Saitamaya: The Master of Grilled Meat

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  • If you have a great meal, but you're not allowed to take a picture of it, is it still delicious? At Saitamaya, the answer is yes.

    We're thrilled to share our experience at Saitamaya, where the master has perfected the art of Yakiton, but he won't let you take any pictures or video of the food. Yet, he allowed us to shoot here this day. The food here is unbelievable. People travel from all over the country to eat here, and - if you're coming to Japan - you definitely need to stop by here.

    Come, let us introduce you to the master of grilled meat.

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  • Ben Walter
    Ben Walter 5 hours ago

    I think you should increase more vocabulary. Simply by "tasty" doesn't say anything. Sauce contains what flavour? Meat tastes different in how?

  • Dennis Croak
    Dennis Croak 13 hours ago

    Good stuff. Dont know if anyone has the problem, but I notice the music is way louder than the commentary. Having to constantly turn down volume when music is there and back up to hear you.

  • Troy DX
    Troy DX 1 day ago

    And i thought his name was saitama at first

  • EveryDayMan808
    EveryDayMan808 1 day ago

    Tokyo is hands down one of my favorite food towns. Subete ga oishisou!

  • Sprezza tura
    Sprezza tura 2 days ago

    one lunch man

  • Ayo Main Game
    Ayo Main Game 4 days ago

    Like "Sate" tradisional Food with peanut sauce"

  • Davi Rabelo
    Davi Rabelo 5 days ago

    here in brasil we have sticks like this everywhere ,i love it :P

  • Chris W
    Chris W 6 days ago

    watching this at 2am is not a good idea.......

  • Mrs. Patronus
    Mrs. Patronus 8 days ago

    Ok i cant go there because i cant drink? Talk about discrimination... :(

  • Broken Tempest
    Broken Tempest 11 days ago

    One Grill Man?!?

  • Quickpost2000
    Quickpost2000 14 days ago

    We eat this almost every day in Greece its called Souvlaki!

  • Efumen
    Efumen 14 days ago

    but i can eat everything except pork :(( i wanna goooo.....

  • Faeez Hendricks
    Faeez Hendricks 14 days ago

    I stopped when I saw pork intestines. anything of any animal other than the usual meat for me is fine. intestines, brains etc. hell no u can salt that shit however u want. flavour that shit however but u will ALWAYS get that strange smell and taste in it 😥

  • Salabh S.G
    Salabh S.G 15 days ago

    I like everything except the liver. Liver is not my thing.

  • Cyrus L
    Cyrus L 16 days ago

    I'd be that guy in anime who cries whenever he eats something really good when I eat at this place. Wow.

  • graz ryan
    graz ryan 17 days ago

    The Legend27 is the master of them all!!

  • Glenntikowp
    Glenntikowp 17 days ago

    and the owner will be regret, if he know this video is uploadin to youtube and has been watched over 1.6 million people..

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina 11 days ago

      ...of course he knows the video is uploaded to youtube...we interviewed him and he allowed us to film at his restaurant...he knows what we do for a living! :P Also, we've been back many times since filming and he told us he's very happy with all the new foreign customers coming and respectfully enjoying his food. We're so glad to be able to share this amazing restaurant with people! :)

  • Carlo Angelo Navarro

    i need to be here!!!!!

  • Jason
    Jason 17 days ago

    I found the secret to his power...

  • pbisbad
    pbisbad 17 days ago

    taena isaw lang yan eh lol

  • Ar Ridha
    Ar Ridha 17 days ago

    that is a sate

  • Lord Of Admirals
    Lord Of Admirals 18 days ago

    for a second, I thought it said saitama

  • Hi Dude
    Hi Dude 18 days ago

    Saitama favorit resturang

  • mrrickstur
    mrrickstur 18 days ago

    One Grill Man

  • teeyai2524
    teeyai2524 18 days ago

    The restaurant like this is the real master of what they are doing. I have been to this kind of foods and can not forget the experience. It is and art of the food.

  • azmil raman
    azmil raman 18 days ago

    Same like satay in malaysia

  • lucasm
    lucasm 19 days ago

    chefs on this video series are cool and the technic is nice, but no one want to see your stupid reactions. screaming and making dumb faces in a restaurant is very American, but please stop

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina 11 days ago

      NEVVVVVVVER!!!!! Makes another stupid face while eating food happily. >;O

  • zaggin
    zaggin 19 days ago

    I did ask NASA and they did say yes!

  • karalis100
    karalis100 20 days ago

    the spleen was spleendid

  • ImPandaGuyMCPE
    ImPandaGuyMCPE 20 days ago

    People in Comments
    50% Talking about Saitama
    30% People who are watching early in the morning and drooling over the food
    19%Normal people watching


  • Jay Liu
    Jay Liu 20 days ago

    I got this video on repeat

  • محمد المطيري

    i thenk is thes viedo is big laer

  • Eugene Chao
    Eugene Chao 20 days ago

    fukkkkk this place looks soo good lol

  • Zeon Chiu
    Zeon Chiu 20 days ago

    B rank

  • Adrian B
    Adrian B 21 day ago

    5:45 "You would have a better chance of going to NASA and saying: "Hey, I like your spaceship, can I fly it?" and them saying: "Yes.", then you getting a video in this place."

    Holy shit, then I guess I'll be flying that spaceship after visiting Saitamaya's bar, taking video and getting some of his food and booze with me. Yes, it was a shitty analogy. You may want to be sober the next time you try to make one. Same as showing more of the food, the place and the cook instead of wasting time saying empty words or showing your "Mmm...I'm close" faces so much.

  • Sidova Jones
    Sidova Jones 21 day ago

    He's also the master of the one punch.

    Yes i k ow it's spelled saitamaya.

  • XxWrittenDeadxX
    XxWrittenDeadxX 21 day ago

    I think the reason they allowed you to film and photograph because they want true foodies and people who love and respect culture and food to remember and share the good and experience. Big television opportunities may disrespect or expand the content for just media consumption. You provide love and respect, not business. For him and for your Nasties!!

  • Hop Dedik Ağa
    Hop Dedik Ağa 21 day ago

    Bildiğin çöp kebap yapıyor dayı.

  • john king
    john king 22 days ago

    was pretty good til the woman who clearly can't do make up well...and shaves the side of her head gave her opinion...then i was like...this is BS...

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina 22 days ago

      +john king so you're judging this man's food and the quality of this video based I look? That's not a great outlook to have on life. "At first I thought the food looked great, but then a woman I don't know wore makeup and a hairstyle I didn't approve of and goodness! This whole video is bullshit! I must let the world know immediately!" 😜

  • SnowmansApartment
    SnowmansApartment 22 days ago

    it's just meat. chill.

  • ひよこの子
    ひよこの子 22 days ago


  • al Rashid
    al Rashid 22 days ago

    what a great video. sadly i only eat halal foods. wish someday, u may do some video bout halal foods. thanks! :)

  • Kyrie the Aspin
    Kyrie the Aspin 22 days ago

    *reads subs at intro as fast as I can*
    me in my head: shushushushushioshoioshoosho

  • Stealth
    Stealth 23 days ago

    There are not really enough annoying hipster foodies on Youtube. I feel privileged have found this video.

  • Fruitydc ri
    Fruitydc ri 23 days ago

    One punchhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Yuen Soon
    Yuen Soon 23 days ago

    I really thought there's a hokage when he said 'nidaime'

  • Viny Ceconello
    Viny Ceconello 23 days ago

    In Brazil, the grill meat on sticks are very commom. It´s named "churrasquinho de gato" (meat cat barbecue), because a long time ago, there was a prejudice about street foods and their meat origin, which was very expensive.
    But, that prejudice was over, because these grill meat are delicious, made everybody like a lot.
    and they have a big variety of meat (cow, chicken and pork ), with no viscera, except chicken heart.
    If you have a chance to try, don't hesitate!
    And forgive my bad english.;o)

  • lomang lamang
    lomang lamang 23 days ago

    rasanya mirip2 sate deket rumah gue ini sih

  • Rathan Bee
    Rathan Bee 23 days ago

    100 hours of smelling coal.
    100 pieces of steak and pork grilled with the perfect sauce .
    100 customers every hour.

    And no AC

  • Da- Flow
    Da- Flow 24 days ago

    ONE PUUUUUUUNNNN oh nvm...
    wrong guy :P

  • Urge
    Urge 25 days ago

    people need to see this

  • Trafalgar Law
    Trafalgar Law 26 days ago

    It's all fun and games untill someone contracts hepatitis!

  • Shukor Aris
    Shukor Aris 26 days ago

    the magic of binchotan charcoal <3

  • Drunken Alchemist
    Drunken Alchemist 27 days ago

    2:35 I love liver... and i love this dick. ahaha

  • IfYouAreReadingThis-You'reStupid

    the guy behind Simon was taking pictures!

  • Lord Pistachio Drugstore Cowboy

    iam bringing a hidden cam....rules are for everyone...after breaking it don't say do not break

  • Keizer Rosales
    Keizer Rosales 29 days ago

    2:39 "and i love this dick "

  • Rocco Cane
    Rocco Cane 29 days ago

    the music at 1:06...whatt is??? i like so much..

  • Steve Liu
    Steve Liu 1 month ago

    Hi Simon and Martina. I just came back from a Tokyo food adventure with my fiance. Saitamaya was amazing, food, lemon sours, atmosphere, and how the owner interacted with all of us. There were customers that hadn't been there in 20 years. We also went to Creamia, Tokyo Tonteki, Camden's Blue Donuts, and tried the Cherry Pie Frappucino. Thank you so much for the recommendations in the name of science. =)

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina 29 days ago

      +Steve Liu that's amazing! I'm glad our videos could help :)

  • Benjamin Ko
    Benjamin Ko 1 month ago

    one punch

  • EternalTundra
    EternalTundra 1 month ago

    paging Gordon Ramsay. Please don't ask for lamb sauce.

  • Rick Harrison
    Rick Harrison 1 month ago

    me caga como traga martina

  • clod cinense
    clod cinense 1 month ago

    i thought it was saitama.

  • Amanda Baca
    Amanda Baca 1 month ago

    You guys are awesome. What a great honor. Keep posting more videos!

  • lester Venegas
    lester Venegas 1 month ago

    lastima q desprestigian los restaurantes actuando de una manera tan falsa y estupida !!, esta bien si tiene un sabor único pero para que hacer un drama tan estupido la verdad que se ven muy tontos y por eso me voy de este canal ...

  • princessrei2001
    princessrei2001 1 month ago

    That's wonderful that he let you video it for us! It all looks so good! And while a lot of people I'm sure would be like oh no I can't bring my kids horrible place! I'm not one of them, it's wonderful being able to go somewhere and know that kids aren't going to be there and you can have that adult time the owner talked about. I have kids, but I don't always want to take them with me everywhere...

  • Earth Tin
    Earth Tin 1 month ago


  • lee hoe
    lee hoe 1 month ago

    Mmhmm Japanese meat………

    Not that kind of meat you pervert :D

  • Loerstry Nguyen
    Loerstry Nguyen 1 month ago

    Ty, we just went today based off of this video (we also went to edo itaemaya as well)

    • Loerstry Nguyen
      Loerstry Nguyen 1 month ago

      Simon and Martina guys.... we went for round 2 today!!!

      A customer who has been going to there for the last 5 years "Hiro-san" introduced us to the SECRET MENU!!! We had beef stew (not secret), hoppy (not secret), chicken skin (secretishhhhh), and the BACON STEAK°°° 😁😁😁

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina 1 month ago

      +Loerstry Nguyen awesome! Hope you enjoyed both! :)

  • Me
    Me 1 month ago

    saitama the strongest man

  • King
    King 1 month ago



  • Linda Apple
    Linda Apple 1 month ago

    do you get to choose your own sticks or is it "i shall serve you this and thou shalt eat it" ? what if i wanted more than one stick of beef ?

    • Linda Apple
      Linda Apple 1 month ago

      ok ^_^ thx for your prompt reply .. keep the good food coming

    • Simon and Martina
      Simon and Martina 1 month ago

      +Linda Apple if you want more sticks, too bad. You eat what you get :)

  • LazarkGaming
    LazarkGaming 1 month ago

    Jokes on you, I'm flying a spaceship to the moon.

  • renegadeimp fdq
    renegadeimp fdq 1 month ago

    Those fucking captions hahaha

  • wils viray
    wils viray 1 month ago

    location pls...

  • Starcraft2Union
    Starcraft2Union 1 month ago

    When you have OnePunch man's relatives opening a restaurant, you know this is going to be awesome! =)

  • froobalation
    froobalation 1 month ago

    title should be American hipsters in Japan

    GERR SPLOOSH 1 month ago

    I know a chidlin when I see one

  • Rigoroth
    Rigoroth 1 month ago

    The title is how Trafalgar Law would call Saitama if they meet.

  • Eric Kaufeld
    Eric Kaufeld 1 month ago

    where id the restaurant?

  • kaiyu jiang
    kaiyu jiang 1 month ago


  • Infinity Experience
    Infinity Experience 1 month ago

    Please tell me where you have your sweater from :(

  • GustavBalturWolf79 lopez

    awesome video, food looks incredible thank for sharing. I just had one question where is this restaurant located? definitely would love to go.

  • joe cockrell
    joe cockrell 1 month ago

    I went to NASA and asked if I could fly their space ship. They told me I'd have a better chance asking if I could film in Saitamaya.

  • Outshinedsg
    Outshinedsg 1 month ago

    Whelp, looks like I've got another place to add to my bucket list...

  • Sean Pipatkhajonchai

    From a food standpoint. Growing up in an Asian family is such a benefit. You get used to all the weird shit real quick.

  • gabrieljimijones
    gabrieljimijones 1 month ago

    Your videos show a real appreciation and understanding of the depth of Japanese food, and at least partially show how on a completely different level it is compared to the rest of the world.

  • Miguel Gonzalez
    Miguel Gonzalez 1 month ago

    what camera are you using is that a fuji xt1/2?

  • Olcay S
    Olcay S 1 month ago

    What's the song at 1:05 called? A tracklist would be useful!

  • Prince Parker
    Prince Parker 1 month ago

    Saitama Got a FATHER?

  • Jadandlud
    Jadandlud 1 month ago

    Aww man. Now I wanna go back to Japan.

  • yosua leonardo
    yosua leonardo 1 month ago

    of course he got saitama in his name,one grilled beef is enough to leave you breathless

  • Neiji San
    Neiji San 1 month ago

    i just come here when i saw a bald man and the words of saitama...

    until i realize...
    its saitamaya and the bald guy is not saitama...😂

  • Abner Pratt
    Abner Pratt 1 month ago

    total exageration..

  • Sam sadat
    Sam sadat 1 month ago

    Pork is haram

  • Zakeeh
    Zakeeh 1 month ago

    saitama : the master of punching
    saitamaya : the master of grilled meat

    KAP MALAYBALAY 1 month ago


  • HydraDnB
    HydraDnB 1 month ago

    I watched 2 videos of these guys...and in both of them are high as fuck lol...the eyes don't lie

  • pokyme
    pokyme 1 month ago

    As a vegan, this is very gross.

  • Tai Thai
    Tai Thai 1 month ago

    wanna help environment, but meat taste so good.

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