Easter Eggs You Missed In Cars 3

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    Pixar's movies are a veritable basket of Easter eggs, filled with running gags and references to other Pixar properties that only eagle-eyed fans might notice. Cars 3 is no exception, and contains a truckload of new hidden gems. Here's a look at some of the Easter eggs you might've missed in the Cars franchise's third lap around the track...

    A113 | 0:22
    The Pizza Planet truck | 0:52
    The Pixar Ball | 1:46
    Some familiar branding | 2:14
    Cinderella's pumpkin | 3:05
    Coco | 3:25
    NASCAR racers take a new name | 3:47
    Paul Newman resurrected | 4:44
    Car Talk | 5:38

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Comments: 499

  • Looper
    Looper 3 days ago

    What other Cars 3 Easter eggs should've made this list?

    • Oscar de la guardia
      Oscar de la guardia 2 hours ago

      The car with the apple logo

    • [new name]
      [new name] 2 hours ago

      Looper kerchoo

    • Tosfabu 2009
      Tosfabu 2009 12 hours ago

      in the scene where Cruz and McQueen are at a bar with Smokey, there is a band of forklifts playing, the blue one in the back I believe to be dotty from planes one and two. the one up front on the left is sparky from planes one and the maters tall tales air mater.

    • theonthego Gamer
      theonthego Gamer 12 hours ago

      some car said "have fun in college" it's a reference to toy story 3 because andy went to college

  • Bird Screamer69
    Bird Screamer69 3 minutes ago

    Rip mah ni🅱️🅱️a lightning McQueen

  • SemiSolid Snake
    SemiSolid Snake 1 hour ago

    The A113 easter egg wasn't difficult to find, it was shoved in your face for several seconds

  • KillzGaming
    KillzGaming 1 hour ago

    Alright i saw too much spoilers...

  • Josh Arthur
    Josh Arthur 2 hours ago

    I noticed a113

  • The ToastFoogle
    The ToastFoogle 2 hours ago

    The only thing i didn't see was the A113 logo and i played back at least 5 times. Still couldn't find it.

  • Devon Young
    Devon Young 3 hours ago

    I seen this yesterday it was a great movie.. but did anybody caught on to McQueen saying "Lifes a beach, then you drive".... I think thats a reference to Nas/AZ song Life's A Bitch .

  • PopsTheBest
    PopsTheBest 3 hours ago

    genderless child is that you?

  • Original type of pusC

    This video = LOVE = life = shit ! Sooooo go kill yourself in a bathroom

  • Mary Crosby-Roth
    Mary Crosby-Roth 4 hours ago

    some of them are easy to know

    1. the 8 car and the 43 car are voiced by Dale Jr and Rochard pwtty

    2. the A113

  • jair cruz
    jair cruz 4 hours ago

    its like if cruz and mcqueen love eachother

  • Jimmy Gigles
    Jimmy Gigles 4 hours ago

    Watched this movie today, and it was great. I'd say even better then the first witch I watched years and years ago. But anything was as good as the 2nd bloody movie

  • Gaming World
    Gaming World 5 hours ago

    Super awesome movie.😋
    Just saw it over here 


  • Ainsley Harriott
    Ainsley Harriott 5 hours ago

    Cars 3 is like a farewell to my childhood

  • WB movie clip
    WB movie clip 6 hours ago

    Cars 3 (2017) [HD] #fullmovie https://plus.google.com/111519370258890706501/posts/H73Pq8jtQG5

  • Angry Turtle
    Angry Turtle 7 hours ago

    When you've watched Pixar movies as long as I have, you don't miss the eatereggs.

  • Thomas Carter
    Thomas Carter 8 hours ago

    A113 was really easy to spot

  • Logan Murray
    Logan Murray 8 hours ago

    I have the perfect title for a rap movie "bars"

  • chod e
    chod e 9 hours ago

    I saw all of these besides the voice of the nascar racers

  • Asylum
    Asylum 9 hours ago

    A113 was easy to spot for cars 3.

  • ThatGuyAmaury YT
    ThatGuyAmaury YT 12 hours ago


  • dulith suri
    dulith suri 13 hours ago

    How could you not have gotten the apple logo during the pit stop behind McQueen

  • 4Legacy
    4Legacy 13 hours ago

    With all the similarities to the Rocky movies, I thought of Cal Weathers as a nod to Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers)

  • Seper Derp
    Seper Derp 15 hours ago

    Wasn't Lewis Hamilton in this movie?

  • Hot Sauce
    Hot Sauce 15 hours ago

    Who else is watching cars 1

  • Faze Primal
    Faze Primal 15 hours ago

    Looper should have added the king as cheif

  • Angelina White
    Angelina White 16 hours ago

    i found a113 before this video in theaters

  • Ebroez
    Ebroez 16 hours ago

    I didn't miss A113, I ALWAYS look for it.

  • Michelle McDowell
    Michelle McDowell 17 hours ago

    Are you frisk from smashbits

  • Hayden Meyer
    Hayden Meyer 17 hours ago

    Where did you get the clips???

  • Turbo Cavalli
    Turbo Cavalli 17 hours ago

    yo cars 3 is s*** . yo cruz ramirez that stupid W6 STUPPPPPIIIDDD trainer made lighninght be her crewchief stupid girl

  • Blastoise YT
    Blastoise YT 17 hours ago

    You should actually show the things your talking about, and not just a few.

  • EntarRoeskeSwag181
    EntarRoeskeSwag181 18 hours ago

    If I notice 1 one the entries i'm diliking

  • LeBron James
    LeBron James 18 hours ago


  • CarCat
    CarCat 18 hours ago

    You forgot one that only us true NASCAR fans would've noticed...

    Cal and Bobby, the 2 cars McQueen raced with (with the new cars) at the beginning of the movie, were nods towards 2 of NASCAR's biggest legends of all time; Cale Yarborough and Bobby Allison.

    G3 JEDIWOLF RL 19 hours ago

    The coco on the side of the track is actually Dinoco

  • Alex ツ
    Alex ツ 19 hours ago

    I saw a113 on the glass wall

  • Young Broke And Not Famous

    is that dexter manning

  • 146christycg
    146christycg 20 hours ago

    I noticed Cinderella's pumpkin

  • Qi Fuh Yue
    Qi Fuh Yue 1 day ago

    Pixar is racist

  • PikaTwo
    PikaTwo 1 day ago

    I had found A113 and the Pizza Planet Truck's Rocket

  • Denis Gulsoy
    Denis Gulsoy 1 day ago

    What about Lewis Hamilton in the cell phone in Cars 3

  • kok chunfong
    kok chunfong 1 day ago


  • Filip Korecki
    Filip Korecki 1 day ago

    I saw most of these when i saw the movie before this video

  • AicnelavB
    AicnelavB 1 day ago

    Cruz Ramirez has a Texas looking license plate since her voice actor is from Texas.

  • Holden B
    Holden B 1 day ago

    I guess im the only one that noticed, but when McQueen was flipping through TV stations, it showed to cars kissing and "patients reported increased heart-rate" which is referencing Viagra.

  • Gavin Skates
    Gavin Skates 1 day ago

    you hear "boogity boogity boogity" a few times too

  • JD64
    JD64 1 day ago

    *SPOILER ALERT* McQueen will give his position to "Cruz Ramirez" the yellow car, but he won't retire

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 1 day ago

    This guy sounds like dexter from the creatures and cow chop

  • Thai Le
    Thai Le 1 day ago

    The A113 was so easy to find

  • Pamaba Gaming
    Pamaba Gaming 1 day ago

    there was b tex on a sign while he was in the truck at knight it said luxo bo

  • Race King
    Race King 1 day ago

    Bnl was in the first cars movie at the truck stop but on the other side as the other logos

  • golden plays
    golden plays 1 day ago

    Oh boy I'm a nascar fan

  • WA Electric
    WA Electric 1 day ago

    I picked up the coco one

  • Khalil Brunson
    Khalil Brunson 1 day ago

    Didn't even know Newman past

  • Grandaddy Aleks
    Grandaddy Aleks 1 day ago


  • Thebestever
    Thebestever 1 day ago

    Was I the only one who got Creed vibes from Cars 3

  • RC Enthusiast
    RC Enthusiast 1 day ago

    That was an awesome video!!

  • MultiProGamer9000

    In cars 3 I saw the pizza planet rocket when a car caught it in the stands while watching the derby like if u saw it :)

  • Nick Rodrigues
    Nick Rodrigues 1 day ago

    who wants a ratatouille 2

  • Gabe Childers
    Gabe Childers 1 day ago

    who else loves this dudes voice

  • kaivoshemmo the memelord

    It's not even out in my country

  • MychalMinerGaming

    There was an apple car in cars 3 as well

  • Shavii Turturro
    Shavii Turturro 1 day ago

    that "life's a beach until you drive" Line that mcqueen said

  • S R
    S R 1 day ago

    Video: "Here's a look at some of the easter eggs you might have missed in the Cars franchises's third lap around the track"
    Me: "Ok"
    Video: "A113"

  • Carlitos Rocha
    Carlitos Rocha 1 day ago

    In the movie the pizza planet truck crashed in the fence and hit a fan and the rocket fell of and the hit fan caught it

  • H2O DeliriousEA
    H2O DeliriousEA 1 day ago

    the pizza planet truck was also in cars 2

  • Yabloko
    Yabloko 1 day ago

    When old racing car talks about illegal deliveries back in time it's a huge reference to the way NASCAR appeared

  • Eaglewingo K
    Eaglewingo K 1 day ago

    Drawing on my inner hermione
    No your saying it wrong! It's Luxo ball not Pixar ball!

  • suicidarce
    suicidarce 1 day ago

    its already out?

  • Gameplays34 Reacting,Gamplays,And more

    I found A113 while I was watching the movie

  • wafflehacks67
    wafflehacks67 1 day ago

    I love this movie it a great movie to watch, who understand the joke that McQueen told to Cruz Ramirez at the beach "Life is a beach" and there a lot of good humor for everyone to enjoy.

  • Beasto 9012
    Beasto 9012 1 day ago

    I found king mentoring cal in one the races

  • Confused Gamer
    Confused Gamer 1 day ago

    The A113 and Coco Easter eggs were very very obvious in the film

  • i am bacon 123
    i am bacon 123 1 day ago

    wait... cars 3 came out already?

  • Java Sea
    Java Sea 1 day ago

    That is not funny mqween is my favorite carettecter

  • retailstore9523
    retailstore9523 1 day ago

    Thank you

  • Peter Marino
    Peter Marino 1 day ago

    Cars 3 was amazing! It was filled with nostalgia from the first Cars movie! The second movie was God awful as it had nothing to do with the first one but the third one was linked with the first very well!

  • The Random Video Game Warrior

    You got puns

  • Hashida Tackey
    Hashida Tackey 1 day ago

    Yes, I say that A113

  • Victor Greenwood
    Victor Greenwood 2 days ago

    5:29 What a cheap way to get out of paying someone. XD

  • Tofu Baer
    Tofu Baer 2 days ago

    I got almost all of them

  • Turtle4life
    Turtle4life 2 days ago

    I didn't miss any when I watched this in theaters

  • Haydos Vids
    Haydos Vids 2 days ago

    There are cones in every movie

  • Ace Ducky
    Ace Ducky 2 days ago

    I didn't miss the A113 Easter egg. Instead, when I saw it, I screamed A113!!!!!. Also I didn't miss the Coco Easter egg because I watched the trailer before I watched the movie

  • MrManMrYT
    MrManMrYT 2 days ago

    Wait wait wait! The movie is already out?! Darn. I didnt get to see it.

  • Yasu_ fumi
    Yasu_ fumi 2 days ago

    Ruste and duste D:

  • Shark Lostworld
    Shark Lostworld 2 days ago

    I wonder what the Next-Gen #95 Rust-Eze car would've looked like

  • the corbin show
    the corbin show 2 days ago

    it's not even out we're I live

  • Frankfredbear Plays

    Didn't Jackson storm get voiced by a famous formula 1 champion

  • Logan Miller
    Logan Miller 2 days ago

    holy shit it's it's dexter manning from the creature hub

  • Robert Russon
    Robert Russon 2 days ago

    The Humphrey Hop!

  • Cynthia Sepulveda
    Cynthia Sepulveda 2 days ago

    In the movie, I thought Doc Hudson would be in the movie to surprise Lightning McQueen

  • Cynthia Sepulveda
    Cynthia Sepulveda 2 days ago

    When I watched Cars 3 on June 16, I saw the small Mexican town when one of the cars was feeling homesick

  • MellowPuff12300
    MellowPuff12300 2 days ago

    I saw the pizza planet truck

  • Sonic the Hedgehog fans

    Paul Newman? Boiii now this movie is full of legitness

  • Coolspicekid 24
    Coolspicekid 24 2 days ago

    did you guy see grown up andy as one of the humans

  • clorox bleach
    clorox bleach 2 days ago

    how tf did he notice these?

  • timjf123
    timjf123 2 days ago

    They missed one small nod to the pizza planet truck. During the derby you can see the space ship fall to the ground from out of frame, it stays in frame for a good 2 or 3 seconds.

  • Chrome Jumper97
    Chrome Jumper97 2 days ago

    who else knows dexter from if undertale was realistic/if minecraft was realistic

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