JR Valentin

the scene in the acclaimed movie "Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros" when Max is peeping on JR Valenti's character

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Author Hot Preppy Stud (1 year)
post it on instagram

Author Aia Rejano (7 months)
Ok to

Author alileos (7 years)
can somebody tell me what is the title of this movie? interesting... :-)

Author hotmhilo (5 years)
wawaw so hottt

Author carlocsin (4 years)

Author foldaline (5 years)
i saw him alabang last week and he's really a catch..

Author sandymandy19 (7 years)
hay walng bang iba pa

Author amikson123 (3 years)
i love it!

Author neos hairee (4 years)
Slowpoke :P

Author bleu023 (7 years)
crush na crush ko yang si JR Valentin, meron pa ba kayong video nya or pics?

Author dandy canete (3 years)
walang kwenta!

Author angelesians (6 years)
filipino not tagalog

Author justalok007 (5 years)
madar chod

Author nenabunena (3 years)
pansin mo slowmo cya magbihis? lol! it's like he knows someone is watching
& he's giving a show or performance!

Author chardee alojado (3 years)
hanap kausap ^_^ +639335021965

Author Issey Jem Rama Erida (3 years)
what website can I watch Filipino Indie Movies?

Author msarmando14 (3 years)
como se llama la peli . . .. alguien me puede decir

Author thoz (4 years)
@babyrokr I absolutely agree and I'm from Oz

Author Brian O (5 years)
lol. i remember this part in the movie..

Author kzzz2004 (5 years)
if all guys move as slowly as this guy does,,goodness! i'd rather be single
all my life!!( wonder is he's gay..)

Author thememovie (7 years)
ahh ok so your language its similar to spanish and english? saludos

Author minhtien100 (5 years)
see goaad

Author Angelina Bordeos (4 years)
@ozinime205 bakla ka mahiya ka nga sa diyos hindi ka ba worried pag na dead
ka hindi ka makakapunta sa langit kasi ang ginawa lang ng diyos ay babae at
lalake at ang purpose nun ay for example ang lalake ay dapat ma attract
LAMANG sa babae!

Author yaniyolindo (4 years)
kupad mo nman kumilos

Author 3961rahim (4 years)

Author vic lopez (4 years)
so hot ito grbe,,,,,

Author thememovie (7 years)
ahhh ok . thanx so much

Author nellenz1626 (5 years)
tae na ang sarap lamugin nuh?

Author jessie baguio (1 year)
whatzthe fuckkkkkkkk

Author v tribe (4 years)
walang sense!!

Author cloud09sky (6 years)
Pilipino/Tagalog-Ang tawag sa ating linggwaheng ginagamit.
Filipino-Nasyonalidad nating mga Pilipino Pilipino-Tayong mga nakatira sa
ating Bansa Pinoy/Pilipino-Tayong lahat Pinoy-Lalaking Pilipino
Pinay-Babaeng Pilipino

Author Joshua Rennel Asuncion (4 years)
@MrDayo1 hindi ka rin ba nawoworried na kapag nadead ka ndi ka makakapunta
ng langit dahil sa pangdidiscriminate mo ng ibang lahi.....FYI Pari na po
ang nagsabe saken na ndi masama ang maging bakla....dahil nilikha ang mga
iba ng Diyos na ganun.....KAYA Wag na wag mong idadahilan na lalaki at
babae lng ang nilikha ng Diyos dahil katangahan yun....ang bakla ay
kabilang rin sa mga lalake dahil sa kanilang physical appearance.....It's
just that ang gus2 nila ay kagustuhan ng mga kababaihan....

Author ecoy27 (7 years)
not really...our syntax is different from that of English. We have adapted
a number of spanish and english words because we've been colonized by Spain
and America. p.s. we're still being colonized by the US xD

Author eds garcia (3 years)
anng bagal namn nia magbihis//.

Author Julia Zuleyka (3 years)

Author sexyrica4u (7 years)
ang sarap ni jr valentine

Author redchannel16 (3 years)
wow gawing chatroom...

Author radiant143 (5 years)

Author cloud09sky (6 years)
agree Tagalog/Pilipino is our Language Filipino is our Citizenship and the
Dialect in our Country like Bisaya,Ilokano,Bikolano.

Author Joshua Rennel Asuncion (4 years)
@MrDayo1 noong nagconfess aq sa pari dahil ndi q matanggap ang sarili q
date na ganun aq...sabe nya dapat matuto aqng tumanggap kung sino man ndi dapat aqng manghusga ng ibang tao...Dahil ISA DAW kame sa mga
nilikha ng Diyos...At mas tatanggapin daw ng Diyos ang mga taong marunong
magpakumbaba kaysa sa mga taong mapanghusga na feeling superior sa kanilang

Author graverobber245 (5 years)
I want him :3

Author Xixi Maturan (3 years)

Author mezami (7 years)
uuhhh.... i really love this scene!!! ang cute!!!

Author ivan rondina (4 years)

Author Raven Ho (5 years)
ang sarap.. ... thnx u!!

Author yukiko0678 (3 years)
very hot makes me more hot too 09122490577/ 09234405744

Author azoz ksa (1 year)
والله لوالحب انسان لقتلته

Author raizen89ify (1 year)
kaya slowmo kasi nabugbog sya nung gabi na un ,see the bruises on his back?

Author jptorre11 (5 years)

Author nenabunena (3 years)
@nenabunena how come this scene wasn't in the yt video uploaded here?

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