Advance Map Tutorial

How to use Advance map 1.92, to help those who would like to learn, and it shows and informs on stuff like grosser block, block editor, and a movement permissions guide.

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If they don't link, copy and paste to your address bar.

i know about tile screw-ups and spelling errors, so don't point them out.

Enjoy, and for the love of God, don't flame me.

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Author Elitsoer Rosenberg ( ago)
What is the code for object to become a master ball?

Author Mc _ Dubstep ( ago)

Author bijay rajbhandari ( ago)
how to insert master ball and rare candy?????? 

Author Jaybeth New ( ago)
Game Developers Play god Better than Scientist, basicly an Np'cs fate is
Predetermined, and some people believe our fates are predetermined. we give
NPC's Souls (Scripts.)

Author Curtis Newson ( ago)

Author Rainhawk94 ( ago)
first download gba emulator and after that you drag your map file to the
gba emulator and it should play the game

Author Rainhawk94 ( ago)
go to events. and on the bottom right side there should be saying number of
person events. just put that number to 1 and it should create a new

Author Poli ( ago)
Will it work with Mario games? :)

Author Yukihiko ( ago)
I cant even get the program to open, but that may be due to the fact i have
a windows 8 laptop...

Author Victor r ( ago)
how to save a map made for yourself? in that format? to emulate this map in
the visual boy advance?

Author Seventy ( ago)
2:37 How to do!?

Author nunya dambiz ( ago)

Author Kenan Gosto ( ago)
windows cannot access the specified device path or file. You may not have
the apporipiate premissions to access the item this shows to me when i open
file please help 

Author TheDTYProductions ( ago)
i cant run advanced map :( 

Author Karter Kensling ( ago)
why would you assume that?

Author Freeasabird ( ago)
UUUHHHG FUCK get a mic dude X(

Author Zekshiram Leon X ( ago)
Guys, Don't you ever think this is how God create us .. LOL xD

Author XxRandomYoutuberXx ( ago)
i mean u rock.....

Author XxRandomYoutuberXx ( ago)
Whoohooo u smell!!!!

Author kurankaname111 ( ago)
if you want advance map and other tools for pokemon hacking visit
wahackpokemon. com/en/download/tools-gba and select the tools u want 100%

Author kurankaname111 ( ago)
after i save it the game. nothing's change

Author Zetsuuga ( ago)
Get a damn mic. I got mine for a f*cking dollar and it gets the job done

Author Phoenix McNugget ( ago)
When I open the .exe it says "Please choose the language you want to use"
under it the box is empty and there are no choices.When I click the OK
button nothing happens.Please replay...

Author pansakk ( ago)
i think you used a double speed...

Author MrKondie ( ago)
@m6ty4 Try looking at some of foullump's tutorials. He has like eight sets
of scripting tutorials and a few on the side.

Author MrArcticuno ( ago)
@Daodoc yea you cant sell it thats the rule

Author robloxtoadette2 ( ago)
firt XD

Author Zoo Suaede ( ago)
hey do have to have the game rom on when u save it or save it then u can
play it?

Author Sebaek af ( ago)
where did you get the from header thing?

Author Sebaek af ( ago)
lol can you put pokemon centers everywhere? XD

Author Aye-Tee Slapsyou ( ago)
I dont get it how you did the grosser block

Author Jay Harley ( ago)
Not to complain... But this is fast as all hell lol

Author Jonathan5211 ( ago)
When i edit the map and i play the game It comes out absolutely wrong, and
the scripts, and warps don't work. HELP????

Author Leaf ( ago)
i know how to use advance map but this is a good tutorial soo.. i like it

Author cinematographystudio ( ago)
not bad, helped me out

Author MLY Adventures Series ( ago)
@flyyinfinity yeah it turns out that i could easily x out and yes i'm

Author Atomic254 ( ago)
@theothersider1 it takes a while to load. its not shown here because the
vidio is in double speed

Author Andrew Fitch ( ago)
What is the Grosser Block? This is the only thing that says anything about

Author arashanapalli ( ago)
This was soooooo helpful i subed 

Author Ryan Healy ( ago)
@chonlel60 Sorry, to reply on such an old video about something rather
unrelated. But you seem like someone that could possibly answer a question
I have. With the hacking tool "PET" is it possible to edit your rival? If
so, what is his name in the list of trainers? Having difficulty finding him
albeit I don't know what he'd go by under the list. Only downloaded PET
because I was told you can edit any and every trainer's pokemon ^_^

Author Gob ( ago)
This was to bad! It could be better...... =/ 4pts of 10pts!

Author Gob ( ago)
This one was to bad!!! it could be better........ 4pts of 10pts

Author Majoris239 ( ago)
Random guy in the lake lol

Author Diego Nogueira ( ago)

Author Chico Papass ( ago)

Author ALEG0Man360 ( ago)
@erkandash hey lol

Author Alisia Hillman ( ago)
it keeps on saying acsess denied.. e-e

Author Nik Meister ( ago)
can u please tell me how to use the grouser tool?

Author solarblade33 ( ago)
@DMLowemon OH thanks :)

Author solarblade33 ( ago)
OMG for crying out loud,how do I play the friking hack i make??HOW DO I
OPEN IT?????

Author Fire Wolf ( ago)
@bbooster1 dont answer to month old comments

Author 333trish333 ( ago)

Author MLY Adventures Series ( ago)
i wish i could do this that the fuckin stupid winrar thing wont allow
because of a stupid 40 day trial period. i tryed others but for some reason
they are not doing anything. i have to pay for and i dont wat to. it was
free once but i needed to get some offers which is pointless. i want to do
this but winrar is stupid, i highly dont recommend it

Author wyatt ( ago)
@ThatSpriteDude well im not sure about emerald, but for ruby, you can use a
program called start map changer

Author ToonTownRandomer ( ago)
it say am will not work.please correct this. why?

Author Girom Christian Calica ( ago)
I can't use the grosser block on my Advance Map!! T_T

Author Girom Christian Calica ( ago)
@itachi333full Who the fuck are you, and what language do you know?!

Author IDG Laweb ( ago)
Ponlo en español no?

Author Alex Ghossein ( ago)
how do i get grosser block 

Author ThePokemonfan365 ( ago)
Would you mind directing me to a place where I can download the proper
program to use in Advanced Map?

Author SuperShadowMario101 ( ago)
i have poketronic and advance map poketronic can edit scripts but when i
try to open script in it says no script editor defined what do i do?

Author YuiStudios ( ago)
That notepad thing bothers me >:O Should make subtitles in win movie
maker.. or I could just get use to it

Author garret7002 ( ago)
when i try and open it, it says something about ini folders can u plz

Author Sjors Nab ( ago)
how can you get grosser? 

Author Revan TV ( ago)
I didn't understand how to use grosser block.Help me please!

Author georgeo10yal ( ago)
@MiniSaad i figured it out a day after i posted this comment u need to
download the latest version which u need to get off the advanced map

Author Saad Ammari ( ago)
@georgeo10yal that happens with me too 

Author ComplexxEntity ( ago)
it still wont show up on my game

Author georgeo10yal ( ago)
im having a problem with the rom working it works on VBA but when i go 2
hack it it says tht the .ini file isnt working or something like tht

Author Gabriel Rodriguez ( ago)
im making 3 pokemon eerald hacks The names: pokemon omega black, pokemon
omega white and pokemon supernova!

Author Madhawa Abhayaratne ( ago)
How to use the grosser block

Author ChaddyFantome ( ago)
i edited the map of the pewter city gym and went i play it in my VBA, it
goes to a black screen and freeze! :( Can someone help me!!!

Author johndmgs ( ago)
I saw an option to add tilesets so can I use the pokemon gold tileset with
fire red because I have a good Idea for a hack but I need this tileset.

Author Faggery Daggery-Doo ( ago)
uuhhh my pokemon emerald rom won't show up... and what's advanced text?

Author OojKai2 ( ago)
Sorry, but I don't understand the grosser tool.

Author Zoe-Maria Osborn ( ago)
'premisions' Do you mean permissions?

Author Neosiotype ( ago)
ok the thing with using the block editor... Unless you have 2 different
sets of the same type of tile everything else in the map will also aquire
that "error fix". You can clearly see at 5.30 the other house has the water
part on it too. How can I make other sets of tiles? I'm assuming they go in
the black places.

Author dasNutellasuchti ( ago)
every script i use =rom crashed XD

Author megaman37456 ( ago)
When I make any map a different size it deletes a different map any way to
fix this or does that only happen on 1.90?

Author killcrow20 ( ago)
i downloaded the advanced map program but it say that the file doesn't
contain do you know what to do ??

Author Spear Comet ( ago)
i start a new map with 2 tile sets How can use other ones?

Author Fred Rogers ( ago)
you think you can make an updated tutorial? i love this one but i would
like to know how to make a sperate warp to a different place, like a new
house? with new portal and how to link them

Author VideoCreator223 ( ago)
my grosser block does not work can someone help me???

Author MatazaNz ( ago)
i need help! i created a new map and edited littleroot town, how do i
create a warp that takes me to my new map?

Author MegaPokemonManiac1 ( ago)
@ ChazzyPark If you have edited an existing map, just open vba and play the
game to see it If you created a new map, you have to insert it into the
rom. Click the insert map icon next to the create map icon and select the
map bank and no for it to be inserted into

Author TheLastLink265 ( ago)
Ctrl+Z ( simultaneously)

Author Chaelor ( ago)
Well I found out how to use it but I can't use it in the pallete, any help?

Author Vavin Gu ( ago)
Where did you download your rom and for what emulator because all the roms
I find are all .zip folders which dont work with them

Author Jet fuel can't melt steel memes ( ago)
How do you make a warp space?

Author Niko1021 ( ago)
it wont let me open the rom

Author Masterge77 ( ago)
I learned a new thing on advance ma, also, what's the song

Author ganzthemanz ( ago)
where can i find a rom i can downlad?

Author 00harveyc01 ( ago)
number sorry

Author 00harveyc01 ( ago)
wat is the nuber for cave openings

Author HatingSociety ( ago)
The tutorials helpful but I dont suppose you know how to create a warp
properly and to create a shop/pokecenter thats new? I can only find videos
leading to making a warp to a old shop/pokecenter. Just wanting to add
those to littleroot town and all. Although thanks for the tutorial helped
me figure out a few things i couldn't earlier.

Author SteveHills ( ago)
I want to Hack Emerald to add Arceus, Shaymin and Darkrai but the ROM list
says "No Items match your search" what can i do

Author SerialOne ( ago)
i know where to get tools etc most of em are from wah but the point is that
idk how to use pallete editor on am and idk how to use unlz-gba and ape and
all taht stuff

Author SerialOne ( ago)
why u say (dot) i know how to insert tiles but i need 2 change colors to
ruby and thats my problem i have the tiles but with ugly colors and dunno
how to change pals

Author SerialOne ( ago)
i got some tiles from wah(looks like p/p/d tiles) and i wanna change all
tiles of my ruby rom to p/p/d help pleasE?

Author SerialOne ( ago)
i wanna do tht too

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