Roger Waters - Déjà Vu (Audio)

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  • "Déjà Vu" from his new album 'Is This The Life We Really Want' available June 2nd.
    Pre-order now:

    Music video by Roger Waters performing Déjà Vu. (C) 2017 Jule Pond Productions LLC
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Comments: 965

  • pive3119
    pive3119 14 hours ago

    ti aspettiamo in Italia Roger

  • des robo
    des robo 18 hours ago

    Sounds like something off The Final Cut..

  • Patrick Mayer Sr
    Patrick Mayer Sr 1 day ago

    hell just froze over..............😶...........T.F.C.2

  • mark skinner
    mark skinner 1 day ago

    25 years since amused to death. But worth the wait!!!!

  • Himanshu Joshi
    Himanshu Joshi 1 day ago

    i am not sure if there would have been a post-syd barrett pink floyd - as we know it - without this man.

  • Branimir Marold
    Branimir Marold 1 day ago

    he makes me cry so easy and free .. thanks so much for helping ease the pain, <3 & respect

  • Acoustic Claus
    Acoustic Claus 2 days ago

    I can't get enough of this tune amazing listened to it like 5 times today it's only 9 am ✌️🎸more

  • Joe Brennan
    Joe Brennan 2 days ago

    Mother should I build a wall?

  • mark skinner
    mark skinner 2 days ago

    Classic roger doing his stuff!!!! Love it. Can't wait to buy the CD 😆

  • Toby Porter
    Toby Porter 3 days ago

    Not a bad song, particularly as the others released so far are underwhelming to say the least. Concert footage of Picture That shows that song pretty dismal. What struck me about this Deja Vu is how much more profound was Polly Sampson's lyric for In Any Tongue on the identical (and very important theme) of drone warfare. After all those years of Waters carping about shallow Gilmour lyrics, seems the Tide is Turning! And of course, musically, its always been men and boys.

  • Diego L Garcia
    Diego L Garcia 3 days ago

    If I had been god, I would have reordered youtube for roger waters to appears before shakira and the other guy

  • roddy PROF.E.T.
    roddy PROF.E.T. 3 days ago

    Never heard of roger I listen to hiphop mostly but this is amazing

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell 3 days ago

    not long till the release guys,ive mine ordered

  • nino rimac
    nino rimac 4 days ago

    Ok, nice, but its same like The final cut.

  • nick Taunton
    nick Taunton 4 days ago

    Just imagine if waters and gilmour still made music, how good would it be, fucking amazing.

  • Snoopy Goldberg
    Snoopy Goldberg 5 days ago

    Roger Water's solo career was always massively overlooked in my opinion, Pros and Cons was a really solid record, to me on par with Final Cut, Radio Kaos did not age well though and is definitely his weakest work, but Amused to Death is probably in my top ten albums of the 90's and is the best Waters ever made on his own. Hopefully the new record is even better, and it's already sounding pretty fucking good.

  • Decio Rocha
    Decio Rocha 5 days ago

    desculpe Deisa mas esse Roger ainda é o de 1983

  • Izaak Wilson
    Izaak Wilson 6 days ago

    thank you roger, for the many years of entertainment, and talent.
    will always be one of my all time favorite idols. I'm sure you'll have more to come.

  • Ten Minutes After Nine

    thanks so much !

  • orangejuicemusique
    orangejuicemusique 6 days ago

    Merci. Juste merci.

  • Peter Dobson
    Peter Dobson 6 days ago

    Obsession with God, and television continues? What god wants...

    JACK LUKAS 6 days ago

    Großartig. Waiting for the Album.

  • classichost
    classichost 7 days ago

    I figured that Rog had a damn good reason to show back up. this contains all the great tenants of his solo career, Floyd is dazzling , Roger on his own though reaches for the heart like no other

  • Brian Weir
    Brian Weir 7 days ago

    you are not God, but your music is heaven sent

  • José Barbosa
    José Barbosa 7 days ago

    So beautiful...

  • Mehmet AKYUREK
    Mehmet AKYUREK 7 days ago

    Thank God, He is back... New musicians listen and learn how to make real music...

  • Sir Marcus 'Ninguém' Santana


  • nonokbh
    nonokbh 7 days ago

    Pigs have flown !

  • A Voter
    A Voter 7 days ago

    *A perfect eulogy song* for Donald J. Trump, when karma comes to bite him on the asp.

  • Eugene Lacroix
    Eugene Lacroix 7 days ago

    Great lyrics.

  • Guilherme Saldo
    Guilherme Saldo 8 days ago

    O piano do Rick e a bateria do Nick estão na alma da música . Grande Roger . Música maravilhosa e o som do Floyd para deflorar nossos sentidos.

  • thomas åstrand
    thomas åstrand 8 days ago

    Grym låt

  • setevezessete49
    setevezessete49 8 days ago

    4. El malo, por la altivez de su rostro, no busca á Dios: No hay Dios en todos sus pensamientos.
    5. Sus caminos son viciosos en todo tiempo: Tus juicios los tiene muy lejos de su vista: Echa bocanadas en orden á todos sus enemigos.
    6. Dice en su corazón: No seré movido en ningún tiempo, Ni jamás me alcanzará el infortunio.
    7. Llena está su boca de maldición, y de engaños y fraude: Debajo de su lengua, vejación y maldad.
    8. Está en las guaridas de las aldeas: En los escondrijos mata al inocente: Sus ojos están acechando al pobre.
    9. Acecha en oculto, como el león desde su cama: Acecha para arrebatar al pobre: Arrebata al pobre trayéndolo á su red.
    10. Encógese, agáchase, Y caen en sus fuerzas muchos desdichados.
    11. Dice en su corazón: Dios está olvidado, Ha encubierto su rostro; nunca lo verá.
    12. Levántate, oh Jehová Dios, alza tu mano, No te olvides de los pobres.
    13. ¿Por qué irrita el malo á Dios? En su corazón ha dicho que no lo inquirirás.
    14. Tú lo tienes visto: porque tú miras el trabajo, y la vejación, para vengar le por tu mano: A ti se acoge el pobre, Tú eres el amparo del huérfano.
    15. Quebranta el brazo del malo: Del maligno buscarás su maldad, hasta que ninguna halles.
    16. Jehová, Rey eterno y perpetuo: De su tierra fueron destruídas las gentes.
    17. El deseo de los humildes oíste, oh Jehová: Tú dispones su corazón, y haces atento tu oído;
    18. Para juzgar al huérfano y al pobre, A fin de que no vuelva más á hacer violencia el hombre de la tierra.

  • Starless Trooper
    Starless Trooper 8 days ago

    again with the electronic eyes

  • Aldo Dodaro
    Aldo Dodaro 8 days ago


  • Mac Rossi
    Mac Rossi 8 days ago

    Chissà se Waters ascolta Gaber...o è pura coincidenza...

  • Jason West
    Jason West 8 days ago

    I would be a drunkard and fool to buy it off itunes for 99 cents. under my gulf stream. that is beautiful man. I miss a love that's the best part. thanks for the music. I stopped watching late night shows so I missed the live performance.

  • axoram
    axoram 8 days ago

    Welcome back genius! We wait you so long!!

    NYBORG 8 days ago


  • Philip L.
    Philip L. 8 days ago

    I read all the answers to Trevor's message just below and all these answers are correct and wise ...
    But, in fact..... It's just ROGER WATERS! ....

  • Juan Pablo Valencia

    The first chord gave me a 'Fearless' vibe

  • Sinister But Happy
    Sinister But Happy 9 days ago

    fucking boring ........... just dont find him interesting any more

  • torza2
    torza2 9 days ago

    Yes, Very good

  • Victor Manuel
    Victor Manuel 9 days ago

    Awesome lyrics. Waters is the poet of Rock like Dylan, Cohen, Neil Young...

  • SparrowHavvk
    SparrowHavvk 9 days ago

    Reminds me so much of The Final Cut.

  • Zwen
    Zwen 9 days ago

    Had the chills from start to end.. Beautiful...

  • Leonardo Vera
    Leonardo Vera 9 days ago


  • silvio tarantini
    silvio tarantini 9 days ago


  • Richard Jecsmen
    Richard Jecsmen 9 days ago

    Roger Waters has transcended Pink Floyd

  • SmorgShow Podcast
    SmorgShow Podcast 9 days ago

    Dark Side of the Moon laugh at 1:23

  • Roberto D'Amico
    Roberto D'Amico 10 days ago

    Thank You, really!!

  • Mikhail Sergeevich
    Mikhail Sergeevich 10 days ago

    Best song so far. Already listen it 10000+ times.

  • Brian Mikkrlsen
    Brian Mikkrlsen 10 days ago

    Kan da næste ikke vente til den kommer og bare ligge der på sofaen og lytte til de vise meget smukke passager denne mand for det meste er garant for

  • Alejo Homero
    Alejo Homero 10 days ago

    increíble y hermoso!

  • Amarna Mousa
    Amarna Mousa 10 days ago

    i was a huge pink floyd fan when i was about 11 years old, going through my classic rock phase. I'm 15 years old now, and I expected this to be a so-so dad rock song, but this song is amazing. I'm thoroughly impressed.

  • Gemma Pettersen
    Gemma Pettersen 10 days ago

    I liked the live version on the Late Show

  • gerald Mcfarlane
    gerald Mcfarlane 10 days ago

    just fkn love it roll on june 2nd to pick up the album roger waters back town

  • gusros2008
    gusros2008 10 days ago

    Buen tema,me recuerda a The Final Cut,pero le faltaría la fuerza de un solo de David Guilmour.
    A disfrutar de otro disco del genio de Roger!!!!

  • Amanda Brazier-Galbe


  • vito maria di pietro


  • Joshua Stephens
    Joshua Stephens 11 days ago

    Combination of Nobody Home and Wish You Were Here

  • Mark Sieving
    Mark Sieving 11 days ago

    Well, "Deja Vu" is an appropriate title, because I think I've heard it all before. Still, not a bad song.

  • Col House
    Col House 11 days ago

    If I had been given the nod
    I believe I could have done a better job

  • Alfredo Ramirez
    Alfredo Ramirez 11 days ago

    thanks melon, for letting me find this

  • cla san
    cla san 11 days ago

    still the gift of making beautiful songs with 2 or 3 chords...

  • Sylvia Z.
    Sylvia Z. 11 days ago

    Happy to have my favorite sarcastic, Virgo, perfectionist back! Missed ya Mr. Waters ~ waiting on tickets for show in MIA ~ Good to have you back ~ can't wait to hear the rest - thus far - like you never left - Thank you. I believe.

  • payam ra
    payam ra 11 days ago

    With due respect to lyrics, musically this is a lame version of the same old great performances by Pink floyd. If I was going to listen to this, I would much prefer to listen to the old Floyd with GILMOUR'S GUITAR on it. I think Waters musically has nothing new to offer. After 25 years he comes back with a lame version of the same chord progression of great recordings of the past. He sacrificed music to his lyrics a very long time ago, nevertheless it is good to see his state of mind today through his lyrics.

  • Viola Pedrelli
    Viola Pedrelli 11 days ago

    "If I were alone, I would cry
    And if I were with you, I’d be home and dry
    And if I go insane
    Will you still let me join in the game?"

  • The Place
    The Place 12 days ago

    Rock n Roll !!

  • Janne S Musix
    Janne S Musix 12 days ago

    I'm speechless!!<3<3

  • Anthony Palacios Orihuela

    Joder que buena canción!!!!!!!

  • Benjamin Fox
    Benjamin Fox 12 days ago

    lol i thought he was dead

  • Eben Ezer Ramirez
    Eben Ezer Ramirez 12 days ago

    Like si hablas español y eres de los pocos que escuchas a este grandioso artista :,D

  • paulo correia
    paulo correia 13 days ago

    Chapeau,Sir Roger!!!

    ALL MOVIES 13 days ago

    Nice roger , 218 unlikes? really ?

  • chips and fries
    chips and fries 13 days ago


  • LitJet 60
    LitJet 60 13 days ago

    wtf .....

  • César Covarrubias
    César Covarrubias 13 days ago

    gracias Sr. Waters por volver a hacerme sentir como si tuviera 20 años, gracias por compartir su alma con nosotros a través de su música, siempre me hace viajar a lugares que recuerdo con mucho cariño, pami usted es el mejor canta autor de todos los tiempos...

  • Clint Niosi
    Clint Niosi 13 days ago

    "If you didn't care...what happened to me..."

  • Renato Contreras
    Renato Contreras 13 days ago

    Beautiful. Thank you for still making amazing music.

  • Lucia Cecilia
    Lucia Cecilia 13 days ago

    You lean to the left but you vote to the right... btdt, sosorry, nevermore

  • Jonathan Elias
    Jonathan Elias 13 days ago

    when does this shit come out?

  • Sam Mohseni
    Sam Mohseni 13 days ago

    Okay this is amazing, I love everything about it. The vulnerability in Roger's voice when he shouts, and the lyrics are so beautiful and make the song extremely powerful. I also love how the song itself is pretty much deja vu as it sounds like "Mother" and "Pings on the Wing" not just melodically, but like "Mother" literally starts with Pink asking his mom if the army is gonna drop the bomb, and in "Deja Vu" Roger literally imagines himself as a drone, it's deja vu because after all these years he's still having the same fears and thoughts. very amazing and the last verse is one of the most beautiful musical moments I've had this year

  • Aim High
    Aim High 13 days ago

    Masterwriter Waters is probably God

  • Black Damask
    Black Damask 13 days ago

    *Roger Waters* , my friend!

  • Neel chakraborty
    Neel chakraborty 13 days ago

    I have listened to this song 2656 times already

    ED PRODUCTIONS 13 days ago

    i came because of anthony fantano

  • danny johanssen
    danny johanssen 13 days ago

    Fuck yesssssss

  • C
    C 14 days ago

    Mother should I build the wall?

  • brotherhood 9698
    brotherhood 9698 14 days ago

    To be honest this doesn't go that far from your typical Roger Waters gimmick, as the lyrics are something I expect from Roger Waters. However, this song is still pretty good, the vocal performance is on point and the instrumentals are just as good if not better.

  • Carlitos Padilla
    Carlitos Padilla 14 days ago

    amazing. I'm happy hes still him

  • I'll force feed you asbestos

    "the sun goes down and I'm still missing you"

    gets me every time

  • Stormin' Norman
    Stormin' Norman 14 days ago

    This is beautiful.

  • MattieCooper
    MattieCooper 14 days ago

    Best work by Waters since The Wall!

  • Stefano Fatti Miei
    Stefano Fatti Miei 14 days ago

    I can imagine discussion after the end of the first strophe while recording: " Roger, probably we need to insert a laugh at the end.." and Roger "really? why?" then sadly.."ok"

  • patrick crawford
    patrick crawford 14 days ago

    Very pigs on the wing

  • Fayad2133
    Fayad2133 14 days ago


  • Uncle Ben
    Uncle Ben 14 days ago

    Great song.
    But does anyone else think it sounds a lot like Mother from The Wall?

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