Colombo Fun 2

having fun in colombo

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Author Thilakasiri Dissanayake (6 months)
Yaluwne Meke Full length Video 1 download karanna link ekak Denna plz

Author Thaksala Ranamuka (9 months)

Author Ddd tyhedude (11 months)
I hope all Sri Lankan will get a chance to go out of SL for a week at least
when they are young..Lankans are like `lide inna gembo` wage :D..I was at
Aiya Napa during the summer and pulled 10 chicks and all of them are 10
times fitter than this shit

Author Ddd tyhedude (11 months)
These girls are ugly as shit.I wont fuck them i`ll probably buy them a gym
membership..I am student in England , I am also Sinhalese came here 3 yrs
ago...api ganna fun widihata mewa monda ha ha ha..

Author udara mendis (1 year)
hukooonawa thota wesige puthaaa....meka athal ekak witharai.....thopita
dunnu ekakuth newei...boruwata puka nodee hitapan....ammatai thotai 2tama
pukeee arooola maranawa wesitai wesige puthatai.......huththoo athal ekak
athal ekak widihata ganna bari thopi wagee un hinda thamai ada gaanu rape
wennee......thopiwa maran kanna oneee......wesige ponnayaaa

Author 12shammi (5 years)
you are realy bitch.........

Author Nera320 (2 years)
@jaaliya1 Religion got nothng to do with this, you can see nowadays what
buddhist monks do

Author Tweety Cat (3 years)
OMG !!! we were kids when this was happend...ammo lankawa e kaale idanma
narakai...eeeyyyaaa.... :D

Author TommyJLion (3 years)

Author sinhalese4ever (2 years)
meke moda comment dana agam wadiyantai me- mey scene eka sidda wuney Royal
College Old Boys lagey stag night ekey..meka oraganize kareth ubala oya
sinhala bauddha kiyana royal eke inna sinhala bauddhayo tikama
thama..Gypsies band eka mun hire kerewwe mey night ekata sing karanna
kiyala..mun sindu kiyana gaman thama ubalagey sinhala bauddha kiyala wes
walagena inna ewun tika mey hire karapu Strippers lawa stage ekata
nagguwe..Thopila dam methana boruwata bauddha totta balala wenna hadanna

Author udara mendis (1 year)
thoge amma paduru asse hikuwata apita ehema baha ban...puluwannam ekiwa
genath natoopan ......kata wahapiya wesa balla

Author hirandika (3 years)
guys you can say anything to royal college but your heart knows thats the
best school in sri lanka and also all these people who said royalists dying
for a pussy and that's wrong guys.Royal never give a fuck about anything
and ask from your heart if your old boys organize something like this what
you gonna do.I'm sure you guys gonna go there and have a fun that doesn't
mean we corrupt the society or anything.Thats why they held this show in
private.RC rocks, i would say u guys sucks

Author campway (5 years)
good job sunil aiya...U FUCKIN CUNT

Author manilka31 (3 years)
puka puka puka !

Author Shehan Danushka (2 years)
@sinhayawagesinhalaya Ane manda ubata kata tibbata mole naa kiyala
terenawa.Sunil Perera Royal eke ekek neme.U Gypsis band eke ekek.Gypsies
ekata katha kale Royal eke Old Boysla. Anika machan..Uba kochchara kaa
gahuwat,ube wachana walin,ube bhaashaawen terenawa uba hoda bauddayek nemei
kiyala..Mulin priya wachana katha karanna igena ganin.Mama 11 wasarata
yanakam iskole igena gatte Buddaagama.Mokada man giye Baudda
paasalakata.Mama Baudda aagama ganat dannawa,Kathoolika aagama ganat

Author kalingalk1 (2 years)
api awilla mara meehark .lankawe siyata 99 inne harak .agamata mini
maragannwa .ganunta mini maragannawa.balagena giyama api puduma minisune

Author SinghaPride (6 years)
c.t.fernando ge song ekath vinasa kala

Author Nera320 (2 years)
@hirandika Monkeys praise their own tail

Author Aruna Tebel (3 years)
ammata hukahalla huththige puthala!!!

Author sinhalese4ever (2 years)
@sinhayawagesinhalaya ado ubey witharak newei..ona kollek ge paiya
naginawa..habai bauddhayange paiyawal naginawada kiyanna mama danne naha!!
mokada un okkoma ponnayo!! agam wadiyo!!

Author nironews (7 years)
Disgusting. The men are hideous, totally third grade, no class, and all
that for a fat, lousy woman. Shows how frustrated Sri Lankan men are.

Author sinhalese4ever (2 years)
@aththakiyamu machan lankawe inney agamak mul karagena minimaranna lasthi
wechcha ewun!!! munta karma hukala dai!! aniwa

Author oshamarine (5 years)
Is this the fucking stag night of royal? They were bragging about it in
2002 when the video was released. I thought the girls were fully naked
since it made such a big controversy over the media. but these girls all
seem to be well behaved lol.they didn't even take their panty off lol.

Author EelamPundey (5 years)
i want wutever she has had..

Author nadiganga (6 years)
Look at your eyes in what ia happening in your so called singhala buddhist
country, People are no good so mean and killing each-other, jelous and
hate, is this buddha religion?

Author nse111 (6 years)
Real men don't need to do thins like this to prove they r man enuf! only
men without manly personalities!

Author qaghzz (1 year)
Anay ponnayo, tho rahath welaada? Kaamaya kiyanne pruthagjana hamotama
kelawana deyak. Umba ehenam ata dekak nathi, ponnayek wenda ona.

Author qaghzz (1 year)
A 100% superb comment brother.

Author Nera320 (2 years)
Umbalawa ammala thaththala weduvey mekatada? nodakin vitharak., suil
pererath maha wanachara ballek, umbatath duwek innawa neda ballo,
St'Peter's ekatath lejjai

Author kalumahattaya (7 years)
kawda umba ponnayo. umba hituwada mey patta wesiyo genalla natana eka ela
kiri fun kiyala. nodakin ponnaya. mewa balala paka naginawada hutto.
colombo fun kiwwama api hituwa ela kiri deyak kiyala. mona huttakda meka
pako. mewa Royal ponnayannta hondai.

Author Sameera Udayanga (2 years)
machanla me video eke full video eka download karaganda link ekak
dipankoooooooo . oka mama issara baluwe dek pide thiyana kale .

Author sinhalese4ever (1 year)
lol lankawe inney sudano thama ban,.,.ekaney hamadama ganu rape
wenne..handawe 6n basse kellek parey thaniyama giyoth baduma thama..

Author udara mendis (1 year)
oww uba dakshai paiyawal uranna nam...thopi wage wesige puthalata
puluwannam echchara thamai....thopi wagee wesa ponnayooo hinda thamai
bauddagamath winasha wenne......buduhamuduruwange kaleth mewage dewal
hamathanama thibba.... owata agili gahanna giyee naha

Author Ama Abey (7 years)
what happent 2 srilankan culture???????

Author Emperorofkandy (3 years)
son of a bastard and ugly bitch thats my recommend with group of mad cows

Author sinhalese4ever (2 years)
@Niki3873 Dont fucking lie!! I'm sure you might be having a good time at
the strip clubs in Canada!! nikam boru part noda hitapan!!

Author sinhalese4ever (1 year)
Zira kathawa machan,..lankawe janagayana 22 million wela thiyenne apey ewun
hamadama hukana nisa.. habai asirenne ethamath san sun charm porawal
wagey.,.kari kapati hatta. methana boruwata ka gahana ewun mey party eke
hitiyanam aniwa mekiwa rape karanawa..lankawe ewun wanachara nattam
hamadama ganu rape weida,..mungey hakke buduras bokke dadamas..

Author Chaminda Seneviratne (3 years)
Attho hukathi natho hulathie

Author Sujan Jay (6 years)
wow.... im unlucky to be royalist.. if im. :-(

Author kligon (6 years)
This is she drunk or what..?

Author kalumahattaya (7 years)
elakiri...gihanruk this guy seem to be after you. i also notice this as hes
the only one commenting. ado umba mugey puka paluwata passey mage gawata
ewapan. mata muuta kiyola magey paka uraganna oni. mugey kat aatulata kari
bassata passey muta wesiyo epa wei. yasirusl??? dont forget me. i need some
fun too. both of us shall go to next royal stagnight party and have fun ok.
while watching the show you can give me an elakiri blow job. hows that.
neyama fun eka neda.

Author Pradeep wijesinghe (1 year)
apppa y this war? its just a cabari fun.... y this racism???

Author SLsameOg (6 years)
Ohhh man.. if u call dis fun u must be sad person n' are all Royalist like
u ? hak hak hak...

Author Tenne1220 (4 years)
Some guys r really proud of witnessing dis n 4 being dere...wat is dere to
be proud bout ...?? i hope dere sisters n mothers r not running all arund
naked :):) othrwise dey'll be even prouder :p feel sorry for dese ruthless

Author naveedaliya (4 years)

Author dul fedo (6 years)
SUNIL PERERA.............

Author Thivanka gunasekara (1 year)
sandarshana sanvara lesa pawathwanne mona rateda??????

Author Neon Inc (1 year)
aru nikan dakala na wage balanne.... lol

Author dumm dum (1 year)
Okata machan camera geniyanna baaa koheda inna awajaathakayek balu wadak
oka youtube dammme oka private karana royal stag night ekak eka mehema
publish karapu eka thamai waradda.. Methana inna mokek wath maha loku hoda
minissu nemei mokada maha loku sanskruthi kaarayo nan youtube eke thiyena
me wage videos kauruth balala comments daan naa... Mata nan kiyanna
thiyenne meka upload karapu kenata meka wahaama delete karanna kiyala
mokada meka Royal college stag night eka wate yana show ekak nemei

Author sujith773 (4 years)
wow what a beautiful night .............. royal kollo ela kollo 1999 A/L

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