Conor McGregor boxing sparing Chris Van Heerden, 2016

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Author gaurav bisht ( ago)
Keeping the money aspect aside for sometime ,atleast conor has the guts to step inside the boxing ring on mayweather terms for just boxing , despite of the fact conor chances are less but atleast he is still ready to face the world who is ready to criticize him if he loose , but does mayweather has the guts to face conor even for one MMA round with even for half of the rules ???

Author bob bob ( ago)
they both oviously werent going hard conor was jus feelin him out seein how boxers react in certain ways in their style of striking. if any of you actusly think hes goin to come out boxer mayweather like this then ur all jus retarded.

Author uzoma Hughes ( ago)
Omg!! im not impress this boy needs to get embarrassed bad put your money on Mayweather

Author trill full ( ago)
49-1 and NEW!!

Author trill full ( ago)

Author Martin TheGreat ( ago)
wtf is that backround music? sounds like HBO pornos.

Author HTFAT ( ago)
This is laughable. Tapper should just take the money ,beating then retire. He'd be a fool not to get in there get shit kicked then bail.

Author Sam ( ago)
Floyd will potshot him for 4-5 rounds, McGregor will gas out and get knocked out in the middle rounds.

Author DazZzZZEd N BlAZzZeDd ( ago)
Watching Conor spare and thinking if he really tries to fight like this against Floyd he will be Picked apart and taken to school

Author UltraAtomic ( ago)
I think he could possibly win after seeing this.

He seems to be controlling the fight in my opinion.

Author George From Jungle ( ago)
LOl, all you whiny little bitches. Conor is sparring with a champion here and still is looking very decent. You have to be out of your mind to watch this and say Conor does not look decent. The man can also improve his boxing skills, this video was recorded in 2016, do you really think he did not improve after that when he knows he has to face Mayweather ? And by the way go watch some Mayweather sparring sessions with no champions but ordinary guys and you will see how much mistakes he makes and how often he is punched right in the face. Go watch it... If you have the patience cause they are boring as hell ! So all you haters and whiners can go fook yourself !

Author Fernando Palomo ( ago)
I'm sorry but Conor's gonna get out classed.

Author Johnny Hernandez ( ago)
I hope this fight happens. I would pay the $60.00 just to watch the beat down. No way either one of these guys could compete with each other in their respective sport. Mayweather wins in the ring and McGregor would win in the octagon.  Truth be told... I would take the azz whoopin from Mayweather for 25 million too.

Author jtm97 jtm97 ( ago)
Mcgregor stands straight up with his chin out, no boxing fundamentals.

Author Sab maq ( ago)
mma yes. boxing nahh!!!!!!!!!

Author Yvhvy Yhvgv ( ago)
ахах, че за хуйня, но даже эту хуйню он больше 5 раундов не проделает ахах

Author dsanchezc3 ( ago)
what a fucking joke this guy is

Author Valjermayne ( ago)
Is this a joke? Conner save yourself the embarrassment please don't step into a ring with Floyd. The crowd would start laughing at you getting hit a gazillion times.....

Author Kayla Kosatka ( ago)
everyone says he is garbage yet for a guy who is a knockout specialist and not a "point scoring boxer" nobody seems to mention the fact they are using 16oz gloves and head gear, Im sure Mcgregors hands feel a lot different without head gear and lets say 10oz gloves

Author M F ( ago)
Conor will eat more mayweather jabs than i do roast dinners (im fat btw).

Author R J ( ago)
Conor holds his chin high.

Author Moey Dw ( ago)
Delusion at its finest... Connor is not a boxer, floyd is not an MMA fighter... fuck two diffrent games leave each other alone and respect one anothers art of self expression

Author jaeda m ( ago)
Mcgregor vs Floyd is like Harlem globe trotter vs golden state warriors .. ok U gonna fool mma fans and mcgregor fan boys but ur not fooling me with this $&@$

Author trolltrap ( ago)
A fight with boxing rules and against a boxing champ.

Author StrainMIX ( ago)
Vai dá merda vai da meeeerda

Author Jesse Farmer ( ago)
ZERO footwork. Wow...

Author razor callahan ( ago)
ебааать макгрегору пизда... с такой унылой техникой он и 5ти раундов не продержится против мейвейзера...

Author job lot ( ago)
mcgregor is so slow he floats like a moth and stings like a moth,if he stuck that left paw out at floyd like that, he would get beat up like a moth at a funnell web spider convention,

Author kidd kidd ( ago)
mayweather would kill this guy

Author bohica325 ( ago) is that?? This is mr. "I am boxing"?! Your alligator mouth just overloaded that hummingbird ass

Author evgeny7979 ( ago)
Два клоуна

Author Makaveli ( ago)
conor defense is his chin lol

Author Melo ( ago)
This isn't how he would box in a boxing match. This was for mma it's different

Author 73Vik ( ago)
Don't do it you going to Embarrass yourself

Author 73Vik ( ago)
Omg his gonna get killed

Author Chris Letham ( ago)
He better learn to cover protect that face better before he fights a real boxer

Author Johnathan Guidry ( ago)
he had better improve greatly if he doesn't want to look like a fool against Floyd

Author Joel Thomas ( ago)
who thinks that he made himself look bad on purpose to not scare floyd ?

Author 5cent27 ( ago)
He couldn't win a boxing match with Diaz let alone an actual boxer.

Author Supreme555 ( ago)
looks like he just practicing moves, not even sparring

Author William Ingram ( ago)
notice he didn't land his "devastating" left hand. not once, against a c class fighter. he couldn't hit Floyd with a handful of rice.

Author Rachel Ricci ( ago)
mcgregor needs to have this taken down if he wants to keep talking the shit he has been... bc this isn't going to convince anyone he's got even a 1% chance at surviving a box out with FMW. FMW would kill Mcgregor in the ring. Just like Mcgregor would kill him in the octagon~

Author sico sidd ( ago)
LMFAOOOO!! This is meant to beat mayweather?? Hahahahhahahah

Author montes40 ( ago)
Conor cant box. He cant use his MMA standup in a boxing ring - it just doesnt work like that.

Author Rayner Joshua ( ago)
If you can watch this load of shit from McGregor and believe that he has increased his skills enough in just over year, to face a world champion boxer, then you are probably mentally challenged.

Author Kudzai ( ago)
if conor was seroius he would fight someone like keith thurman first and build some boxing cred. these videos confirm what we already know, the event will just be a money grab for both fighters

Author Jason Little ( ago)
conor mcgregor does not ever keep hes hands up . Mayweather would kill him.and pick him apart. Mayweather my tko and the 3 round lol

Author Monstr 215 ( ago)
he cant box this shit so funny

Author GezusX ( ago)
Mayweather sitting back pissing himself watching this

Author Conor Mcgregor ( ago)
This was against a fresh van heerden, I had been in the gym all day you bunch of tools

Author xBurn2Die ( ago)
I don't know what will be McGregor's punching percentage

Author xBurn2Die ( ago)
Please stick to UFC
Floyd Mayweather will just humiliate you in the boxing ring

Author jaymac1022 ( ago)
This is an old video of Conor training for an mma fight against Diaz he's not training boxing here he is training with a better boxer than his opponent

Author Mc Prolific ( ago)
Rocky Belboa would probably do it not this dumbass 😂😂😂

Author Harry Destry ( ago)
wow! this guy talks all that smack and think he can beat Floyd... gtfoh!

Author Louis farrakan Ali ( ago)
Floyd going to kill Conor if that fight ever happen

Author STLuNaTiCc314 ( ago)
I'm thinking he's the guy with the white shirt on but he's the 1 gettin his azz whooped😂

Author Bobby Jackson ( ago)
Conor needs at least 3 tune up fights before he fights Floyd.

Author Bobby Jackson ( ago)
This is painful to watch

Author Hayden Crampton ( ago)
i cant believe he thinks he can beat floyd it will be 1st round knock out

Author Lynsey Evans ( ago)
I would be shocked if McGregor won a boxing match against Mayweather, he would be lost without his leg kicks etc. If it was in the octagon then i would probably put my money on the irish man.

Author v394n ( ago)

Author wally wheatley ( ago)
Which one is McGregor? they both look bad lol

Author Dyke Stewart ( ago)
Keep dreamin McGregor fans, this dude is going to get knocked clean out in the first round. He can't fight worth a penny, according to Mayweather skills and I don't care for Money. They shouldn't even let this fight happen. Maybe a Celebrity fund raising match, where Conor wear those blow up boxing gloves from the 80's and get his "kicks" out of connecting to Floyds face, that's thee only way he'll hit him. McGregor is too slow for him, he's a goofy Rocky Balboa, trying to connect with the quickness of Apollo Creed.
Just look at the video and tell me he's going to beat Mayweather!

Author Lincoln X ( ago)
What a joker 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Author santa ana orange county ( ago)
his no good feel sorry for all conors fans

Author James Fisher ( ago)
who is who 😂😂😂

Author St Q ( ago)
I'm not a Conor fan, can't stand him. I was thinking same think... Mayweather been doing this his whole life, but hey people adapt, Conor is much bigger right here sparring, lighter guys always move faster PERIOD, that being said he's actually not doing to bad at all. I don't like conor but I fucking can't stand Mayweather... who knows

Author Russel Vericio ( ago)
Conor is not gonna last 12 rounds

Author 2011e92M3 ( ago)
WTF is this!!? Is this some kind of a joke? Your hatred of Floyd must be beyond comprehension if you think this guy even has a prayer against ANY top 15 boxers...let alone Floyd fuckin Mayweather!!

Author Short Dan ( ago)
Connor eating them jabs.

Author Jaime Montes ( ago)
anyone who pays to see this fool fight Floyd is an idiot!!! Easy money for Floyd!

Author Shila Flatt ( ago)
he hasn't learn that he needs to bend his knees when throwing a punch. his a stupid ediot.

Author Shila Flatt ( ago)
that's gay how he box. he will get his ass kick .

Author Si77LENT ( ago)
I am no boxing expert what so ever. But look at conor's footwork. He is not coming in a straight line and he'a throwing shot to the body from all angles that's how you fight floyd.

Author rjravaz ( ago)
Conor you got balls but here you'll lose.

Author Deano Montano ( ago)
dude he sucks

Author Emmanuel Brown ( ago)

Author markyncole ( ago)

Author Joseph O Connor ( ago)
he will get destroyed my mayweater

Author francisco villalobos ( ago)
worst música ever

Author Feet Funkerson ( ago)
00:29-00:36 He is begging to be ko'd.

Author Roy Arroyo ( ago)
He has skill but not the type of skill to take on a cotto manny Canelo or mayweather

Author jojoker ( ago)
mayweather win

Author gabriel rivas ( ago)
any of you McGregor dick strokers that have the audacity to even imagine that Floyd would lose against this is a fucking mess

Author Anthony Duck ( ago)
Geesh Connor looks like straight trash and worse than an amateur

Author Elmer Ingram ( ago)
Connor's footwork is SOOOOOO not boxing... his mma footwork will get him his Ass kicked, All day long

Author Mascara Guerrera ( ago)
wtf this boxing sparring was gay

Author buttafinger1 ( ago)
McGregor is trying to get that Mayweather money, he knows secant win.

Author 朴智友 ( ago)
哇! So impressive this McGregor! Other moves like Bruce Li but keep getting hit.

Author james scowcroft ( ago)
hahaha missing badly with slightest head and horizontal movement against a gate keeper boxer at best , eating jabs he could fight floyd 100 times in a boxing fight and never get close

Author ben walgate ( ago)
Footwork is sooooooooooo bad! Crossing his feet over while he walks in and out of range, what the fuck?

Author J1273is back ( ago)
I'm a big fan of Conor but this guys boxing skills are shit Wtf is he thinking fighting mayweather its just for money they doing it and if people wana see Conor back in UFC they should not buy any ppv...

Author Jason Hancock ( ago)
Sloppy as fuck . Beat Floyd in a boxing match . Give me a fucken break . Its all money for both guys .

Author No Naym. ( ago)
Holy shit man, his stance is still like an MMA stance he'll get slapped silly in a boxing match all those hits are slow and he doesn't really guard himself. damn lol.

Author Mike Lowery ( ago)
He looks like he's going half speed barely trying cmon man he will step up to fight any day

Author Team Khalabeb ( ago)

Author S Oleson ( ago)
The most dangerous southpaw in boxing is Manny Pacquio. Look how Floyd made him miss. This guy Connor will get schooled. Can't believe Floyd is really gonna fight a real life pirate !! I mean a dude who has a tattoo of a poodle on his chest ???? WTF

Author Obi Wan ( ago)
I would of loved to see Canelo vs McGregor. Canelo would kill McGregor also, but it'd be more entertaining. McGregor vs Mayweather is a joke. It's an automatic loss for McGregor and it's going to be pretty boring to watch. What's going to happen is McGregor is going to go for an early knockout. Get's gassed out. Then Mayweather picks at him for the rest of the rounds. I'm assuming Mayweather will win all rounds, unanimous decision. Both are more richer.

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