its
aweosme !

Author BrianBerowski (2 years)
When i tried improvising over this i found that the parallel key d minor
works so i was using the D dorian mode scale and that worked for me.

Author Morrisman Smith (3 years)

Author DailySmokah (1 year)
i really enjoyed this :)

Author TheSeptian69 (3 years)
what is the best guitar to support jazz sound??

Author BrianBerowski (2 years)
You can use F major scale, or D dorian for soloing over this.

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