Instead of people, here are some stupid moments from animals



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Author Carlos Garibay ( ago)
It's just a turkey dumbass don't be scared biotch

Author Carlos Garibay ( ago)
Snake wants dick

Author BlubBlub ( ago)
5:07 is the cutest thing I have ever seen

Author EddMayRin ( ago)
Animals are NOT idiots, idiot!

Author Survivalisbest Cats ( ago)
I'm gonna be here someday

Author Whiskers and Antonia ( ago)
tu ești un idiot pt ca postezi videoclipuri cu asta!!!!!😠😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author BlueDino90 spots ( ago)

Author Devin Gaming With OREO ( ago)
well my sister is an idiot....

Author Carlos Garibay ( ago)
Good thing that dog is not on the bed or he will be a bed wetter wait he's a floor wetter and the Llama is a farter

Author Carlos Garibay ( ago)
A dog having sex with a pillow now a cow having sex with a other cow now a gorilla having sex with a gorilla why do animals like having sex

Author Zedyyy ( ago)
Лаек если от папеча

Author PlasticWolfieAJ ( ago)
Haha, we are animals.

Author derrox ( ago)
0:25 i 0:30 OMGGG XD

Author shree hari ( ago)
your mother is an idiot

Author RetaKK _ ( ago)

Author HeartSwirlTM ( ago)
Never lift a dogs tail kids

Author keyboard warrior ultramarine ( ago)
1:56 instead of stopping the car to let her dog poop outside, she decided to take her smartphone and record her dog pooping inside the car...

Author Ceedyn Jackcummings ( ago)
Does anyone know how to delete comments

Author Jim Bones ( ago)
The transition is annoying

Author Pro Gaming ( ago)
doge has a wet dream of fucking female doges

Author Nasty & Nyuon ( ago)
the monkey was the fuunniest 1

Author Avril Morales ( ago)
The gorilla that grabbed a gut was HARAMBE!!!!!!!!

Author IDon'tWant MyRealNameHere ( ago)
A lot of these are just people being idiots. YOU DO NOT PUT A SNAKE AROUND SOMEONE ELSE'S NECK, *ESPECIALLY* IF THEY'RE AFRAID OF SNAKES. It's a good thing that was a ball python; even a corn snake would have gotten scared and bitten him. And for the love of God, TURN YOUR FLASH OFF IF YOU'RE TAKING A PICTURE OF AN ANIMAL. In the wild, flashes of light = lightning = instinctual "Get the fuck to safety" response. Which is probably why the owl took off and hit the window - I will bet that the handler told people to make sure their flash was off, and they did it anyway, and the owl spooked. And who the fuck puts a cat on something that flies without SECURING IT SO IT DOESN'T FALL?!

 I feel horrible for these poor things, stuck with idiot humans who don't know the basics of caring for them.

Author Swift Leo ( ago)
1:01 fuck you xD

Author Daniellee Wright ( ago)
you should have called this try not to laugh. I would have failed immediatly

Author Canyonero CZ ( ago)
he looks like T-dog from the walking dead at 4:59

Author Emir Akilli ( ago)
its a real?

Author Kristal Basua ( ago)
At 5:13 so cute!! 😱😊😆

Author Workwell ( ago)
FUCK YOU!!!!! animals are the best!!!!!!!!! i am telling the world to never watch your videos

Author Sukanlaya Pensit ( ago)

Author Sukanlaya Pensit ( ago)

Author kirukun Morales ( ago)
So we are idiots? (Humans are animals)

Author Brian Tierney ( ago)
Can't watch it, the ''Test Card'' nonsense annoys me.

Author Slammed ( ago)
That pissing dog... I can totally relate to him, not wanting to get out of bed to piss, so I just piss my bed. It's the best.

Author DJ Kittyy ( ago)
All I could do is laugh 😂😂

Author Doge ( ago)
5:34 mah brotha mah brotha

Author wolfia the savege wolf girl ( ago)
the only idot one in that vid was the cat in the sky poor cat...

Author Bufnița ICSDE ( ago)

Author Oreo Kitty ( ago)
6:39 best vid of all time

Author CHRISTIAN Gonzalez Martinez ( ago)

Author Mega Mewlite Ulmate Catswords ( ago)
I laughed my whole way through..

Author M. Big ( ago)

Author TheShockinglyEloquentDog woof ( ago)
6:48 was that cat getting electrocuted??

Author Русский Анимешник ( ago)
Кто со стрима ПАПАНИ ?

Author Rex hs ( ago)
Папич !

Author Furious Fox ( ago)
Splinter ! (3:09) That's master splinter ! ...

Author Mk Hammer ( ago)
Nice going... putting black people into the animals are idiots video, 😑

Author Дмитрий Сафонов ( ago)
Кто от папани?

Author Vemon Ranger ( ago)
2:05 Kitty be like
"Holy macaroni! It's a dragon!

Author NAQ Gaming VN \\ Gaming YT \\ ( ago)
it must be funny moment of animal :v

Author momo the libra ( ago)
Instead of crying you a river, I'm going to piss you one-5:29💧🌊🌅 (;´ຶДຶ `)

Author Ceedyn Jackcummings ( ago)
Sorry about my sub if anyone sore I just don't like people calling animals idiots😔

Author Mary Eberling ( ago)

Author Mary Eberling ( ago)
animals are NOT idiots

Author Alexandr studio ( ago)

Author stefan nowitzki ( ago)
animals are not idiots you are a idiot

Author jasmin guzman ( ago)
i hate this because I LOVE ANIMALS

Author xX Rager Gamer Xx ( ago)
Disliking coz of the title of the video

Author tribaltechno ( ago)
Animals arent idiots,they just dont have the same minds as people and thats a good thing.some animals are a bit lazy and a bit mindless sometimes,and they still have lives and we humans should let them live it.

Author Helene Flesher ( ago)
1:05 Me, when McDonald's Drive-In forgot to pack the sauce ...

Author Kubaf Bukajcz ( ago)
5:18 some guy from Postal 2 : - DD

Author Yuen Ivy ( ago)

Author Emma Rasdall ( ago)
there so funny 😍😁😜😊

Author Re Modzking ( ago)
Why at the end tho😂😂😂😂😭.

Author Saki Haruk ( ago)
3:41 when I put makeup on

Author Caidy Linardi ( ago)
i like the dog whobput on 💄

Author Caidy Linardi ( ago)

Author spronnie trap ( ago)
that was funny though

Author spronnie trap ( ago)
how dare y call annals stupid

Author Sinan31er S.D ( ago)
2:44 Ohh the Guy 😯😐😢😥😳😩😓

Author Camila Madeline ( ago)
Oh lol nvm I was commenting while watching

Author Camila Madeline ( ago)
Is it dead at 5:52?!

Author Thithu Arul ( ago)
of course you're not idiot subcribe my channel

Author W0lfs S0ngs The M0vies Kara Girl ( ago)
awwww that cute white fox or wolf or dog is laughing when someone laugh also LOL THE DEER IS FARTING BIG


Author Little Susie ( ago)
No, you're idiot

Author Alys McDonald ( ago)
I find most of it cute and funny

Author Kunal Sharma ( ago)
last one is dildo ..... oh my god....😂😂😂😂

Author cr87129 ( ago)
2:38 That animal was definitely NOT an idiot.

Author Lucas Javier Collado ( ago)

Author James Russel Zorilla ( ago)
oh shit he catch the snake

Author PNG_Alpha ( ago)
1:07 gotme dieing

Author Factacular ( ago)
Hello fellow humans! Come check out our chanel for all things funny! :D

Author normal kid ( ago)
at first I thought that dog in the street was dead but it end up him just peeing...thank god

Author The Aqua Sniper ( ago)
6:32 # squad goals

Author Sean Sison ( ago)
I mean, humans are still animals

Author Alexander Zelian ( ago)
well , meet the dick monkey

Author Calvin Landsborough ( ago)

Author Liam Laird ( ago)
that is funny cat mask

Author Liam Laird ( ago)
stop shaging

Author Liam Laird ( ago)
stop wanking monky

Author Liam Laird ( ago)
funny joke

Author Liam Laird ( ago)
Does that dog have a licence

Author Liam Laird ( ago)
the cats are funny

Author Liam Laird ( ago)
that is loud

Author Liam Laird ( ago)
the start bit is stupid

Author F_for Froggy ( ago)
U know how many people u pissed off with the title its rude to say that dip shit

Author Peter R ( ago)
4:35 fishing string?

Author Princess baby girl ( ago)
4:17 ooooooooo they mating thats weird *gorillas moan* *-* whats life

Author martin052408 ( ago)
So funny

Author Mario Cerna (STUDENT) ( ago)
If you are saying ppl are idiots then look in the mirror

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