Advance Map Tutorial

How to use Advance map 1.92, to help those who would like to learn, and it shows and informs on stuff like grosser block, block editor, and a movement permissions guide.

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If they don't link, copy and paste to your address bar.

i know about tile screw-ups and spelling errors, so don't point them out.

Enjoy, and for the love of God, don't flame me.

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Author Elitsoer Rosenberg ( ago)
What is the code for object to become a master ball?

Author Mc _ Dubstep ( ago)

Author bijay rajbhandari ( ago)
how to insert master ball and rare candy??????

Author Jaybeth New ( ago)
Game Developers Play god Better than Scientist, basicly an Np'cs fate is
Predetermined, and some people believe our fates are predetermined. we give
NPC's Souls (Scripts.)

Author Curtis Newson ( ago)

Author Rainhawk94 ( ago)
first download gba emulator and after that you drag your map file to the
gba emulator and it should play the game

Author Rainhawk94 ( ago)
go to events. and on the bottom right side there should be saying number of
person events. just put that number to 1 and it should create a new

Author Poli ( ago)
Will it work with Mario games? :)

Author Dragons and Keyblades C: ( ago)
My computer's slow to catch updates. Plus I hate 'm. I don't update until
my computer does it automaticly. Then I want to throw it out the window,

Author Dragons and Keyblades C: ( ago)
But I have Windows LIVE Movie Maker. ;)

Author Yukihiko ( ago)
I cant even get the program to open, but that may be due to the fact i have
a windows 8 laptop...

Author Victor r ( ago)
how to save a map made for yourself? in that format? to emulate this map in
the visual boy advance?

Author Seventy ( ago)
2:37 How to do!?

Author nunya dambiz ( ago)

Author Redhzun ( ago)
RPG Maker 777Vx

Author Kenan Gosto ( ago)
windows cannot access the specified device path or file. You may not have
the apporipiate premissions to access the item this shows to me when i open
file please help

Author Dragons and Keyblades C: ( ago)
Wait What? You can't smell any one on the internet........

Author Dragons and Keyblades C: ( ago)
Yeah! >:O

Author TheDTYProductions ( ago)
i cant run advanced map :(

Author Karter Kensling ( ago)
why would you assume that?

Author Freeasabird ( ago)
UUUHHHG FUCK get a mic dude X(

Author Zekshiram Leon X ( ago)
Guys, Don't you ever think this is how God create us .. LOL xD

Author XxRandomYoutuberXx ( ago)
i mean u rock.....

Author XxRandomYoutuberXx ( ago)
Whoohooo u smell!!!!

Author kurankaname111 ( ago)
if you want advance map and other tools for pokemon hacking visit
wahackpokemon. com/en/download/tools-gba and select the tools u want 100%

Author kurankaname111 ( ago)
after i save it the game. nothing's change

Author benofzombs2212 ( ago)
how do you add men example:team rocket in route 1?

Author Zetsuuga ( ago)
Get a damn mic. I got mine for a f*cking dollar and it gets the job done

Author Phoenix McNugget ( ago)
When I open the .exe it says "Please choose the language you want to use"
under it the box is empty and there are no choices.When I click the OK
button nothing happens.Please replay...

Author 0GamersWithAttitude0 ( ago)
It won't open for me

Author pansakk ( ago)
i think you used a double speed...

Author egmaster547 ( ago)
u cant get on site

Author MrKondie ( ago)
@m6ty4 Try looking at some of foullump's tutorials. He has like eight sets
of scripting tutorials and a few on the side.

Author m6ty4 ( ago)
ok, i realy need help. i made a person in viridian forest how do i make him

Author MrArcticuno ( ago)
@Daodoc yea you cant sell it thats the rule

Author robloxtoadette2 ( ago)
firt XD

Author 7brandon9 ( ago)
even though iam asking to a 2008 video xD , do you have a tutorial for
1.95? :)

Author Zoo Suaede ( ago)
hey do have to have the game rom on when u save it or save it then u can
play it?

Author Sebaek af ( ago)
where did you get the from header thing?

Author Sebaek af ( ago)
lol can you put pokemon centers everywhere? XD

Author pokefreak0986 ( ago)
CAN U make ure own event

Author Aye-Tee Slapsyou ( ago)
I dont get it how you did the grosser block

Author Jay Harley ( ago)
Not to complain... But this is fast as all hell lol

Author Jonathan5211 ( ago)
When i edit the map and i play the game It comes out absolutely wrong, and
the scripts, and warps don't work. HELP????

Author Leaf ( ago)
i know how to use advance map but this is a good tutorial soo.. i like it

Author Zoroarkish ( ago)
thx , trying to do my own.

Author cinematographystudio ( ago)
not bad, helped me out

Author MLY Adventures Series ( ago)
@flyyinfinity yeah it turns out that i could easily x out and yes i'm

Author Atomic254 ( ago)
@theothersider1 it takes a while to load. its not shown here because the
vidio is in double speed

Author Andrew Fitch ( ago)
What is the Grosser Block? This is the only thing that says anything about

Author arashanapalli ( ago)
This was soooooo helpful i subed

Author Ryan Healy ( ago)
@chonlel60 Sorry, to reply on such an old video about something rather
unrelated. But you seem like someone that could possibly answer a question
I have. With the hacking tool "PET" is it possible to edit your rival? If
so, what is his name in the list of trainers? Having difficulty finding him
albeit I don't know what he'd go by under the list. Only downloaded PET
because I was told you can edit any and every trainer's pokemon ^_^

Author ArnoVayn ( ago)
lol i have it to its awesome i can put deoxis , jirachi ,etc in every route
you need to use pokemon ruby or saphire

Author Gob ( ago)
This was to bad! It could be better...... =/ 4pts of 10pts!

Author Gob ( ago)
This one was to bad!!! it could be better........ 4pts of 10pts

Author Majoris239 ( ago)
Random guy in the lake lol

Author Diego Nogueira ( ago)

Author bustercharl777 ( ago)
@12345tanbobby Your spelling's a douche.

Author 12345tanbobby ( ago)
@bustercharl777 your a douch and you mothers a douch and your whole familys
a douch asshole

Author bustercharl777 ( ago)
@12345tanbobby You've got problems, dude.

Author 12345tanbobby ( ago)
@bustercharl777 no i was kidding i got it to work and i was using that fuck
this and most of all fuck you thing from a lego movie i watched

Author DeVonte136 ( ago)
i have this program but i need to know how to actually play my levels any

Author Chico Papass ( ago)

Author bustercharl777 ( ago)
@12345tanbobby Wow.. You don't understand how this works so you get pissed
off at someone who had nothing to do with your retardedness..

Author 12345tanbobby ( ago)
its says it doest recognize my rom fuck this and most of all fuck YOU

Author DEEJAYEEIN ( ago)
doesnt load when i click on little root

Author ALEG0Man360 ( ago)
@erkandash hey lol

Author assassinboyzz297 ( ago)
ohh..iam understand now...and thanx to u for telling me everythings about
Advanced map..

Author Alisia Hillman ( ago)
it keeps on saying acsess denied.. e-e

Author Nik Meister ( ago)
can u please tell me how to use the grouser tool?

Author erkandash ( ago)
hey grosser block dident work for me??

Author solarblade33 ( ago)
@DMLowemon OH thanks :)

Author solarblade33 ( ago)
OMG for crying out loud,how do I play the friking hack i make??HOW DO I
OPEN IT?????

Author Butter Bean Gaming ( ago)
@bbooster1 dont answer to month old comments

Author 333trish333 ( ago)

Author MLY Adventures Series ( ago)
i wish i could do this that the fuckin stupid winrar thing wont allow
because of a stupid 40 day trial period. i tryed others but for some reason
they are not doing anything. i have to pay for and i dont wat to. it was
free once but i needed to get some offers which is pointless. i want to do
this but winrar is stupid, i highly dont recommend it

Author Ben's Gameplay and Stuff ( ago)
@GiromCalica he must be spanish,i think he's asking for a spanish tutorial

Author pokemonmastertriplex ( ago)
pokemon ruby is overused everyone uses ruby for hacking geezzz i hack using
firered leafgreen emerald ruby and sapphire btw cool vid im not insulting
im just wondering why pokemon ruby is overused

Author wyatt ( ago)
@ThatSpriteDude well im not sure about emerald, but for ruby, you can use a
program called start map changer

Author ToonTownRandomer ( ago)
it say am will not work.please correct this. why?

Author Girom Christian Calica ( ago)
I can't use the grosser block on my Advance Map!! T_T

Author Girom Christian Calica ( ago)
@itachi333full Who the fuck are you, and what language do you know?!

Author IDG Laweb ( ago)
Ponlo en español no?

Author ThatSpriteDude ( ago)
I'm trying to make it so that after the intro, my character is instantly in
a certain place, not just the usual truck. Could you help? I'm hacking

Author ShadowMew98 ( ago)
@harumishaymin I don't think..... i've seen a lot of people use this
program, so if it hurt your computer it probaly wouldn't be so popular

Author ShadowMew98 ( ago)
Can you PLEASE give me the link where i can download the fire red/ leaf
green one??

Author Alex Ghossein ( ago)
how do i get grosser block

Author ThePokemonfan365 ( ago)
Would you mind directing me to a place where I can download the proper
program to use in Advanced Map?

Author SuperShadowMario101 ( ago)
i have poketronic and advance map poketronic can edit scripts but when i
try to open script in it says no script editor defined what do i do?

Author harumishaymin ( ago)
if i download it, is it going to give meh computer viruses? ima confused...

Author YuiStudios ( ago)
That notepad thing bothers me >:O Should make subtitles in win movie
maker.. or I could just get use to it

Author garret7002 ( ago)
when i try and open it, it says something about ini folders can u plz

Author Sjors Nab ( ago)
how can you get grosser?

Author Revan TV ( ago)
I didn't understand how to use grosser block.Help me please!

Author KuroSky ( ago)
it keeps on saying u r not aloud to open it WTF!!!!!!!!

Author iBombYurMom ( ago)
acctually i want to know how to make a warping door i mean how can i make a
house-building that i can enter then i can edit things inside it and i have
a quotion can i change the talking npc's words? i mean like can i change my
mom words and make her says for example "hai i am a freakin shit"

Author georgeo10yal ( ago)
@MiniSaad i figured it out a day after i posted this comment u need to
download the latest version which u need to get off the advanced map website

Author Saad Ammari ( ago)
@georgeo10yal that happens with me too

Author ComplexxEntity ( ago)
it still wont show up on my game

Author PopInPics000 ( ago)
can you place items?

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