Conor McGregor boxing sparing Chris Van Heerden, 2016

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  • M.S.Productions
    M.S.Productions 27 minutes ago

    Mcgregor cant handle this nigga how can he handle the best

  • James Arthur Elite
    James Arthur Elite 3 hours ago

    This is a PR move on Conor's part, and I'm sure it paid a big part in Mayweather accepting the fight. Well played McGegor!

  • Casimiro Elpanzote
    Casimiro Elpanzote 4 hours ago


  • aaron pryor
    aaron pryor 8 hours ago

    The Irishman is trying to be smart, Mayweather is a master of mind games and I can assure you he is not falling for cheap little psycho games. Mac is a typical stupid Irishman if he thinks Mayweather falls for this shit LOLOLOLO

  • sharon terry
    sharon terry 10 hours ago

    we heard it from the horses mouth. asked van heerden if connor could beat kel brook, he laughed like of course not. keith thurman ,no no he laughed. jessie vargas no! can he beat anyone? yeh he would give some pros a run for there money. did you hear that pros, not champs. why are we even bothering paying these fuckers 100mil. wtf is wrong. were being mugged off. we wanna see mayweather vs golovkin.

  • sharon terry
    sharon terry 10 hours ago

    would you pay to watch a chuwowa vs a pitbull

  • sharon terry
    sharon terry 10 hours ago

    OMG why is mcgregor vs Mayweather even going ahead. Mc gregor is a rubbish boxer. he gets caught so easy. There just robbing you of your money.

  • Maynard Acosta
    Maynard Acosta 10 hours ago

    What a lazy ass sparring how will he beat Floyd with that move!

  • King Kane
    King Kane 13 hours ago

    the music makes me wanna box toooooooo :-) yiiihaaaaaa

  • memeologist _
    memeologist _ 14 hours ago

    I feel Connor knows he's going to loose. That's why he has a $100million tag in that shit.

  • ApexPredatoR 69
    ApexPredatoR 69 1 day ago

    can't wait to see this Irish queer get whacked.

  • Madness Sadness
    Madness Sadness 1 day ago

    Floyd Mayweather will kick his ass off

  • Jeff Valencia
    Jeff Valencia 1 day ago

    they are both going like 50% speed, its really hard to gauge anything from this footage. When you are wearing headgear and going halfspeed you take more risks knowing your opponent is not gonna knock you out. In once instance Conor threw an uppercut when Chris wasnt even in range just for the fuck of it, not saying Conor is secretly a master boxer Im just saying you cant take away anything from this footage really its just an exercise.

  • TheBoxer
    TheBoxer 1 day ago

    Using that mma stance is not going to work he's way too open, that stance is only necessary when you involve kicks and takedowns. Useless, he needs to be tight and guarded on top but relaxed and has to be on his toes. Mayweather is going to outbox him horribly, he's going to constantly land that right hand.

  • Happy huWhite Man

    This fight is going to be shit

  • BunnyBUNGALO
    BunnyBUNGALO 1 day ago

    why are yall acting like he lost this sparring session? Lol looks like he's kinda messing around and not really going all out. With that being said I don't think there's anyway he can beat Mayweather. Mayweather is the GOAT.

  • Alex Pepe
    Alex Pepe 1 day ago

    People who are bashing Connor in this video please pay attention. You are being made fools of. This video is supposed to make you think Connor is very bad. EVERYTIME a fighter trains for a match, their training partners have to sign a contract to not talk about or disclose any information on their fighter's training. Don't you think it's a little too good to be true that on this fight, Connor would allow a video to be released of him fighting this bad 😎😎

  • Zakaria hanaffi
    Zakaria hanaffi 1 day ago

    its insane how many times connor has his hands down with no guard up. Mayweather will be feasting on those right hand leads and straights all night.

  • kentatm
    kentatm 2 days ago


  • smart water
    smart water 2 days ago

    the amount of keyboard experts in this comment section is just terrifying

  • Lunar Coven
    Lunar Coven 2 days ago

    Connor controlled the ring and walked him down for majority of the round, landed better combinations, slipped a lot of his punches, taunted him, and was way more calm than chris yet this whole thread is coming at his neck. we get it you dont like the man. on top of everything they're just sparring. you guys expect them to be trying to K.O each other during sparring? why would they train like retards this is not the 80s. The purpose of sparring is movement study, conor was studying boxing they both were. Chris even said he was able to learn something from mcgregor. With all that being said Lomachenko is the best boxer alive right now.

  • A. A
    A. A 2 days ago

    fails conor mcgregor. floyd kick your ass.

  • Greg Luttrell
    Greg Luttrell 2 days ago

    Just think for a moment. Conor may be leading everything to think he is bad, but truly not showing what he can do until the fight comes. Conor is gonna show up and leave with the win.

  • James Wright
    James Wright 3 days ago

    conors foot work is shocking his just walking,if mayweather see them feet together it's all over.

  • Sarah
    Sarah 3 days ago

    damn I'm routing for McGregor to win and am I bigger fan than mayweather, but this man is going to loose, unless a hail Mary comes from McGregor and knocks his ass out...doubt it.......Time to make both parties pocket fat.....they should donate some of that shit effin useless match

  • YoutubSUCKZ
    YoutubSUCKZ 3 days ago

    jesuschrist flat footed as fuck. mayweather will kill him

  • Rhieo-Tek Dvan Psibaras

    McGaygor doesn't have a chance against fLyod.

  • Ray Cooper
    Ray Cooper 4 days ago

    I actually repute that last comment I made, a 14-year-old could beat him rather than a 17-year-old

  • Ray Cooper
    Ray Cooper 4 days ago

    lol Conner sux at boxing. A low level 17-year-old amateur a novice would beat him and probably with a stoppage

  • Ma Pa
    Ma Pa 4 days ago

    Looks like shit, walking into punches, crossing his feet. He's gonna take a beating of epic proportions. Poor(rich) sod.

  • Mac McRae
    Mac McRae 4 days ago

    why does it have to be a boxing match? let floyd "i run from everybody" mayweather test himself against an mma expert. that is where the real money is. everybody on the planet wants to watch that faker get ko'd by a kick to the head.

    • Mac McRae
      Mac McRae 3 days ago

      why the fuck does it make sense for a guy who spent his whole life learning mma to handicap himself to fight a guy who spent his whole career running from other fighters and using only hands? it doesnt. if there is a god connor will blast floyd with a head kick and knock him on his ass. it will be payback for all the lame running and clenching munny has done his whole career. floyd is literally the worst thing to ever happen to boxing. man up floyd. fight a warrior for once in your life - instead of women. (heheheeh)

    • SoulPhoenixMC
      SoulPhoenixMC 3 days ago

      Mac McRae fuck off mcgregor called out floyd in boxing, why the fuck would it make sense to fight in mma? Mcnugget said he thinks he will beat floyd in boxing smh.

  • Adrian Lescano
    Adrian Lescano 4 days ago

    mayweather se hace un festin con este mc gregor !!! malisimo boxeando

  • Jack Oliver
    Jack Oliver 4 days ago

    I don't know boxing but I know that's bad.

  • Jaime Franco
    Jaime Franco 5 days ago

    Well this sparring partner is ranked 14th in the world and he looks like he'd beat the wheels off Connor. Floyd will have an easy pay day

  • KD Fanaticxx
    KD Fanaticxx 5 days ago

    After watching this.....R.I.P conor Mcgregor

  • Hunter Fuse
    Hunter Fuse 5 days ago

    I think cardio will play a big factor in the fight vs Mayweather. I dont think Conor can maintain the constant pressure that he would need to put on Floyd to have a chance at beating him. I say Conor gasses out in the 5th or 6th (maybe earlier), and Floyd takes over from there

  • John Rodgers
    John Rodgers 5 days ago

    people are in for a rude awakening. McGregor WILL win this fight. Not only will he win but I don't think that he will have accomplished anything special because Floyd is old and washed up. That's why he retired.

  • Spiderogue518
    Spiderogue518 5 days ago

    He is not going to fight like this, come on people. This video is to fool you

    • Spiderogue518
      Spiderogue518 5 days ago

      J But he adjusted on his second fight and did you see Nate's face? I'm not saying he's in the same caliber as Floyd but this video is not telling me anything besides the fact he's clowning around.

    • J
      J 5 days ago

      Connor prettylost a boxing mach to Nate Diaz since they were on ther feet the whole fight throwing punches.Nate! That weak flabby nobody who's lost over 30% of his fights. Floyd would annihilate Nate.

  • Fantasma Oculto
    Fantasma Oculto 5 days ago

    Conor vs Mayweter. Conor Win.This a training, no  a really fight.

  • iiDefied
    iiDefied 5 days ago

    Chris is a southpaw so stop making mayweather comparisons you fucking idiots.

  • HHstutz55
    HHstutz55 5 days ago

    McGregor has terrible foot work.

  • Anoobis Gaming
    Anoobis Gaming 5 days ago

    He's getting his chin up, dumbasses. And this was a year ago.

  • nick sev1
    nick sev1 5 days ago

    conor barely evan fought him. he was goin light as hell he didnt swing one hard punch! but we all know when that money is on the line 2 belt tommy throws down!

  • Chris Gomzales
    Chris Gomzales 5 days ago

    The reason why connor doesnt look good in this video is because he studies his his opponent for weeks and figures out their moves so look at the first diaz fight. Is a 11 days notice. he didnt have time.b

  • Johnnyboy Gaming
    Johnnyboy Gaming 5 days ago

    keep your hands up conor this is not ufc

  • EGTHrules
    EGTHrules 5 days ago

    Look like he's just workin movement to me lol it's sparring, he's working on little things he's not good at for one and he's clearly at a more relaxed pace than chris for two. To define a fighter whose displayed elite accuracy his whole career off of a video of him just practicing is wild lmao Floyd obviously on another level but ya'll trippin if ya'll think this is really the McGregor you're gonna get on fight night

  • Frederick Guerrero
    Frederick Guerrero 5 days ago

    macgregor can not win

    BLEND GAMER 5 days ago

    thos was uploaded at thr 19th may 2016 its been over a year conor is gonna win

  • ismael aden
    ismael aden 5 days ago

    Connor will get KO'd for sure. Floyd loving this shit hahahaha

  • Angel-ov- War
    Angel-ov- War 5 days ago

    I like Conor but he can't move against a real boxer ,

  • Kyle Tee
    Kyle Tee 6 days ago

    no jab, no defense.

  • J.R. VanWoert
    J.R. VanWoert 6 days ago

    The guy lands a few jabs, and pokes to the arm and all these dumbshits scream how terrible Conor is at boxing. Go ahead, bet the farm against him, you fucktards.

  • daniel10854
    daniel10854 6 days ago

    watch mcgregors little bitches getting all defensive and shit👅
    on the comments section below

  • Philip Murray
    Philip Murray 6 days ago

    this is only a sparring session. Its tip tap boxing, they are not trying to hurt each other. How can people in comments judge connor skills off 2 mins of edited sparring footage show how dumb most boxing fans are. Wondor why the whole sparring session wasnt uploaded.

  • Philip Murray
    Philip Murray 6 days ago

    this is only a sparring session. Its tip tap boxing, they are not trying to hurt each other. How can people in comments judge connor skills off 2 mins of edited sparring footage show how dumb most boxing fans are. Wondor why the whole sparring session wasnt uploaded.

  • Robert I
    Robert I 6 days ago

    Floyd's gonna fuck him up

  • michael07 -09
    michael07 -09 6 days ago

    damn mcgregor is very slow for floyd...

  • Eric Gonzales
    Eric Gonzales 6 days ago

    I like Connor a lot , but he is going to get worked by Floyd. If they were kickboxing with no take downs Connor would kill Floyd. If they were on the ground Connor would kill Floyd, but in a boxing match... Floyd will kill Connor!

    This is like a tiger and shark fighting each other. If they fought in the water the shark would win, but if they fought on land the tiger would win. Connor is fighting Floyd in his game. Connor will lose badly!

  • John Nike
    John Nike 6 days ago

    No power lol

  • John Nike
    John Nike 6 days ago

    Omg look At that sparring this foo can't boxed..Floyd will beat the shiet out of him.

  • einfamous 1
    einfamous 1 6 days ago

    Mcgregor actually landed more punches in this video than Van heerden did. Look at the video in slowmo

  • Felix P
    Felix P 6 days ago

    This is gonna be almost as absurd of  fight tan when Ali for that karate guy. At least that was fun because it was so fucking weird. This just gonna be awkward and boring. I think people will start throwing stuff in the ring

  • Zajac
    Zajac 7 days ago

    its sparring idiots, used to work out bugs and not fighting. wow what morons.

  • mark southgate
    mark southgate 7 days ago

    he looks as comfortable in that ring as a cactus lined cod piece. His MMA traing looks too ingrained and I say that not as a hater but as some one who has backed him to beat mayweather.

  • icandypromotionz
    icandypromotionz 7 days ago

    O.M.G Mc Gregor you are so far from ready ,, your going to get stopped ,,you dont have the tools for Floyd ..

  • Mr.Mohy
    Mr.Mohy 7 days ago

    I like McGregor than MW many times, but when I see McGregor defense, I can smell so many points from MW. MG needs a KO if he wants to win which is impossible. But I want him to win. Lol

  • 209mutherFOOKERS
    209mutherFOOKERS 7 days ago

    considering it's so old video and conor wasn't even in shape training southpaw it's pretty good. you can see he's not scared to get hit because he's waiting for clean shots, now imagine if he actually put some force into those hits. the chance of conor knocking him out are growing

  • salted popcorn
    salted popcorn 7 days ago

    with those boxing skills......he wont even touch conor

  • Tanner Cannon
    Tanner Cannon 7 days ago

    it completely looks like hes just getting loose. it looks like hes just lightly working on some combinations or working out some angles. Im not saying he will beat mayweather, because thats a whole other can of worms, but this is a light sparring session... hes a much better boxer than this....

  • Juan Escobar
    Juan Escobar 7 days ago

    That's who Floyd will fight with? It is a nice Joke

  • Mike Dutch
    Mike Dutch 7 days ago

    Conor wasn't tryna take his head off though

  • Christopher Steward

    music was so bad couldn't even watch the video.

  • no thanks
    no thanks 7 days ago

    Dropping the hands with that ego and that ridiculous Kung Fu stance is just begging to get knocked out. Hes a great fighter, but the guy needs to be humbled.

  • Emperor Farage
    Emperor Farage 7 days ago

    Also sparring isn't everything. I'm a 6 ft 4 power lifter who gets choked nearly unconscious by a 5 ft 7 jujitsu blue belt friend....... but I am not trying to lift him and dump him on his skull in a pub car park. What i am saying is that friendly sparring suits technique. Becoming unfriendly is very different.

  • Rob Potter
    Rob Potter 7 days ago

    omg, he worse and slow than I though. Foot work is horrible. Floyd gone eat him alive. He won't connect at all if you shows up looking like that.

  • Tom
    Tom 7 days ago

    not a bad boxer but wouldnt win a regional title

  • ano nymous
    ano nymous 7 days ago

    Really awful boxer, his protection simply isn't there. He'll get chewed up by Mayweather. It will be nasty.

  • Juan Ortega
    Juan Ortega 7 days ago

    this was a year ago

  • M WOLF
    M WOLF 8 days ago

    Conors stance is fucking horrible for boxing. Also the way he just leaves his hand extended after a shot is just stupid. He will get KO

  • heywhatsup65
    heywhatsup65 8 days ago

    At 1:15 is probably the best punch Conor lands and its an off balance right. If anyone has a chance it Connor but from watching this session it's very unlikely he is going to beat Mayweather.

    RUTHFELLA 8 days ago

    Conor in boxing is the biggest embarrassment of the ceuntry

  • 123gwf
    123gwf 8 days ago

    Holy mother of God . . .  this guy is not ready to face Floyd.

  • Makez33
    Makez33 8 days ago

    Obviously this isn't hard sparring, hell it's not even medium power sparring. Snake in da grass Heerden just tryna leach some fame, yeah Conor's not a boxer so what do you think a pro boxer vs him doing technique sparring will look like? Conors chance of winning is a lucky KO, remember they won't be using helmets or 14OZ gloves in the fight.

  • Adam Gabrail
    Adam Gabrail 8 days ago

    Add Lesnar vs. Anthony Joshua for a good comedy LOL

  • davis rytting
    davis rytting 8 days ago

    and yet people are all hyped about the fight lol

  • William Stokes
    William Stokes 8 days ago

    conor needs to come home to Ireland and get back to his boxing roots of he wants a chance to win and get the likes of conlan , Joe ward, ect , even the up and coming irish amateurs because they are the best in the world for spars and then step up to some pro fighters about 8 weeks before the fight

  • Young Man
    Young Man 8 days ago

    the 20 years of difference in experience is gonna mean too much lol. What happens in round 5 when connors too gassed to keep his arms up? First thing he does when hes tired in the ufc is drop his arms. Can't do that while fighting one of the best EVER

  • Snax Bee
    Snax Bee 8 days ago

    Spence whipped Van Heerden ass. Look how much Connor has to learn to fight the top Fighter.

  • leo ferrer sherman
    leo ferrer sherman 8 days ago

    that fatmouth is going to eat so much shit, but he dererve it

  • Tommy Ras
    Tommy Ras 8 days ago

    Okay so mister van heerden posted this sparring session from over a year ago??? Why posting it now??? This sounds fishy.

  • XaphillyatedX
    XaphillyatedX 8 days ago

    Any b level fighter would stop McGregor. Floyd is an undefeated champion with over 20 yrs of experience...... the only thing that prevents me from betting everything i have on floyd is the "money" part of floyd money mayweather...... the rematch revenue from a loss would be massive! theres no other fight that could generate more for floyd and this is a business.

  • justin rob
    justin rob 8 days ago

    Floyd bout to break records on landing percentages in this next fight against Connor amateur boxer mcgreggor

  • Allen Poe
    Allen Poe 8 days ago

    LOL I guess every one saw the news feed and wanted to check this out! Happy Fathers Day all you Motherf___kers out there!
    Imho Mayweather will win, this is his venue. He is at the top of his game and this is a no brainer. Barring a lucky punch I believe Mayweather might TKO McGregor. I would also not be surprised if McGregor in frustration gets himself disqualified by kicking, not intentionally, but as a reflex if he is hurt or tired.
    Now if this were a MMA style venue I would say the opposite.
    Can anyone show me a MMA champ that is also at the same time a boxing champ, or vice versa? A wrestling champ that was at the same time a boxing champ? AT ANYTIME IN HISTORY??

  • Ultizicus
    Ultizicus 8 days ago

    dumb commentators, this is bait

  • Nicholas Benn
    Nicholas Benn 8 days ago Heerdan is going 75% and Connor going 20-25%

  • Jay Quintana
    Jay Quintana 8 days ago

    I hope this was staged and McGregor's actually a lot better than this. But if this is real, he has absolutely no chance of landing a punch against Mayweather, much less defeating him.

  • Michael Davenport
    Michael Davenport 8 days ago


  • Archie Bernardo
    Archie Bernardo 8 days ago

    even chris algieri would beat this fool wtf

  • Coty Perry
    Coty Perry 8 days ago

    still landed the jabs to the straight left. knock probable.

  • Coty Perry
    Coty Perry 8 days ago

    for fucking around let's be real. Connor landed alot and two knock out shots if full power. he's just seeing how to apply his movement to boxing. I still see a chance. a punchers chance. but still not horrible for mma fighter

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