The Drowning Scene

the drowning scene from waffle iron. It's a pretty shitty scene.

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Author maximusgenius (1 year)
This is bad. Holy fuck. lol. But, I made this......and the actors are
awesome people. They're long gone from my life now and probably doing some
coool shit.

Author maximusgenius (4 years)
@AquaMan121 yeah exactly. Lulz.

Author wridefree (4 years)
the victim is hiding a time machine, no wonder...

Author riby28 (6 years)
he still didnt get the time machine tho did he, none of us ever do

Author Del Garcia (4 years)
The story board or scene planning was really bad... Too much time was
wasted in the arrival and entrance to the house. While the editing seemed
OK, the actual drowning was not impressive.

Author astroboypi (5 years)
best part of drownings are everything you skipped - eye movements, eye
rolls, mouth gasping, chest heaving, supreme fight for life. yu missed it
all by keeping victim under water. did show thrashing legs just a little.
need more evidence the victim is drowning. yu have many hits but also many

Author omegaman59 (4 years)
@astroboypi so many opportunities wasted, pity.......

Author Roger Rodd (6 years)
2 words: Acting school.

Author astroboypi (5 years)
yeah most certainly - if yur a film maker like me. audience must be able to
"suspend disbelief" that theyre watching a film. must be realistic. i liked
yor comment tho. made me think abt why i make the stuff.

Author Maverick2591b (6 years)
This video is ate up. Absolutely ate up.

Author Terminator860 (4 years)
@astroboypi lol i think the person being underwater all the time is enough

Author CloudForever8 (5 years)
You need to make a sort of sequel to this one. It's obviously your most
popular video

Author maximusgenius (5 years)

Author maximusgenius (4 years)
@MaDmOnkyKungFu I know it makes me so fuckin mad. It's like come on! Give
me the fuckin time machine I need it!

Author JUSTSARAH5 (7 years)
that was fuckin awesome. best video on youtube.

Author Paul Hindt (5 years)
"Best part of drownings" LOL is there a "best" part about drowning?

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