Buffalo head shot 300 Rem Ultra Mag

Perfect head shot with a 300 Rem Ultra mag. Taken in Eastern Washington. This bull weighs in around 1700 lbs

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Author Harry Everett (3 months)
why dose everyone watch it if they know they don't like it!! 

Author ViciousShredz (27 days)
lol kill one and they all come and sniff lol made me laugh

Author dermerlo (9 months)

Author jdblake22 (1 year)
Not a huge fan of head shots on animals, but very nice kill.. Delicious..

Author fluxcapacitor05 (1 year)
Nice Shot!

Author varagner (2 years)
Just for fun is why we do it same goes for pretty much anything though.
Also of course is the fact that most animals taste delicious.

Author snorlaxx1337911 (2 years)
idiots that aim for the head in a hunt should be shot themselfs

Author Aofex (2 years)
So... you didn't learn the lesson from the past, did you? The species
almost went extinct because of natives, and now that the population
stabilized, you think is OK kill a few more again? What about doing
something different? Like, you know, LET THEM GROW IN FUCKING PEACE?

Author v1antbo (1 year)
That's not hunting ! that's a bunch of assholes in a truck shooting a still
animal . Fuck you

Author JTelli786 (2 years)
getting big now are we? trying to prove what a "badass" you are over the
internet, youve only proven how immature you are, if you cant respect other
peoples opinion, and argue like a child rather than like an adult then i
see no point in continuing, have a good day.

Author alexander bordeaux (2 years)
tree hugers this is meat meat is food

Author rjmcleod21 (1 year)
I live in the Mackenzie River Delta in Canada's Northwest Territories. A
few years back we had many moose around but now there are FAR less thanks
to wolves. The wolves on the other hand have grown in numbers and it is not
uncommon to see them at the local landfill scavenging what they can since
there is so much interspecific competition for resources. Density dependent
factors such as disease and cannibalism are proof that their numbers are
too high.

Author bud smoker (2 years)
you are very much mistaken, the main reason why people hunt animals is for
food. not everyone in the world lives near a grocery store. it is crazy
that in less than 250 years people have gone from being self sufficient
hunters and gatherers to being so disconnected from what your eating that
you dont understand why others would kill a cow or buffalo for hamburger,
or why people kill boars for bacon

Author LiberalsAreGaywads (2 years)
Why do these self righteous jackasses post on hunting videos?

Author Antithropocentric (1 year)
You bitch about a relative handful of wolves, but you probably think people
are NOT overpopulated, with a net annual population gain of 80 MILLION.
What a sick set of priorities you have. I see your YouTube channel is
typical white trash shoot-up-nature bullshit, gunning down birds, etc. with
metal music in the background. Worthless nature-hater.

Author TheGhostfacekilla86 (2 years)
Everyone look! We got a super educated internet badass here! He knows
everything about hunting and the reasons behind it! Even though he doesn't
hunt! What a genius! Looks like he's got a PhD in debates and arguments
too, WATCH OUT! It's true though isn't not? You complain about hunting, so
you sure as hell better not eat any protein from animals. It's not hard
bud, just true. It's so clear you know nothing about hunting, you shouldn't
open your mouth about stuff you know nothing about :)

Author halbie71 (1 year)
Ignorant, lowlifes, pussies getting their kicks killing such a magnificent

Author Ps3Juggernaut (2 years)
isn't this illegal shooting inside a vehicle?

Author MSM4U2POM (2 years)
What a strange world we live in: if a man shoots a defenceless human being
it's an act of cowardice, but when he does exactly the same thing to an
animal it's something to be proud of. There must be some logic to it
somewhere, or maybe it's just the hunting fraternity's way of deluding
itself that what they do is somehow justifiable.

Author DooM Marine (2 years)
bigkfunk ︻デ┳ Buffalo

Author Spanky McGee (2 years)
Only moving vehicles.

Author snowman379 (2 years)
Well, it's very simple. Hunters like shooting animals & pansy boys like you
like sucking dicks. Nobody asked for your 2 cents so stfu.

Author CODHELPUS (2 years)
See you are doing it again !! Man you have a serious problem, get some help
before it's too late. Oh by the way, if I needed pictures of a dick all I
would need is a portrait shot of YOU.

Author MrCaptainNObeard (2 years)
Your the one name calling. Must be hard to sit with all that butthurt eh?

Author Barry pillowcase (2 years)
our ancestors needed to hunt and kill animals to survive, nobody needs to
shoot a wild animal in the head today.

Author CODHELPUS (2 years)
You've just prooved what a moron you are by that reply...not even funny
gayboy !! And if anyone on here thinks that rolling up to an animal in a
truck is hunting you are sadly deluded, as when the indians did it at least
they WERE hunting. But if you want to think that you are brave hunters then
that prooves your sad mental state. Maybe next time run the fucking animal
down and save the bullet for yourself pussies!

Author sunny71169 (1 year)
And another You Tube Keyboard warrior is heard from. That whooping and
carrying on is silly-no skill no courage was required to shoot that huge
animal in the head at close range after driving up to it. If this was not
supposed to be a hunting video what do you think was the point of posting
it, just to show a huge animal die? Like I wrote the first time, might as
well drive up to my farm, shoot one of my cows and post THAT. Watch
"Warthog hunt, great shot." THAT guy has game.

Author TheXJthatCould (2 years)
native americans didnt have guns....what were they going to do? throw
rocks.... they also respected the animal also.

Author yeosch25i (1 year)
"and you call that hunting? Let me guess..." No! He never did call it
"hunting", asshole!! You don't know the story behind this. Kinda figured a
"farmer" like you would consider the possibilities.

Author TheXJthatCould (2 years)
extict because of the natives?, dude your history is WAY OFF lmao!, it was
the people that came over that made them almost go extinct... the whites
would kill, skin them, and leave the rest, all they wanted was the hide for
trade...idk what school u went to...maybe you should sue your teachers

Author Affe MitWaffe (2 years)
Poor example for why all the world hates America.

Author Antithropocentric (1 year)
Where are these dense wolf populations you speak of? Give coordinates. You
seem a lot more attuned to reality than I expected, seeing your channel
with its slo-mo geese snuff video, etc. You're a rarity, it seems.

Author Kestrel Ki (2 years)
Well then, what you need to do is give up your home, every road you drive
on, every store, replant the trees, then you won't be pushing them into a
smaller and smaller habit where things like this NEED to be done. The only
thing crazy is how many fruity retards like you who watch a god damn video
on youtube and think they no why its being done, RESEARCH.

Author TheGhostfacekilla86 (2 years)
I hope you don't eat meat.

Author bud smoker (2 years)
a dead animal is no use to you huh ? have you ever eaten a ham sandwich ? i
bet the only meat you eat is out of a plastic package. no wonder why you
have no respect for hunters, you have no idea what its all about or even
the purpose of it. put it this way 200 years ago if you didnt personally
hunt or fish you did not eat

Author TheGhostfacekilla86 (2 years)
Why would I want to debate with someone who obviously has no idea on the
subject matter? Completely pointless.

Author brayden12345 (2 years)
this isnt hunting. these guys didnt eat the buffalo and use its bones for
tools, they probably skinned it and used to pelt for a carpet. fucking

Author Ken S (2 years)
I shot some tofu once and never ate it. Is that wanton waste?

Author LovePlayingGolf2012 (2 years)
what the fuck is your problem, faggot? You're probably one of those queer
liberal obama lovers.

Author slaya771 (2 years)
he's not an asshole for having fun

Author RotaryLover87 (1 year)
I don't see how the words that you've uttered toward what I've said form
any relationship with the deaths of those children at Sandy Hook
Elementary. Or, if you're refering to Adam Lanza. You sound like a "New Age

Author jasLBJ23 (2 years)
btw yes im 9 you guessed it my good sir. you just proved how insanely
stupid you are, people like you get on my nerves so bad that hey who cares
ill let out some profanity, if it bothers you that much i will for sure
cease my rant of inappropriate language.I know your looking for an internet
fight by posting idiotic comments such was you did. you dont even take the
time to even think for a second about a comment you just say something to
try and start drama. read what i wrote, youll get it

Author MerhabaAbi1 (2 years)
sorry white people have this... "natural urge" to kill endangered animals

Author JohnDoe0329 (2 years)
Do you eat meat

Author AEdgar86 (2 years)
personally i think hunting is fun. i dont like killing animals unless im
going to eat it tho. i dont like killing just to practice my shots. its a
waste of a good animal. thats just me.

Author digitalblasphemy1100 (2 years)
no animal hunts its own. but every animal hunts. why is it so weird for

Author first nations (2 years)
well we did that and used bows and arrows but it was all we had untill we
gave our land away and started using rifles my ancestors did what we could
to survive back then oh! and spears we used spears too

Author courtsm3 (2 years)
you know whats funny, we all evolved because we hunted and killed animals
to survive..... we are all here today because we hunted. we continue this
everyday, just not so much hunting anymore, its called a drive thru.
anyways, great shot boys

Author VK4LA (2 years)
thats a very Clean kill.......

Author devcon67 (2 years)
You need to get over it. This is clearly a hunting perserve of some kind
and I'm sure they ate the meat because Bison is actually very good and very
lean. I don't know any respectible hunter who shoots for "entertainment"
and anyone who does just go out and shoot animals for fun is A) a criminal
and B) an asshole.

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