Jussie Smollett Talks New Music Video, 'Resisting' Pres. Trump, 'Empire' & More | The View

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Jussie Smollett gets SO MAD he can't sing in one breath.
Saturday 24 December 2016.
Added: 2 months ago


Luxolo MjajaLuxolo Mjaja (1 month ago)
He is an *ACTIVIST*, I love him.

Ken JeterKen Jeter (1 month ago)
Preach brother preach.

Maria MunozMaria Munoz (1 month ago)
love him so much!!!!!!!!!!

yamomznemyamomznem (1 month ago)
My Jussie is looking extra fine and thank you Joy for pronouncing his name correctly. I wish more artist and entertainers were this aware.

Sara Ann ButlerSara Ann Butler (1 month ago)
Thank God and morality ethics for those in entertainment MUST speak up.

bsnarfgutbsnarfgut (2 months ago)
It's great that celebrities use their platform to bring awareness to national and world issues (in this instance a guy who made a music video), but what I have a problem with is when said celebrities do only that. If they're not there at Standing Rock or getting involved with protests fighting some injustice or donating some of their immense wealth to a worthy cause than they need to sit down because they're no better than internet slactivists and keyboard warriors.

Kimberly GeorgeKimberly George (2 months ago)
very well said

Blair ElliottBlair Elliott (2 months ago)
Love his glasses and the music video. #Powerful #EmpireReference

Queen KimbellQueen Kimbell (2 months ago)
i just love him

B33N N00RB33N N00R (2 months ago)
him ❤😍

May FlowerMay Flower (2 months ago)
Okay can someone tell me if Jussie's new single is on Spotify or ITunes #EMPIRE

Jalissa SnyderJalissa Snyder (2 months ago)
So happy The View shed light on such a powerful video! Thank you!

Rich StullRich Stull (2 months ago)
this guy is full of shi#$% if you know what I mean. President Trump is saving our relationship with Israel unlike Obama who damaged it, where was his hate then also, transgenders in the little girls room, give me a break you moron. running over a Trump mask that was really grown up, again moron!!! I could go on.

Romeo EntertainmentRomeo Entertainment (2 months ago)
So Proud of how Jussie handled that interview and clapping audience member

SighDownSighDown (2 months ago)
I meant, Jussie!!!!!! SPEAK!!!!

SighDownSighDown (2 months ago)
Jesse, TELL IT!!!!

Jason StackJason Stack (2 months ago)
Jesse's an idiot it's two different things one you have people on the internet make it fun and mocking Obama but here you have a celebrity who has a large following coming out showing something with violence towards the president it's totally different..I'm not surprised it always just seems like black folks always stick with black folks whether they're right or wrong

SpencerLeveySpencerLevey (2 months ago)
he's so corny XD

Vera NchezorVera Nchezor (2 months ago)
can this guy just marry me? I'll turn gay for him. so so cute

Theresa CollinsTheresa Collins (2 months ago)
great singer and actor! want to watch the new video

because0011because0011 (2 months ago)
Well spoken gentleman

Westcoast Killa 510Westcoast Killa 510 (2 months ago)
if they do a prince movie, they need him to play him

John HoffmanJohn Hoffman (2 months ago)
Look you can dislike trump all you want, you're only making things worse by portraying him being assassinated, it does not give you the moral high ground.

Carlito HouseCarlito House (2 months ago)
I cannot believe the level of betrayal I am witnessing - all the worse that you do it with such a hysterical, faux moral high ground. The people and politics you are supporting will turn on you in heartbeat. It was kept out of our schools, but its time for you to learn what a "USEFUL IDIOT" is. They are usually the first to be hauled out and shot.

RiverphoenixisinheavRiverphoenixisinheav (2 months ago)
How he turned on Jedediah tho lol

curtis grissomcurtis grissom (2 months ago)
its kids like this that gives one hope.

lilli lillililli lilli (2 months ago)
JED: I'm not for Trump!!

lilli lillililli lilli (2 months ago)

Lady NitaLady Nita (2 months ago)
Thank you for speaking up and speaking out!!!!! We know Trump represents the people who has hatred for President Obama. No matter how hard you all try to discredited President Obama Legacy, you can't erase all his great accomplishments for All Americans.

Steve ReedSteve Reed (2 months ago)
ya, we get it,, it's the racist whites who are at fault. Blame whites for everything that has lived. You and that idiot Snoop want to kill the president, and your encouraging an act of violence.. What could go wrong with the loving message to us all. This looks like a big time divide and he wants to hide behind his message of love, ya right.

Michele DePrato CasciottiMichele DePrato Casciotti (2 months ago)
not a hate letter?..this man doesnt know what he is talking about. Many people want to be a MLK or Malcolm X, but they know not the war the they are in...they end up being the very thing that they claim they are fighting...ignorance, though it looks good to the masses from the surface....

yulianachavezyulianachavez (2 months ago)
snoop went too far. regardless of who the president is. you need to respect the commander and chief.

AEMD :AEMD : (5 days ago)
lmao you can assume you aren't respected if you're part of a demographic that someone doesn't respect.

yulianachavezyulianachavez (1 month ago)
@prancer1000 the man doesn't even you know.

prancer1000prancer1000 (1 month ago)
Not if the Commander in Chief doesn't respect me.

yulianachavezyulianachavez (2 months ago)
Darrell Smith i don't think its going to work out with this one either. but lets see how it goes

Darrell SmithDarrell Smith (2 months ago)
I want a job at TRUMP Towers Moscow

Amy BerkowitzAmy Berkowitz (2 months ago)
Jussie's cute

Isaac OrtizIsaac Ortiz (2 months ago)
I have never heard of Jussie Smollett lol.I bet he will never even win a Grammy.What a loser.

Edna jeronoEdna jerono (19 days ago)
Isaac Ortiz hater lol

Rebecca HRebecca H (2 months ago)
Wanna show us the Grammys you've won, Isaac Ortiz, or are you a loser too?

lilli lillililli lilli (2 months ago)
Isaac Ortiz 👉🤡 BANG!!!

Art PoetArt Poet (2 months ago)
Isaac Ortiz he's been acting since he was a kid, he's been around for a while. The only loser is YOU.

Esame GeorgeEsame George (2 months ago)
Well u just did, lol. Loser!!

Christina PowellChristina Powell (2 months ago)

Mason VanarsdaleMason Vanarsdale (2 months ago)
Yesss Jussie!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

Brie WBrie W (2 months ago)
Wow Jussie. Very passionate. Good questions Paula & Sunny! Enjoyed watching this.

Amy StoneAmy Stone (2 months ago)
Trump not taking a salary just costing the taxpayers so much money? every other president enjoyed their vacations and blah blah blah and also on top of that salary.

gutydanxgutydanx (2 months ago)
There is no president ever who vacationed every weekend at the tune of 6m dollars. He has already spent what a the same amount as 44th did in the entire 2016! in just 50 days in office, that thats more than 10 fold of extravangance. Moreover, why should he be concerned about 400k annual salary when its projected to make a profit of 16m from mar a lago? that's 15.6m in net profit. So you either trolling or just plain obtuse

Ashley RobinsonAshley Robinson (2 months ago)
Wait him calling out the single clapper!!!

Brie WBrie W (2 months ago)
Ashley Robinson I know, right? Lol!

trueglitterdusttrueglitterdust (2 months ago)
He speaks the truth !

FifiNicksFifiNicks (2 months ago)
Jussie, I love you 😘

May FlowerMay Flower (2 months ago)
We all do 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Maab IbrahimMaab Ibrahim (2 months ago)
speaks truth i love him

danielyo.danielyo. (2 months ago)
He is so fine.

Terrance AikensTerrance Aikens (2 months ago)
danielyo. u aint lying thays bae

habbogigihabbogigi (2 months ago)
he stretchin fro that tumblr crowd.
like come on dude.
madonna's american life had more taste.
and I'm a gay liberal.

Legal EagleLegal Eagle (2 months ago)
Jussie?! Nope. Never heard of her.

MrS98VACMrS98VAC (2 months ago)
Stop bringing Paula back once a week already!!

Ayoo NoelAyoo Noel (1 month ago)
Liberal Snowflake I actually like jed 🙈. I don't agree with some of the stuff she says but I like her.

Unapologetically SassyUnapologetically Sassy (2 months ago)
MrS98VAC I know she's gotta go and they need to replace Jed with Anna Navarro a TRUE REPUBLICAN

betty norahbetty norah (2 months ago)
I luv what he said & it's so obvious Paula is a Trump Supporter !!

Helen 4080Helen 4080 (2 months ago)
And the irony is that her family is from Lebanon so you would think she would have more compassion

Tay GeeTay Gee (2 months ago)
Go Jussie 🙌

Curly73Curly73 (2 months ago)
Jussie is right. When white folks had pics of Obama with a noose around his neck...not a peep did you hear from chump I mean trump

MAC AbMAC Ab (2 months ago)
He should be the PRESIDENT

Linda PriceLinda Price (2 months ago)
I'm confused, was Joy agreeing or disagreeing with him. You notice how he gave her that side eye at the end of the segment.

Art PoetArt Poet (2 months ago)
Linda Price she agrees with him she's just interviewing him

Linda BrownLinda Brown (2 months ago)
Linda, I'm sure Joy was in agreement.. Remember, she can't stand Trump. And I'm sure Paula (the lady in the green) didn't like what he had to say because she is a Trump supporter.

SS SSS S (2 months ago)
Over 1500 pedophiles and human traffickers arrested since Trump took office. Just the beginning and will soon be moving up the ladder to dirty politicians. #pizzagate

Jaylen MichaelsJaylen Michaels (2 months ago)
Yes she did!!

Chris GChris G (2 months ago)
Another liberal pretending to be Holier than thou. So happy we have Trump for 8 years. I love listening to delusional pseudo celebrities whine

Linda BushLinda Bush (2 months ago)
let's hope he makes it 1 year!

Chris GChris G (2 months ago)
Mo and Nath he will gain more supporters than he will lose. If he won with everything stacked against him this year, he will dominate as the incumbent

Nicolas MendezNicolas Mendez (2 months ago)
why he remind me of prince ?

Nicolas MendezNicolas Mendez (2 months ago)
the only difference is that prince didn't need auto tune & he wore heels , but he does remind me of him..

Bapper78 RossBapper78 Ross (2 months ago)
I like him but his music sounds so cheesy

May FlowerMay Flower (2 months ago)
He's a cross over of Prince and MJ

Charity OutlawCharity Outlaw (2 months ago)
bruh i knew it wasn't just me

Unapologetically SassyUnapologetically Sassy (2 months ago)
Nicolas Mendez OMG YES!!

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