minecraft 2D - 3days in

ive just started building a 2D minecraft style game//

//update 2011/ july 03

Hello minecrafters, due to the intrest of the video, i feel its only right to pick up the project and take it to a finished, playable state, there for i have the idea that, one new feature is suggested per week and i will add it. lets see how it goes and let the game grow how YOU want it to :). spread the word!

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Author Andrew hunt (3 years)
@MrGount im glad you like it :), but i have not worked on this project in a
while.. i may get back to it one day and if i do it will most probably be
browser based

Author Hikusarsanogsa (3 years)
This is honestly amazing.I probaly wouldn't be able to create a game like
this,but i sure would give it a try.

Author Agnub99 (3 years)
interactive animals would be good.

Author TheJeremyAngus (3 years)
minecraft is 3d? so he is making a 2d one XD

Author Goosebumps (3 years)
You did this in three days. *impressed face*

Author Red18tiger (3 years)
fake,you can only jump 1 BLOCK not 2.

Author Liam Wilson (2 years)
THAT WORK thankyou

Author halo122706 (3 years)

Author xero907 (2 years)
@burningsora terraria's not mc >.>

Author BradtheCrazy (3 years)
@RadGH Just like your taste of music. -obvious troll is obvious-

Author iEatPorkchop (3 years)
If only more people knew how simple AS3 is to learn and write. Maybe then
we'd have more people writing games/programs in C#, C++, and Java. Some of
the only real programming languages people still use.

Author gordonfreemannr2 (3 years)
*gasp* you dug straight down :o!

Author OhShoey (3 years)
It's almost as good as Terrordactyls!

Author ikillbad (3 years)
maybe you could work away from noth and create 2d craft

Author Andrew hunt (3 years)
@cricket9751 flash does not have much support for 3d, however ive been
working with away3d framework and going to wait for the new molehill api,
then maybe, i will go 3d :D

Author mrTHEautist (3 years)

Author MrGount (3 years)
oh thats great dude! How can i download this?

Author darkadam80 (3 years)
im trying to make minecraft 2d version like this but can you make like a
basic walkthrough for it plz

Author EvanRobinson6446 (3 years)
backpack and day and night

Author audsonrulesall (3 years)
@MyTube330 If you hate Minecraft 2D then why did you click on a vid that
clearly says Minecraft 2D

Author Sirmllss (3 years)
its looks like terraria :P

Author ShadowSky24 (3 years)
I must say, I'm impressed on the water, xD

Author Andrew hunt (3 years)
@xZZiRoD this version is made in Flash AS2

Author TheXdf123 (3 years)

Author CircleJerks2009 (2 years)
shovel is for dirt, noob.

Author Noobioh (3 years)
@burningsora Terraria doesnt even look like mineraft 2d not even close
terraria is more for adventure and minecraft is for building and enginering
stuff terraria too but less

Author MrGount (3 years)
@huntysin then i will be the beta tester :D Its great! Very nice :)

Author burningsora (3 years)
@TheDaemon108 i am not retarded and yea it is based on minecraft.........
who would make a 2d game that you can craft, mine, and build :P

Author xXKlickKingXx (3 years)

Author mehereonearth (3 years)
Wow, that looks really good, I'm currently working on a minecraft minigame
in game-maker. How hard is adobe flash, Do you make sprites on external
programs, then import them in? Or do you create the whilst in flash? I have
been incouraged to use flash for game making, after seeing this I want too
use flash!

Author CPSPD (3 years)

Author King Kai (3 years)
can i beta test?

Author xZZiRoD (3 years)
What did you use to program this?

Author EntraGames (3 years)
Hey Im working on my minecraft 2-D with my socket server so it will be
multiplayer if you can help me get the water algorythm or the hittests you
used or whatever you did to get the water to work like that. do you want to
partner with me?

Author minecrafter2010 (3 years)
im want to download it now!

Author Darek (3 years)
wow congratulation :)

Author Andrew hunt (3 years)
Hello minecrafters, due to the intrest of the video, i feel its only right
to pick up the project and take it to a finished, playable state, there for
i have the idea that, one new feature is suggested per week and i will add
it. lets see how it goes and let the game grow how YOU want it to :).
spread the word!

Author DoomSquirell (3 years)
@burningsora terraria and minecraft are diffrent sheesh why are some people
retarded >.<

Author burningsora (3 years)
there is a 2d version of minecraft :p called terraria

Author chaz1031 (3 years)
love it :) and download plz :)

Author audsonrulesall (3 years)
@MyTube330 Then lets see you build something better in three days starting
from scratch

Author GregJamesGaming (3 years)
The beauty of minecraft is the randomly generated worlds... Maybe if this
sort of programming is within your capabilities you should give it a shot?

Author Andrew hunt (3 years)
@burningsora i started this before terraria. also, the current stage of the
my game is more of a inspiration of minecraft now, and is becoming a new
game with its own features and game mechanics.

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