MANTOVANI - - - Limelight - Theme

Mantovani- Limelight-Theme

PS..The photo in this video is 96 years

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Author Nicole English ( ago)
Un délice pour mes oreilles. On se sent planer. Que c'est beau !

Author fredsalles salles ( ago)
Charlie and Mantovani.The best

Author Lars E ( ago)
Beautiful, thanks for the music and thanks for Charles Chaplin.

Author stormdetector ( ago)
Always loved this version of Terry's Theme by Mantovani. Beautiful.
Timeless. You see why this music won an Oscar in 1972.

Author James Jefferson ( ago)
Mantovani,no. 1 with this recording.Thanks Jackmeboy.

Author Barabás edit ( ago)

Author Cori “Endurance” Sam ( ago)
What a JOY you brought to my heart with this melody. Thank you.

Author edmund petrauskas ( ago)

Author stormdetector ( ago)
This a timeless classic I remember hearing as a child. Thanks for posting...

Author James Jefferson ( ago)
Thanks to Charlie, and many thanks to Mantovani for the music that makes
the song such a blessing! Hear Vic Damone sing the words,you will love it!

Author borne sylvie ( ago)

Author alfie ( ago)

Author Jaspal Ahluwalia ( ago)
one of the most hauntingly beautiful melody ever written. Only a genius
like charlie chaplain could have written it.

Author Coralie Spencer ( ago)
so sad !!!

Author espiritusify ( ago)
Realmente hermoso. Gracias

Author Mary Waterson ( ago)
I first heard this in Blackpool, when I was 14 Years old, beautiful.

Author bigheadwalker ( ago)
@MrFalconford Sorry, I don't follow?

Author john e Lawler ( ago)
was there anythig chaplin couldnt do

Author Donnie Mrkacek ( ago)
@bigheadwalker can americans be honest now?

Author Roberto Campano ( ago)
Inolvidable, eterna y maravillosa....

Author James Ostmann ( ago)
One of the most beautiful melodies ever written. Charlie was a genius, as
an actor, film-maker...and composer. Thanks, CC, and may God bless.

Author dseanmat ( ago)
This is as good as it gets! Thanks for sharing.

Author tauheke ( ago)
@yvonneemilie That is a very beautiful memory, all the best. Zac

Author Anna Kóborló ( ago)
Wonderful film and music!!!!Thank you!!!

Author JoseManuel Rios ( ago)
I confess this music has been the most memorable and beautiful tune I've
ever heard and loved in a film. The film's name in Spanish was
"Candilejas". I saw the movie when I was 20 y.o. in my home town
(Maracaibo, Ven.), and I went to see it a second time just a few days
after. It's not only melancholic air but a jewel of a music. Yes, Charlie
wrote this from his "ancientone22" remarkably called it...

Author Johnny Dogood ( ago)
Sir Charles wrote this from his soul .....My eyes fill, my memories remind
me of times gone bye....

Author annie2shoes ( ago)
Me too - my Dad's favourite, am transported back to early childhood!

Author ruben7249 ( ago)
por favor..... ¿alguien tiene el Tema de la peicula "Perdidos en laNoche"(
Midnigth Cowboy)...en version de Mantovani para subirlo a you
tube?.....desde ya muchas gracias............

Author nancyfloressantos ( ago)
Theme from the 1952 movie of the same title. This movie "Limelight"
starring Charlie Chaplin is 58 years old ( :

Author fmazzar ( ago)
Music is a connection to so many of the people who have is
sometimes the only thing that can make the losses tolerable...sometimes....

Author sloba46 ( ago)
Vecite divne instrumentalne melodije od Montovanija

Author atibro1 ( ago)
This is very reminiscent of my childhood and youth in 'pinas' (the
Philippines), very idyllic...thanks and God bless you bloodandsnatters for
sharing this upload...keep the good work! Music is the window to our
soul...kudos! Nice and calms my nerves, coupled with eventual
playing of my classical music...thanks again!

Author tk yaheya ( ago)
A perennial evergreen, still going strong day by day.

Author Deexfarlin ( ago)
Eternally the title of the vocal version of this classic melody

Author 164man ( ago)
@annawine85 / yes i can relate to that

Author Ioan Dabija ( ago)
Ce melodie frumoasa si trista si optimista .....incantatoare si nemuritoare

Author annawine85 ( ago)
listening to this song I am always very sad because it remember to me my
very beloved Mother, but in the same time I am happy because for a little
while I am with her.

Author kostas Gianakopulos ( ago)
@bigheadwalker he will be together with charlie chaplin and singing
together this wonderful melody...........

Author bigheadwalker ( ago)
Every week for 30 years my Grandad whistled this song when I saw him. He
sadly passed away last week and I've listened to this for the first time
and it brought a tear (well many to be honest) to my eye

Author Andre Yacola ( ago)
tres belle musique merci

Author borgoantico44 ( ago)
Grazie:bellissimo video!!!

Author anglocubano ( ago)
Bella pieza compuesta por el genio ingles Charlie Chaplin. Gracias por

Author attresh ( ago)
lindo. eterno, nostalgico, romantico. Sentimos na alma. Gisa

Author ADarkAria ( ago)
It's title is "Eternally". First line of the song: "I'll be loving you

Author Margit Helena Krause de Souza ( ago)
So beautiful.

Author ppeak2007 ( ago)
In an answer to a question posed The name of this is Terrys Theme from the
movie Limelight. It is hauningly beautiful.

Author itswagon ( ago)
I didn't see the movie unfortunately. I loved the theme played by
Mantovani. It is truly magical and fills me with incredible emotion like
most Mantovani music.

Author kostas Gianakopulos ( ago)
me too,now 54 and knew[admired] this melody and the movie in 1974,when

Author itswagon ( ago)
Thank you. I learned something valuable about a melody that I've enjoyed a
long time.

Author kostas Gianakopulos ( ago)
yes...thank-you...i know.......but was a hint in pierre leprohon ''charlie
chaplin''1970 \\\\\a french biographer of charlie to speeking about......

Author itswagon ( ago)
No t he theme was written by Charlie Chaplin.

Author chkjns ( ago)
I've known this melody all my life, but not it's name - thank you so much!
I like my mother's music from earliest memories and still do.

Author kostas Gianakopulos ( ago)
Anna Frank looking as

Author kostas Gianakopulos ( ago)
yes...naturally i am a fan of charlie and not was my intention to reduce
his glamour but there are some indications for atleast influence i.e
maestro padilla for violetera,s city lights..and somes in other biographies
speeking about tchickofsky influence taking that chaplin was a auto-studied
man and never gonna in muscal school.....

Author ELOXALATO (1116 years ago)
who is she?(picture).the song is great, awesome and melancolic.

Author kostas Gianakopulos ( ago)
may- be was a Tchaickofsky theme......whom chaplin was admirer........

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