remove spider wrap with magnets

basically you can remove any security device with strong enough can get magnets like these from that old hard drive you have laying around. it has to be a hd from a desktop pc.the older the pc the better.there are vids out there showing you how to remove magnets from a hard drives.

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Author William Dowsley (2 months)
if i just cut the wires will it beep?

Author EnrollWun (4 days)
i'll be getting a couple of google tvs +thevelvetknight nice, do you know
how to deactivate those disposable rectangular tags that be inside pill
boxes and dvd etc?

Author Ricky Stokes (6 months)
THANKS SOO MUCH just took my magnets out of my hidrive and now i know how
do do this!!! Thanks bro :)

Author Mike Rostine (8 months)
Sweet now I'm going to go steal a bunch of s*** lol

Author Christopher Shaver (10 months)
@Evan M people become LP because they're too damn dumb to be a cop.
People become cops because they're too dumb to work at McDonald's!
Do-gooder bastard.

Author wilberarthur11122 (10 months)
dont long magnets work just as effciently?

Author AutumnAsh81 (1 year)
EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED a door bracket with n48 neodymium magnet 1/2 x 1/4 x
1/8. attach two on each side of door bracket (or other flat metal peice
about same size) and it will work for any spider wrap, dvd anti theft
packaging... they are cheap. type in exactly what i wrote in ebay search .

Author SALEXTWENTY5 (4 years)
stack magnets to increase strength,also works on many other alpha products.

Author restcure (3 years)
@bipinformprotect WOW! I bet it took you a long time to refill. meh - close
enough to hear it, close enough to start reaching for the gun when he ...

Author Jacari Jones (3 years)
@EvanM2007 ;D oh. . .you thought we were gonna let you get paid for
nothing? haha fuck no earn your pay hoe!! >=] see you in the electronics
section. XD

Author Chae Rutledge (4 years)
Other then computers, is there somewhere else to get strong enough magnets?

Author SALEXTWENTY5 (4 years)
i dont see why not ,the lock mechanism inside the spider wrap relases when
a strong enough magnet comes in contact with it. i would say YES a big
magnet would work fine.

Author AsSimpleAsForever (1 year)
They aren't losing money. I promise. Lost prevention isn't worried about $40

Author roy20050 (3 years)
@SALEXTWENTY5 or you can get a "booster bag" that blocks the little strip
from setting anything off.

Author brainiacaholic (2 years)

Author sensormania8 (1 year)
You can buy the S3 Magnetic key to open spider wrap
free shipping cost to USA We also sell the Hook Spare Arm and magnetic

Author cydiaadviceweekly (3 years)
Will taking this off with a magnet trigger the sensor even if u don't walk
out with it but just if it's inside the store

Author moviebest08 (1 year)
Alpha S3 magnetic key, S3 magmetic key is the same buy it

Author Betty Swallsack (3 years)
@photosbychristensen Stores have insurance, so the effects on prices are
minimal. They mainly say that to keep the insurance companies happy.
Besides, giant corporations fuck enough people over, so stealing a couple
bucks' worth of merchandise from them is hardly the end of the world.

Author Cody Lookenbill (2 years)
No one's stealing. I bought a product where they let me walk out the door
with this fucking thing on it, and I just had to get it off.

Author Sasho Alex (3 years)
@SALEXTWENTY5 you are te best XD

Author lunchbox92553 (4 years)
I see you haven't changed since the last time we worked together lol

Author Eileen LeValley (1 year)
86,404 views .....that's funny. I was at the store while walking in, the
security alarm went off and the door greater just stood there and let them
leave,I was amazed. Moral of the story, just walk out why bother doing all
this work? Lol.

Author jmartinez260 (3 years)
@EvanM2007 why would you use spider wraps to protect nachos?????? o_0

Author Jonathan Tran (3 years)
Does Any harddrive work because all i have is a little one or it got to be

Author r lone (1 year)
And this vid doesnt exaxtually show someone stealing a product out of a
certain store i shows how one can remove a device that might have not been
removed when you bought it

Author shawn gordon (2 years)
Think about it if you have ever tryed to get a cell phone signal in a house
with a metal roof or in a store most ppl can not. Now try this take your
cell phone and drive next to the closest tower if you really wanna be sure
most ppl can just go outside. Make sure you wrap it a couple of times with
some mylar fairly cheap these days. Now grab another phone and call your
cell phone you wrapped up let it ring a few times see if you hear it. See
if you had any missed calls i bet you dont.

Author billy blaze (1 year)
The spider wraps donot go off in the store that's to all the haters when u
use magnets in the right spot it losens right up and becomes useless. Just
throw the spider wrap somewhere. Also if you where to somehow manage to
sneak in a cup of water u could just cut it off and stick it in the cup of
water. only beef with that is water will not magicly kill it they made it
pretty much water proof however water greatly muffles the sound so one
cannot hear it hardly at all.


Author billy blaze (1 year)
All you have to do is keep the circuit complete so what you do is strip a
spot bare on one cable then strip another spot down the cable not right
next to the other one either idiot move. Then what u do is take a small
thin piece of speaker wire 1-2ft long strip both ends and twist each end to
the bare spots u made on the spider cable then you snip it right in the mid
point from where both exposed points with the speaker wire are. and like
magic no matter how tight the wrap was its now loose

Author Goldsteinism (3 years)
High end electronics, valuable big ticket items, easily liftable goods.

Author Zack Castor (1 year)
Fuck it cut the wire sound off the alarm throw it over a couple isles and
wall away without looking suspicious they'll go to the sound of the alarm
not you , keep ur head low lol

Author Mustafa Al-shammary (1 year)
there is a way to silent the alarm when its goes off?

Author jimb0oslice1 (3 years)
Does the polarity matter? Like will it only work with one side of the
magnet? I know both magnets must have the same polarity facing the lock but
does the polarity facing the lock just have to be the same for it to work?

Author kaos227044 (4 years)
Do u know how to get that white alarm off that's on the back of phones in
the store?

Author billy blaze (1 year)
The best way to remove this wrap is to think about circuts and electric
current. When you break a connection on an open circuit it will trip the
alarm. So basicly if you try cutting one of the cables off which u would
need some heavy duty cutters cuz the cable is very tough that breaks the
connection and the thing makes a racket and your busted.

Author Hardstyle Bulgaria (2 years)
will this turn on the alaram if I do it in the store

Author Nicky Slixx (4 years)
Could you do this with one big magnet?

Author shawn gordon (2 years)
First of all most new spider wraps are of number 3 alarm and can go off
when you exit the store in 2 alarm mode i believe then u got whats called 3
alarm that type will go off when the wrap looses signal with the base it
goes off. However you could use several layers of mylar film and cover the
product u want in it then put some smaller items on it to cover it then
bingo you walk out . If the spider wrap doesnt go off after u wrap the
product up then it mostlikely will not go off till at home.

Author tulius01 (2 years)

Author moviebest08 (1 year)
Buy the S3 key in Superloc detacher and
hook spare key. Good Prices, Good Service

Author ScottieWallace (4 years)
oh yeah 1 more thing, once you unlock the device, can you go through towers
without alarm going off or would you have to leave it hidden under a shelf
or something before you leave? your help is very much appreciated!!

Author msthrash1989 (4 years)
fucking magnets, how do they work?

Author JagerFrostTroll (2 years)
Can these magnets trip an alarm in most department stores?

Author Mason Berle (4 years)
fucking pigs are all thiefs!

Author RyuuHatake (1 year)
All you have to do is use a flathead screwdriver to turn the rotating bit
under the alarm. I open up spider wraps at work like that all the time when
my co-workers are using the key and I dont feel like tracking it down

Author trionsecurity (1 year)
Buy the S3 magnetic key in Free shipping to USA

Author Explicit Tech (2 years)
lol stupid nig.

Author GizmoMofo7 (2 years)

Author Can'tbuyunderwear Ballsdon'tfit (3 years)
@photosbychristensen so what/ we get em for free moron!

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