Advance Map Tutorial

How to use Advance map 1.92, to help those who would like to learn, and it shows and informs on stuff like grosser block, block editor, and a movement permissions guide.

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If they don't link, copy and paste to your address bar.

i know about tile screw-ups and spelling errors, so don't point them out.

Enjoy, and for the love of God, don't flame me.

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Author Elitsoer Rosenberg (3 months)
What is the code for object to become a master ball?

Author Hendrik Winkel (7 months)

Author bustercharl777 (3 years)
@12345tanbobby Wow.. You don't understand how this works so you get pissed
off at someone who had nothing to do with your retardedness..

Author pokefreak0986 (3 years)
CAN U make ure own event

Author johndmgs (4 years)
I saw an option to add tilesets so can I use the pokemon gold tileset with
fire red because I have a good Idea for a hack but I need this tileset.

Author chonlel60 (4 years)
@TFKuploader Ohhhhhhhh. I don't listen to Skillet or intend to, so yeah.

Author adethabroume2 (4 years)
I didn't understand how to use grosser block.Help me please!

Author ALEG0Man360 (3 years)
@erkandash hey lol

Author literally me (3 years)
lol can you put pokemon centers everywhere? XD

Author Dragons and Keyblades C: (1 year)
Yeah! >:O

Author cinematographystudio (3 years)
not bad, helped me out

Author georgeo10yal (4 years)
im having a problem with the rom working it works on VBA but when i go 2
hack it it says tht the .ini file isnt working or something like tht

Author TheRonnel17 (2 years)
To add people press events view then amount of people change the number
then look in your map (northwest) you'll see your avatar there then change
the sprite no. change the movement.....done XD

Author chonlel60 (4 years)
Do you mean a pokeball on the ground? If so, a person event with the
pokeball sprite and a giveitem script would do the trick.

Author egmaster547 (2 years)
u cant get on site

Author TFKuploader (4 years)
is the song by Skillet? it kind of sounds like John Cooper to me

Author Jay Harley (3 years)
Not to complain... But this is fast as all hell lol

Author Diego Nogueira (3 years)

Author harumishaymin (4 years)
if i download it, is it going to give meh computer viruses? ima confused...

Author ShadowMew98 (4 years)
Can you PLEASE give me the link where i can download the fire red/ leaf
green one??

Author OojKai2 (4 years)
Sorry, but I don't understand the grosser tool.

Author YuiStudios (4 years)
That notepad thing bothers me >:O Should make subtitles in win movie
maker.. or I could just get use to it

Author Nik Meister (3 years)
can u please tell me how to use the grouser tool?

Author Phoenix McNugget (2 years)
When I open the .exe it says "Please choose the language you want to use"
under it the box is empty and there are no choices.When I click the OK
button nothing happens.Please replay...

Author MLGPoliwhirl (1 year)
Will it work with Mario games? :)

Author mariokartlovers (4 years)
when u make a cave how can u enter 1 and make it able 2 go 2 places lyk
goin 2 deoxys or mew

Author SporeFreak2010 (2 years)
UUUHHHG FUCK get a mic dude X(

Author bustercharl777 (3 years)
@12345tanbobby You've got problems, dude.

Author bijay rajbhandari (11 months)
how to insert master ball and rare candy??????

Author indiana2779 (3 years)
@GiromCalica he must be spanish,i think he's asking for a spanish tutorial

Author chonlel60 (4 years)
@TFKuploader It's neither. The song is All have sinned and fallen short by
Wow and Flutter. I was going "OMGWTFBBQ" when they muted it for having
Nickelback's Never Again on it and threw the first long and good sounding
song I could find with audioswap.

Author Zoroarkish (3 years)
thx , trying to do my own.

Author matthew00470 (3 years)
hey if anyone was saying its "crappy" SCREW THEM cuz its pretty good if ur
makin a game its NEVER going to be perfect ok

Author Mario Powerpoint (3 years)
i wish i could do this that the fuckin stupid winrar thing wont allow
because of a stupid 40 day trial period. i tryed others but for some reason
they are not doing anything. i have to pay for and i dont wat to. it was
free once but i needed to get some offers which is pointless. i want to do
this but winrar is stupid, i highly dont recommend it

Author 333trish333 (3 years)

Author killcrow20 (4 years)
i downloaded the advanced map program but it say that the file doesn't
contain do you know what to do ??

Author PopInPics000 (4 years)
can you place items?

Author DEEJAYEEIN (3 years)
doesnt load when i click on little root

Author Chowder908 (4 years)
how do i get the advaced map thing

Author Neosiotype (4 years)
ok the thing with using the block editor... Unless you have 2 different
sets of the same type of tile everything else in the map will also aquire
that "error fix". You can clearly see at 5.30 the other house has the water
part on it too. How can I make other sets of tiles? I'm assuming they go in
the black places.

Author Girom Christian Calica (3 years)
@itachi333full Who the fuck are you, and what language do you know?!

Author pokefriend53 (4 years)
Can ayone help me with advance map, when I try to open it up it says
something like you have to put all .ini files somewhere and I dont get it.

Author itachi333full (4 years)
Ponlo en español no?

Author mysteryloser24 (4 years)
For those of you asking about Advance-Text, it allows you to change the
in-game text, signs, item names, the things people say. The trouble is
there is no visual as such so when editing the text, I suggest playing a
copy of the game aswell and checking what you edit.

Author Chrono Trigger (1 year)
You can only find the Movie Maker update on the Microsoft website.

Author TFKuploader (4 years)
@chonlel60 ok

Author Aye-Tee Slapsyou (3 years)
I dont get it how you did the grosser block

Author 12345tanbobby (3 years)
@bustercharl777 your a douch and you mothers a douch and your whole familys
a douch asshole

Author erkandash (3 years)
hey grosser block dident work for me??

Author TFKuploader (4 years)
@chonlel60 lol ok and wat do u mean it's neither? I only named 1 band o.O
John Cooper is the vocalist for Skillet

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