Top 5 Dirtiest Goalie Slashes of All Time | NHL

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Comments: 550

  • Crazy 5s
    Crazy 5s 3 months ago

    Hey hockey fans! I usually post new videos about 3 times a week so if you like what you see be sure to subscribe! My new goal is to hit 5k subscribers and I think we can do it! Also, I actually read the comments so feel free to give me recommendations or debate! Thanks! :D

  • Tasmar Vanderweghe
    Tasmar Vanderweghe 17 hours ago

    LOL...this whole video would be like a one-game highlight reel for ol' Battlin' Billy Smith. How his hack on Gretzky from 1981 is not here is beyond me.

  • Noel Karjalainen
    Noel Karjalainen 1 day ago

    Resident confirm administrator quickly sigh debate evident index question could hole official

  • Dave D.
    Dave D. 4 days ago

    What? Billy Smith not in the top 5 list. Not really of all time now is it.

  • MetalDetroit
    MetalDetroit 5 days ago

    I was at that game in Detroit.

  • Tjfreak
    Tjfreak 8 days ago

    the hextall hit made me burst out laughing

  • FamilyGuyfan889
    FamilyGuyfan889 8 days ago

    2:01 McLennan's last NHL game

  • Jonathan Valente
    Jonathan Valente 10 days ago

    No Billy Smith!??? What a joke!

  • Arvin Kunst
    Arvin Kunst 10 days ago


  • Leon Schoefer
    Leon Schoefer 10 days ago

    Qualität 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • Kimssan C
    Kimssan C 13 days ago

    that is so funny!!!!!!!!

  • Wen Yi Zhang
    Wen Yi Zhang 13 days ago

    Not in the NHL but you should take a look at Mackenzie Blackwood's slash in the OHL...more savage than any of those five

  • Alex S
    Alex S 13 days ago

    Ибо ненуй

  • BracownReclidobo
    BracownReclidobo 15 days ago

    Why was Hextall not all 5??

  • Mo Knows
    Mo Knows 15 days ago

    hard to be "All time" without any Billy Smith footage... otherwise pretty decent...

  • OneTimer
    OneTimer 16 days ago

    Hate goalies who do that. Smith one pisses me off. Just run him every play.

  • David Kelly
    David Kelly 16 days ago

    Billy Smith could fill this top 5 many times over.

  • Adrian Mills
    Adrian Mills 16 days ago

    what a shit sport, gutless morons who are big and tough while holding a stick. i wouldn't give a shit if this "sport" ceased to exist

    • Garrett
      Garrett 11 days ago

      they are also pretty tough when they drop the gloves

  • maxcohen13
    maxcohen13 17 days ago

    Number 3 was the "gorman shot."

  • Tanner Vogan
    Tanner Vogan 19 days ago

    number 7 was the best

  • meridian
    meridian 19 days ago

    Have the Flyers ever not been cunts?

  • Daddy Longstroke
    Daddy Longstroke 20 days ago

    Fuck Johan Franzen.

  • Arzu Keleş
    Arzu Keleş 21 day ago

    0:26 fuck off you bitch

  • Scott M
    Scott M 22 days ago

    oooooh noo, ooh my gawd......

  • James Gray
    James Gray 24 days ago

    No Billy Smith?

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith 25 days ago

    Best goalie crease defender of all time..Billy Smith NYI. Venturing into Smith's crease invited a two handed chop to back or legs...and a sneer from him afterwards.

  • LGD FiberOptix
    LGD FiberOptix 26 days ago

    #2 was rediculous what the fuck was that guy thinking lol

  • Irisheddy
    Irisheddy 26 days ago

    I was surprised Billy Smith of the Islanders didn't get one

  • искандар тлявсин

    я один здесь русский

  • Jacob Berry
    Jacob Berry 29 days ago

    Sucks to be on the goalies team if I was Redding I would throw the goalie out

  • Jesus is King
    Jesus is King 1 month ago

    hextall the best

  • buddybudmac
    buddybudmac 1 month ago

    Hextall's was the worst

  • Ew_
    Ew_ 1 month ago

    why is this guy @1:51 playing without a fucking helmet???

  • Jake Phipps
    Jake Phipps 1 month ago

    Fun fact about #1: They pulled kiprusoff and put in that clown in the net just so he could slash him, he was seriously only out there for about 5 minutes, and then they had to put kiprusoff back in the net.

  • Abcdefghijklmopqrstuvwxy Z

    Me when someone takes my pizza

  • Jim Griffin
    Jim Griffin 1 month ago

    Can't believe you didn't include Billy Smith. He was brutal.

  • Plutopowered
    Plutopowered 1 month ago

    No Billie Smith?

  • TuubiUser
    TuubiUser 1 month ago

    1:51 lol

  • Agent Squidward
    Agent Squidward 1 month ago

    I was always a fan of goaltending. But this is unacceptable!!

  • FireMan
    FireMan 1 month ago

    У нас Третьяк так раньше делал. Бил клюшкой по башкам. И че его теперь грязным надо назвать что ли?

    XXBRAINWAVEZ XX 1 month ago

    Lol 420 dislikes

  • Irvine Poker
    Irvine Poker 1 month ago

    didn't barraso break someone arm

  • WhatDidYouSay 145
    WhatDidYouSay 145 1 month ago

    1:06 That was so dirty!

  • FuckingYellow
    FuckingYellow 1 month ago

    Because apparently Smith's love tap is worse than BILLY SMITH'S knob to the face.

  • znogypogy
    znogypogy 1 month ago

    How the F can Billy Smith not be on this list ?.....

  • Blake Waters
    Blake Waters 1 month ago

    Way to hit that donkey in #1

  • Mark Peters
    Mark Peters 1 month ago

    Shreddie Ballfour...damn

  • Peter Jonasson
    Peter Jonasson 1 month ago


  • Dave Jones
    Dave Jones 1 month ago

    No billy smith? This isn't even close to the top 5. Call it "Some pretty minor stick offenses from over 40 years"

  • helena ostlin
    helena ostlin 1 month ago

    vilka vidriga människor det finns!

  • Felle04 Felleboi64
    Felle04 Felleboi64 1 month ago

    Is I okay if you take and smash your ice hokey club in your own goalie if he does like they did on the video

  • Turskanperkele
    Turskanperkele 1 month ago

    Siinähän on Gatorade Center taustalla, perkele.

  • FlowJaysX29
    FlowJaysX29 1 month ago


  • Atrastiloca T
    Atrastiloca T 1 month ago

    Good Clips. Do you remember Ray Emery from Ottawa Sens against Maxime Lapierre from the Habs?

  • Skittles Monster
    Skittles Monster 1 month ago

    On my god its no normal

  • sport Štěp
    sport Štěp 1 month ago

    to je 2&9

  • PilotJohnSilver
    PilotJohnSilver 1 month ago

    I'm not sure that it's dirty for a goalie to protect himself from opponents when they're attacking with full power

  • The Derpy Gamer
    The Derpy Gamer 1 month ago

    You know what all goalies have their bad times

    SLYSPYHIWAY90 1 month ago

    Two of the five to me would have been game misconducts , goodbye

  • bynturong
    bynturong 1 month ago

    Hextall is here...what a surprise..

  • VigEuth
    VigEuth 1 month ago

    Obligatory Tim Thomas appearance. That guy's a jackass at Curt Shilling levels.

  • Cloé Cléroux
    Cloé Cléroux 1 month ago

    I love hockey an dall off the golies did the rite thing to the other players that are in front of the net so ya deal with it

  • Nerve Aquas
    Nerve Aquas 1 month ago

    Bad list, if Broduer isn't here then what is hockey.

  • Brok Homz
    Brok Homz 1 month ago

    I've done worse.

  • firebirdude2
    firebirdude2 1 month ago

    #4 really wasn't that big of a deal...when compared to others. Certainly not top 5 of all time.

  • Mr.Varietytube
    Mr.Varietytube 1 month ago

    had to rewatch just for #4. I hate the Bruins with a passion.

  • John Smith
    John Smith 1 month ago

    What is wrong with hockey, the Ron Hextall kind of player. I always thought he was a meathead.

  • MrStevonidas
    MrStevonidas 1 month ago

    "Dirty" goalie slashes? No such thing.

  • Patricia Ragnarsson
    Patricia Ragnarsson 1 month ago

    kuk målvakt

  • Hyperion Prime
    Hyperion Prime 1 month ago

    what a late dive by brown.

  • iOS Games
    iOS Games 1 month ago

    I love hockey so much just for how no one gives a fuck what happens. People fight, no one cares, shatter glass, no one cares, beating people with sticks and body checking, no one cares I love it😂😂

  • Diaz 209
    Diaz 209 1 month ago

    Esses Goleiros São Doidos....haha

  • Andrew Pit
    Andrew Pit 1 month ago

    is it legal for a goalie to slash the opponent if he is in the way or something?

  • Sahadi420
    Sahadi420 1 month ago

    Gotta give it to the players getting slashed.

    After getting hit from behind...........I'd baseball swing my stick at his throat.


    hit on the balls and like that . deserves hell

  • Anthony Samson
    Anthony Samson 1 month ago

    This is why I hate goalies

  • uTubeNoITube
    uTubeNoITube 1 month ago

    Tim Thomas is a fucking piece of shit

  • mero40k
    mero40k 1 month ago

    I liked number 9

  • Chrispee75
    Chrispee75 1 month ago

    red cards for those freaks

  • Ron Ulmer
    Ron Ulmer 1 month ago

    Hextall could have easily been all 5.

  • JuazeiroMLG
    JuazeiroMLG 1 month ago

    Testosterone is a hell of a hormone

  • Erik Kebel
    Erik Kebel 1 month ago

    Your two looks like a fucking 9

    • oh Orbital
      oh Orbital 1 month ago

      Erik Kebel they didn't make it lol I've seen it all around YouTube

  • Zack Parker
    Zack Parker 1 month ago

    Hextall is a cock.

  • Angry Tom
    Angry Tom 1 month ago

    Franzen played it up like a pussy.

  • AwesomeAJPlays
    AwesomeAJPlays 1 month ago

    fix your number 2s

  • Just Pawn
    Just Pawn 1 month ago

    "that's a real good piece of lumber to the back "

  • BubbaPunk19
    BubbaPunk19 2 months ago

    Heckstal is a jack ass

  • WiredRBLX
    WiredRBLX 2 months ago

    cmon tim thomas that was your old team

  • FuglyKayden
    FuglyKayden 2 months ago

    You the man Kiprusoff!

    MASTER VLOGZ 2 months ago

    Fix ur 2

  • Chris A
    Chris A 2 months ago

    I know older footage is hard to come by, but otherwise I gotta believe Bill Smith would top this list.

  • 99Diamonds
    99Diamonds 2 months ago

    oh my god #2

  • 1975 Sairagon
    1975 Sairagon 2 months ago


  • Theospeak1
    Theospeak1 2 months ago

    The second one was self defense

  • Anderson Senthilkumar
    Anderson Senthilkumar 2 months ago


  • Cr4zy Goose
    Cr4zy Goose 2 months ago

    i loved hextall. He was Jason Vorheez on ice!

  • Mitch Halutick
    Mitch Halutick 2 months ago

    Number 4 ironic knowing that Tim Thomas would become one they're best goalies ever.

  • Anthony Ouellet
    Anthony Ouellet 2 months ago

    When I saw Ron Hexall... I was crying!

  • Ethan Renfroe
    Ethan Renfroe 2 months ago

    U ever make another one of these add that piece of shit Holtbys slash from the other day in game 2

  • joe ramone
    joe ramone 2 months ago


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